Monica interviewing T-Boz on V103

Monica interviewing T-Boz on V103

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Автор darsherall jones ( назад)
i love tboz....she dont hold nuthin bak!!!! lol love monica 2!!!!

Автор reneewyatt1989 ( назад)
hahaha hell yea

Автор jessicalm145 ( назад)
yo the dude that was stuttering, i was hopin mo was gonna catch that!! lol...and she did...

Автор KeesusChrist ( назад)
T-Boz and Monica having a conversation makes me nervous because they both seem outspoken, stubborn, and hood! I felt like they might've sparked up a tense conversation.

Автор IAMMELANATED! ( назад)
both of these ladies are beautiful, gangsta, & very intelligent...love it real

Автор 2conscious (1615 лет назад)
That caller was SOOOO annoying. That's why it's necessary to screen people before they are on the air b/c all of that guy's "You know what I'm sayin" (every 2 seconds) and "ummmmmmmmm" "uh' uh'huhhhhh". Damn, that's annoying.

Автор Beauty38 ( назад)
T Boz has always been so funny

Автор JSpearman4 ( назад)
I love it! ATL was representing in this interview.

Автор JSpearman4 ( назад)
@dgenerate707 V-103 goes back to the 70's or 80's I believe.. It literally has been "The People's Station". This is where blacks came for news other than the church.

Автор MidwestOutsider707 ( назад)
T-boz look good. I didn't know ATL had V103

Автор Liink Slayyer ( назад)

Автор lalovelyj ( назад)
omg he is stuttering .so annoying.

Автор eddie johnson ( назад)
monica and tboz two beautiful women i am real impress with both of them especialy tboz after 20 years shes beautiful and monica shes so pretty and tell it like it is.

Автор Christine J ( назад)

Автор Lisa Atkinson ( назад)
These women are strong, beautiful and keeping it real! To hell with the haterz -- they are just jealous because at the end of their miserable lives - NO ONE WILL LOVE OR MISS THEM!

Автор Carl BlackDynamite Marshall ( назад)
Man, the 90's went hard! From television right down to the music, the 90's are truly missed! Tv, and music just ain't the same...so washed up, don't get me wrong, there is some decent talent out there, but overall, just doesn't even come close. Big up's 2 the women that I grew up with (Monica, Aaliyah, TLC, Toni Braxton, Tamia, Shanice, etc...), as well as the fellas (Naughty, LL, Tevin Campbell, Guy, Shai, New Edition, Boy II Men, etc...)!

Автор emonique989 ( назад)
LOL he was stuttering

Автор qtoffss ( назад)
i love the both of them and their music there really ain't no real music out there some of it today sounds just alike and there ain't nothin wrong with bump'in the old music because it's the best and i thank T-BOZ and Monica 4 keppin it real with all of their fans back in the 90's every one had their own style of music and fashion. r.i.p lefteye

Автор Keisha Doe (2011 год назад)
Monica, you're just good at your profession and f*** the haters.

Автор Zeebo89SWV ( назад)
id hate to be interviewed by monica...cos she got an opinion for everything....everytime TBoz answers a question, monicas gotta add her 2cents worth! fucking annoying

Автор YUNG JUDAH ( назад)
tionne is my babyyyyy i luv u
monica is good even on her off days i luv u both
rip lefteye

Автор Everything ( назад)
Monica is such a "B" to keep trying to bring up the "homeless" song. Um...like she doesn't know that T-boz was pissed off at those blogs.

Автор da12nvmp (1594 года назад)
Monica stay positive u will always remain a happy women with a very fulfilling life

Автор Terence Mcgriff ( назад)
Well if u know Mo when she in the station working or even in the studio she never tried to dress up she likes she be comfortable, hell i feel her if she gon be in their for hours

Автор Deon Fletcher ( назад)
The interview was over 1 hr. v103 web site choose to put up less than 10nins. of it, I listened a.nd they spoke about a variety of things. You can't judge from 10mins. of the clip.

Автор Teknique74 (1066 лет назад)
I Love Monica She is So Real. And I Love her last album from beginning to end that shit was hot Monica let them haters hate.

Автор Deon Fletcher ( назад)
The last time I checked people can talk as much as they want to. She is only speaking the truth.

Автор Deon Fletcher ( назад)
You got a problem with Monica? Don't take it up with me.

Автор Kiara Minaj ( назад)
I love T-Boz (no homo) haterz fall back dont get mad cuz she better den u and stop postin negative shit u aint doin nothin but wasting your time Tionne aint worried bout u,she got a life unlike u

Автор Jasmine Royal ( назад)
My two favorite people on one vid. What more could I ask for? Love both of them..so cool!

Автор MEMYSELF66 ( назад)

Автор fever04 ( назад)
I luv TBoz

Автор Tyrone B ( назад)
TBoz acts like she doesn't care about anything lol

Автор Deon Fletcher ( назад)
I think you need to listen to what she said and in what context she said it She did not say all of that.

Автор DaBossUdig ( назад)
T-Boz talking about blogers she just mad casue she have had a hit and they ain't looking for her anymore and its good monica understand what the fans want thats why she still moveing on t-boz ain't shit without TLC ...And Rocko must done fucked around on monica in the pass cause she always talking about the other woman even on that song sideline Hoe damn mo let that nigga go damn don't nobody want rocko

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