Ulefone Metal - Unboxing & First Look! (4K)

Cheap 100 Euro Ulefone Metal whats not to love?
Available - http://bit.ly/2bb5i7q
Features - http://bit.ly/2bB9gpa

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Автор lamicorp ( назад)
Why the fuck did you remove screen protector?? Like seriously...

Автор RAb graham ( назад)
my battery seems to run down very fast is this normal? as I may return if
this is.

Автор eludicator 11 ( назад)
you didnt saw us the front camera bro

Автор Tradcast ( назад)
Compared to my nexus 6, this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO laggy

Автор HasH Brownies ( назад)
Touch is not optimized.

Автор Slimusak ( назад)
Phone is quite good and fast for this price. Camera is also quite good
taking the price in mind, focusing fast, photos sharp, but colors seem
strange and pale . Photos have much noise, even in good light (made
comparison to better phones). What annoys me the most is, that advertising
photos do no comply with real product ! It is disapointing from Ulefone
brand. On every promotion picture you see viewable display from left to the
right, through the the whole surface, but it is not true(see any promotion
picture). Real display size is limited and has quiite big borders. It is
best to see on my silver/white version.
Why does such cheap phone need to lie about it?

Автор Josipa Genzić ( назад)
Help! What do you think is better: Xiaomi Redmi 3s (2gb/16gb) or Ulefone
Any opinions are welcome :)

Автор Jim mc fall ( назад)
did you have any issue with micro sim not being detected

Автор Vincent Valentine ( назад)
God damn ur annonying as fuck with ur child rapist voice

Автор Chinamobilemag.de ( назад)
It's so funny to watch how surprised those tech YouTubers - who usually
don't review Chinese devices - are about the quality and stuff when they
unwrap their Chinese devices. :D

Автор Dan Coles ( назад)
Does any body know where the sd card goes in this phone? I cant see space
for it in the sim tray?

Автор zain elahi ( назад)
mate your pretty boaring

wtf is vry nice in this phone...😐😐....its old ui type ..n that camera n
gallery ui iss soooo shitt...its like 5 yrs old now..

Автор Mo nk ( назад)
Looks like a xiaomi note 3 rebamd phone to me just saying

Автор Tony Stark ( назад)
oops.....thougt this was Unbox Therapy......Bye

Автор Şeref Duman ( назад)
ulfone metal

Автор Astala Vista ( назад)
1) some camera samples? pic links pls. thx
2) like every ulefone, "system ui stopped" ? instable shity OS ?

Автор Joe Steve ( назад)
Ulefone are the worst copycats in history, They are literally cloning UMi
Smartphones and posting anti-advertisements on their channel - For example,
compare this phone to the UMi Super, same front and back look, except that
UMi have excellent build quality ( I know this from unscrewing the Super,
as everything is screwed together very well; honestly I think Ulefone
should just stop being the Goophone for UMi.

Автор FEZ TREZ ( назад)
guys, help me. should I buy sony Xperia Z5 or Samsung note 6

Автор Alex king ( назад)
You forget to check the box as well as leather and tempered glass screen

Автор Carlos do nascimento ( назад)
bom muito bom

Автор mohammad khalil ( назад)
are u gonna test honor note 8

Автор Ali Rizwan ( назад)
Samsung got fucked by an unknown company. 😂By the way keep up the good

Автор Ali Rizwan ( назад)
I don't know but the video keeps on getting stuck

Автор Larry JeanBaptiste ( назад)
That looks very good, do you know if this phone work on sprinting the US,
cause my carrier is sprint I'm not sure how to find out, thanks have been a
subscriber for a while and your channel gives great info on the products

Автор S. Safwan ( назад)
Who else watches all Tech Trinkets videos at 1.5x speed?

Автор HardGame III ( назад)
Aw, dat design!

Автор moustafa el fadaly ( назад)
this the first time to hear about this company amd i really hate unknown
Chinese products

Автор parazels83 ( назад)
The front panel looks boring and outdated...

Автор mikelawesomeadsguy ( назад)
i want a speed test between this phone vs the sony xperia xa ultra

Автор Imatechguy ( назад)
Nice I hope that it's available in the USA

Автор Deathstroke_GR ( назад)
Should I get LG Nexus 5X or OnePlus X?

Автор Squad Goals i100 ( назад)
It looks like Cherry Mobile J1 from Philippines

Автор Wesaam ALtejani ( назад)
unboxing to lg xcam

Автор xangoned ( назад)
never buy phones or so at Tinydeal.com They are thieves! i have send my
phone back and never hear from them again even after several emails, even
from my lawyer they refuse to answer! We are going to try to put them on
trial in court.

Автор Ricardo Ferreira ( назад)
That "metal" is using Evanescence's Open Door font, I think! haha

Автор Danilo Correia ( назад)
this phone seems to have touch problems

Автор NexoQ ( назад)
this for 100€😱😱...and i bought my j5 2015 for 200€and it does not if'en
have fingerprint scanner and android 6.0....

Автор MK Gamer ( назад)

Автор Jeremy Soo (NinJer) ( назад)
3000 Bat tree?
that's a lot of bats in a tree

Автор Emil Rustemli ( назад)
Hello. How do you think?
Xiaomi redmi note 3 or xiaomi mi 4c. Which one is better?

Автор Alif Muqri Yusuf ( назад)
please do in depth review of this phone like speed test, gaming and camera

Автор Shane Howden ( назад)
speed test

Автор quaxk ( назад)
only half HD though...

Автор Dishant Malhotra ( назад)
From back looks more like lenovo k5 note ??

Автор FinnishLiftFilmer2005 - Elevators from Finland ( назад)

Автор Rangga Nugraha ( назад)

Автор Sam Devita ( назад)
Can you do a review of the K6000 pro? Looks like a good device for the

Автор Eyzak Funk ( назад)
Are looking at Chinese phones gonna be a common thing on your channel cause
I like looking at these not so well known phones.

Автор Rocking teck ( назад)
that is not nice phone

Автор Preetinder Singh ( назад)
copying redmi note 3 from back..😂

Автор Melissa Hanson ( назад)

Автор Pratham Khanna ( назад)
when is marshmallow coming to redmi note 3 pro (snapdragon) ?

Автор Miheer Poradiya ( назад)

Автор ochad ( назад)
nice phone

Автор Muhammad Saad ( назад)
plz do note 7 vs oneplus 3 speed test.

Автор Huehuehue ( назад)

Автор Fifachamp1012 ( назад)
how do get these btw, first

Автор KRISPY ( назад)
first comment

Автор Danny Levi ( назад)
when will u get the note 7?

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