Make an Origami Pyramid

This is an easy and interesting Origami project. All it takes is a square of paper. Kind of unique shape very similiar to my origami water bomb project:

Lots more Origami on my website here: http://www.stormthecastle.com/origami/index.htm

Get Origami Paper and books on my website here:

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I have lots more easy origami vids in a playlist here:

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Автор jose tovar ( назад)

Автор The civ V Fanatic ( назад)
Hey thanks, used this for my project on Ancient Egypt, it helped a lot!

Автор air Zero ( назад)

Автор LAID Mehatla ( назад)

Автор OHANNES TV ( назад)

Автор little sis ( назад)

Автор rayyan majeed ( назад)
It doesn't work

Автор myar Smir ( назад)
it's very nice and cool,, I like this 👌👍👍

Автор ZaNaZ12 ( назад)

Автор Liz Froud ( назад)
Brilliant! worked first time! Thank you

Автор Gülay Gizem Dorukoglu ( назад)

Автор Komik Videolar ( назад)

Автор Viperfish ( назад)
Why can't u just blow it

Автор Alexi Brooks ( назад)
U could just blow into the thing, but this was helpful

Автор CupcakeAML (1747 лет назад)
darn it i did the same thing without any videos and i thought i made something up thats new :(

Автор Ryouka Naomi ( назад)
wow thank you!!

Автор Veronica Nash ( назад)
mine broke

Автор Saif Al ( назад)
Thank you very much!!

Автор Mikey Surratt ( назад)
There are a few points that would have been much much easier had you folded guidelines earlier in the project, I honestly don't know why you wouldn't, they make things much crisper

Автор oddsophie ( назад)
i just found your channel and just got into origami  the folding flaps was hard but a challenge and helped with other things i wanted to make with origami 

Автор Chubby Hippo ( назад)
this is so hard how do you say that it is easy>:(

Автор Kushagra Vidyarthi ( назад)

Автор Nathaliegor ( назад)
תרגם ותעשה בריסטול בצבע אחר

Автор Shayla Galloway ( назад)
Why don't u use yellow???

Автор Shayla Galloway ( назад)
There hord

Автор Arwa Azayem ( назад)
this was so clever! thumps up (y)

Автор Leka Garibova ( назад)
wooow! its a cool! senk you!

Автор giordan_kuret 35 ( назад)
one bit is toooooo hard!!!!

Автор Muhammed Sayı ( назад)
ı think, this origami is very useful.finally, ı made a new one.

Автор Zima Simon ( назад)
awsome,i gotta be like 'em

Автор Isabel Parsley ( назад)
omg! thank u sooooo much! this helped me do my game markers fast n' easy! thanks again! :)

Автор Andre Hicks ( назад)
Oh snap so I made it yep eh heeee

Автор Abyan Hammad ( назад)

Автор Tut Nefert ( назад)

Автор The aaldairtusero ( назад)
gracias me ayudo demasiado tu trabajo te dejo mi like y muchas gracias xD

Автор D SuperciliouslySly ( назад)
Blow into it it'll keep it's shape better

Автор D SuperciliouslySly ( назад)
I also figured this out by tweaking the water bomb

Автор abir Altahlawy ( назад)

Автор abir Altahlawy ( назад)

Автор Roo Torres ( назад)
I blew into it instead...works way better that way!

Автор woo woof ( назад)
when making the water bomb base flip it over and then make a line in the middle (not diagonal) then flip it over again and push in the sides

Автор Thiago Santos ( назад)
finally, i can make one.

Автор Mair Mere ( назад)

Автор Jeremiah Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Florin _2002 ( назад)

Автор Florin _2002 ( назад)

Автор Fatih Duran ( назад)
Nooo! You might not believe me, but i found how to make a pyramit all by myself. I was really happy to have an original origami. But now i'm watching this. And it is %90 same with my version... :(

Автор Ahmed Hasan ( назад)
give this man a medal

Автор Ваня Пятница ( назад)

Автор Prahalad Gururajan ( назад)
Thank you so much for the simple tutorial!

Автор Écio Potter ( назад)
Oy Vey! LOVED IT! Thanks ...!

Автор XxORBIT GAMINGxX ( назад)
it was nice but he could have been more specific on the folding the pryramid part hes mainly just folded it

Автор Jie ann Marie Famenia ( назад)
nice tutorial ...So COOL >>>:D :)

Автор Kayleigh Lambert ( назад)
cool but too many steps! way too complicated and you should have used different color. not trying to be mean but trying to help! I watched your waterfall video and used it for a project and got an A, thanks!!!!!

Автор Ashly Benitez ( назад)
Bitch slow down

Автор Alejandra Sweet ( назад)
is more easy

Автор Amraya Baptiste ( назад)
That is so awesome

Автор krislian lombana ( назад)
Muchas gracias :D me a sido de gran ayuda.

Автор Angelic Monkey ( назад)
Stupid dont work I mean slow the crap down

Автор Angelic Monkey ( назад)

Автор Christian Yadao ( назад)
Thx dood my class is in 10hrs from now

Автор Jonathan Esperanzate ( назад)
Its camouflage

Автор Jonathan Esperanzate ( назад)
You are a phaero or ferro nevermind

Автор Dellisa John ( назад)
wow,u 2?

Автор Russel Anthony Chandanshiv ( назад)
This tutorial was very easy and interesting and of great help for my maths project

Автор abhinavajith92 ( назад)
say wha

Автор natalia rocafuerte ( назад)
awesome video thanks!

Автор Shovna Tripathy ( назад)
Hey! this is amazing! But I have 1 problem.. When you open the flap to fold.. you open it 2 times right? But 5 times the flap is opening for me..

Автор nandika ramadurai ( назад)
the way u talk is not even clear
i don understand a thing

Автор Brenda Rothwell ( назад)
Great! you can also inflate the pyramid by blowing air in quick at the top, instead of pulling the sides.

Автор Dewald Laubscher ( назад)
Also check out Jo Nakashima -origami pyramid.

Автор gorgoroth777 ( назад)
it puts the lotion in the basket

Автор Voided Shadow ( назад)
I came up with a very very easy way to make an origami pyramid. Check out my channel and give me some feed back. :-)

Автор Swpneel Hoque ( назад)
Thank u

Автор randomcards9889 ( назад)
I made a yellow angry bird with this piramide :)

Автор Filimon Asefa ( назад)
too hard

Автор abram jesus sepulvedad vinet ( назад)
me rindo es dificil

Автор Rachana Meena ( назад)
thank u very very much well even this is not enough to thank u u know this video helped complete my project! hats off t u !!

Автор harshvardhan sambyal ( назад)

Автор WojtekPL1000 ( назад)
Thanks ! ;P

Автор mamaduva ( назад)
You can gently blow in the top very small hole of the pyramid to help open it up!

Автор Ana Júlia ( назад)
Tank's ficou mais fácil,beem mais fácil!!

Автор kaya carter ( назад)
how to make the great wall of china

Автор sheldain isturiz ( назад)
siiiiii ya quedo bien!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
no te rindas!

Автор sheldain isturiz ( назад)

Автор sheldain isturiz ( назад)
este video es muy dificil! me rindo!

Автор Joban Sahota ( назад)
thanks this helped so much for my grade 5 project

Автор bryan bushey ( назад)
Thank you!!!!!!! that helped me on my pyramid project!

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
dont give up!

Автор sugu200 ( назад)
soooo hard i can't see the paper for number 1 and the results: CRUMBLED PAPER!!!!! I give up!!!

Автор SharadVNathan ( назад)
I did it!! Thank you :D

Автор IntrovertedTendencies ( назад)
thank you for posting this to help my social studies project!

Автор Liza Molanphy ( назад)
cool!! i did it..

Автор louai esmail ( назад)
u cant even see the paper and i ended up with a crumbled piece of paper, i give up.

Автор cherful ( назад)
To easy,

Автор MrTipptiger ( назад)
nice idea for a table decoration

Автор Kristijonas Cepele ( назад)
Yeah I made this pyramid thanks a lot

Автор Monica Levine ( назад)
at first it was kind of hard but when I was making the second one, It was soo easy.

Автор Monica Levine ( назад)
I couldn't really see it either so I just listened

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