Apple's Campus 2: The Never Before Seen Images

Apple's planned 2.82-million-square-foot headquarters is something you've never seen before. These design renderings offer the most detailed look at the 'Spaceship' anyone has seen outside of Apple.

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Автор Shark Attack ( назад)
Love apple but the building looks horrible

Автор Master Mind ( назад)
The new Apple headquarters. Will be the, new world order government
building headquarters. Apple is just a front.

Автор Life In the summer ( назад)
It's the end of 2016... I haven't heard from Apple yet...

Автор iam1ina1000000 ( назад)
I could build a bigger office too if I did not pay taxes and just lied
about my head office being in Ireland. Apple sucks!!

Автор Jazz Lao Eder ( назад)
im age 25 and im excited to the future technology! i wish i can live longer
to witness it :)

Автор David J Gill ( назад)
Apple HQ's tech innovations and sustainability strategies are important and
admiorable but as a piece of architecture it is shockingly banal. It seems
a very aggressive statement of international corporate minimalist aesthetic
rooted in classical fundamentals and rendered with a sort of diagrammatic
The donut is also badly conceived, apparently the brainchild of Jobs it
will disorienting in the extreme. It's scale is so large that walking to a
meeting on another side of it will be a tremendously long walk. Large
office parks are not conceived in this way for that reason.

Автор Steven Revels ( назад)
too much lipsmacking and p pops..

Автор Arun Lohia ( назад)
I.robot headquarters is bigger than Microsoft

Автор 원종욱 ( назад)

Автор Howie Isaacks ( назад)
What about all the energy it took to build it? Was all of that renewable?

Автор Black Onyx (177 лет назад)
To walk in that place would make me feel like i was on an alien world that
was more advanced than my world.

Автор Sarwar Hossain ( назад)
I also thought a plan to make a Headquarter for my future company, which
was like this.... 😅😣😱😲

Автор dougjiro ( назад)
Don't be fooled. Apple is building a super collider. My only concern is
once it becomes operational, it will form a black hole which will suck up
Cupertino! Where will the next amazingly great consumer product come from
than... New Jersey?

Автор myksweet ( назад)
While Apple's new campus will seek to diminish it's environmental impact
over time, to call this massive construction project green is a joke. In
order to build it they first sell hundreds of millions of
often-replaced-for-the-annual-new-version devices.
For the project they started by demolishing 2.66 million square feet of
existing buildings (which of course they recycled), then they scraped the
earth clean there in the "already beautiful beautiful landscape of
Don't get me wrong. I'm all for it and love projects like this.
I'm also delighted with the my recent purchase in a long succession if
Just don't call it green.

Автор F. Yo. Couch ( назад)
WTF....its looks like GCHQ...

Автор javier castaneda ( назад)

Автор asger jensen ( назад)
Clever to take away focus, from all the CO2 mess they make in China and
such.. But one have to admit, "pretty cool house though" :) 

Автор Jake D ( назад)
I would be the only guy rocking Windows 98..

Автор hundegaga ( назад)
apple should sell "i-homes"

Автор 081588101 ( назад)
only accessible to rich people who can afford to pay for the education of
their children that is needed to become an apple employee.
this is incredibly far away from my reality and i guess so it is for most
of the people.

Автор rippinsteo ( назад)
I'm glad Apple is being environmentally conscious.

Автор CyberRonin ( назад)
The future is now.

Автор SEpstude ( назад)
Looks so futuristic.

Автор The Daily Conversation ( назад)

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