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Автор Martin Flatman ( назад)
hi what program do you use to run your solidworks file?

Автор gorillazp108 ( назад)
Very cool solidcam great, what kind of router are you using

Автор John LaFavor ( назад)
Awesome video! How did you do the initial solid modeling of the locomotive
body, did you have drawings or just estimate the shape? What scale did you
cut the final pieces in? Thanks

Автор Robert Crabb ( назад)
do you have a .tap to share, also how big is the model?

Автор Kiboz2000 ( назад)
Pencil milling :) great strategy for leftover surfaces I dont have much
time to try all S.Cam strategis specaly pencil miling,it is litle confusing
but I will get it...great video..

Автор Robert Crabb ( назад)
That's awesome, thanks! I'll have to try SolidCAM.

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)

Автор Robert Crabb ( назад)
what machine software did you choose? Mach3 or EMC? Nice job.

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
Most will use servo motors over steppers if the need is that great. Not
very economical in a DIY/Home use machine. Overbuild on the motors will
reduce demand on them. I incorporated a "Smooth Stepper Board" into the
controller. It offloads the pulse control away from the host PC. Does an
incredible job. I'll run for hours without losing a step.

Автор Adeilton Omena ( назад)
Just thinking... we should consider the posibility of some stepper motor
miss some steps so that encoders are needed. Did you used encoders in your
machine? I'm just finishing my cnc machine and would like to use encoders
to guarantee the accuracy but i'm using the parallel port and it does not
have input pins enough to connect the encoders. What did you do to solve
this problem? or did not do? I'm using a DIY board with a microcontroller
to controll the motors. Could you give some advices?

Автор Csiklós Miklós (1348 лет назад)
That's very impressive!

Автор taiden ( назад)
I find this easy to masturbate to

Автор Oddmar Dam ( назад)
Very nice finish :)

Автор Troy Rogers ( назад)
where do you get your end mills?

Автор Mike Campbell ( назад)
I'm in the middle of building my first 3 axis cnc router.saving money for
the servos.

Автор SimTune ( назад)
awesome! it didnt need much sanding did it?

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
Some try but it isn't nearly rigid enough. It most likely would destroy the

Автор flrescue33 ( назад)
can u use that cnc router to cut metal also

Автор bradjk ( назад)
This is SO AWESOME! I wish I could learn how to do this!

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
@b1lc1s I have converted an Enco mill also. Your right, CNC isn't always
faster just more accurate. :)

Автор b1lc1s ( назад)
I converted a mill to CNC a few years ago for the ability to save time
doing parts and patterns. The accuracy is fantastic but save time - No -
because it is so memorizing to stand and watch it work!! Your video is
great because it relates that so well! Enjoyed it. (I converted an Enco
floor model knee mill andI use KeyCreator CAD/CAM and Mach3)

Автор walteririon ( назад)
muy bueno !! igual, estas de la garloncha man!!

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
@finster101 This was a friends model that we made. It was used to make a
silicone mold. He has cast numerous fiberglass shells from it.

Автор finster101 ( назад)
Very cool model! I like how you split it up to make it easier to build. So
after it was built did you use this as a plug/mold or is the wood just a
decorative model?

Автор micmoable ( назад)
cool vid

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
@ebutuou123 G-code was generated in SolidCam. Mach3 is the control
software. Hope that answers your question.

Автор ebutuou123 ( назад)
what software do you use to decompose your solidworks models and send them
to your controller?

Автор BlackPhanth0m ( назад)
wow, very nice build

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
I have a laser crosshair to locate the edge. It is only accurate to about
.010" but that's good enough. Once I set zero I use it throughout the
entire setup.

Автор Cappellaio Matto ( назад)
but solid cam produce the gcode and then you put into mach3 or how do you
interface your cnc with solidwork? now i export in 3ds from solidwork and
generate toolpèath with cambam plus. but is not a good choice.

Автор pogi09282805724 ( назад)
@NGraver001 whats a router? sorry noob here!! hehe

Автор torcente ( назад)
bella macchina bellissimo video..... Palermo, Sicilia, Italia ciaoooooo

Автор 123timooo ( назад)
@FintaruS @leventis1991 go to instructables*com and search for CNC. There's
a pretty similar one..

Автор AlexLPD ( назад)
Very nice video in did, I hope you can put more about your project...

Автор inagod ( назад)
good carbide wood bits are a must,great video

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
@FintaruS My own design. Modeled in Unigraphics Solids modeling program. No

Автор Kim Loft Bennetsen ( назад)
I consider myselves to build a CNC, it is your own design or do you have
any links to the one you build?

Автор Aev308 ( назад)
Great, thanks

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
Hitachi M12VC

Автор Aev308 ( назад)
what type of router did you use?

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
To the commenter whose question I accidentally deleted the answer is

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
A 1/2" carbide end mill

Автор quibowibbler ( назад)
what bit did you use to plunge down like that?

Автор Jamdirek ( назад)
I would buy one from you, whats the best price?

Автор thunderair ( назад)
awesome I wanna one of that ,, good job ngraber

Автор Peter Wilson ( назад)
One of the best CNC woodworking videos I've seen - excellent!

Автор twofoot65 ( назад)
Excellent work. How dimensionally stable is the wood pattern? Do you have
any issues with moisture swelling the pattern? Have you even considered
milling your parts from polystyrene? How much machine run time did this
pattern need? Is there any chance you would share your machine's design?
Cheers, Chris

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
Sorry, I only built this machine for myself. I am not in business.

Автор eddiaz76 ( назад)
Could you please send me information of this machine? Price? router bits?
type of software it use? Shipping? etc.

Автор Bakamoichigei ( назад)
Heh, at first I was like "Usable slices? What?" and then I saw how big it
was. Exceedingly nice work! :)

Автор unknowneuropean ( назад)
nice work. We are using CnC in school. But only for metal. Really nice!
I'll show it on my teacher.

Автор Mauro Cat ( назад)
Your router really do a great work! Hope my steppers will do at least half
of waht I saw here :) Greeting from Italy Mauro

Автор tbenefi33 ( назад)
Now that the best one Ive seen so far.

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
Solidcam generated the toolpaths. This was my freinds project. He claims
the sanding was relatively easy.

Автор briancnc ( назад)
sweet router, nice hitachi spindle, it is a good router surprisingly enough
as I'm sure you know.. was there much sanding afterward? What software are
you using to program (CAM wise) after solidworks?

Автор dhbiza ( назад)
Wow~! You guys are good...you should try that out on something like...maybe
a telescope part or something.

Автор NGraver001 ( назад)
Yeah, unfortunately I did this for a guy I work with and he is pretty slow
at finishing things so you might have to wait a while.....wait this is you,
isn't it, John?!!!

Автор jjh122 ( назад)
Wow, pretty cool!!! I can't wait to see the finished model....

Автор vmirko ( назад)
very good! ;-)

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