Beatles - Something - Guitar Tutorial - pt 1 - George Harrison - How to play beatles on guitar

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Автор spicykimchi1 ( назад)
Great lesson. Thanks! I was checking out the chords to "Can't Take My Eyes
off of You," and one version had the exact first four chords that
"Something" has. Did George Harrison rip it off, or is it a standard

Автор Gabo Prado ( назад)
very inspired,i would love you to check out my cover here in my channel

Автор GTown Dave ( назад)
Fuckin' Marty; he knocks em down.

Автор Brian Richards ( назад)
You are so cool Marty.. From the Englishman

Автор Jacob Stanton (OCDCReviews) ( назад)
Love u marty u help me learn sweet child o mine solo for my band and now
this one to make it so my girlfriend will have sex with me keep it real😎

Автор George Laederich ( назад)
so you can play it also

Автор SuperJustin0229 ( назад)
I lol'd at your background. Far out, dude! Love from the Netherlands for
all your effort! You're a great help! Exclamation mark!

Автор Ferenc Faragó ( назад)

Автор David Rocky ( назад)
couple wrong chords in there dude

Автор ALberto Martinez ( назад)
Marty. You are the Dude. Love your arrangements and down to earth teaching
style. Its like learning from a lifelong friend. Thanks. Thanks for the
Iris lesson too. AWESOME!

Автор glenlake atnine ( назад)
Far out man

Автор yoni kaidanov ( назад)
marty you are the man!!! i love your tutorials

Автор David Watkins ( назад)

Автор Sarathy Saiyan ( назад)
Once in decades U'll. find aQUARTET LIKE THIS

Автор Louis Reyes ( назад)
Marty, could you do a tutorial for "drift and die" by puddle of mud?

Автор Standing On HG (902 года назад)
I have a question, Where is the chorus part?

Автор Standing On HG (1426 лет назад)
THanks Marty , u're a funny guy , it's very enjoyable to see your tutorials

Автор Louis Reyes ( назад)
Great tutorial. Thank you. Some people are great teachers and some are
great players but very few can be both. Great teaching and playing! You are
a great teacher!! 

Автор john shollaj ( назад)
Great tutorial . George was a fucking genius

Автор Don Juan ( назад)
Why you gotta make it hard dude

Автор Chris Fowell ( назад)
why was George so awesome

Автор Benito Latumahina ( назад)
Thanks marty

Автор DrusillaDarko ( назад)
Nice and easy to follow. Thank you very much!

Автор Taylor Strickland ( назад)
I can't find the link but I want to learn the solo for this song

Автор DFW Pappy24 ( назад)
Hey Marty - I'm a newbie (about a year and a half; started at 55 years of
age). Anywho - I notice that you play both a C7 and Cmaj7. Speaking in
theoretical terms, I'm a bit confused about something - a C and a C major
chord are one and the same; correct? Then, why isn't a C7 and a Cmaj7 the
same thing? Maybe a dumb question; I dunno.

Автор cameraz99 ( назад)
Great work as usual, Marty! In this video you play the song differently in
the introduction than you do in the tutorial. Can you show us how you play
it in the introduction (with the bar chords?) I can pick up the Am and the
A7, but what are you playing next -- Am7? When I play that it just doesn't
sound right. Maybe I need to tune my guitar. :-P Anyway, you are the best
guitar teacher on the Internet. Thanks for giving us all these wonderful

Автор Tim Farley ( назад)
brother. thank you for your hard work!!

Автор Mathieu Delarue ( назад)
White Rabbit 's background

Автор Dave George ( назад)
Wow! I can do this! Thanks Marty & may the Schwartz be with you.

Автор raider2661 ( назад)
You're the man Marty! As always, thanks a ton

Автор 123ram123ram ( назад)
An excellent teacher, some how you are able to get your points across with
great precision through my thick skull. Thank you, and cheers to you.

Автор Javier Lennon ( назад)
Very nice!!

Автор Jessa Minter ( назад)
Thank you Marty for teaching me yet another song! Couldn't quite figure out
all the chords by myself, but this was a huge help! :)

Автор Moon Roads ( назад)
i lovo the beatles

Автор Trybut3 ( назад)

Автор Nick Beardshall ( назад)
This is bloody harder than it looks. But I'm gonna persevere and surprise
my guitar teacher with it next lesson.

Автор jimboda man ( назад)
Marty is so metal

Автор yamitanomura ( назад)
man, you make my day !!

Автор Yogi Bär ( назад)
Beautiful Background / Colors Marty ! Let me think...... "Summer of Love"

Автор Amanda Nicholas ( назад)
my favorite song of all-time. 

Автор rmrazor ( назад)
thanks again Marty-from Chicago BTW, what gauge strings do you use on your
acoustic -randy

Автор twst1 (359 лет назад)
no, thank YOU for tuning correctly to the recording

Автор GTown Dave ( назад)
That's why they call it "standard" tuning.

Автор Zielon ( назад)
It's a pleasure how well your guitar is in tuning, when I play along with
my guitar into my interface so I hear both on my headphones it sounds
amazing. Thank you for tuning.

Автор Angie Pace ( назад)
ohmigosh ! That's too funny ! I feel like he can hear me sometimes, I talk
back to him 

Автор Cecilia Acha ( назад)
Gracias desde Argentina Marty

Автор Nandy Sta. Maria ( назад)
Hey there Marty. You are amazingly good. Learned a lot....

Автор BeatlemaniacRenzo ( назад)
He talks like Buddy from Cake Boss

Автор Fakhry A. Mostafa ( назад)
you are the greatest teacher Marty.. Love & Respect from IRAQ.

Автор D. Scram ( назад)
Than you, thank you, thank you. I screwed around for hours trying to figure
this out and you made it sooo simple. Love your clear, easy approach. Have
to play this in a couple of weeks, so I really appreciate the jump start!

Автор Turok4458 ( назад)
Awesome lesson Marty!

Автор Alejandro Romero ( назад)
Gracias. From Mexico Citty. Buen Maestro!!!

Автор Dax Hunter ( назад)
Your the best Marty!

Автор dodoclown ( назад)
beutiful song marty

Автор TOPOFFMAN ( назад)
Just type the title above in the search box, word for word, and put in pt 2
instead of pt 1. That's how I found it.

Автор TOPOFFMAN ( назад)
I've been playing guitar for over 35 years, and have never, ever, played
this song, until now. I have used all of these chords previously in other
songs. But for some reason, Beatles songs have always intimidated me. But
you helped me to make sense of it all. When I played it all the way through
the first time, I actually cried. Thank you so much Marty!!!! You have the
best teaching style, and patience. And YOU are my only source when I need
to learn a new song, or classic song on the guitar.

Автор Fred Flinstone ( назад)
There's a G bass note ur missing on the C chord intro

Автор Johns lastname ( назад)
all thoughs dislikes where on accident and or jealous people.. u rock

Автор Joel Bonales ( назад)
Something in the way he teaches guitar...

Автор chris griffen ( назад)
thanks Marty boyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор Mark Landoe ( назад)
Marty- love your videos. Thanks :) 

Автор Ya Sambobé ( назад)
whats with the trippy background? 

Автор david s ( назад)
great work once again Marty!! :)

Автор Scott Peterson ( назад)
So Marty, Teach us the SOLO! Thanks Dude!

Автор Juan I ( назад)
pretty inaccurate

Автор Leah Tashman ( назад)

Автор Sarah Stonehenge ( назад)
LOVE YOU, YOU SAVED MY LIFE THANK YOU *-* I'll play for those who like.

Автор unmemorablehero ( назад)
What is this?!? Well I guess it is the Beatles....so thanks I

Автор 2littlelies ( назад)
@taurus1269 ....kiss....keep it simple stupid...

Автор Nami Sumo ( назад)
KISS..."Keep it simple...

Автор Fabiàn Sarmiento ( назад)
It would be interesting that a great musician like you do at least three or
four the best of beatles for teaching like this one "something" for example
come toghether.

Автор Eric S. ( назад)

Автор マクルベインチヤツク (1379 лет назад)
i know it mite be easier for students to learn a dn play a FM7 but it
sounds much better as an F. George i think played an inverted version of
it. which is just using 3 fingers. bar the E, and B strings with ur first
finger. and then sencond figer play the A note which is the 3rd of the
chord and play the F at the forth fret. either one is exceptable but i just
dont think the FM7 sounds good at that intro

Автор BecauseThisIsMyName (445 лет назад)
Can you learn this when youre a beginner? ^^

Автор ClaudioSimoncini ( назад)
that background!!!

Автор leodemoura ( назад)
Hey Marty, i'm a big fan of you and your work. Thanks for your help to all
the guitar players around the world. Greetings from Santos - Brazil.

Автор trtrtr tr ( назад)
4:23 - I thought I had done something wrong... I stopped playing for a few

Автор Jonas Nunes ( назад)
you should give to us the tabs and chords , i will take a good time to
learn without, ^^ thanks!!!

Автор burns83 ( назад)
Maybe on 1:35 you'd like to try one a half step and throw the pinky on the
8th to give it an extra push.

Автор burns83 ( назад)
I know this is acoustic but the real notes would enchant us a little more.

Автор peter perez ( назад)
muy bueno exelente .. gracias

Автор dmanbass ( назад)
@tonegeek1962 . Yes I tried the D9 and it is correct. It sounds right
especially if you get your pinkie on the d string 4th fret. Thanks mate!
You know it never ceases to amaze me how simple their songs really are
after you figure them out. You really dont have to move your fingers all
that much in that whole A minor run (I dont want to leave her...).It's al
right there!

Автор dmanbass ( назад)
Tonegeek - yes I tried the D9 and it is correct. It sounds right especially
if you get your pinkie on the d string 4th fret. Thanks mate! You know it
never ceases to amaze me how simple their songs really are after you figure
them out. You really dont have to move your fingers all that much in that
whole A minor run (I dont want to leave her...).It's al right there!

Автор tonegeek1962 ( назад)
@dmanbass I'm pretty sure the D in the last part of the Am digression
("...you know I believe in how") is supposed to be a D9th. Try it out.

Автор Applejuice461 ( назад)
Thank you so much, you make it seem so easy. 

Автор dmanbass ( назад)
If you look around the internet about 99% of the tabs and chord for this
song are incorrect. You nailed the Am digression in the I dont wanna leave
her now. Most everywhere else it is wrong, therefore, I voye you the best!!
:-).... Gonna check you for those "LOST" chords.

Автор John Peterson ( назад)
cool thank you

Автор MadConspirator69 ( назад)
Thanks man thanks!!

Автор mpm1111 ( назад)
One of my fave Goerge Harrison's songs!! AND...The Beatles!! Hell Yeah,
yeah, yeah!!

Автор joao maria ( назад)
HEY GUYS!!!..........marty here......

Автор PALU3K ( назад)
i love the background painted on your wall...

Автор FrancisBaconButter ( назад)
@Heroes0fNioghy Like the note letters? Wll they arn't to hard to learn and
it will help you out a whole lot if you do so

Автор Dennis Gurley ( назад)

Автор Gustavo Morales ( назад)
hey thanks man your a really good teacher i lesrned how to play day triper
and and revolution thanks to you man

Автор Ivan Elizondo ( назад)
hey marty can you teach the solo please

Автор Gemma Scott ( назад)
Hey, great video but I'm a little confused on the G chord, so it goes G,
open A, A second fret but then what's the next bit before the Am chord?

Автор lpoxton ( назад)
i love the background :D

Автор jaynjanna1 ( назад)
great lesson

Автор jaynjanna1 ( назад)
@72musicman72 go to ultimate guitar chords and get the chords to help you

Автор Steven Polendey ( назад)
hey marty, you a fan of lucy mary and fun guys? haha

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