Tears for April: Happy Tears (Follow Up)

Odd Squad Productions http://www.oddsquad.com presents a short follow up memorial to our friend April Reoch to keep the prevention education thriving.

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Автор brian larock (17 дней)
poor girl was found in a bag............let's try to help each other more
and more....rip april

Автор HabsCanada1 (5 месяцев)

reminds me of my Crown Ward brothers and sisters....

Be good lovely's!

Автор ThunderHead72 (1 год)
OMFG...I have taken fists and pucks to the head in my life, and no real
reaction to that at all, but I cry like a baby through this video every
single time I watch it and I can't help myself. And she died on Christmas
Day??? Are you fucking kidding me??? What did she ever do to anyone
throughout her life except make them smile? She didn't choose to die
anymore than she chose to do drugs, the drugs chose her to die, just like
they choose all of their victims, when are we going to wake up to it?

Автор ricks holocaust (1 год)
Tellement triste qu'elle n'ait pas eu la chance de s'en sortir....
Malheureusement,c'est le cas de beaucoup d'entre-eux !! Toutes ces vies
brisees,quel gachis !!! :(

Автор john benjamin (1 год)
thats heartbreakin,thought it was a happy endin.im an addict,im 41.been an
addict since 13 but imagine if it was my daughter or yours.sad

Автор extremabn (3 года)
yes tears for April was the right words... i was waiting for a happy end,
but nope... i cried... it`s so sad....

Автор mike uyeyama (3 года)
I was honoured to be in attendance at Aprils memorial on New Years day...I
was in a recovery house at the time. I never even knew her but 11yrs later
i still and always will remember her name. Inside every addict resides a
beautiful spirit, although often tattered and broken it is there. This
video clearly shows the fire and strength of Aprils even in the depths of
addiction. 11 yrs later i still choke up when i think of your memorial and
see you in the videos....and we never even met.Thankyou

Автор MsHappyShine (2 года)
@TheIceman515069 - Because of the date I thought perhaps April had done the
unthinkable and committed suicide.. but when I Googled her name, her story
is even more tragic than I could have imagined. "April Lynn Reoch's body
was found Christmas morning in a rooming house garbage area, stuffed into a
fabric bag. Homicide detectives haven't ruled out foul play". I think we
all had huge hopes for April, that she would be free of the personal hell
that grabs hold of way too many. RIP Love

Автор Samantha Shannon (11 месяцев)
She was murdered by a "friend" on christmas day. She had been sober for a
period of time at this point and recently recieved a settlement, relating
to her aboriginal ancestry i believe, which she had told this male friend
about. So he killed her to steal her money. One of the most depressing
stories. I live in vancouver and i pass though the area, and i find myself
thinking about her.

Автор MrRobloMan (3 года)
It's so sad how one night, one second, can all of a sudden change your
whole life!

Автор TheIceman515069 (2 года)
wow...i saw the documentary Through A Blue Lens but i thought that April
had succeeded in her recovery?! that is really a very sad story, she seemed
like such a nice girl and everyone was praying for her to get better! i
havent really researched her complete story yet, but what happened to her?
if anyone could tell me what happened, that would be much appreciated! very
tragic outcome to a familiar story.......

Автор Ishbell1 (2 года)
what a sad ending...I'm happy that those police officers cared about her
she at least had that in her short life....hell on earth is over for
her....she is at peace....

Автор gungodill (3 года)
Great job guys. Thank you April.

Автор Samantha Shannon (11 месяцев)
He was arrested, the area she was found dead in was a garbage disposal only
accessible to residents, the problem was that he was arrested a very long
time later even after the police had sufficient evidence. the vpd were
criticized for this

Автор Erin Brown (2 года)
rip april

Автор Pam Bevan (2 года)
Wow!! Very sad. Tears for April alright. :'(

Автор ad1665 (2 года)
Sad story

Автор TheIceman515069 (2 года)
@pbevan0603 yeah i just googled it too and found out that Ian Mathieson
Rowe was convicted of her murder, but thats the ONLY info i could find?!
apparently she had recently received a cheque for 6000 bucks from the
Squamish Nation for being part of their band, so it has been said that the
temptation with that much money was too much for her so she ran out of her
boarding house, and possibly was robbed and killed because of it?! im just
guessing, but does anyone else have any other info?!!

Автор dawne f (1 год)
How do you know she was murdered?? I thought she overdosed. And do you know
if they caught the person who did it? So so sad;-(

Автор Irene Elizabeth (1 год)
they say she was murdered in tears for april and im pretty sure if you
wikipedia her it says that too

Автор ZhangaelaRai (2 года)
If I am not mistaken, Randy remained sober, was happy, peaceful and last I
knew ....he had passed on from acute renal failure.

Автор jakrules1231 (2 года)
may she rest in peace, she seemed like a wonderful person. we were shown
the life story of her in school a while ago. there are but to many and too
few words to show how sad we all feel still to this day.

Автор Irene Elizabeth (2 года)
i watched through the blue lense for planning class and my teacher said
we're going to watch tears for april tomorrow, i was too impatient to wait
so i youtubed it then i googled her name, i didnt think she'd be murdered
of all things i thought she would have relapsed, but to think she got
murdered on christmas is just terrible

Автор Thomas Haley (2 года)
One of my friends knew her and I was told they found her body in a
dumpster. So It was murder. Very sad...

Автор NilReccuring (2 года)
ive been researching it and the only thing ive found is that Randy has been
sober since the documentary was released....though I don't know how old
that record was.

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