PlayStation 4 - Flip Screen Edition!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video - https://youtu.be/_LHOC_3wKBU?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34
HORI Full HD for PS4 (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2dIlMIB
HORI Full HD for PS4 (International) - http://geni.us/Wu6JG

This device attached to any PS4 and gives it a foldable display. It also features speakers, dual HDMI and dual headphone jacks. This is a cool way to make your PlayStation 4 more portable.

From the manufacturer -

Officially licensed by SCEA. Enjoy the PlayStation 4 experience anywhere with this sleek and high-quality HD monitor attachment. The HORI Full HD Monitor attaches perfectly to the top of the PS4 system, seamlessly matching the console's shape and aesthetic. Enjoy every detail of next gen PS4 gaming and Blu-ray video on this gorgeous full HD 1080p 11.6" LCD display with adjustable settings utilizing HDMI input. Use the built-in stereo speakers for quality sound or two headphone jacks for either headphones or external speakers (sold separately) for your ideal sound set up. Monitor folds closed for easy transport - the attached monitor adds less that 1.25" of height to the PS4 console. Perfect for entertainment on the go!

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Автор Melanie Raftis ( назад)
cane you play call of duty on the flip edition

Автор Zeno Sama ( назад)
1:56 I can't get no satisfaction

Автор mario marinelli ( назад)
che guadagno ci sarebbe io ho il televisore da 38 pollici

Автор cbreezay coolit ( назад)
will this fit to the ps4 slim?

Автор Dulce Edillo ( назад)
a company named HORNY LOL😄

Автор Malcom Clotter ( назад)
Just get a Switch LOL

Автор Igor Ordecha ( назад)
i bought my ps4 for 250$. This costs 500$...

Автор Jarrah White ( назад)
They should make an adapter if you already have a PS4 with the 6TB Hard Drive add-on.

Автор vRayan ( назад)

Автор Christian Velasco ( назад)
I saw one this morning with a case, but for Xbox

Автор Zach Verraneault ( назад)
I have one of these and its the best thing ever.

Автор Justin Kilzheimer ( назад)
Does someone know if you can attach this to a ps4 pro?

Автор Reckless ( назад)
For that price you can get a PS Vita and do remote play!

Автор Darjack ( назад)
But uh the PS4 controller has a built in headphone jack so the headphone jack on the monitor is useless pretty much

Автор jaxontubehd jaxon ( назад)
it's a playtop

Автор ToxicTrickshot ( назад)
Will that work on the ps4 slim im just asking

Автор Bratislav Pavlovic ( назад)
CONDUIT Sports - Dynamic Bone Conducting Headphones ,try this out please.

Автор the minecrafter Summers ( назад)
so wt crazy awesome ps4

Автор brenno silva ( назад)
a legenda em português eh foda kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Автор Acmog ( назад)
Its Monitor, not much more

Автор The Neckless ( назад)
3:13 Every gaming youtuber ever.

Автор Gameguy ( назад)
I wish they made a PS4 slim version

Автор Minecraftcraft60 ( назад)
Please make a part 2 please

Автор grey head ( назад)
He tried to not say whore

Автор Fire Pickaxe ( назад)
3:04 the best moment 😂

Автор Demonicsage1 vlogs and gaming ( назад)
I don't have a ps4 😭😭😭😭😭

Автор Ben Do ( назад)
look likes fat ps4 pro

Автор matthewdanger 3 ( назад)
You are playing a ps4 in a ps4

Автор Señor Patata negra ( назад)
OHHHHHH LOOK, is a Nintendo Switch! :D

Автор brilz ( назад)
if you where rich and had an extra 300 PlayStation console to carry around and played with a lot of friends or just want small monitor to use in certain situations..I can't think of any its fucking cool but like i said Unless you're rich... or have a huge house otherwise who would walk around with their ps4, that's just asking to break it. And if you had a big house Id still be asking you why you don't just have Tv's in separate rooms if you can own a Big house. lol id buy this thing but I'd put that money toward a 4k tv or something lol i can think of any situation this would come in useful unless you're and idiot and walk around with your ps4 in your backpack. Or play in you're car..?

Автор StonieDirt87 ( назад)
does it work with the ps4 slim? I really want to know!

Автор Grant 960 ( назад)
lol looks like the ps3 grill.

Автор Gr Wizard ( назад)
it works with ps4 slim ?

Автор FoxTrollz :D ( назад)
First iPhones then laptops/computers now we have retrated monitors?

Автор Matthew Mekhaiel ( назад)
Who plays on broadcast view again?

Автор TheLittleNick ( назад)

Автор Mr. SnappyEagle ( назад)
do a face reveal

Автор mathew stern ( назад)
You don't even need that you can just use PlayStation connect and buy a remote for your computer

Автор mathew stern ( назад)
Do you have any idea where your electronics and up after you throw them out, because they end up in Third World countries where they are burned and the people burning them breathe in all the toxic gases that come off of all the electronics. So do you really need to buy all these things just saying

Автор EveryVideoGame Ending ( назад)
tablet glued to ps4 second screen app

Автор ArcidGames ( назад)
what about the slim?

Автор Watermelon Games ( назад)
That's a portale konsole!

Автор Liam K ( назад)
you mean they made a screen for the ps4? wow, i would be shocked if ps1, ps2, ps3 and gamecube had already done this before... oh wait, they have and here's you talking about it like its amazing lol.

Автор Jack Yus ( назад)
Y is this so expensive

Автор Arie Copley-Radder ( назад)
U could probably use it with an Xbox

Автор Eyosias wizz ( назад)
ps4 is lit🔥🔥🔥

Автор majed Alzahrani ( назад)
Is this April fool ?

Автор abhinav ippagunta ( назад)
if a play station works then u can use a xbox one too

Автор Bubble Master ( назад)
Now does it work with the pro?

Автор Opthomas Prime ( назад)
remember when the gamecube had something like that?

Автор STARKILLER15100 ( назад)
Okay I'm already buying this

Автор Black Swan ( назад)

Автор Black Swan ( назад)

Автор logan Coussons ( назад)
you should unbox the gaems g155. Or the vanguard.

Автор Oscar ( назад)
real niggas who know about the ps1 monitor screen need to be in the light

Автор Jesse Hicks ( назад)
Hori made a PS4 controller also compatible with PS3 that I'd love for you to review. It has an Xbox analog stick layout which I personally prefer. It's perfect for anyone who transitioned from the 360 to the PS4. Considering they were the most popular consoles of their respective generations , I bet it is a very large % of current PS4 owners. It also includes some really interesting additional features geared toward fps games that you can't even find on scuff controllers. It's called the Horipad fps plus and is perfect for lets say someone who transitioned from Halo on Xbox to Destiny on PS4 or even Call of Duty for that matter. Please review, I mean considering you already reviewed both Scuff and Hori now.

Автор Juicy Fanta ( назад)
can u play gta5?

Автор Jordan Diaz ( назад)
Who's watching after the PS4 Pro already came out

Автор Derpei Pony ( назад)
That's too much

Автор Ahmad Abu zahra ( назад)
I don't need this I could buy the brand new revelation Nintendo switch

Автор Carlod Gongord ( назад)
instead of playing a basketball game he should have played GTA 5 on the PS4

Автор Nerf Central ( назад)
does it work on xbox one

Автор Yoshi elsker kage ( назад)
WTF that is awesome😊

Автор chickennuggets on a stick ( назад)
hori? more like lori. dashie anyone?

Автор TheJakePlayer ( назад)

Автор sayed alawi ( назад)
But will it bring harambe back?

Автор Giganz zzz ( назад)
once again thanks luke ^_^

Автор Christopher Wortman ( назад)
Lou stop being such a massive faggot

Автор Joe1up ( назад)
Is there a version for the slim?

Does it work with Xbox one

Автор Faris Ariaputra ( назад)
why the hell are people ramblin about the price smh, all over unbox therapy's channel, stfu, it's not for you

Автор Matthew Bottman ( назад)
Could this be used with a ps3?

Автор iShrekk_ ( назад)
I could buy a good monitor with the price

Автор Shpat Çoçaj ( назад)
i used to ps5 ?

Автор Ilikesponges 7 ( назад)
I wonder how how hard rock band 4 will be

Автор Enmanuel Eusebio Salvador Nieto ( назад)
fuck you pelon jaja

Автор RoadToChaos ( назад)
I would legit pay for this.

Автор Lemonade Feet ( назад)
is it real

Автор moon Bacon ( назад)
1:20 kaio Ken × 2

Автор Minimum Shit ( назад)
guys can I play GTA with only PS4 and monitor and internet?

Автор Colt 159 ( назад)
Does it work with Xbox and DVD players

Автор Christhian balza rosales ( назад)
que estupidez ese cacharro

Автор White Pantera ( назад)
It will be perfect if that is ps4 slim

Автор TNL4LyfeYT ( назад)
The PS4 laptop.

Автор Shuncey Balba ( назад)
Its Not Called PlayStation4 its now called PlayStationPortable4

Автор Ninja Gamer123 ( назад)
I want it

Автор Nouman J ( назад)
I can buy a bigger screen TV for that much.

Автор SuperLarioGaming - Süper Gaming ( назад)
dis shet iz lit brah
i changd me mind

Автор 90's Nath (formely known as NESKidU) ( назад)
They did one for GameCube as well. That's could be used on the go like in the car. This can't.

Автор SuperJR Bros ( назад)
What do u think when u hear the word ps4?

Автор Nami ( назад)
Dude just plug a controller into a gaming laptop and you can actually carry it and not need a wall outlet

Автор Startix ( назад)
that's very nice

Автор Lowest Quality Human ( назад)
Kids get off the game we're going to the mall

Автор ArkMan 09 ( назад)
at 1:31 turn on captions.

Автор Comixans ( назад)
If it didnt had to be plugged in that would be life goals

Автор Genfo ( назад)
love your style lew your so cool

Автор GoldiePanda ( назад)
This is perfect for people who don't own a TV and need to pay for one

Автор kb productions ( назад)
this works if you spend time over someones house and the tvs are being used all you got to do is plug it up and use this great idea!

Автор Geordie George ( назад)
PSone anyone?

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