APPLE CAMPUS 2 Christmas/New Years Update 4K

Take a breathtaking aerial tour via drone of Apple Campus 2 as seen on Christmas day.

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Автор William Bouldin ( назад)


Автор assrape_with 24ozpinesolcan ( назад)
As an Android user, I want to go tour that place when it opens. Looks like an amazing experience. I'll be taking pictures with my galaxy tho

Автор Dalisu Ngobese ( назад)
I hope National Geographic has a doccie on this and the Gigafactory

Автор MrFrozenrabbit ( назад)
f*** apple, where are the suicide nets? or did they come up with iDead booths inside?

Автор DroneLife ( назад)
Do u work for apple?? how are u able to fly ? are u workign for them?

Автор Matt Chinander Music ( назад)
"New Years" what? There's only one new year.

Автор Coleen West ( назад)
It is amazing what can be built when you don't have to pay taxes. My
house would also be amazing, but for some reason "people" have to pay
taxes and can't simply claim that they are "headquartered" in a tax free
country and should be taxed there. Why isn't this being built in

Автор SashJ ( назад)
Will they be unveiling the next iPhone here?

Автор Andrew Corum ( назад)
Matt I have a question for you

Автор rx4rays7 ( назад)
Create something as beautiful as this,... and you will.
Nice work Matt.

Автор VirusnyakYT ( назад)

Автор Nicolas Musset ( назад)
I love your videos. Too bad some people steal them and reupload on youtube.

Автор Joe Ogiba ( назад)
Great looking 4K video ! It looks like today is the last day without rain in the 15 day forecast .

Автор Mats Blankenau ( назад)
This is so cool! Glad I found your channel! How often do you do these videos on the Apple campus and Gigafactory?

Автор The Acanthus/Plinth Type ( назад)

Автор Incognito12000 ( назад)
This destroys the boundaries between work life and living. Those peoples lives are going to be under corporate's eyes and thumb. Fuck that.

Автор xalspaero ( назад)
nice footage

Автор Zip Hank ( назад)
@Matthew Roberts Could you please tell me which software are you using to make that subtitle with motion?

Автор Mike Jone ( назад)
Apple needs to built a BIGGER "campus" so, from the distance, our planet earth will resemble the "Dark Star" yay!

Автор Athul BC ( назад)
Wow !! my future office here. In 4K.

Автор David Der ( назад)
What's the music's name?

Автор James Wisrik ( назад)
sooo this is the new HQ for CIA, FBI, NSA, and Pentagon... Apple will occupy 250 sq ft next to furnance in P8!

Автор KRIZMIX ( назад)
Looks Great..!!

Автор Tom O ( назад)
How come on my 1080p monitor 4K looks sharper than when I set the video to 1080p? YouTube must be outputting slightly below the resolution of what you specify in the Settings.

Автор Carla Ulanikos ( назад)
Apple is overhyped, overpriced, and overrated.

Автор markgriz ( назад)
You have great videos. Curious about how you are not considered trespassing. Do you have permission from the property owner, or are you permitted based on FAA regs?

Автор rolf neumann ( назад)
impressive video by Matthew Roberts, see his previous stages drone shots:
Dec 25 3:32min https://youtu.be/F29Ue0tGapc
Dec 16 3:57min https://youtu.be/ioN1LzMHL-s
Sep 4:14min https://youtu.be/kFQsu5bdPXw
May 4:07min https://youtu.be/8onw-9psueE

the most comprehensive resources & hi-res images on 
Mothership Campus II: http://www.stevessence.com/2011/12/07/campus2

Автор Scheiss Auslander ( назад)
How many families would it host? How many lives you can save instead of buying the Iphone 7? :(

Автор Adam Filipowicz ( назад)
Will it blend?

Автор turker03 ( назад)
where is it?

Автор Andrew Serrata ( назад)
Dear Robert,

It'd be really interesting if a live stream of some sort was setup for Apple's new headquarters as it's being built, don't you think?

Could you perhaps consider doing this in the near future?



Andrew S.

Автор frogmanvc ( назад)
Apple layoffs, will probably happen soon........It appears that are going to consolidate soon...I could be wrong but I doubt. What about Cupertino....How do you replace a 5 billion dollar project with another of same value....Good times  don't last forever.

Автор Optimal Supreme ( назад)
The only thing apple R&Ds is for the Illuminati .They dont do anything they are an evil company name me one thing they do or invent. Nothing .its dam obvious.They dont have this much money. They are back funded thru the Rothchilds .They aren't R&ding for computers .Really x86 is x86 .All they have to show is iphone 7 and an mac .Really, i have the samething but cheaper so does my friend ,and they are more powerful. This is the evil gensis we must be aware of.wake up. More blatant mr 33 are we
Start here:
oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.. the rabbit hole is very very deep
oh yeah maybe about 23 secs in:
Till All shall See ..Again
John 3:17

Автор Marie Peeters ( назад)
earnings i love#a lot lecture

Автор Dan Fu ( назад)
I feel apple owns Cupertino now, it's the only company in Cupertino that I know of.

Автор Democratic Republic Of Bananas ( назад)
I live right next to that.

Автор Gene S ( назад)
Whats going to happen to this building once Apple goes bust? it's only a matter of time. They should've stayed in their current campus. And yes, it will happen.

Автор James Timlin ( назад)
This a great facility!!! The future looks great and cannot wait to see what great tech comes out in the next 10 years. The mercenary in me says that it is not about jobs, it is about creating value in the stock, generating dividends for it's shareholders. Period!

The public trade company who has moved jobs overseas did it to create additional value in the company and increase the price of the stock in the USA markets.

The good thing is Apple built this in the US because of the talent and the research facilities at the universities. The sad thing is manufacturing is done overseas.

Now look at all the other tech companies that have plants overseas. Take one tech company and say 1% of the US population holds the stock. That is well over 3 million people. Now if the plant was located in the US and it created 1,000 jobs with a spin off of 7,000 jobs for a total of 8,000 jobs who do you think the political leaders will support? The 3 million voters who hold stock verses the 8,000 jobs?

I am from Canada and have no axe to grind. Just pointing out some facts. If I remember correctly, over the last 30 days Mr. Trump has appointed 3 individuals from Goldman Sacks to senior financial positions.

I believe the stock market has sent a clear message in the last 30 days who they support - Trump.

Автор GGG Good Game Guys ( назад)
Only thing I'm excited for is that apple is building solar panels.

Автор Glen T ( назад)
What kind of camera were you using?

Автор mayo10er ( назад)
스티브 잡스 죽고 없는데 인제 머할거냐 같이있어야 제 빛을 냈을텐데.

Автор ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ ( назад)
This is why I hate jews, those worthless leeches ruin everything.

Автор Chicken Quan ( назад)
Who's watching this on iPhone

Автор pgice ( назад)
Most of the Nascar tracks are bigger..this is lame ;)
1 mile?
thats only Bristol

Автор LIAM LIAMESQUE ( назад)
Too bad it will be finish when the revolution starts... will be scrap

Автор fesa ( назад)
our consumer money which we payed for their overpriced apple products, apple scams their customers

Автор david bongcayao ( назад)
this will be the headquarter for apple executives ....a place where they all can think and plan on how to avoid paying taxes.

Автор Dean Blake ( назад)
What is its purpose? You don't need this for i-phones or Macs, we've got those without this building.
It looks like the British MI-6 facility.

Автор Paul Democritou ( назад)
i would love to visit someday.

wow ....!!!!I like' this video

Автор Jeppe Werring ( назад)
building all this, yet they are going to make the same boring products and nothing revolutionary.

Автор Doug Geary ( назад)
This is the where the $5k for a Macbook Pro goes.

Автор wakatuvia ( назад)
Is this a high-security prison ??

Автор rofyle ( назад)
So what date do they expect the first wave of suicides to start?

Автор Raymond Hessbrook ( назад)
where do I send my resume to help build lol

Автор Deathman 33 ( назад)
Apple one step closer to world domination.

also its a super weapon base...

Автор VideoADay2017 ( назад)

Автор Andrew Stark ( назад)
Damn you institute scum. Ad victorium!

Автор Julius Wagner ( назад)
teacher Does anyone understand larger than thit case?

Автор Christian Alcantara ( назад)
So many negative people commenting. Wow. This is beautiful.

Автор JONNY BOi ( назад)
it's very fitting that a McDonald's commercial plays before this video, because that's where these "geniuses" who attend the apple school will end up working lol

Автор CalebCat00 ( назад)
Do you know if they'll have tours or if it's open to public once finished?

Fuck you apple and your pretentiously expensive products made by Chinese slaves

Автор Jerry Liu ( назад)
This video is about the Apple Campus 2
It's also 3:33 long
Apple=Illuminati confirmed

Автор M. SEB ( назад)
Imagine apple goes bankrupt... 😂

Автор TheVitruvius ( назад)
It doesn't matter how many jobs it will bring, all we need is Steve Jobs.

Автор David Bertrand ( назад)
killer note by facilitate elbow golf insist compare.

Автор MrAac2020 ( назад)
Hope these people enjoy the higher prices on everything in the area mow...city taxes going through the roof, traffic so bad it rivals Washington DC on a bad dsu, and by 4:00 your sitting in traffic and moving like a snail till around 7:30 at night.

Автор MrAac2020 ( назад)
Take look at what's destroying the entire towns of Santa Clara. Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Saratoga...all the damn foreign H1b Visa workers packed into every apartment for miles around, rack em' stack em' apartments/town homes taking up city block after city block, it's not any wonder why so many of the local home owners have sold and got the hell out of the area.

Автор Rick Brown ( назад)
just shows they (Apple) are sitting on a crap-ton of cash.

Автор NikoDPickle ( назад)
But how many ports does it have?

Автор blurp flurp the derp ( назад)
Guys quit bitching it was a cool video and it's gonna be a nice building it's not like they're gonna stop building the fucking thing cuz gangnamstylee69 was complaining in the comments of a fucking YouTube video that it was a waste of money so stop complaining and go back to living your stupid fucking life

Автор Robert Foedisch ( назад)
So this will house the administrative personnel and R&D, what else? All the ancillary services?

Автор Aye Jay ( назад)
guess now they have room to build their gizmos in 'Merica

Автор Justin Fencsak ( назад)
when is it opening? I love my new iPod touch 5g

Автор H H ( назад)
So many dislikes by these Android defenders. Apple definitely will have the best campus of all electronic companies. After all Apple is the largest consumer electronic company.

Автор Brian Slechta ( назад)
nice video come and sub if u want or nah lol

Автор John Holmes ( назад)
They should make a jungle in the center with live tigers, and send bad apples there.

Автор Carolina Yanez ( назад)
My dad and his construction company have been working on this since 2015 along with other company's everyday when he comes home from work he shows us pictures

Автор John Ng ( назад)
Dear Apple,

I would like to work on your campus. I am jealous.

Have a wonderful day

Автор sweetandtastyTV ( назад)
But is it safe during the zombie apocalypse?

Автор TheFalloutShot96 ( назад)
Pentagon for hipsters

Автор Salahuddin Cook ( назад)
Criminal black magic gang kopi

Автор BabyBoomerChannel ( назад)
Apple has tons of cash, but when was they last did anything innovative? They've hit a wall. This building will someday belong to the Scientologists.

Автор Jeff Blue ( назад)
What a huge waste of resources.

Автор EnergyINC ( назад)

Автор DangerousToaster ( назад)
Half of our gap this year?

Автор Austin McCracken ( назад)
I bet this wasn't filmed on an apple product

Автор Emily ( назад)
I hope they will have public tours once it's done cause it looks awesome

Автор jailbreaker1214 ( назад)
why is this such a big fucking deal? who gives a shit if crapple has a new HQ?

Автор longdick69 ( назад)
How much did this project cost ?

Автор Charthers ( назад)
Seems a bit much no?

Автор Dan Schumann ( назад)
They're building a huge building but not making their computers faster? Hmm, priorities.

Автор Miguel Perez ( назад)
Hello esta del puta madre

Автор Mohamed THIAM ( назад)
Great Matthew you are the best !

Автор Tim Grimes ( назад)
I did not see the manufacturing buildings in this video.

Автор DC ( назад)
Imagine if a tornado hit it.

Автор Mr. V ( назад)
I dunno...on one hand, it's a marvel, and on the other, a bit pretentious and grandiose...it lacks restraint, and subtly. (I for see this place in 50 years, much like Detriot looks now. Because of the tech world tells us anything, it's fast changing. And players come and go.)

Автор LooneyMoonFilms ( назад)
Holy smokers cough this place is sick.

Автор PrivateAttorney ( назад)
I wonder if this too was built by Chinese slaves 🤔

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