Heaven's Gates Hell's Flames - Secretary Scene

Heaven's Gates Hell's Flames - Secretary Scene

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Автор RadHippie Peace (4 года)
I Saw This Play Yesterday I Cried!

Автор littlejohnson09 (5 лет)
I went to this last night my best friend was in it. it was so amazing!

Автор Eggmanslittlehelper1 (4 года)
This play doesn't feel as strong and powerful as the version I saw. I guess
they just changed vastly after a year xD?

Автор jerrybren (3 года)
What was the music played in heaven?

Автор LeoFan93 (5 лет)
where was this done?

Автор CrossroadsAdmin (5 лет)
Thank you for the kind words bibleman778899. We will be adding more parts
as they become available. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel to
receive the latest updates.

Автор electrogeek77 (2 года)
What if I went in a zig-zag motion? Would Satan have trouble catching up,
like an alligator?

Автор einblitz93 (3 года)
That's right... Satan LOVES hypocrites because, after they die, they go
STRAIGHT to hell, unless they repent of hypocrisy and turn to Jesus, AND
get saved!

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