Extreme sledding

DO NOT ATTEMPT. PROFESSIONAL SLEDDER ON CLOSED COURSE. Few have jumped a river by any means. To my knowledge no one has ever jumped a river of this size on a sled. All it takes is a little bit of nut, snow, a slow day at the carwash and a couple guys to egg you on.

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Автор Tucker from the BLUE LAKE Prod. ( назад)
So Epic

Автор Epic shots 247 ( назад)
So little snow

Автор softballcheezlover flips ( назад)
sledding starts at 1:14

Автор CalsVidsKids ( назад)
Lol, this should be an Olympic event.

Автор BraunBär ( назад)
That looks so AWESOME !!! :D

Автор ElgA JONESE ( назад)
😎that is cool

Автор steve d ( назад)
Crazy bastard.....can't believe Tosh hasn't featured this yet!

Автор YellingRetard 69 ( назад)
vid starts at 1:13

Автор {StrYKePlaysMC / johnpick} Hypixel PvP ( назад)
At first I thought it was a little dumb jump then I saw the river

Автор gimmytube1 ( назад)
thats a creek not a river

Автор Cheman Kerim ( назад)
Great.....know how does he get back😂😂

Автор eli whitney ( назад)

Автор Nib Nub ( назад)
He starts at 1:14

Автор Am3d3o ( назад)
I honestly thought for a second eh just slid off a cliff.

Автор [Untitled] ( назад)
The fact that he made it makes up for the lack of edits

Автор Jamareon Joyner ( назад)
swear tht was like five feet

Автор Roger Cronin ( назад)

Автор Claire S ( назад)
Wow!! Ha!!!

Автор Nemanja Medic ( назад)
TArds !

Автор ScopedKilz ( назад)
Go to 1:11 if you don't wanna be bored out of your mind.

Автор Capsiolle ( назад)
haha this is what we did in our last video, minus the jump, and the water, but a lot more snow!!!

Автор Dylan and Austin Challenges ( назад)
Lol. I went down a 50ft hill and jumped a ramp on a skateboard with no trucks

Автор Riley Jordan ( назад)
Even if it wasn't 25 feet, it was still awesome. Plus the water had tons of rocks in it. I'm impressed he went for it.

Автор michelle wolff ( назад)
Really you think he's a redneck?

Автор callan hermansen ( назад)
that was like 5 feet

Автор Sarah The Gymnast ( назад)
skip to 1:10

Автор Jackson Catlett ( назад)
really... 25 feet. nah. ten

Автор Ty Hershberger 2 ( назад)
@jake stachel

Автор Lauren Flei ( назад)
that like maybe 10 feet MAYBE

Автор Max Perkins ( назад)
Yea right professional bull shit

Автор Hanky's Youtube ( назад)
25 feet my ass

Автор Pro skier ( назад)
I agree with the camera man.

Автор BumBum ( назад)
the waters.. 6 inches deep..?? what do u exect hes gonna do swim in half a foot of water.?

Автор Tom Erwin ( назад)
your stuck on one side so after you stop celebrating you are be going to wimper and cry that your not across the river and up the hill with your boyfriend

Автор 12forhorses (162 года назад)
That is NOT, 25 feet try 9 at the highest 10ft dumbass

Автор CatsVEVO ( назад)
thats 25 ft? lol

Автор jesse stamkos ( назад)
Skip to 1:14, thts when he actually goes

Автор graham finlayson ( назад)
you would be lucky if that was a 9 foot gap:/

Автор gokartracer241 ( назад)
at 1:17 it looks as if he's sitting.

Автор sledz4life ( назад)
To save your guys lifes, 1:13

Автор grant9091 ( назад)
extreme sledding !!!!TheWizardElCazador!!!!!!!!

Автор TheGnarMonster ( назад)
no, dont. it sucks.

Автор grant9091 ( назад)
view extreme sledding thewizardelcazador

Автор Matty935 ( назад)
'fuck off'

proffesional sledder isn't a proffesion you fuckwit.

Автор Carl Akacich ( назад)
lots of practice

Автор tylerboy1333 ( назад)
me n my friends have a speet hill and we build like 3 ft jumps and my friend bails in the air and dous a flip and lands on his feet

Автор nerdelac13 ( назад)
more like 10 feet

Автор Trickmaster180 ( назад)
awesome!! 5 STARS!!

Автор Shea Meissner ( назад)
Nice, thats the first think i'm doing this winter!

Автор sebasschiney ( назад)
if you didn't film it with a tree in front of u it would've been better

Автор Robert Farrell ( назад)

Автор Juan Carlos Reddecop ( назад)

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