Lake Berryessa Hole

Lake Berryessa Hole -- a lake with a black hole. Part of the Monticello Dam, this giant funnel drains overflow water from Lake Berryessa past the dam to the river below.

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Автор Morgan jade ( назад)
Really clever, but it scares me so much

Автор Jesse R ( назад)
Interesting video. The "religious" comments below are quite laughable,

Science wants me to believe in a magical bang in space before anything else
existed, which started with a super dense "singularity" the size of a
pinhead. It became unstable, blew itself apart (it couldn't have "always
existed"...blowing itself apart is counter-eternal, of course, so where did
it come from and what acted on it?) and created a universe a trillion
light-years across. Then life "accidentally" happened...so far, we can only
find life on Earth. Not just one time, but many times...animals, plant
life, bacteria, viruses and humans. They did not "evolve" from one to the
other, because they all presently exist. The scientific and atheistic
theories are far, far more absurd than those who believe in a creator.

Автор Breanna zielinski ( назад)
no one said we dident believe in him, more like he gave us free will not to
make us worship him like a dictator and anyone who does not goes to hell

Автор Breanna zielinski ( назад)
wonder if anyones gone in it?

Автор keiv jone ( назад)
lmao dude the uploaders name was bible experience you shoulda seen it coming

Автор alpacalove19999 ( назад)
wait until u die and wake up in hell and realize god is real and u r wrong

Автор Wonji Dharma ( назад)
Actually, the overflow goes into Putah Creek which is technically not a

Автор bigbiff38 (747 лет назад)
I am not religious, at all. But I DO believe in respecting the rights of
others to believe what they believe, without anybody forcing THEIR views on
them. NOBODY should try and force his or her views on ANYBODY. This nice
person in Switzerland has a right to post whatever he wants on his channel,
and if you dont like it, then dont ever go back to it. But why call him
names? Why be a jerk, a scumbag about it? He did nothing wrong whatsoever
just posted something for others to enjoy or not.

Автор Delaney Daruda ( назад)
thats scary.....

Автор pli31295 ( назад)
fucking religitard. if u belive there is a "heaven" or whatever other
religions. call it why dont u just kill yourself and go there. (ull be
sorely disappointed that ull just be dead) HA fucking religion its like
harry potter but causes war and genocide. and all of it has been disproven
by scientific studies. id u still belive in thousand year old fictional
novels ur a disgrace to the human race. please self terminate

Автор Nigel Gardiner ( назад)
HEAR HEAR! There's so many of these cretins on Youtube now...........

Автор Nick Hambrick ( назад)
The only idiot is you dude. He could have put sounds of people shitting to
it...it doesn't matter. Who died and made you contradictory cock sucker of
the year?

Автор fairylace1 ( назад)
could you imagen getting sucked into that! i had a nightmare bout' that it
scared me!

Автор Eltomato ( назад)
@014JON014 He made a video, never forced anybody to watch it. Are you
saying religion should just be banned from the internet? People can believe
what they want and make videos with bible verses...

Автор Eltomato ( назад)
@IanJamesMullins I never heard him say it does.

Автор Rick Woosley ( назад)
It's funny to me how desperate religious people are to give credence to
their mythological beliefs. They will try and take anything and everything
and make it into something religious, in order to bolster their belief that
some mystical, mysterious god created everything.

Автор The ConMan ( назад)
this is just disturbing

Автор Jesse Hanak ( назад)
This video is stupid as fuck

Автор BibleExperience4you ( назад)
@IanJamesMullins Sorry, when you are disturbed because of my video. For me
it’s a kind of creativity and expression. Because I love planes, cars and
beautiful nature pictures. And I love bible verses. And I like it, to bring
both together. That’s why my channel have the name BibleExperience4you. I
do not want disturb somebody and of course I respect people who don’t
believe. So have a good day and best wishes from Switzerland.

Автор IanJamesMullins ( назад)
@BibleExperience4you you sir are a fucking idiot. This has NOTHING to do
with a bible. It is a spillway.

Автор williamanthony25 ( назад)
@aloozer behold, man will need TP for his bungole, for I am the Great

Автор Sandman382 ( назад)
@014JON014 He didn't. He made a video that has religious verses within it
but you chose to watch it he did not force you. Personally I'm wiccan. And
I don't care because I watched the vid for the lake not the verses. In fact
what you said would be classified as trying to cram political correctness
down someones throat who you have no right doing so with because he did
nothing wrong.

Автор everrette1 ( назад)
I was watching big booty bitches, wtf is this.

Автор D4rkLigh7 ( назад)
ok, who divided by zero?

Автор JohnsonCityChick2011 ( назад)
i think they built it:p

Автор UNB3AT4BL3xB4MF ( назад)
This video's fuckin wierd O.o

Автор ZombieSlayer918 ( назад)
Ok who the fuck divided by zero!?

Автор BibleExperience4you ( назад)
@aloozer I love this pictures and I love bible-verses. So I use the
pictures as an allegory. For me it’s a kind of creativity and expression.
Many greetings from Switzerland.

Автор motokid032 ( назад)
You should see it when you fly over it..Pretty neat really. Vacaville,Ca

Автор Fabbydabbydoozy ( назад)
whoever made this vid REALLY likes holes

Автор Ben Hershey ( назад)
That's Chuck Norris's toilet.

Автор Kever0070 ( назад)
imagine when you fall in that hole

Автор Robert Coates ( назад)
@014JON014 It's his video, he can put what he wants on it. If you want to
produce an atheist video and post it, go ahead.

Автор Andreja Patrcevic ( назад)

Автор dumaznbum ( назад)
has anyone ever fallen thru and lived to tell about it?

Автор wannawatchu66 ( назад)
@Gdigger10 About 25 miles west of Sacramento in California. On Highway 128.

Автор Tenabrus17 ( назад)
best waterslide in the world

Автор tim van osch (1190 лет назад)
Let's take a bath!

Автор Shr3dordi3 ( назад)
what is so hard to figure out? right next to the glory is the monticello
damn. the glory hole is there so when the lake gets so full it lets the
uneeded water drain out of the lake.

Автор Jason Kaseiuna ( назад)
that helps. they take water from it so it does not flood the town, and
sometimes cleean it through a long process in a facotry and drink it

Автор Daniel Monty ( назад)
I dont get it, theres a hole with water coming down then the next theres a
wall around the hole with no water coming down??.

Автор Dompo ( назад)
one crazy water ride :/

Автор justinm410 ( назад)
@014JON014 Don't be a ass. If you don't like the video go away.

Автор BibleExperience4you ( назад)
@JxvierMxteo The song is from "delirious?", his name is "White Ribbon Day"
and he is from the album "King of Fools". Maybe I change the Soundtrack one

Автор JxvierMxteo ( назад)
delirlious? song? album?

Автор JxvierMxteo ( назад)
delirlious? song? album?

Автор kirbydude55 ( назад)
can i shove justin bieber in there when it is draining?

Автор Ethon12 ( назад)
@UniversalHere I was pointing it out why would i be mad?

Автор UniversalHere ( назад)
@Ethon12 yes i do...u mad?

Автор Ethon12 ( назад)
@UniversalHere Good job you copied "thelongsdaleguy"'s comment, and added
fuck to it do you feel special now?

Автор Sparx ­ (593 года назад)
@014JON014 well you didnt have to watch it now did you? stop complaining
that you watched it. and if you dont care about religion then just shut up

Автор UniversalHere ( назад)
who the fuck divided by zero?

Автор BibleExperience4you ( назад)
@Gdigger10 at wikipedia are the coordinates, if you search for "Lake
Berryessa", the coordinates are not of the hole, but of the sea.

Автор KOrgan0414 ( назад)
Anyone know the cordnates of here?

Автор Jaden McCallum ( назад)
Who that fucking hell let Giratina in here??? Stupid beta noobs...

Автор BibleExperience4you ( назад)
@014JON014 Sorry, when you are disturbed because of my video. For me it’s a
kind of creativity. Because I love planes, cars and beautiful nature
pictures. And I love bible verses. And I like it, to bring both together.
So have a good day and best wishes from Switzerland.

Автор 014JON014 ( назад)
stop cramming religion down peoples necks please, thank you

Автор BibleExperience4you ( назад)
@slim7077shady I was never there by myself. They made this so that the
overflow water from Lake Berryessa past the dam to the river below. But I
do not know, why they do it in that way.

Автор BibleExperience4you ( назад)
@slim7077shady The Song is from the Band "delirious?". The name of the song
is "White Ribbon Day".

Автор Maiyu Ragual ( назад)
And there i thought it wasn't man made lol XD it's scarey looking at that
hole wouldn't like to fall into it ><

Автор BibleExperience4you ( назад)
@scaredsk8er Yes you are right: the hole drains overflow water from Lake
Berryessa past the dam to the river below.

Автор scaredsk8er ( назад)
its man made right ?

Автор WtoN Araujo ( назад)
All that water scares me! =S

Автор mw2player69 ( назад)
woudnt ever go in that lake

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