A Push Or A Pull by Peter Weatherall

A music video from Peter Weatherall's Simplest Science: 12 all new science topics for young children set to original music and animation, available on DVD and CD from www.kidsinglish.com

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Длительность: 2:45
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Автор Charlie Ham ( назад)
I listen to the song at school

Автор Andreastube 185 ( назад)

Автор Syakira yumna ( назад)

Автор Madison Sorgiovanni ( назад)
LOL love it 💙❤️💙❤️😍😜

Автор Retimana MATAKI ( назад)
This is sooooooo stupid😝😝

Автор That Otaku Girl ( назад)
my teacher played this a lot when I was young

Автор Santiago Cornu ( назад)
fre sha vocka doo

Автор Clarissa Kennedy ( назад)
I learned that in Miss.Koch

Автор Angela Bias ( назад)
I lernd a bout it to

Автор Angela Bias ( назад)

Автор Frank Baccellia ( назад)

Автор Donut Queen ( назад)
My fav song. I even came up with a dance for it

Автор Peter Pan (1313 года назад)
I was looking for a Hardware Video xD

Автор Geoffrey Wyatt ( назад)
I love it. Perfect for young kiddies. Well done :)

Автор Darcy “L.I.F.E” Ferris ( назад)

Автор Helen Li ( назад)
My teacher Mrs. Heacock made me watch this in science class because we were
learning about motion. Everyone was like reading the ouch part when the
rock crushed the guy.

Автор ermias abraham ( назад)

Автор Amanda Jean ( назад)

Автор Amanda Jean ( назад)

Автор Salaya Watkins ( назад)
my teacher made me watch this the guy in this will freak kids scared like
me ;(

Автор Kathy LaBelle ( назад)
what is this?

Автор Maddison Wisconsin ( назад)
My teacher I'm in fourth grade at alive Harte everybody couldn't shut up
except the girl najala can't shut her black self up

Автор CRUD MONKEY 101 ( назад)
my science teacher made me watch this

Автор Carlos Flores ( назад)
my teacher like ad music is ms hernandez broadmoor

Автор Jenna Willis ( назад)
my music teacher Mrs. Harmon played this song and everybody was cracking
up! only because of the part when the rock crushes the guy and says "ouch!"

Автор Hady Ballen ( назад)

Автор Jelena-Nicole Boultbee ( назад)
My teacher Mrs stones loves this song

Автор DAMIDRES277 ( назад)
Me encanta la canción☺☺☺:-) :-) :-) :-) 

Автор Benjaminchen Dragon ( назад)
That weird man in the video is so creepy! He's so robotic, his eyepiece
adds to the creepiness.

Автор Brooke Propst ( назад)
Lol its funny but helps you learn too 

Автор sharlotte lagmay ( назад)
This song is creepy but good job

Автор Gang gang gang jun ( назад)
Fuck your stupid song out of my way 

Автор Gang gang gang jun ( назад)

Автор Yara Alshayeb ( назад)
every science lesson we have to hear this song🎶🎼 thank you Miss Dobbins

Автор Yara Alshayeb ( назад)
every science lesson we have to hear to this song

Автор Kid Power ( назад)
our whole class was cracking up when our teacher played this song!! I luv

Автор Z3R0H0UR1122344 ( назад)
F@@k you

Автор savanah's life (968 лет назад)
This song makes me happy ✔️

Автор Henrypancakes ( назад)
I almost forgot nice vid it was sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo
ccccccccooooo man

Автор Henrypancakes ( назад)
Oh and I liked when the guy got ran over the rock . Every student laughed
at the part I was talking about

Автор Henrypancakes ( назад)
I watched yhis at shcool it made me laugh

Автор Underswap Chara ( назад)
and i laughed when the guy got hit by a rock nice video ☻

Автор Underswap Chara ( назад)
i saw this at my school i laughed so hard that my teacher yelled at me LOL
nice video
you are soooooooooooooo coooooooooooolllllllllll☻♥

Автор extreme conspicuous origami ( назад)
Yes school science teacher or professor

Автор Masters Games ( назад)
At school

Автор extreme conspicuous origami (1292 года назад)
I wish this guy is my science teacher

Автор extreme conspicuous origami (1320 лет назад)
I wish this b

Автор johan steven bolaños prieto ( назад)
It's an excellent video, it's a very well form of learn English, I am
Colombian, and I like this video, I saw it at school the last year

Автор janineisameme ( назад)
+trevor eiland Lol :)

Автор FoXx ( назад)
I saw this at school as well

Автор FoXx ( назад)
I saw this at school as well

Автор TheGaming Dragon ( назад)

Автор juan duran ( назад)
i saw this at school

Автор Danny ( назад)
i saw this at school and i also saw bill nye

Автор bella smith ( назад)
I like it

Автор bella smith ( назад)
I saw it on school to

Автор Alistair Charlesworth ( назад)
I'm scared. 

Автор Abandoned Channel ( назад)
I saw it in school

Автор Chara Dreemur ( назад)

Автор Igorium ( назад)

Автор Abby Ngaheke ( назад)
Saw it at my school

Автор Debra Skeates ( назад)
I saw it in my school

Автор Cristinicodile ( назад)
Are Faaaaaaaaaaaantastic

Автор Rachel Amparano ( назад)
This scared me

Автор therealnightwriter ( назад)
The windmill did not make any sense, the blades are incorrectly depicted. I
remember the exact moment that I learned to read, my mom colored 'red' red
and 'green' green in One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish. No mind
numbing music and brain slowing images. It's like giving kids lead running
shoes, and praising the fact that they have shoes.

Автор Drew Lipsky ( назад)
I like theese songs, becouse imust onley know the song and i can write the
test without any mistake. FANTASTIC WAY TO LEARNING!!!

Автор taqdees rehman ( назад)
that is really good and help me with my topic

Автор Ilyas D.Harper ( назад)
dickhead!!! I don't know who you are but I will find you and I eat you ! 

Автор Mario 6514 (HajnyPL, Resek Desek) ( назад)
I Watch That In My School!

Автор Eccentric Elizabeth ( назад)
You gay 

Автор Eccentric Elizabeth ( назад)
That's not very nice fuck you we love it peter

Автор Eccentric Elizabeth ( назад)
That's not nice fuck you like i loved it peter 

Автор Joseph Tymon ( назад)
this song is retarded and gay !!! i heard it in science in yr 6 

Автор sairah ginu ( назад)

Автор NoahEVM ( назад)
This makes me want to cut my dick off.

Автор Sims wooz ( назад)
Get it out of my head! A class at school did this song.

Автор Ella Respect ( назад)
I love this song I listen to it at school!!! I give it a thumbs up sir!!

Автор alfena ganster ( назад)
doctor a double bác sĩ một đúp

Автор redberrie12 ( назад)

Автор Melissa Shannon ( назад)
I made up some "dance" moves to this song and used it for a lesson with
Kindergarteners on force and they LOVE IT! Thank you for your song, they
have your chorus memorized and get a kick out of it.

Автор krupiosito ( назад)
who cares...

Автор FRoZZeN AGoNy ( назад)

Автор krupiosito ( назад)
mine too lol :P

Автор Natasha grimes ( назад)
my teacher mr anderson showed mt this my class loved it .

Автор XpRo66 ( назад)
My teacher showed me this and i got addicted 

Автор Ozminer ( назад)

Автор Daniel Rice ( назад)

Автор Daniel Rice ( назад)

Автор 叉燒果 ( назад)
me too

Автор trevor eiland ( назад)
my teacher puts this on a kid in my class goes crazy when he hears this and
he finds some kid 2 pull on and then pushes them away 

Автор allsmilez126 (47 лет назад)
why does the see saw look dirty for some reason?..lolx

Автор pbcrazy76 ( назад)
Mind control

Автор Nathan Henderson ( назад)
This is scary! WTF is up with his eye?

Автор Zara Botelho ( назад)
does this have any thing to o with the " push & pull theory" ???

Автор ChipmunkYourSongs ( назад)
Pedo much..

Автор Pablo grandez meneses ( назад)
he is adriano aguirre farmer 

Автор CONSTRINGACY ( назад)
im addicted to this song!

Автор Rayna Lavado ( назад)
very good

Автор Niccija t ( назад)
A very good video as always. Thanks for posting.

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