John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves

live from Sessions at West 54th

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Автор tim dill ( назад)
Iris DeMent looks really uncomfortable here
Did John make a grab at her backstage?

Автор Humanshieldchorus00 ( назад)
Fuck iris can sing

Автор Todos Helsenkesies ( назад)
thieving bitches

Автор Todos Helsenkesies ( назад)
thiving bitches

Автор pauly 70 ( назад)
thanx tbc.love this kat.

Автор Fernando Perez ( назад)
un poeta

Автор Brasilian Rose ( назад)

Автор Vincent Deitz ( назад)
John prints music is true soul music,God bless him.

Автор Christian Taylor ( назад)
moldy peaches eat your heart out

Автор Shauna Atwood ( назад)
The best of the best😘

Автор Carmelita Carlos ( назад)
Mary Murray

Автор Denis Roberts ( назад)
This is fantastic song and beautiful singers

Автор stuart mazur ( назад)
me and BEN

Автор alta pape ( назад)
hmmm lol

Автор Katherine Goard ( назад)
LOVE IT, JOHN!! and Way to Go IRIS!! wish I could get my hubby to listen to this...

Автор Ben Wilson ( назад)
My wedding song

Автор lynn jupin ( назад)
I sure we hope do

Автор Kel Vaughan ( назад)
Came across this song on Spotify while driving interstate, for the next 8 hours he and she was all I listen to all the way back to base

Автор ronald weeks ( назад)

Автор Olivia Murnin ( назад)
This song is to the one I love!💘

Автор CampGirlPal ( назад)
She's my baby
I'm her honey
I'm never gonna let her go...

He's my baby
And I'm his honey
Never gonna let him go...

Автор Tracey Hunt ( назад)
just stumbled across this lost treasure ...cant stop listening. ..thank you john. I have only seen highway men in concert and now you thanks for sharing

Автор ClawingBear Wade ( назад)
the soul of the song is lost in this, they are scripting. Find an older version if you want to feel it

Автор alice blue ( назад)
this is terrible terrible writing, terrible singing ......... Jut checked because Prine was in my HS graduating class

Автор MrPerfesser ( назад)
Your soulmate will never be perfect. But that doesn't mean your soulmate can't be perfect for you! Love is a wonderful thing, and it becomes even more precious over the years.

Автор david barnett ( назад)
Because of this song I began searching for more by Iris ... She is such a great singer.

Автор eric erickson ( назад)
Great song and so well done by two terrific artist.

Автор werewolf5674 ( назад)
love this song

Автор crystal herman ( назад)
my uncle died yesterday... he and my aunt always said this was their song. at least they're together again now 💔💔

Автор pablo escobar ( назад)
I was listening to rap which made me go out and steal this cd...Best move i ever made.

Автор Trisha Woolley ( назад)
Love this song and John prime

Автор Bob Dant ( назад)
john, is that the guitar strap i gave you?

Автор JohnA ( назад)
We need more folks like John and Iris!

Автор garryscott651 ( назад)

Автор Jim Carson ( назад)
What a gift

Автор Tammy Hall ( назад)
This song played at my son Levi's Wedding! so Cool

Автор Tammy Hall ( назад)
John! what can I say??
your music rocks my soul and I Love ya! Thank you

Автор Richard McFall ( назад)
I love it

Автор Jim Carson ( назад)
To good to be true love this song

Автор Mike C. ( назад)
Prine is a f*cking genius.... Iris aint so bad either ---

Автор adam mooney ( назад)
im 24 years old from north england and i love this song and country thank you america

Автор LaWanda Ultan ( назад)
Loved you two! Bless your little hearts!

Автор Deckie Deckie ( назад)
The best duo I've heard in a loooong time!!....take a licking and keep on ticking....jejeje...they don't make'm like this anymore.....I'm glad I'm getting old...

Автор dostoyevesky12 ( назад)
Most honest love song ever

Автор HARRY ANDREASEN ( назад)

Автор Douglas Rasmussen ( назад)
John Prine is one of the very few composers and singers who plug directly into your head giving you your own explicit video imagination.

Автор dewy.drawz ( назад)
This is honestly the most adorable song ever.

I feel like its the theme sone for my parents hah

Автор Ruth Boykin ( назад)
LOve this song!!!

Автор mac mchenry ( назад)
In spite of ourselves !   Think about it !

Автор terry buskirk ( назад)
love the song

Автор Lucian Babb ( назад)
this is so good... if you don't understand how good this is, there's no hope for you.

Автор opie1956 ( назад)
Great song! Hello type in "Ron Howard Palace" listen to Opie sing "Lady"!

Автор Gryph Gryphon ( назад)
Iris Dement yes!!

Автор mark1952able ( назад)
Can't help but think older couples relate to this song big time!!!!

Автор Keith O'Neil ( назад)
Just love this song and voices

Автор opie1956 ( назад)
Great song!  Type in "ron howard palace" listen to Opie sing "Lady"!

Автор Patricia Meyer ( назад)
Remember you John from the University of Buffalo Folk Festivals in the early 1970's. You and Steve Goodman were awesome.

Автор Timothy Abbott ( назад)
God Bless John Prine.

Автор Joseph Carpenter ( назад)
Two of the best Carnigie Hall thank You

Автор Patti Wilson ( назад)
Johnny winter

Автор Alan Pat ( назад)
Isn't this the most wonderful love song!

Автор Randy Jones ( назад)
I saw him the first time in 75 in johson city Tenn. at etsu and been hooked ever since

Автор Marc Isaac ( назад)
got to see John live ...front row

Автор mac mchenry ( назад)
How many similies    can you find ?

Автор Lion's Vigil ( назад)
She don't like her eggs all runny
She thinks crossin' her legs is funny
She looks down her nose at money
She gets it on like the Easter Bunny
She's my baby
I'm her honey
I'm never gonna let her go

He ain't got laid in a month of Sundays
I caught him once and he was sniffin' my undies
He ain't too sharp but he gets things done
Drinks his beer like it's oxygen
He's my baby
And I'm his honey
Never gonna let him go

In spite of ourselves
We'll end up a'sittin' on a rainbow
Against all odds
Honey, we're the big door prize
We're gonna spite our noses
Right off of our faces
There won't be nothin' but big old hearts
Dancin' in our eyes.

She thinks all my jokes are corny
Convict movies make her horny
She likes ketchup on her scrambled eggs
Swears like a sailor when shaves her legs
She takes a lickin'
And keeps on tickin'
I'm never gonna let her go.

He's got more balls than a big brass monkey
He's a wacked out weirdo and a love bug junkie
Sly as a fox and crazy as a loon
Payday comes and he's howlin' at the moon
He's my baby
I don't mean maybe
Never gonna let him go

In spite of ourselves
We'll end up a'sittin' on a rainbow
Against all odds
Honey, we're the big door prize
We're gonna spite our noses
Right off of our faces
There won't be nothin' but big old hearts
Dancin' in our eyes.

Автор R.C. winter ( назад)
Saw John Prine on ACL in the early 70's and have been a follower ever since. keep up the great work.

Автор Morgan Rieder ( назад)
Good God--That's me and my wife!

Автор Martin Serrato ( назад)
1:39 that damn chord gets me every time... good to know that the man himself goofed it up at least once.

Автор Bernard Tremblay ( назад)
So long (years, and more), so very very long I've cried out for the brotherhood of red-neck.
Here now? a new song from the fellow who so often afforded me means to buy my kids' food. Even their Christma presents.
_(You ain't heard _*_nuthin'_*_ so long you have not heard Dylan played on a good Oscar Schmidt. Truth!)_

*_Addendum:_* "Andy Griffith is our dad." 08:15
_"Whick kinda make me Oappie's step-brother."*_

Автор Carl Moccia ( назад)
this guy is incredibly talented and entertaining. I can listen all night and sometimes I do......................

Автор Julia Hamilton ( назад)
One of the greatest songwriters ever. About time people are appreciating him today. Have been a huge fan for many years.

Автор Scott Allen ( назад)
915 miserable people..

Автор Mike Rash ( назад)
This is the perfect love song!

Автор William Bowlin ( назад)
This song is like a little sliver of light after a long time in the dark

Автор Queen. Z ( назад)
Love it 😍

Автор jupiterwindfall ( назад)
john prine and iris dement are priceless.God Bless.

Автор greeneyeslinz ( назад)
My fiancee used to sing this to me all the time and tell me he was gonna have it played at our wedding...17 years and we never made it to that day, unfortunately. I miss everything about him, but I miss his sense of humor the most! RIP my angel!

Автор blueseruser ( назад)
Love these two.....Classic!!!!

Автор Jennifer Childress ( назад)
Love this! thank you

Автор Bunny Colvin ( назад)
I played this song as a floor-killer to end the night as a DJ at a wedding in High River Alberta. And there was this big table of hold-outs who didn't dance for anything all night. I put this song on last and this gigantic feller and his lady hopped up and danced. It made my night a million times and upon every molecule. The guy was 400 pounds. It was so beautiful.

Автор Brady Sutliff ( назад)
One of the greatest country love songs ever! So happy I found this song :D

Автор charlotte cline ( назад)
Theyre the real thing. They are.

Автор Joe Chicago ( назад)
This song is what I imagine a great lifelong love affair would be. In Fall, especially.

Автор MsSouthard1 ( назад)
makes me happy ...see Songcatcher the movie...

Автор dagda54 ( назад)
873 people won't never win the Big Door Prize...

Автор msconniejo65 ( назад)
We got a lot of laughs when we had this played for our first dance as Husband and Wife :)

Автор Dino Verica ( назад)
oh man so funny yet so poignant...thanks ms maya

Автор William White ( назад)
great lyrics

Автор Stephen Dudash ( назад)
Such fun!

Автор Cullen Vandyke ( назад)
great song....

Автор bill widner ( назад)
Iris is beautiful.  I am in love with her, and I want to sing a duet with her.

Автор Michael Mattaliano ( назад)
Played this at our wedding after our ceramony

Автор Tom Yazel ( назад)
sorry...find Kasey Musgrave and "burn one with John Prine"...cool as shit.

Автор Tom Yazel ( назад)
listen to her sing "our town"...to the right.  sweet freakin voice.  Taylor and Miranda wish they sounded this good.

Автор Devin Grinder ( назад)
Ken an Colleen

Автор Jay Mac ( назад)
fucking love this song played it at our wedding.

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