turning #2 into #1 copper scrapping tips

scrapping tips from a scrapper scrapping tips

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Автор MrTXWolfie ( назад)
Vinegar soak for 24hours will take the zinc right off

Автор Perry seay ( назад)
it is TIN coated copper, come on how are you a scrapper and not know
that???you have nickel plated copper for other things not wire, like
heatsinks for pc's

Автор Troy Moore ( назад)
if just cleaning it will make it a better grade, then its regular coke you
want to use. but cleaning itvaloine don't cut the mustard. granted I may be
new to scrapping, but ALL the research I've don't thus far says its more
than how clean the copper is. do more research dude, you need it.

Автор Qi Huna ( назад)
Good idea, thanks!

Автор josh rich (754 года назад)
that brass copper the red copper is worth more than 1 and 2

Автор jarrad Moore ( назад)
And incorrect......

Автор jarrad Moore ( назад)
This is dumb.....

Автор 3ad3oyLand ( назад)
i can tell you there is no way to turn #2 copper into #1 they go by the
with of it has to be about the size of a pencil led dumb shit lol but still
a nice way to clean it lol

Автор wannerjonathan ( назад)
The best way i have found to clean any and all junk off copper is to take
pure white vinegar ($1.50 at Kroger for 32oz.) and buy a pack of 9v
batteries from Harbor Freight ($3). All you do is wind some copper around
both posts and place the ends in the bowl of vinegar. give it 24hrs. and
pull both wires out of the bowl and...Blam! About the cleanest copper you
can find.

Автор p.e. i (1783 года назад)
now..if your a real scrapper...you'll drink that cola... but seriously,
the pennys are only that way because they didnt get stirred around in

Автор David U Juarez ( назад)
Muriatic Acid is Hydrochloric Acid not Sulphuric Acid

Автор Don Mega ( назад)
The price difference between b+s/#1/#2 is not that much. Seems like alot of
work for nothing. Only strip real thick #1wire, and upgrade that, the rest
is just a waist of time.

Автор Kevin Sullivan ( назад)
Cola has Phosphoric acid in it. You can use any acidic solution to clean
up your copper, but the stronger the acid the faster and better the
cleaning will be. For instance, vinegar is an acid, but it is very weak
and probably won't do much more than take off hard water stains.
'Muriatic' acid for swimming pools is sulfuric acid and even diluted will
do a good job cleaning copper and might even take the zinc and lacquer off.

Автор Sooner Science Nerd ( назад)
I have copper from car battery chargers, power supplys, wall adapters,
motors, stepper motors, old tv yokes, and bright copper from power
cables/extension cords/tv-radio power cords, and some have varnish coating
on them.
do I separate them, sell them as-is, or clean them up? all info is
good video!

Автор Halloween111 ( назад)
Acetone will clean off the lacquer coatings. You can use Xylene too, but
it's more expensive. Lacquer thinner will eat it off too, but is also more

Автор Playback007able ( назад)
depends upon the scrap dealer...my favorite local dealer pays top dollar
for most nonferrous commodities, and there is only a dime difference in the
premium paid for #1 over #2 CU. Trending with support around the three buck
range for both. Unless I have 15 lbs or more of #1, i will just lump the
two grades, #1 & #2, together. Dealers' scales usually round down to the
nearest whole pound and you potentially can get weighed nearly a half pound
less than the whole unit measure they pay you for. In other words they
round down your masses. Look at it this way...say you have 15.5 lbs of #1
and 34.5 pounds of #2. The #1 pays you $3.10/lb and the #2 pays $3.00, you
get paid $46.50 for the number one (15.5 rounded down to 15lbs x $3.10 =
$46.50. And, you get for the #2 you get $102 (34.5 rounded down to 34 lbs x
$3.00), for a total of $148.50. Now if you add these two together, the #2
"contaminates" the entire collection and your lot is graded as # 2 CU. In
this scenario, selling for the same prevailing rates, you would actually
get more money by combining the two grades and selling them together for
the lesser grade CU, #2. How? Calculation...15.5 + 34.5 = 50 lbs x $3.00 =
$150.00. Got it? 

Автор Damo Floyd ( назад)
Citric acid.

Автор E Stan ( назад)
I just stripped some really old copper, it had a very tough braid on it,
there is about 8 copper strands inside that are coated with silver, what is
this? will it come off? get more money for shiny, but dont know if i can
remove this silver coating

Автор Neobreaker ( назад)
I dont get it, whats the point of cleaning the copper? idk what #1 copper
or #2 copper is or the diffrences, i just know you take copper to junk yard
and get money lol.

Автор Electrician by trade ( назад)
That's not bare bright you pulled out of the soda, it's almost pink.
Vinegar will do the same thing. Hydrogen Peroxide will also have a similar
effect. It deceives you into thinking it's bright, but it has no actual
sheen, it's dull. If you shine it with some steel wool or extra fine sand
paper, even a brillo pad, it will shine like bright. 

Автор Zander Fray ( назад)
OMFG... This makes me want to stop drinking soda. Holy crap.

Автор Wolf Cloud ( назад)
Neat thanks for the tip

Автор Patrick Bonneville ( назад)
Very cool, well worth it for such a safe 'chemical' and so easy

Автор bruce kyser ( назад)
Would it make sense to do 200lbs like that?

Автор ltshortcut ( назад)
Vinegar and salt will make a good, cheap cleaning solution. It is reusable
for a long time too.

To clean the enameled wire run your blow torch over it to burn off/up the
coating, then clean it like the rest.

Автор MalawisLilleKanal ( назад)
If you also scrap batteries, I think a weak solution of battery-acid would
do the same trick.

Автор R Noff ( назад)
Scrubs: Hey number one, Hey number two

Автор Edward Allen ( назад)
You realize acetone IS a paint remover, right?

Автор Edward Allen ( назад)
Just use baking soda, the sodium is the reactive chemical in "soda" and can
be bought for a lot less than a bottle of cola. two or three tablespoons in
a quart of water will easily do the cleaning you see here and without the
sticky mess from the sugar in cola which will also draw bugs. If you ever
need to clean the battery terminals on your car, baking soda in water will
also do that. Vinegar will also get rid of oxidation and many varnishes.

Автор Coach Dom Costa ( назад)
Your video rocked!!!I scrap out on the West Coast! Money is to be made!!!
Thank you for your video-could you check out mine on scrappin'/recycling
and comment?

Автор Common Sense ( назад)
Hci would speed the process to 10 seconds

Автор redneckhippiefreak ( назад)
Like I said, a discoloration has no bearing on classification of material.
You have been getting ripped off.

Автор senseblogger ( назад)
acetone is quickest will remove all laquer coatings and contamination in
couple of mins!

Автор senseblogger ( назад)
I wish i could use a furnace to melt all my copper into bars then sell it
as new copper !

Автор senseblogger ( назад)
they always call ac tubing #2 and wow i been ripped for for $1000's because
it's really bare bright copper that has tarnished ! So a wee bit of heavy
grit sand paper run over tubes after cutting out of aluminum casing shoves
it right up thier ass when they see it shine like gold! BUT they get all #1
price when they bundle thier copper even if it has solder on it ! BS on
scales they mark boxes for#2 and # 1 they just pile it all tigether when
shipping out!

Автор senseblogger ( назад)
yup i know this now and totally got robbed 1st two years but now i'm adding
weight to my copper that cannot be detected by magnets few heavy pieces of
solid brass with wire wrapped around them adds 3 lbs to my copper so i gain
9$ more also laed under the wire non ferrous of course gain 3 lbs with laed
! hey once a week extra $9 for em instaed of them !

Автор aubhar ( назад)
I am going to try paint remover for 24 hours. lol...if it does not
work...going to try acetone.

Автор freakshow3850 ( назад)
Heh heh heh he said shaft

Автор jim Smith ( назад)

Автор Lopezisaac89 ( назад)
3:50 funny. Uuuuuu

Автор alan30189 ( назад)
Imagine what that crap does to your stomach! Don't drink the stuff. Just
use it on your copper.

Автор usabadone ( назад)
I've plumbed for thirty years. Never in my life have I heard of bare brite.
If it has solder on it. It 2. If it has paint or is discolored. From flux.
Or being old. It's still. 1. Your scrap yards beating you

Автор redcapedjoker ( назад)
After watching this video, I need to go do number 2.

Автор arctictimberwolf ( назад)
Copper magnet wire has varnish or enamel coating. TRY ACETONE!!! #1 is
clean copper, clean of other elements #2 is copper with soldered fittings
or enamel coating ACETONE will dissolve any plastics...try it :)

Автор DRIVER50L ( назад)
I am trying thinners on the varnish stuff atm .. I dont know if you have
tried it will get back to you and let you know ....

Автор Teresa Croft ( назад)
Anything acidic should work well, as tomatoes are quite acidic, have you
ever tried vinegar?

Автор mickey ward ( назад)
ketchup cleans copper as well.

Автор drmodestoesq ( назад)
Further. If you live in a town with, say, 20,000 people, you probably have
only one scrap yard in town. In other words, no competition. Whaddaya gonna
do? Drive 70 miles away and spend 50 bucks on gas to go to the other guy? I
live in a town with 5 million people. I don't get any nickle and diming on
scrap. Why? Because buddy knows me and every other grimy scrapper will just
head off to the competition if he pulls that "this copper is tarnished,"
crap. Problem isn't with your copper.

Автор drmodestoesq ( назад)
True story. I cut the soldered joints of a big pile of copper pipe. I put
the clean pipe in pails. I put all the soldered elbows and tees in another
pail. I take them to the scrap yard. Guy puts the No. 1 on the scale and
throws it in a big wheeled bin. Then takes the No. 2 puts it on the scale
and throws it in the SAME bin. Conclusion: that tiny bit of solder or paint
or oxidation has a negligible effect on the re-refining process. If your a
steady supplier, they ain't gonna care.

Автор Tom Burns ( назад)
scrap yard here says wire has to be 12 guage or larger to be #1so I will be
melting the small stuff and pouring into ingots before selling.

Автор redneckhippiefreak ( назад)
Here #2 is just the wire that has a coating over (varnish/zinc) it or
soldered tubing. Any thing that has been stripped of plastic and lead Even
if it's dirty is still #1 Shine or luster doesn't matter, unless you are
going to melt it into ingots. Sounds like the guys at your scrap yard are
getting over on you.

Автор D12caterpillar ( назад)
never had that problem here, they just take it take the weight give u a
sheet u give the sheet to the lady at the desk and she pays you. and ur done

Автор jonny kingston ( назад)
the prices dont differ that much its not worth doing

Автор jonny kingston ( назад)

Автор William Todd ( назад)
Sounds good, but how do you go about answering the question and proving you
didn't steal the wire though? I asked my local scrap yard about scrapping
wiring and they asked where I got it and to prove it with receipts and such

Автор threewheelsbetter ( назад)
ive been scrapping for a long time.. and all the scrap yards ive ever been
to say if its bare and clean and brite than its bare brite.... some
scrapyards rip people off and say it has to be pencil lead thick... but
when they sort it out they dump it all in the same bin...

Автор William Todd ( назад)
Great now you have a bunch of sticky wire LOL. Anyhow, is it best to strip
wiring before recycling it or does it matter?

Автор anonincognitus ( назад)
sort of hunk of scrap metal which would 'attract' some of the loose junk
your dissolving into solution in the acid.... this would free up more room
in the solution to dissolve more 'junk crap' before the acid solution hits
saturation point where it can no longer dissolve any more junk off your
copper. (I imagine there are much cheaper acids to use than soda which
would be just as safe to work with.)

Автор anonincognitus ( назад)
You seem interested in this (I barely have any understanding of it, just
know of concept), consider using very low current (from like a small solar
panel) and use metals so you have something which will have the tarnish and
crap deposited on it, and you may be able to 'electroplate' all the tarnish
off the copper and onto the other metal... (anode? maybe). That may be what
happened to the newer pennies... chemical acid stripping like you did with
soda... might also be improved by using some

Автор Jeff Weber ( назад)
Any type of stone? How about coarse sand. I also have a mixer that I use
for deburring machined parts with small ceramic pieces of various shapes
depending on what end result you want, maybe I'll give that a try to. Both
of these are great tips. Thanks folks

Автор Bamam bullies ( назад)
Baking soda will work a lot better - acid will make them all number one

Автор Scrap Dawgs SLC ( назад)
Does it matter what kind of soda? We do know Cola is kick ass for eating
thruogh any thing! Even road tar!

Автор Chinespa ( назад)
and it rots teeth too

Автор mrzombie1972 ( назад)
Good trick..Thanks for sharing

Автор yoga martial ( назад)
Here is a good tip if you have a good bit of number two copper throw it in
a cement mixer with stone and water and watch it shine. Your trick works
well with gold also happy scrapping.

Автор Joe Piscapo ( назад)
imagine what pepsi can do to your bones :x

Автор hoverdude1 ( назад)
The vinegar and salt mix can be used over and over. It will not work when
cleaning the coated copper wires like those found in transformers and
electric motors. Make sure to wash the copper with water and dry it after
cleaning. If you don't the corrosive properties of the vinegar and salt
will continue to eat away at the copper and soon turn it green because of
the exposure to air.

Автор hoverdude1 ( назад)
To clean your dirty copper you can also use distilled vinegar and salt. You
will see almost instant results. Just place the dirty copper into a bucket
With the vinegar and salt solution and agitate it. Make sure you have
enough course salt to act as a scrubbing medium and not just get dissolved
into the vinegar.

Автор swiftymc ( назад)
I just wonder how many times that container of cola can be reused to clean
more copper

Автор Claudio Ramirez Cruz ( назад)

Автор savagenomore ( назад)
the pennies did that because they were in contact with that zinc or tin
coated wire most likely...

Автор James Francis ( назад)
That's interesting. Maybe you could test other acids, like citric or
(shudder) vinegar.

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