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Автор dramatime23 (4 года)
this makes me regret not telling the guy I liked for 2 years already that I
love him. He is with a different girl and he still hasnt noticed me...so
far i am the only one crying.

Автор Kit93Kat (5 лет)
@LalaAmiee a1 are back together if u haven'nt heard :D without Paul tho...

Автор XcharlesianX (6 лет)
take it easy dudes! all know it is a1's album azn dreamers are fake okey..
but azn dreamers rule lolz! me like the name lolz

Автор Hairee Stener (4 года)
This is a boyband like Backstreet boys or N-Sync.

Автор bboyfreestyler (4 года)
lol...all the AZN dreamers songs i saw on youtube always reminds someone on
the comments of their ex...wierd connection huh?

Автор spatima (4 года)
so you take the smiles and ill take the tears

Автор marymary_quitecontrary (2 года)
'So you take the smiles from all of our years and I'll take the tears' <3333

Автор kenlee3893 (5 лет)
yea i think most of the songs by azn dreamers r a1. cuz a1 actualy have
pixs of themselves. and azn dreamers dsnt. and the voice sounds more like
white bois instead of asians. lol. so i gotta go wit a1.

Автор Ro (2 года)
Exactly. AZN Dreamers was a made up band by some asian dreamers. lmao.

Автор tzipi pa pachuau (4 года)
what a song... i love it!

Автор Leeroy Jenkins (3 года)
Omg, A1 is the real artist. Please respectfully change it to the real
artist on the title name. Thanks! :D

Автор aznbackstreetboy (5 лет)
i hate my ex gf

Автор Meme Dayao (5 лет)
loved it! :(

Автор o0SerbianLove0o (6 лет)
Its A1 for sure :)

Автор john mearks (3 года)
who the fuck is AZN DREAMERS?? they always claim the credits of all A1
SONGS!! go to hell!

Автор Philo Mignon (3 года)
they are one and the same buddy

Автор Cranequill (5 лет)
@Kit93Kat I'm starting to think they're the same band. Everything I go to
labeled Azn Dreamers also has A1 as a name down.

Автор vi3t123bby (3 года)
i see that you're in love... i know it's not with me... but I don't want
the truth to haunt my memory. damn. fuck my life. hehehe.

Автор Kit93Kat (5 лет)
HEY!!! This is a1's song! CHANGE THE TITLE!!!!! Thanks.

Автор Kit93Kat (5 лет)
@LalaAmiee So am I :D They're awesome! :)

Автор john01eric (5 лет)
i love yna vianca............i'll take the tears

Автор BNR34VSPEC (5 лет)
Yes, it IS SUNG by "A1". Credit goes to the Boy Band group from the UKs

Автор hurtlyangel01 (5 лет)
i justlove the song

Автор Nicole Kaelea (6 лет)
definitely A1..

Автор Arvin Geric Chua (2 года)
I had all this album of A1 eversince, so fuck off who ever you are "AZN

Автор blas0530 (6 лет)
nice one

Автор xCassieChix (5 лет)
i like the lyrics..

Автор jeanciemocha (6 лет)
its A1 from the album THE A LIST..

Автор wam0om0o (6 лет)
one of my fav song... i have their album when i graduate elementary ahaha

Автор chrislovesgabby9 (4 года)
i missed my ex girlfriend gabriela sophia corzo she's all i have in my life

Автор YeeMafia (4 года)
@Kit93Kat sry this song was back in 90s made by azn dreamer but A1 were in
2000. So don't be raging and compare it. Do some research before or u just
support ur own race.

Автор fayeEFC (6 лет)
Anoo Yer :S

Автор jake calhoun (6 лет)

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