Brodak Ringmaster Jr - First Flight

First test flight of Brodak Ringmaster Jr. Powered by a Fox .15.

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 1:23
Комментарии: 9

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Автор Brodak Manufacturing & Distribution Company, Inc (2 месяца)
Here’s a YouTube video we found of a first flight with a Brodak Ringmaster
Jr. Enjoy the video and tell us some of your first flight stories on this

Автор matthew piper (5 месяцев)
fuel mixture too lean, fox engines like a rich mixture.

Автор Steven Satak (1 год)
Good video, but would have been nicer to see a few stunt moves. Eh, maybe
next time.

Автор Jake Gerardy (2 года)
is that covered with silkspan?

Автор clelmore (3 года)
That is cool take on a Ring!

Автор MrLjpalumbo (2 года)
Yes, it is covered with heavy silkspan. The primer and paint are by
Lusterkote. Word of warning: Lusterkote is prone to blushing if the
humidity is high.

Автор ricglos (1 год)
iN 1969 , Mine had a silver wedge tank and overall white with a red stripe
and used silkspan(paper) with LOTS of dope in three layers, and I thought
ukie was dead, well,WRONG, THANKS FOR RESTORING MY nostalgia, great VID!

Автор poulan piper (1 год)
you are running it way too lean! nice plane!

Автор spajky88 (2 года)
:-) WTF? :-)

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