Challenger 2 tank & British Armoured Fighting Vehicles

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Автор Sim Deck ( назад)
Why the shitty music?

Автор jamblart ( назад)
To all who disagree with tnd, go get a lesson on not being nincompoops,
then go learn about tanks, then apply a palm to thine face as you realise
how wrong you were :/ ...

Автор loopysausage ( назад)
the look of the challenger 2 makes the abrams look like it's weak and
small. :|

Автор james duffield ( назад)
cool video cheer"s 

Автор Grammar TacticalResponse ( назад)
@svk1939 what? you created the execelent leopard series

Автор Lijoue ( назад)
@milltiaryman001 1 is the round, typically Hesh(large bullet shaped round
which squashes on the target to initiate its explosive power) or APFSDS
(which is a Dart enclosed inside a jacket which is ripped off by the force
of air as it leaves the barrel) these are powered into flight by a bag
charge. Rods inside a cloth bag which when ignited act as the fuel for the
round, those are the two seperate rounds you saw loaded. All of this is
initiated by a mag fed from below.

Автор Jan Novak ( назад)

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
@Reichx4 Hear who ? they are photographs lol

Автор Reichx4 ( назад)
Crap i was hoping to hear them instead of a music track ¬¬.

Автор Mini-wargamer/airsofter-Owen. ( назад)
yeah, i own a Austin Martin DB9, but my other mode of transport is a
challenger 2, splatter your arse on the starting line fool. 

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
@milltiaryman001 Challenger 2 uses 3 part ammo. I think you need to go to
my site mate and have a read of the Challenger 2 page and join in on the
forumswith your questions.

Автор LolYouSaidWhat? ( назад)
@thetubewithin Coulda sworn the challenger 1 didnt have the tanks on the

Автор tashkenk goatman ( назад)
@TankNutDave .Thanks tanknut ..that sounds bang on...click on my site i
have filmed and edited about ten fire power demos from warminster..well
worth a watch ..all live rounds,,one in one tracer...

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
@TASHKENTGOATMAN its the rank of the commander of the vehicle in the sqdrn

Автор tashkenk goatman ( назад)
The song is called ddddrrrr dddrrrr drrr vvvrrrddddrrrr and it spoils a
good upload...can anybody say what the white lines round the barrel mean,,i
know there not tank kills becouse the ones on the firepower demo have them
on and theyve never left salisbury plain..any tankys out there who can

Автор Jimmy Seekae ( назад)
@bakedpork partially true but i believe the M1A1/2 has the best armour in
the world due to the fact that it is made from composite depleted uranium,
the m1 is slightly radiocative though which probably sets it back a point
giving the challanger 2 first prize ; )

Автор Elitepoosniff ( назад)
@PARTYINGHARDsince91 apart from what tanks are for they are also there to
look scary to make the enemy think twice, if one of these rolled up in
front of me i think i would die on the spot lol

Автор cuntsmasher ( назад)
@stewart113 actually that was the challenger 1 :P 

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
@BigAndTall666 what am I mistaken about ? yes GK stands for Denmark, the
did the same with Leo1 and called it Leopard 1 A5DK.

Автор BigAndTall666 ( назад)
@TankNutDave If i´m not mistaken DK means Denmark and you are mistaken, and
yes i´m a Dane!

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
@fah369 its right under the video 

Автор LolYouSaidWhat? ( назад)
@TankNutDave external fuel tanks

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
@fightnight1989 had what? :)

Автор LolYouSaidWhat? ( назад)
@id34dlyi thousands lol? We have non in afganistan for a start.. get your
facts right before posting em!

Автор LolYouSaidWhat? ( назад)
@kiki0391 Wikipedia uses content uploaded by the members of the public..
Not official sources.

Автор LolYouSaidWhat? ( назад)
@TankNutDave Uh.. i thought all challenger 2's had them and only challenger
1's didnt?

Автор LolYouSaidWhat? ( назад)
@TankNutDave If he knows about it then its public knowlage.

Автор stewart113 ( назад)
Only thing that has destroyed a challenger 2 so far is another challenger 2
lol :/

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
@night6sceptre101 Leopard 2A5DK

Автор night6sceptre101 ( назад)
@TankNutDave arn't the dutch using leopards in afghan? i know they are
smaller than challys but they still will be highly noticible

Автор kic maric ( назад)
@bakedpork go see wikipedia leopard2a6 has far more stronger armor ;)

Автор wiganerrmc ( назад)
@WITHAMF no we dont have no challengers in afghan and there is no abrams
there are only leo2a6 in afghan

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
They got Trojan, CRARRV and Titan :-)

Автор Paul Hardy ( назад)
Might actually be 1 Trojan and 2 CRARRV. I dunno, Janes defense seems to be
contradicting itself.

Автор Paul Hardy ( назад)
@TankNutDave Also worth noting that there has been at least two times
British Field Commanders have asked for challenger 2s in Afghan, but both
times turned down on logistics and cost. However, we do have 3 Trojans out
there now, which arrived on An-124s.

Автор Pebbles CS ( назад)
The danish use leopards out in afghan, we could probably use them but id
imagine getting them there would be a pain in the ass.

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
I think its already passes. What I like is the fact its modular belly
armour so we can add more ceramics and keep one ahead of Terry, only bad
thing is they havent purchased the mortar vehicle for close firesupport as
Terry knows how long it takes to call in exsisting fire support, plus
mortars come down in a compound :-P

Автор Harry Wills ( назад)
warthog is shaping up to be pretty good, just as soon as it passes all its
blast tests! it looks mean as.

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
The terrain British Forces are fighting in is not suitable. Like most tanks
the CR2s ground pressure is high and is why we are using vehicles with a
low ground pressure like the scimitar, viking and soon to be warthog :-)

Автор Harry Wills ( назад)
i know the question is an old one, but i was aware that we have no chally
2's in afghan because they are so heavy they are such an effort to get them
there. iraq we can ship them, but the few c-17s we have need to be used for
better things than do the whole flight with just one chally 2 on board.

Автор Joshua Thompson ( назад)
@theROFLpanda Just makin it clear to the americans who wanna come on here
and say the Abrams is better and what not

Автор AlienTechProductions ( назад)
Type 6 alien conserver armour :)

Автор Joshua Thompson ( назад)
How Challenger 2 Armour is made and what its made of and it's thickness is

Автор Elitepoosniff ( назад)
No 450 where made but half of them where scraped!

Автор Nathan Smith ( назад)
ioll be in one of them soon :D

Автор PARTYINGHARDsince91 ( назад)
the best tank in the world and might i add the most beautiful one ever :-)

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
and it says 286 on their other page listing all tanks in the world. I
wouldnt take much notice of it mate

Автор wiganerrmc ( назад)
458 it seys 446 approx on wiki tho

Автор wiganerrmc ( назад)

Автор Gwynfor Williams ( назад)
If uve seen the terrain the taliban use to fight, it is nion impossible to
navigate and manourver a challenger tank!

Автор afvnut75 ( назад)
chally 2 sex on tracks ! lol

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
And we don't have thousands of CR2's we have Just under 400

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
CR2 is the best equipped tank against IED's, of the Abrams series, Leo2 and
CR2, all 3 have been hit by IED's and CR2 is the only one not to suffer any
lose of crew :-)

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
Because there is no need for it to be deployed. We have deployed the
Scimitar which has just gone through armour up-grade and we now have
deployed the Warrior. You kill a fly with a swat, not the dinning table lol

Автор adam2124 ( назад)
the song is sinner by drowning pool...

Автор TankNutDave (1044 года назад)
go to 'contains content from' in the right hand columb for their page :-)

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
Yes only when required you can see them in this video, they just dont sit
above the line of the hull like Russian tanks

Автор connorking09 ( назад)
does the challenger 2 have external fuel tanks?

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
All tanks go through up-grades, there is nothing being talked about that is
not already in the public eye or a breach of opsec.

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
Who is talking about classified stuff?

Автор tankie2ndrtr ( назад)
no thanks... Its CR2...... :)

Автор tankie2ndrtr ( назад)
thats CR2 mate. Are you thinking of UOR ?...

Автор Ross Bates ( назад)
Who is this do i know you?

Автор tankie2ndrtr ( назад)
Practice shouting "Yes Corporal"

Автор tankie2ndrtr ( назад)
What Regiment ?

Автор tankie2ndrtr ( назад)
What Regiment ?.

Автор tankie2ndrtr ( назад)
CHR2 and C.L.I.P....... either a typo or im really confused.

Автор Ross Bates ( назад)

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
its called wind up, the name of it is up in the right below the embed code

Автор STI555 ( назад)
im gonna join the u.s.m.c. and be a marine tanker ima be in a m1a2 :)

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
Well done mate, I'm really pleased for you :-)If your lucky you'll be in
CR2 lol they swap you round in different vehicles, happens to my mates

Автор TankNutDave ( назад)
cheers mate

Автор tankie2ndrtr ( назад)
nice vid dude !, love the banner ! Nice touch !

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