PlayStation 4 - Flip Screen Edition!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video - https://youtu.be/_LHOC_3wKBU?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34
HORI Full HD for PS4 (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2dIlMIB
HORI Full HD for PS4 (International) - http://geni.us/Wu6JG

This device attached to any PS4 and gives it a foldable display. It also features speakers, dual HDMI and dual headphone jacks. This is a cool way to make your PlayStation 4 more portable.

From the manufacturer -

Officially licensed by SCEA. Enjoy the PlayStation 4 experience anywhere with this sleek and high-quality HD monitor attachment. The HORI Full HD Monitor attaches perfectly to the top of the PS4 system, seamlessly matching the console's shape and aesthetic. Enjoy every detail of next gen PS4 gaming and Blu-ray video on this gorgeous full HD 1080p 11.6" LCD display with adjustable settings utilizing HDMI input. Use the built-in stereo speakers for quality sound or two headphone jacks for either headphones or external speakers (sold separately) for your ideal sound set up. Monitor folds closed for easy transport - the attached monitor adds less that 1.25" of height to the PS4 console. Perfect for entertainment on the go!

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Автор repulseooo ( назад)
do they have one for ps4 slim

Автор Alessandro d'Adamo ( назад)
fuck imagine playing at ain airport

Автор Ben Phillips ( назад)
what's your PSN Lew I'll play you.

Автор Dean Connell ( назад)
Why don't you just use a gaming laptop. Even some regular laptops will play
certain PS4 games.

Автор thegaminggun's channel ( назад)
If i cant use it without pluging it in WHY WOULDNT YOU USE YOUR TV?

Автор Cam Does YouTube ( назад)
You could take it on a plane if you have a outlet in front of you

Автор Allan Johann Manalo ( назад)
Ps4 ds

Автор C40 ShowTime ( назад)
its so sad how bad i would beat him in 2k

Автор DerekThe1158th ( назад)
It looks so small in the thumbnail

Автор HollowGTV ( назад)
Triggered xbone fans 😂

Автор Brettt Butler ( назад)
remember when Game cube did this as well

Автор Kaleem Bissessur ( назад)
I am going to die and who cares

Автор jayesh andher ( назад)
aaaaahhh I don't have a ps4

Автор Kevine Kakou ( назад)
I want that but IAm In a financial deficit right now

Автор Game Guy ( назад)
One question : can you play online?

Автор Dean Jackson ( назад)
ps1 slim? mine doesn't think games are games any more lol

Автор pwcorgi2000 ( назад)
What would be cool is if laptops had HDMI IN ports, so that you could use
the screen.

Автор Kabir Amin ( назад)
where can i buy it?

Автор sato ( назад)
so it's a shit spec laptop

Автор Minesh Patel ( назад)
I made a half court shot on nba 2k17 yeasterday

Автор PuRe Br3ach ( назад)
finally someone s a raptors fan

Автор Jedi RBLX ( назад)
kinda looks like a ps4 pro

Автор Jedi RBLX ( назад)
oh shame i thought i was the console lmao

Автор Jedi RBLX ( назад)
this thing sucks

Автор dr.Xxsamo0oxX ( назад)
is it work on ps4 pro?

Автор Tecvideos hd ( назад)
NICE VIDEO, we've got an Information video about this in Spanish. Have a
Look! 😉

Автор Gabriel Schirmer ( назад)
thank u for this video im going to buy that now

Автор - XPL0S1V3 - ( назад)
More like "it looks HORI-ble"

Автор Moon phase CALL OF DUTY INFINTE WARFARE ( назад)
This was Sonys version of the switch before we saw any footage

Автор Moon phase CALL OF DUTY INFINTE WARFARE ( назад)
It's the ps4 slim prototype

Автор TheEpicGamer ( назад)
Would this work with ps4 slim

Автор MrVoicelessGamer ( назад)
Can't people afford a simple 4k pc monitor to do some gaming on

Автор Pliers TechFace ( назад)
how much was this?

Автор TheBestTeam YT ( назад)
Hvere CSN i buy IT?

Автор Thenosuccespeople Tv ( назад)
Inbox therapy can you buy a PS4 pro for me my parents always want me to pay
for it

Автор TheRealItachi. ( назад)
3:03 El sonido de una avestruz Australiana dando a luz :')

Автор Emmanuel haankwenda ( назад)

Автор Ariana ricos novas ( назад)
I could beat you in nba

Автор Dat boi ( назад)
Hey microsoft wheres ours?

Автор GamingForDays RAW ( назад)

Автор CyborgChicken Gaming ( назад)
If anyone who buys this thing if you don't want it to say hori get a skin
for it

Автор NathalyCalle ( назад)
whats the price on this? amazon doesnt have it

Автор Ur mom xD ( назад)
msi gaming laptop is faster and more compact but i like the idea

Автор Gabe Kontros ( назад)
one for ps4 pro?

Автор Zombie slayer 5.0 ( назад)
does this work with the slim?

Автор ade keren ( назад)
Give me one too

Автор Oswaldog200 Lopez ( назад)
What's your gamer tag let me play you in nba

Автор Crota, Son of Oryx ( назад)
fuck xbox

Автор CrescentGent ( назад)
Who uses a PS4 nowadays? Lol.

Автор The Indian Geek ( назад)
I know alot of kids out there.........


Автор Alexis Lopez-Guevara ( назад)
i think i will manage to own one if i like a lot i wish i could own one god
they look intersted

Автор hacker game nation ( назад)
he said a tree ball

Автор Grym Reapa ( назад)
He plays Broadcast Lmao

Автор WhenYouGetToPopTheButtCherryForTheFirstTime ( назад)
Still smaller than Xbox one

Автор Deepak ! ( назад)
Is this made for Xbox one aswell?

Автор Assasin of Awesome ( назад)

Автор Payton Day ( назад)
does it work for Playstation 4 slim

Автор Alejandro Gudino ( назад)
Next but gta

Автор Alejandro Gudino ( назад)
I have a real ps4

Автор GameTube X ( назад)

Автор J o n a t h a n ( назад)
i had something like that for my gamecube

Автор omar jaber ( назад)
This looks like a prototype ps4 pro

Автор Mickey W. ( назад)
best captions ever ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Sabeel Rehman ( назад)
But now, because of that HUUUGGGGEEE power bank, you can become completely

Автор Samuel Ling ( назад)
I thought this is another polystation

Автор EPICGAM333ERR Chiba ( назад)
this is so cool i might buy it

Автор Dovydas Skolis ( назад)
its wednesday my dudes 3:05

Автор Robin Chiwawa ( назад)
lol imagine that on a PS4 pro

Автор Ayyan Aq ( назад)
That's right fuck Xbox one It has horrible quality the controller is
fucking big as fuck

Автор 2asumDolfins ( назад)
We need this for the Xbox One S...

Автор islam SAKAW ( назад)

Автор SCIENCE classes ( назад)
Looks like I am the guy who even can't afford a computer of 100 dollars,yes
I am very poor and using the internet on any other phone

Автор Thomas Carroll ( назад)
Wow, 7,000,000 subscribers. That is almost as much as Trump. Seriously!

Автор Battledroid1027 Glaza (smashbrosbrawl10) ( назад)
So basically nintendos next counsel is the combination of this with the wii

Автор Kevin G. ( назад)
Do they have one to fit PlayStation Slim?

Автор Carter Childress ( назад)
Where you got that from

Автор Oliver Raikes ( назад)
Does it work for PlayStation 4 slim

Автор ElemoPlayz123 b ( назад)
and thats how the ps4 pro was horn....

Автор HBScorpio 04 ( назад)
I skip ahead and I heard 'Playstation' '2'

Автор Luke Beauchamp ( назад)
1080P only? Remember back when 1080P was actually considered to be high

Автор Sirpoopalot ( назад)
I mean come on the ps4 is desperately trying to turn into a gaming
laptop(shittiest gaming experience you can get out of a pc) and there are
still console peasants ready to tell me that console gaming is better than
pc gaming!!(ps: I do get jealous of the fully cinematic 30fps the ps4 can
achieve at 1080p unlike my pc that can max out games at 1440p while still
getting a not-so-cinematic 60fps)

Автор ItsCrazy ( назад)
you should start a gaming channel

Автор pnp072000 ( назад)
Will they release a PS4 Pro version?

Автор ReV. HteR ( назад)
Cool man

Автор Zupoyo ( назад)
It's light because it's a piece of shit.

Автор CrazyCaveman888 ( назад)
I think I've seen something like this before.... but better.......
ummm..... oh yeah, they called it a gaming laptop.....

Автор Zack With Da Bros ( назад)
fuck it

Автор Ralph Tobias ( назад)
i used to have ps1 with a detachable mini monitor .

Автор David the boss 66 ( назад)
See if it works with Xboxone

Автор DexomizeHD ( назад)
Umm.... It's Not Available To Buy....

Автор Clari Mayol ( назад)
quien mierda hizo los subtítulos en español??

Автор iLoVe LeAdS ( назад)
Ps4 pro confirmed..

Автор V3nomTF2 ( назад)
WTF every time u shoot it's green release how the fuck

Автор The White Revenant ( назад)
if this boy don't stfu I AM THE CLAMP GOD

Автор Ace guy 26 ( назад)
2000 subs

Автор YlletGamer Danish ( назад)

Автор Alpha Wolf ( назад)
now i have an idea what to buy, someday. 😊🖒 thanks.

Автор Chill, Bro Gaming ( назад)
I just watched this video... does this screen work with the PS4 Slim?

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