I'll Take The Tears - Azn Dreamers


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Автор Marcel Mpses ( назад)
I miss my exbf so much..

Автор Ro ( назад)
Exactly. AZN Dreamers was a made up band by some asian dreamers. lmao.

Автор marymary_quitecontrary ( назад)
'So you take the smiles from all of our years and I'll take the tears' <3333

Автор Arvin Geric Chua ( назад)
I had all this album of A1 eversince, so fuck off who ever you are "AZN

Автор Philo Mignon (885 лет назад)
they are one and the same buddy

Автор vi3t123bby ( назад)
i see that you're in love... i know it's not with me... but I don't want
the truth to haunt my memory. damn. fuck my life. hehehe.

Автор Leeroy Jenkins ( назад)
Omg, A1 is the real artist. Please respectfully change it to the real
artist on the title name. Thanks! :D

Автор john mearks ( назад)
who the fuck is AZN DREAMERS?? they always claim the credits of all A1
SONGS!! go to hell!

Автор dramatime23 ( назад)
this makes me regret not telling the guy I liked for 2 years already that I
love him. He is with a different girl and he still hasnt noticed me...so
far i am the only one crying.

Автор Hairee Stener ( назад)
This is a boyband like Backstreet boys or N-Sync.

Автор bboyfreestyler ( назад)
lol...all the AZN dreamers songs i saw on youtube always reminds someone on
the comments of their ex...wierd connection huh?

Автор chrislovesgabby9 ( назад)
i missed my ex girlfriend gabriela sophia corzo she's all i have in my life

Автор YeeMafia ( назад)
@Kit93Kat sry this song was back in 90s made by azn dreamer but A1 were in
2000. So don't be raging and compare it. Do some research before or u just
support ur own race.

Автор tzipi pa pachuau ( назад)
what a song... i love it!

Автор spatima ( назад)
so you take the smiles and ill take the tears

Автор BNR34VSPEC ( назад)
Yes, it IS SUNG by "A1". Credit goes to the Boy Band group from the UKs

Автор Kit93Kat ( назад)
@LalaAmiee So am I :D They're awesome! :)

Автор Cranequill ( назад)
@Kit93Kat I'm starting to think they're the same band. Everything I go to
labeled Azn Dreamers also has A1 as a name down.

Автор john01eric ( назад)
i love yna vianca............i'll take the tears

Автор Kit93Kat ( назад)
HEY!!! This is a1's song! CHANGE THE TITLE!!!!! Thanks.

Автор Kit93Kat ( назад)
@LalaAmiee a1 are back together if u haven'nt heard :D without Paul tho...

Автор hurtlyangel01 ( назад)
i justlove the song

Автор aznbackstreetboy ( назад)
i hate my ex gf

Автор Meme Dayao ( назад)
loved it! :(

Автор kenlee3893 (186 лет назад)
yea i think most of the songs by azn dreamers r a1. cuz a1 actualy have
pixs of themselves. and azn dreamers dsnt. and the voice sounds more like
white bois instead of asians. lol. so i gotta go wit a1.

Автор xCassieChix (534 года назад)
i like the lyrics..

Автор wam0om0o ( назад)
one of my fav song... i have their album when i graduate elementary ahaha

Автор XcharlesianX ( назад)
take it easy dudes! all know it is a1's album azn dreamers are fake okey..
but azn dreamers rule lolz! me like the name lolz

Автор jeanciemocha ( назад)
its A1 from the album THE A LIST..

Автор Nicole Kaelea ( назад)
definitely A1..

Автор o0SerbianLove0o (1409 лет назад)
Its A1 for sure :)

Автор fayeEFC ( назад)
Anoo Yer :S

Автор jake calhoun ( назад)

Автор blas0530 ( назад)
nice one

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