Live Chat: Mark Hunt's Lawsuit, BJ Penn's Return, UFC Fight Night 103 Preview

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt has sued the UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar over what he sees is their failure to protect him from a doping athlete. BJ Penn makes his long-awaited return to the Octagon on Sunday against Yair Rodriguez at UFC Fight Night 103. We'll discuss these topics and more on the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas.

Today's thread: http://www.mmafighting.com/2017/1/11/14237034/live-chat-mark-hunt-lawsuit-bj-penns-return-ufc-fight-night-103

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Автор Jay Jay ( назад)

Автор Jay Jay ( назад)
Luke you are the worst

Автор Romulus The GREAT! ( назад)
Hunt......Why isn't "The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)" included in your lawsuit? Did not USADA give Brock Lesner a pass by not protecting you? YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY SUE THEM!!!! BECAUSE THEY ARE PAID TO PROTECT ALL FIGHTERS AND THEY FAILED TO DO THAT!!!

Автор afro208 ( назад)
I wanna do dabs with Barbus.

Автор afro208 ( назад)
I wish Mark Hunt's parents had called him Mike.

Автор Roshe Mac ( назад)
Luke loves stone cold coffee

Автор dkoli ( назад)
It's not outrageous to point out the black community is in general more homophobic and thus mma isn't as popular due to ignorance. "Men cuddling" nonsense etc

Автор Won'tRespond ( назад)
The irony in requesting a last meal which costs the life of an innocent other..

Автор SurvivalBayArea ( назад)
DUDE you did exemplary job in this video at breaking down the connection between boxing and communal culture as it compares to mma gyms. Thank you for the quality content

Автор sirbrad4 ( назад)
OMG 209 needs a DIAZ brother!

Автор Scott Wyllie ( назад)
Another great cast brother

Автор califilipino ( назад)
Wait a minute Luke picked CM Punk over Frankie Edgar???

Автор TheRoryR21 ( назад)
LOL when you said bite down on the mouthpiece and swing, I thought John Lineker.

Автор er4se1 ( назад)
great analysis as per usual...

Автор Siki J3 ( назад)
"There are no rules." Luke Thomas

Автор Fighter's Point of View ( назад)
That lawsuit is not a good idea. Atleast not the part where Dana is getting sued.

Автор xmikex902x ( назад)
Ppl need to stop with the race baiting. The fact that it's went from pop culture/liberal media, and now has permeated the MMA culture sucks. MMA is its own, diverse bubble. It's a nice change of pace to typically not have to think about anything like that in the UFC.

Автор vankilsing ( назад)
i would love to see the worst nfl team have a game with the best college team just to see how it would actually play out ahah

Автор roscoegino ( назад)
Great point Luke makes about diversity.

Автор Terry Cummins ( назад)
Luke how do you figure Mark Hunt's lawsuit will be dismissed? They bypassed a state regulation to allow a juiced fighter to work so they could profit. Are you serious? MMA fans love our fighters not the promotion, you really are starting to feel like a schill for the UFC or a webcast vying for a UFC job or affiliation. They broke the law. Joe Rogan has admitted the waiver performed for Brock and the failed test. Even if they had Hunt sign an agreement, that would be null and void. A business cannot tell a sub-contractor you must sign an agreement for work and your job will be contingent upon a safety regulation that we bypassed. This is an open and shut case that will be settled. I only wish Brock could be made to forfeit some of his purse to Hunt but I doubt that is legally possible.

Автор Chad Wick ( назад)
Where are your goddamn shirts, man?

Автор Preston Vaughan ( назад)
Luke, Not one person has brought this up.... Who recovers faster from a shot than D. Cruz? Like wtf was that?! Like 2-3 times instantly defending or attacking back....

Автор Preston Vaughan ( назад)
Luke Thomas, use Agave, its a low glycemic sweetener. Also Chikkery its a seasonnig that people use in New Orleans. Try it out, it taste amazing.

Stop using processed sugars and aspartame mate.

Автор mattrc77 ( назад)
You finally admit you're garbage.

Автор Andrew Yu ( назад)
What's up with Luke's fists? Got into a fight?

Автор Hutch ( назад)
Great stuff LT !!

Автор I'm a life form known as Manuel ( назад)
Weidman > Jacare

Автор Les Clayton ( назад)
I wonder if Michael Chandler will move to the ufc? Be another good fighter to add to the 155lb division

Автор Joseph Wallington ( назад)
No hate, You still The Beard, Luke.

Автор TheWanderer ( назад)
c'mon, there's nothing weird about folks wanting to see a Diaz brother on 209. don't get all pretentious on us. the card would sell itself if they were both on it. it's just a fun idea is all.

Автор Aaron PA ( назад)
unblock me on twitter dude @AaronPA007

Автор Alex Van Nostrand ( назад)
X2 on the thick black and Latin women

Автор HolyMateria ( назад)
Smoke some weed (indica) and you'll sleep like a baby - I promise.

Автор cole tosh ( назад)
he worked and trained hard his whole life.. they better make this right,, give him his money,, the ufc will learn from there mistake and mark hunt will continue to make  the ufc will get bigger and better,,SAFER

Автор Caesar - Leader of the Apes ( назад)
Luke keeps dropping hilarious absolute gems throughout his discussions. The "deadlift/spine through the lower back like an alien busting out of his chest" bit was killer!

Автор first2blast ( назад)
you do what you have to make money. woodley and bisping have every right to seek fights that pay big bucks.

Автор salalkk ( назад)
At a certain point overusing words like permutation in an attempt to sound intelligent backfires and makes you sound less intelligent.

Автор Stabby McChaCha ( назад)
There's a backlash against Angela Hill?!!.........wtf.....

Автор Hani the radical Muslim terrorist ( назад)
good job luke👍

Автор Luke Petersen ( назад)
Lol dogs really do look like their owners

Автор Cameron Thomson ( назад)
JDS and Rothwell card contained; Derrick Lewis, Francis Ngannou, Gonzaga, Tybura and Blachowicz all of these guys make up a pretty good card. Look at the progress these guys have made in less than a year.

Автор tbd ( назад)
The outrageous hyperbole is something Ronda egged on and believed--evidenced by her decision to not work on improving her repertoire at all and just retain the same everything. I can't feel sorry for her receiving what feels like due backlash for that.

Автор Germanicus Fortunov ( назад)
Love how the "Empire of the City" logo is so ignorantly promoted. It would be laughable if it wasn't so disturbing and ultimately pathetic.

Автор kiefer roche ( назад)
great stuff as always .

Автор TheMassiveNINtool ( назад)
It's "Barbas", people!

Автор Pete Rubish ( назад)
46 minutes in brought the laughs

Автор Mic Hell ( назад)
Racists only get mad when it is Tyron Woodley. I don't hear them complaining about Conor not defending a title in a year.

Автор mike k ( назад)
sound slike a lot of people got confused between professionalism and good sportsmanship.

Nunes did all the media she was asked to do, hasnt assaulted anyone or attacked anyone that hasnt already placed themselves in the public arena for comment, or broken any rules so she has been professional.

Since the victory she has been a bad winner but she can do what she wants. Even if she is a heel that's her business and if anything, being a bad winner has increased her profile which increases interest in her fights i.e. shes been a good professional fighter in the self promotion department while at the same time been a bad winner/showing bad sportsmanship after a victory (even if it may be justified in some peoples eyes).

Автор Ryan Mogadam ( назад)
Okay I'm officially done waiting. I'm making my own Luke Thomas PM shirt. Sue me if you want but I've waited long enough.

Автор Teep2urgrill ( назад)
I like my coffee black like my women.

Автор Larry Fisher ( назад)
Nick Diaz vs Damian Maia

Автор 11111 bjj rhino ( назад)
Go Barbus

Автор pat mac ( назад)
it tastes like a bladder exploded in ur mouth? is that really what he said?

Автор El Cucuy ( назад)
I thought Luke was a man until i found out he doesn't drink his coffee black.

Автор Melvin Collins ( назад)
There's always a bunch of business questions and concern about the UFC making money. I think we have more business fans lately or somehow ppl got UFC shares.

Автор Mo Mo ( назад)
Barbus "The Churro"

Автор MyTubeIsBetter20 ( назад)
say "Stev-via" one more time.

it's "Steve-ea"

Автор Chris ( назад)
Brazilian Cowboy's taunt came directly after he had knocked Brooks senseless. There is a difference IMO. Amanda at least showed Rousey respect in the cage. Not asking for anyone to feel the same way I do about this. I just think that when you are standing over a TKO/KOed opponent a taunt shows a level of smallness. cowardice, perhaps.

Автор Hunter Christian ( назад)
WHY WOULD YOU WANT A FIGHTERS UNION???? Unions are so absurd. It will ruin fighting.

Автор aroonietoons ( назад)
Uh, black coffee with nothing in it is the only correct way to drink the elixir of life.

Автор Sergio Lopez ( назад)
The word is "CHULO" lol no seas wuey
JK man love your show, keep it up!

Автор RealRickyRoss ( назад)
Laboratory produced sugar is not good for you! Use Pure Cane Sugar ...

Автор Toxic Waste ( назад)
Another product hate: Stevia. Someone needs to make a compilation. PLEASE

Автор Mike Smith ( назад)
the UFC needs to keep growing, more shows, and the chance for fighters to fight 3 times a year. And most importantly for the UFC to have all the best fighters under one roof

Автор flank wood ( назад)
hey luke do you like fish sticks? im asking for a frend

Автор Angry With Life ( назад)
I don't sleep either but, than again, I'm a vampire.

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