LCPDFR - Officer Speirs - TCU Unit Patrol Day 1

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  • team epiphany fan Prevail
    team epiphany fan Prevail 6 месяцев назад

    Timmy is from south park

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor 8 месяцев назад

    Is it just me or does that kinda look like an oversized animal control vehicle?

    • Ok Boi
      Ok Boi 7 месяцев назад


  • Gaius Studios
    Gaius Studios 9 месяцев назад

    dude I'm sorry that I said boring to your channel so yah sorry

  • D 1
    D 1 10 месяцев назад

    That's my name the first name in the last me Damian Castillo at 6:38

  • Jeremiah Pretzlaw
    Jeremiah Pretzlaw 11 месяцев назад

    Sit Jimmy sit Good boy 😎👍🏻

  • Fyn Kynd
    Fyn Kynd 1 год назад

    da'aww bebe speerz

  • Michael Rasmussen
    Michael Rasmussen 1 год назад

    You should always use your rpg it's awesome and jimmy is awesome he is a good boy lol 😁

  • Anibal Araujo
    Anibal Araujo 1 год назад

    the black one cover your video and fucked up your video I think your gonna go to another place

  • wolf dude
    wolf dude 1 год назад


  • jesse huss
    jesse huss 1 год назад

    i got my girlfriend a giant teddy bear

  • DeathBringer 21212
    DeathBringer 21212 1 год назад

    TiMMy J-Jimmy?

  • DeathBringer 21212
    DeathBringer 21212 1 год назад

    its from south park timmy

  • Charles Soto
    Charles Soto 1 год назад

    it would be 16 minutes and 43 seconds

  • Me steal ur girl
    Me steal ur girl 1 год назад

    I live in Canada too😎

  • Ready Yeahh
    Ready Yeahh 1 год назад

    im a police officer

    • Row Boat
      Row Boat 1 год назад

      You should arrest yourself if you can't spell :)

    • Robert Blake
      Robert Blake 1 год назад

      Cool. Thanks for keeping the community safe officer. Stay safe on duty.

  • Zachary Long
    Zachary Long 1 год назад

    U should do animal control

  • Weston Maness
    Weston Maness 2 года назад

    I know what shepherd's pie is

  • Evan Perry
    Evan Perry 2 года назад

    i know what sheperd pie

  • Kristin Van Ormer
    Kristin Van Ormer 2 года назад

    South Park.

  • Steven Avery
    Steven Avery 2 года назад

    Timmay is from south park and shephards pie is aka tater tot casserol.

  • kirby stanek
    kirby stanek 2 года назад

    I love Shepard's pie!

  • kirby stanek
    kirby stanek 2 года назад

    Do a lcpdfr where u take the criminals to the station

    RICHARD HERNANDEZ 2 года назад

    I do too

  • Mario Melendez
    Mario Melendez 2 года назад


  • Mario Melendez
    Mario Melendez 2 года назад

  • Variety Josh
    Variety Josh 2 года назад

    my mom got bit by a black widow 3 times  

  • Jessica Kiefer
    Jessica Kiefer 2 года назад

    is a mp5 your favorit gun

  • Jessica Kiefer
    Jessica Kiefer 2 года назад

    i love your vids keep it up

  • Michael Stevenson
    Michael Stevenson 2 года назад

    How do you get lcpdfr I need help

  • Mrsky_official
    Mrsky_official 2 года назад

    I love your cop videos

  • Dodgerville
    Dodgerville 2 года назад

    That's the K-9 unit's truck for moving the dogs around. TCU is the Transit Canine Unit. Nice truck nonethless.

    • melanie peddle
      melanie peddle 8 месяцев назад

      Stephen Kravitz

    • melanie peddle
      melanie peddle 8 месяцев назад


    • Dodgerville
      Dodgerville 2 года назад

      +Steve Kravitz Nah, I've seen that truck in Manhattan before.

  • Greek King Vlogs
    Greek King Vlogs 2 года назад

    How did you become a police officer in this game

  • ryan piusienski
    ryan piusienski 2 года назад

    the afros are helmets idiot

  • smile more
    smile more 2 года назад

    No no sinur spiers

  • Dylan Ingram
    Dylan Ingram 2 года назад

    In the middle of the video I could not see it was all black

  • Michael Abraham
    Michael Abraham 2 года назад

    I like your new car

  • MostHated 1011011
    MostHated 1011011 2 года назад

    south park

  • Colton Willis
    Colton Willis 2 года назад

    south park

  • Wyatt Allen
    Wyatt Allen 2 года назад

    What do you play gta on

  • TheJack97HD
    TheJack97HD 2 года назад

    Is it a cheat

  • Spriticus IV
    Spriticus IV 2 года назад

    what ped is that? + the the police truck you are using? link=__________________.

  • The best vines
    The best vines 2 года назад

    Bbbbrrrroooocccckkk lllleeeeessssnnnneaaaarr the one behind the one in 21 and one :D

  • Pablo Espinal
    Pablo Espinal 2 года назад

    We see these trucks every day here in New York

  • Marcus Peterson
    Marcus Peterson 2 года назад

    Dayum. I'd hate to see that Moose! :O

  • Nicole Perez
    Nicole Perez 2 года назад

    I like the truck.

  • TheLiveWire221
    TheLiveWire221 2 года назад

    TCU means Traffic Control Unit. Thats why it's that big

    • Rocks Gaming
      Rocks Gaming 1 год назад

      Transit Canine Unit You Idiot

  • Sylvester Magee
    Sylvester Magee 2 года назад

    December 13th is my birthday

  • bob builder
    bob builder 2 года назад

    the monster truck is a ram

  • bob builder
    bob builder 2 года назад

    get the police bus mode it  cool

  • Carnella Carter
    Carnella Carter 2 года назад

    U should make more tsu units for more lcpdfr please

  • Mr.VissTM
    Mr.VissTM 2 года назад

    they dont call him the amazing for nothing

  • jhon doe
    jhon doe 2 года назад for a gta5 role play crew that is just starting need founding members start with a high rank

  • jeremy bixley
    jeremy bixley 2 года назад

    Do a tow truck mod

  • Red Saiyan
    Red Saiyan 2 года назад

    Team up with penguinz0, you would make a kickass duo.

  • John Kvasny
    John Kvasny 2 года назад

    I have the steam version of gta 4 and I want to do mods but I cant play gta 4 I will not load the screen for me I need help can someone help me

  • Calbob543
    Calbob543 2 года назад

    I thought it was an animal rescue police

  • Robbie Hamlin
    Robbie Hamlin 2 года назад

    TCU is Transit Canine Unit.

  • Ben Asack
    Ben Asack 2 года назад

    NYPD's real life tactical unit is ESU.

  • Zach Jackson
    Zach Jackson 2 года назад

    Speirs this is the first video I ever watched of you and I couldn't find it for the longest time and I remember you talking about shirts and it is so funny this is what got me watching you every day

  • Machine dummies
    Machine dummies 2 года назад

    I live in Canada Alberta

  • NJ Vlogs
    NJ Vlogs 2 года назад

    What did you rite in lcpdfr for truck

  • Allison Smith
    Allison Smith 2 года назад

    can u tell me how to get a poice suit on xbox360

  • Joanne G.
    Joanne G. 2 года назад

  • larry sanders
    larry sanders 2 года назад

    TCU is a animal control van XD lol.... jking

  • Alex Trickie
    Alex Trickie 3 года назад

    South park

  • Nicholas Pishko
    Nicholas Pishko 3 года назад

    I like you to came back

  • Gabe Holland
    Gabe Holland 3 года назад

    Jimmy is great*

  • Jaylen Lacy
    Jaylen Lacy 3 года назад

    And I need the ambalance mod

  • Jaylen Lacy
    Jaylen Lacy 3 года назад

    Can you send me a link to gta iv for windows 8 on laptop

  • Wyatt Adams
    Wyatt Adams 3 года назад

    Pull over a monster truck

    • Iceeyy
      Iceeyy 1 год назад

      +Wyatt Adams Watch the full video.

  • Eric V
    Eric V 3 года назад

     Brandon moores lcpdfr videos are better then yours. You cuss alot thats why.

    • Iceeyy
      Iceeyy 1 год назад

      +Eric V Nobody cares. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

  • Sakib Hadzic
    Sakib Hadzic 3 года назад

    This guy talk to him self and i think he is crazy go to the hospital or get a GF 

    • Iceeyy
      Iceeyy 1 год назад

      +Sakib Hadzic You're the dumbest person on Earth. He states he does have a GF, and do you know what youtube mostly is? People get a microphone, record videos, and post it. You're the crazy one here.

    • Lamp 2.0
      Lamp 2.0 2 года назад

      Sakib That what he suppose to do (Idiot ) And also  he  has a girlfriend 

    • ethan hill
      ethan hill 3 года назад

      If you don't like what he does. Don't watch his videos. He's awesome. He has the best videos.

  • Brandon Hill
    Brandon Hill 3 года назад

    U shoot a lot of cops lol

  • Ali Faouzi-Diouri
    Ali Faouzi-Diouri 3 года назад

    could i join the clan?

  • Jalon Springer
    Jalon Springer 3 года назад

    Im stuck in Canada

  • Josh Barre
    Josh Barre 3 года назад

    A Moose In Canada
    Speirs #CanadianProbs

  • Patrick Taylor
    Patrick Taylor 3 года назад

    You should play as a female cop

  • Royal Gaming
    Royal Gaming 3 года назад

    did any one els see the blfack screen at 7.29?

  • Jon Dulaney
    Jon Dulaney 3 года назад

    Once you hit 110KM/H, you would be going about 75MP/H

  • Brandan Cardinal
    Brandan Cardinal 3 года назад

    Can you do a RCMP Episode

  • ChaotischGamen
    ChaotischGamen 3 года назад

    i luf your intro

  • iTzz-Savage
    iTzz-Savage 3 года назад

    Anyone else's screen go black around 7 minutes

    RTOMZKY 3 года назад

    A single moose with an MP5 attach to its head =))

  • goofygal19
    goofygal19 3 года назад

    i have been to Canada once for chorus in high school.

    CHRONIC COLLEGE 3 года назад

    Hey I was wondering what are the specs of your pc

  • lolmichellelol83
    lolmichellelol83 3 года назад


  • lolmichellelol83
    lolmichellelol83 3 года назад

    What the fuck

  • Alexander Jacob Schwanke Schwanke
    Alexander Jacob Schwanke Schwanke 3 года назад

    Can u please be a fat black cop?

  • Jonathan Burke
    Jonathan Burke 3 года назад

    i used to call sheperds pie or how ever u spell it i used to call it shit on a shingle

  • iron pickaxe
    iron pickaxe 3 года назад

    I really want to go to canda i live in the united kingdom.
    i like the really cool ploice cars and the crown victoria ploice cars.
    How hot is it there whats its highist temp

    • iron pickaxe
      iron pickaxe 2 года назад

      Thanks im going when im 14

    • Max
      Max 2 года назад

      +iron pickaxe
      Hey there, I don't live in Canada, I live in Sweden, but the climates are pretty much the same. In the winter it can reach as low as -20 C but thats very rare and in the summer during a hot week it's probably about 30 degrees Celsius. But Canada is a big country so I suppose it depends on where in Canada you're going.

      Have fun on your trip if you're going! :D

    • iron pickaxe
      iron pickaxe 2 года назад

      Thanks for telling me im planning to go there.

    • Mohammad Mahfooz
      Mohammad Mahfooz 2 года назад

      I live in toronto, ontario. its pretty hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I like the weather, personally.

    • Alex Trickie
      Alex Trickie 3 года назад

      +iron pickaxe

  • Tim White
    Tim White 3 года назад

    The Video goes black at 7 mins

  • Tristan Malette
    Tristan Malette 3 года назад

    I'm 10

  • Tristan Malette
    Tristan Malette 3 года назад

    A lot

  • Tristan Malette
    Tristan Malette 3 года назад

    We have them in NYC

  • Ty Maloney
    Ty Maloney 3 года назад

  • camron glynn
    camron glynn 3 года назад

    can you help me get this mod on my laptop 

  • Kyle Thornton
    Kyle Thornton 3 года назад

    What is you'r steam name?

  • Kyle Thornton
    Kyle Thornton 3 года назад


  • Alex Markel
    Alex Markel 3 года назад

    That truck is anamle cun trool

    • Iceeyy
      Iceeyy 1 год назад

      +Alex Markel Do you know what grammar is? How old are you? 3? Only 3 year olds spell like that. animal* control*

  • Mark Gain
    Mark Gain 3 года назад

    South Park. The episode about the special Olympics