John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves

live from Sessions at West 54th

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Автор Scott Sedam ( назад)
That there is even a single thumbs down on this only illustrates there are
some folks just too ignorant to justify their consumption of oxygen. I
adore this song and how John and Iris sing it. A true, honest love song if
there ever was one.

Автор Andrew Walters ( назад)
My wedding song

Автор Robert Reynolds ( назад)
Great song, love miss Iris, love her hair! very cute.

Автор bennyblanko3 ( назад)
amen ... tyreeeess

Автор watro1 ( назад)
If you look up the human heart in the dictionary, they will say it sounds
like a John Prine song. Love his artistry.

Автор John O'Donnell ( назад)
the st9ry of o

Автор Roy Dean Music ( назад)
One of the only songs I have heard a million times, both willingly and non
willingly.. That I still enjoy. I could say the same for any song from his
discography though. Mr Prine is one of the best.

Автор steven rice ( назад)
Just happen to be watching Daddy and Them.

Автор dagda54 ( назад)
677 people ain't never gonna win the big door prize...

Автор carl6405 ( назад)
Almost 6 million views now... That pretty much says it all..

Автор Linda Taylor ( назад)
jonpine you are incredible. i love you

Автор Angelo Agosto ( назад)
The smile on John's face at the end of the video is priceless. John Prine
is a national treasure.

Автор mama launa ( назад)
I love this song so much. Hubby introduced to me to John Prine! This song
gets to my heart, makes me feel like my Freddy and I are the ones in the
song!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Thank you John and Iris!

Автор starman1968ful ( назад)
I first heard John Denver's cover version of this song back in the early
70's. A haunting song. It reminded of "Silent Running" a futuristic sci-fi
flick with a similar theme.

Автор CRYSTAL hassell ( назад)
after u've had a love like that, how do I go on without? he got 2nd cancer

Автор CRYSTAL hassell ( назад)
Crystal here this was me & Koci. I miss my 'squeeze'

Автор Shane Hall ( назад)
yeah John what's the name of the movie some of us would'd like to know and
watch it

Автор Sandy Nocera ( назад)
Sounds like my honey and me.

Автор robert hoagland ( назад)
i might have a crush on Iris......yep

Автор Steve smith ( назад)
Johnny I`ll always love ya.

Автор Ashley Bo Bashley ( назад)
I'll always love this song 💓

Автор Kershekm ( назад)
Everything about this song is perfect. Great voices, music and lyrics.

Автор Sam Martin ( назад)
my grandfather loves these so do I we sit out next to our fire out to
midnight listening to these songs and cook popcorn over the fire and have

Автор Gregg Payton ( назад)
This man is a genius at taking simple cord progressions and making great
songs and lyrics. And Iris is so sexy in this one.

Автор Bret Sloan ( назад)
I think this could be the most realistic love song ever written

Автор Benjit Lennon ( назад)

Автор Swede Wiking ( назад)
JOHN&IRIS IS STILL NO1..nummer ett som vi säger i SWE

Автор Jeff Kocher ( назад)
Why did they stop making music like this?

Автор Corri CorriJ ( назад)
still love this song...

Автор opie1956 ( назад)
Great song! Hello type in "Ron Howard Palace" listen to Opie sing "Lady."

Автор Gazwar ( назад)
/music starts here https://youtu.be/F5axlwCBXC8?t=88

Автор Andrew Hart ( назад)
Thanks John and Iris we go way back it never gets old

Автор sdushdiu ( назад)
I'll be damned if they aren't foils...and I never imagined myself saying
that since high school....

Автор Ed Halfen ( назад)
Country music personified....

Автор Francesca Giorgi ( назад)
This is devine intervention!!!!!!!!!!!Genius genius both of them Love these
two!!!!!!!!!! Prine you are my savior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Автор Carlin R Nicholson ( назад)
"In Spite Of Ourselves"
(feat. Iris DeMent)

She don't like her eggs all runny
She thinks crossin' her legs is funny
She looks down her nose at money
She gets it on like the Easter Bunny
She's my baby I'm her honey
I'm never gonna let her go

He ain't got laid in a month of Sundays
I caught him once and he was sniffin' my undies
He ain't too sharp but he gets things done
Drinks his beer like it's oxygen
He's my baby
And I'm his honey
Never gonna let him go

[Both He & She:]
In spite of ourselves
We'll end up a'sittin' on a rainbow
Against all odds
Honey, we're the big door prize
We're gonna spite our noses
Right off of our faces
There won't be nothin' but big old hearts
Dancin' in our eyes.

She thinks all my jokes are corny
Convict movies make her horny
She likes ketchup on her scrambled eggs
Swears like a sailor when shaves her legs
She takes a lickin'
And keeps on tickin'
I'm never gonna let her go.

He's got more balls than a big brass monkey
He's a whacked out weirdo and a lovebug junkie
Sly as a fox and crazy as a loon
Payday comes and he's howlin' at the moon
He's my baby I don't mean maybe
Never gonna let him go

In spite of ourselves
We'll end up a sittin' on a rainbow
Against all odds
Honey, we're the big door prize
We're gonna spite our noses
Right off of our faces
There won't be nothin' but big old hearts
Dancin' in our eyes.
There won't be nothin' but big old hearts
Dancin' in our eyes.

In spite of ourselves

Автор the lanarchist ( назад)
To my honey, John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves

Автор Kimber Knight ( назад)
My husband sent this to me, made me laugh and cry. How Karma brought us
together I will never know.

Автор screamingdcon ( назад)
? moldy peaches, eh?

Автор LadyArtemis62 ( назад)
the big ol hearts are the hearts of quail.

Автор julie brtek ( назад)
Cute song

Автор Sheldon Tucker ( назад)
Great Movie, "Daddy and Them" It is a funky, funny movie that you need to
stay with it and the payoff is great!

Автор MrLoiti 100 ( назад)
Awesome song!

Автор Peace Bird ( назад)
John's songs make me smile (legally) and I can't get them out of my head.
Thanks John!

Автор Cindy Reid ( назад)
love it

Автор Prometheus1st ( назад)
Really great music. Loved it.

Автор David R Bayez ( назад)
I'll sniif yer undies,John....I Mean Iris.....Jokin,Ya Danged,Hilljacks

Автор Pat Bibb ( назад)
We agree.

Автор Linda Prescott ( назад)

Автор ObDaDa (1556 лет назад)
LoVe me sOMe Iris DeMent

Автор kerry evans ( назад)
This is the best version....Ever. ..In spite ourselves.....two of the best..
Greetings from IRELAND 😉

Автор Brandulph Christophersen ( назад)
:-) Could hardly get better than this!

Автор Mehboob Ali ( назад)

Автор Mehboob Ali ( назад)

Автор Joel Thomas ( назад)
This genre doesn't get any better.

Автор john hutchinson ( назад)
listen to john hutchinson one last kiss if u like this

Автор Ramon Dubyvitz ( назад)
The Big Door Prize !!!

Автор marcelstjean ( назад)
i love this tune...i have a huge story to tell .. but im to boring.

Автор pacorumblefish ( назад)

Автор michael baxter ( назад)

Автор wallyman1948 ( назад)
A real star

Автор Ranger Jones ( назад)
Isn't it amazing that John doesn't even ever have to 'appear' to put any
effort into singing,,Yet this tranquil voice arises..?..

Автор Jizz Fudgsickle ( назад)
It's a great song... it'd just be better if the people dueting loved each

Автор okrajoe ( назад)
Beautiful duet.

Автор idisagree61 ( назад)
I have to thank Krystal from Smiley's Tavern in New Ulm, MN for turning me
on to this! She is a great Bar Keep!

Автор Ghenghy ( назад)
Pure ghenius.

Автор hilslamer ( назад)
So sweet, so beautiful, so true and ironic is so many ways. Thanks again,
and again, John Prine & Iris!!!

Автор Richard Ravenwolf Wright (Wolfie) ( назад)

Автор Tim Parrish ( назад)

Автор Steve Hawkins ( назад)
Yes I've heard of John Prine. now that I am 60 I appreciate the richness &
talent. And Iris Dement has a wonderful voice. She could mix with Alison
Kraus Emmy Lou Harris & Dolly Parton on a vocal #.

Автор Chuck Heppner ( назад)
Mix - John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves
by YouTube

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Автор Christine Fougere ( назад)
LOL, Opey's step brother Love you John Prine....

Автор Craig Anthony ( назад)
Bullshit. There are paths to wellness, no including meds.

Автор letsif ( назад)
What a perfect blend of song, voices, instrumentation, sound quality, even
camera work.

Автор Carol Hamilton ( назад)
John's an American treasure for sure. Catch him live if you can.

Автор Sarah Stoddard ( назад)
Keep on keeping on man . your friend Down on the river.ill

Автор MWorsa ( назад)
For a second there I thought she was playing stand up bass lol!!!

Автор Patrick Craig ( назад)
Just plain fun!

Автор fred houpt ( назад)
Just love this song.

Автор Brenda Shaw (1863 года назад)
Awesome song love it

Автор TIMOTHY BEERY ( назад)
LOVE IT.....best one so far that keeps me ,laffin' ;) :)

Автор duane anderson ( назад)
Renata Scotto (Soprano), Carlo Bergonzi (Tenor) can't hold a candle to
John Prine and Iris DeMent , when I comes to singing 'merican duets (
but that's not entirely fare because they're opera singers and most operas
except for the really bad ones are not written in the 'merican language.(
with the exception of John Cage and world champion, of getting grants for
"art music" the very same Phillip Glass that wrote a piece about Einstein
on a beach , the singers never sang more than one repeated vowel or
consonant (for 86 or 92 bars.) John and Iris do for 'mericana
what Chien-Shiung Wu did for physics.

That means I like them, a lot.

Автор dean m roberts ( назад)
I've heard Join Prine sing this song with other women. All good singers in
their own right but nobody does it better than Iris DeMent.
I love this duet ......

Автор Joe P ( назад)
Kathy have john listen to this

Автор Jack Frost ( назад)
Don't know how I got here.
but it sho' was worth it.
Real talent.

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