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Автор Patrick Bonneville (17 дней)
Very cool, well worth it for such a safe 'chemical' and so easy

Автор Cody Samson (3 дня)
Dude.....number 2 copper wire is any SMALL MULTIPLE STRAND BRAIDED wire. Or
any coated/varnished wire. Also called DIRTY wire
PIPE/casing/chunk of copper, it is number 1. Just saying 

Автор MalawisLilleKanal (4 месяца)
If you also scrap batteries, I think a weak solution of battery-acid would
do the same trick.

Автор R Noff (4 месяца)
Scrubs: Hey number one, Hey number two

Автор bruce kyser (3 месяца)
Would it make sense to do 200lbs like that?

Автор ltshortcut (3 месяца)
Vinegar and salt will make a good, cheap cleaning solution. It is reusable
for a long time too.

To clean the enameled wire run your blow torch over it to burn off/up the
coating, then clean it like the rest.

Автор RuneChaosMarine (3 месяца)
silver plated copper exists.

Автор smoothsk8r44 (3 месяца)
in Mpls MN , the only thing they want with wire is coated or NON coated to
determin if it is #1 or #2...same thing with pipe.
#1 is clean copper free of PAINT and internal debris.
#2 is copper with paint and solder joints and some minor internal crap.
Breakage is stuff that is too mixed or too dirty

Автор senseblogger (6 месяцев)
yup i know this now and totally got robbed 1st two years but now i'm adding
weight to my copper that cannot be detected by magnets few heavy pieces of
solid brass with wire wrapped around them adds 3 lbs to my copper so i gain
9$ more also laed under the wire non ferrous of course gain 3 lbs with laed
! hey once a week extra $9 for em instaed of them !

Автор Edward Allen (5 месяцев)
Just use baking soda, the sodium is the reactive chemical in "soda" and can
be bought for a lot less than a bottle of cola. two or three tablespoons in
a quart of water will easily do the cleaning you see here and without the
sticky mess from the sugar in cola which will also draw bugs. If you ever
need to clean the battery terminals on your car, baking soda in water will
also do that. Vinegar will also get rid of oxidation and many varnishes.

Автор arctictimberwolf (8 месяцев)
Copper magnet wire has varnish or enamel coating. TRY ACETONE!!! #1 is
clean copper, clean of other elements #2 is copper with soldered fittings
or enamel coating ACETONE will dissolve any plastics...try it :)

Автор hoverdude1 (1 год)
To clean your dirty copper you can also use distilled vinegar and salt. You
will see almost instant results. Just place the dirty copper into a bucket
With the vinegar and salt solution and agitate it. Make sure you have
enough course salt to act as a scrubbing medium and not just get dissolved
into the vinegar.

Автор justin brown (10 месяцев)
bare bright is stripped wire no smaller than spaghetti wire, the wire
inside romex, #1 is tubing or thick burnt wire as long as it dose not have
any solder, or other crap on it, #2 is all random coppers with crap on it,
besides flashing thats #3. I'm a scrap metal buyer at a plant.

Автор aubhar (7 месяцев)
I am going to try paint remover for 24 hours. lol...if it does not
work...going to try acetone.

Автор dawnmachappy (5 месяцев)
Used A/C tubing is #2 I thought, because of having had freon thru them...??

Автор DRIVER50L (8 месяцев)
I am trying thinners on the varnish stuff atm .. I dont know if you have
tried it will get back to you and let you know ....

Автор TheStarforce2 (9 месяцев)
I'd like to hear about your melting. Do you ever get issues with the yards
accepting ingots of copper, aluminum or brass? Do you throw copper pipe and
wire or electric motors in the same melt and do your pour off the solder
before the copper melts or does it burn off?

Автор senseblogger (6 месяцев)
acetone is quickest will remove all laquer coatings and contamination in
couple of mins!

Автор William Todd (1 год)
Great now you have a bunch of sticky wire LOL. Anyhow, is it best to strip
wiring before recycling it or does it matter?

Автор Edward Allen (5 месяцев)
You realize acetone IS a paint remover, right?

Автор Bamam bullies (1 год)
Baking soda will work a lot better - acid will make them all number one

Автор mickey ward (10 месяцев)
ketchup cleans copper as well.

Автор redcapedjoker (8 месяцев)
After watching this video, I need to go do number 2.

Автор redneckhippiefreak (6 месяцев)
Like I said, a discoloration has no bearing on classification of material.
You have been getting ripped off.

Автор jonny kingston (1 год)
the prices dont differ that much its not worth doing

Автор Teresa Croft (9 месяцев)
Anything acidic should work well, as tomatoes are quite acidic, have you
ever tried vinegar?

Автор anonincognitus (1 год)
sort of hunk of scrap metal which would 'attract' some of the loose junk
your dissolving into solution in the acid.... this would free up more room
in the solution to dissolve more 'junk crap' before the acid solution hits
saturation point where it can no longer dissolve any more junk off your
copper. (I imagine there are much cheaper acids to use than soda which
would be just as safe to work with.)

Автор savagenomore (1 год)
the pennies did that because they were in contact with that zinc or tin
coated wire most likely...

Автор Chinespa (1 год)
and it rots teeth too

Автор Claudioramcruz (1 год)

Автор Brandon Randall (6 месяцев)
Hci would speed the process to 10 seconds

Автор yoga martial (1 год)
Here is a good tip if you have a good bit of number two copper throw it in
a cement mixer with stone and water and watch it shine. Your trick works
well with gold also happy scrapping.

Автор Coach Dom Costa (5 месяцев)
Your video rocked!!!I scrap out on the West Coast! Money is to be made!!!
Thank you for your video-could you check out mine on scrappin'/recycling
and comment?

Автор Joe Piscapo (1 год)
imagine what pepsi can do to your bones :x

Автор jim Smith (8 месяцев)

Автор senseblogger (6 месяцев)
they always call ac tubing #2 and wow i been ripped for for $1000's because
it's really bare bright copper that has tarnished ! So a wee bit of heavy
grit sand paper run over tubes after cutting out of aluminum casing shoves
it right up thier ass when they see it shine like gold! BUT they get all #1
price when they bundle thier copper even if it has solder on it ! BS on
scales they mark boxes for#2 and # 1 they just pile it all tigether when
shipping out!

Автор scrapyardscammer (1 год)
William any wire 18 guage or thicker you strip it 18 guage is small
appliance wire flat wire 2 strands many times 3 wires or more in a vacumn
cleaner cord 15 ft long wrapped with string a bitch to unwrap but when you
have 1/2 a lb of wire it's worth it takes about 15 minutes total time
manually BUT when you have like 50 lbs of this wire insulated you get about
30 lbs when done which = $95 for about 5 hrs more time.

Автор jonny kingston (1 год)

Автор threewheelsbetter (1 год)
ive been scrapping for a long time.. and all the scrap yards ive ever been
to say if its bare and clean and brite than its bare brite.... some
scrapyards rip people off and say it has to be pencil lead thick... but
when they sort it out they dump it all in the same bin...

Автор Daniel corba (11 месяцев)
I strip wire and and I get bare bright prices if its shiny and new looking.
I never heard of everything that is strip is number one shine or luster
dont matter

Автор redneckhippiefreak (1 год)
Here #2 is just the wire that has a coating over (varnish/zinc) it or
soldered tubing. Any thing that has been stripped of plastic and lead Even
if it's dirty is still #1 Shine or luster doesn't matter, unless you are
going to melt it into ingots. Sounds like the guys at your scrap yard are
getting over on you.

Автор D12caterpillar (1 год)
never had that problem here, they just take it take the weight give u a
sheet u give the sheet to the lady at the desk and she pays you. and ur done

Автор scrapyardscammer (1 год)
wrong any copper that is bare bright copper is #1 and should pay you #1
price as per burea of weights and measures who control the scrap dealers in
USA many i know got shut down for screwing customers with scale weights.
others got reported for trying to pull that thin stranded BS on my #1
copper 18 guage wire which is lead pencil thick any wire under that i do
not strip which is telecom wire door bell wire tv chassis wire

Автор mrzombie1972 (1 год)
Good trick..Thanks for sharing

Автор ScrapdawgsSLC (1 год)
Does it matter what kind of soda? We do know Cola is kick ass for eating
thruogh any thing! Even road tar!

Автор Jeff Weber (1 год)
Any type of stone? How about coarse sand. I also have a mixer that I use
for deburring machined parts with small ceramic pieces of various shapes
depending on what end result you want, maybe I'll give that a try to. Both
of these are great tips. Thanks folks

Автор hoverdude1 (1 год)
The vinegar and salt mix can be used over and over. It will not work when
cleaning the coated copper wires like those found in transformers and
electric motors. Make sure to wash the copper with water and dry it after
cleaning. If you don't the corrosive properties of the vinegar and salt
will continue to eat away at the copper and soon turn it green because of
the exposure to air.

Автор James Francis (1 год)
That's interesting. Maybe you could test other acids, like citric or
(shudder) vinegar.

Автор howtobible (1 год)
That's a pretty cool trick! But I have a ton of copper that I scrap and so
I wish I'd known this before!

Автор Tom Burns (10 месяцев)
scrap yard here says wire has to be 12 guage or larger to be #1so I will be
melting the small stuff and pouring into ingots before selling.

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