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(More info at www.ssnorwayoceanliner.com/doc ) This is a trailer of the documentary I am making about the last of the great 1000 foot ocean liners, The S/S Norway / S/S France. This ship has a story unlike any other. Built as a transatlantic liner and later beeing converted into a cruiseship the S/S Norway now rests on the beach in Alang, India. Here it is waiting to be dismanteled. This unique footage from onboard the ship in Alang will only be shown in this documentary. The documentary will be finished in 2008/2009. For more information about the documentary and if you are interested in getting you copy please visit www.ssnorwaypceanliner.com/doc

Просмотров: 199614
Длительность: 6:49
Комментарии: 252

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Автор Dave Lounder ( назад)
*exhibition *dismantled, et al

Автор Inpri ( назад)
Ever since NCL uncrememouniously "dumped" the France'Norway, it has been
under a curse. All of its ships are ugly. Its service had been

Автор Claudine Lowry ( назад)
I was on the SS France on her last trip from le Havre to New York

Автор Bruce Robertson ( назад)
Ironic how all these beautiful majestic liners so adored for many years
meet such sordid tawdry ends in scrapyards becoming razor blades. Wonder
what the Quantum of the Seas fate will be in 2040

Автор oceanliners andshipsonline ( назад)
can I have one for free?

Автор david chitwood (1781 год назад)
the Norway. one of the grandest ladies of the sea. we miss you.

Автор Bruce Hamrick ( назад)
My first cruise was on the SS NORWAY 1 year after NFL had her in service. I
always fantasized being on a transatlantic cruise. I was on a 7 day eastern
itin. I actually saw under the upper deck pool. it was prefab and dropped
into a courtyard. the 1st class dining room was where we had our midnight
buffet which was every day. the grand staircase was amazing to make and
entrance. One day at sea we saw a stage presentation of My Fair Lady. Vic
Damone was our name entertainer. we had a real bathtub in our bathroom. I
took a bath one day just to feel the rocking. The meals were great. Our
dinner companions were an older actor from NewYork. His Mother was along
from Austria and was a defendant from royalty. We dressed nicely for dinner
every day. So many memories.

Автор DrumStick405 ( назад)
I was onboard when the boiler room exploded. I was young, but I remember it
was early in the morning when my family awoke to huge bang followed by the
captain saying "get to the upper decks, this is not a drill" or something
along the lines of that. It was really dark and we finally made it up to
where our group is supposed to meet in the event of an emergency. It was so
hot though and I was really thirsty and all I could have was this gross
carbonated water. I don't remember much after that, I don't think anything
significant happened after that... it was scary though that's fore sure.

Автор David Womacks ( назад)
I wish Norway has sunk on the way to the breakers. I can't believe NCL
scrapped this beauty and replaces it with the Epic

Автор Gervan Simon ( назад)
Enjoyed watching this. What is the name of the singer & song at 02:42
onwards please? Lovely piece of music & very appropriate for the video- it
fitted in perfectly.

Автор CalFoxol moved to CalNightWing ( назад)
By the way this is ncl's flat they didn't pay for the damage now I hate ncl

Автор CalFoxol moved to CalNightWing ( назад)
When this ship was at the yard they saw ghost inside those were some ghost
from ss France from a storm and from boiler exploson now they have no home

Автор CalFoxol moved to CalNightWing (1784 года назад)
Jos and moy I think the upper decks are fine but the funnel completely blue
don't like it I like the funnels look when norway was first came out if the
upper decks weren't there she would be scraped sooner

Автор Parker Rabe ( назад)
They tows that ship from Miami to Germany , then to India, took 3 months

Автор Parker Rabe ( назад)
So sad, I'll never forget the family vacation we took on the Norway in 1980

Автор nintendoneil ( назад)
my wife and i spent a week on this beautiful ship 12 years ago...it was
wonderful....like being on an actual ship rather than a floating hotel like
you see now.

Автор TWTR4EVER ( назад)

We create such magnificent things, accomplishments that we use and discard
as symbols of profit and greed, never truly valuing its historical legacy
for generations to come, never placing them in their proper historical
chronological order of our evolution!
With that said, from day one, the "SS France" had big shoes to follow,
considering her predecessor the "SS Normandy", also not only a
technological wonder of its day but "floating Art Deco Palace" lost to the
ravishes of WW2, many speculate as Nazi sabotage in NYC Harbor!
I had the privilege of sailing the SS France as a child in a crossing from
Le Havre to NYC in the 1960's, and as an adult, in the SS Norway in a
cruise out of Miami in the 1990's. By then she was no longer a
"Transatlantic" but a Norwegian Cruise Line Fun Ship, two very different
stages of her service never losing her glamour, a legend in her own right!

Автор James Crawford ( назад)
Better to give the old girl a dignified end a the scrappers then to suffer
a horrible fate like the S.S. United States .... just left to rust away for
the past 45 years.

Автор StarshipNormandy7421 ( назад)
theres a different standard today for travel folks used to dress up and
stay that way for a trip today when folks take a trip they look like they
rolled out of bed and decided to catch a flight. i mean it they show up in
sweats and with bed head.

Автор Alexander Stensvold ( назад)
The last song i named? :)

Автор Kathy Williams ( назад)
I had the experience of voyaging on her in 1987 from Florida to St Martin,
St Lucia and back. Loved loved Loved it!

Автор g1a1r1y3 ( назад)
Aside from the irreverent tone, I am with you on the last sentence. Saving
liners, affordable housing, etc- it is like the economics never matter
until the advocates of such things have to be the one to foot the bill. At
least her demolition provided jobs and her pieces are now being recycled to
continued uses. I did get to see Norway leave port when I was a kid. I will
never forget that experience. Man she was a beauty!

Автор Олег Галкин ( назад)
печальное зрелище

Автор CaraBrimleyRules ( назад)
@edcokmful It was broken up in 2008 because it was a rusty old heap of
scrap with a blown engine & too expensive to refit to the new standards.
Besides, people expect a different package with cruises nowadays. Outside
balconies for example. Basically ships are designed to last 20-30 years and
this one was nearly 50 years old... built for crossing the Atlantic in a
different era. It's all very well people saying it could be saved but would
they pay for it and guarantee the passengers to fill it?

Автор Ashwin Raphael ( назад)
can anyone tell me why the fuck are they demoliting it?

Автор yooperlooper ( назад)
I sailed on her 4 times in the 1990's - stopped cruising all together after
the explosionbecause I never wanted to go on another ship. Now seeing this
is so sad. I could just picture us on her cruises having fun in all these
(now) lonely places. Kindof creepy. I'd sure like to get that documentary -
and wish I had more souvenirs

Автор 0Secret0Identity0 ( назад)
my dad worked on this ship

Автор planbskaterg11 ( назад)
@Abricialio yeah!!!

Автор transat24 (451 год назад)
I have looking the video and I like so much this ship , on the video I like
the song , it's spanish or italian, it's possible for to know the title of
song please?

Автор werksdesign ( назад)
@mechwarrior58 ... you are so on target about the corporate greed killing
this majestic lady.

Автор eivber15 ( назад)
where is the boat now

Автор Abricialio ( назад)
Ahw man, she was too beautiful too scrap!!

Автор grantgalea ( назад)
The most beautiful liner ever !

Автор brotmann86 ( назад)
i hoped shed become a hotel or something could believe they scraped her

Автор 5trucker ( назад)
what happened to her for them to scrap her cause it looks like shes in
realy good shape

Автор itisian ( назад)
i can't beleive how it was just LEFT like.. basically just parked there and
just gone. furniture, drapes, everything! still there. like.. why? how? and
how can they just waist that. such a beautiful ship gone to waist.

Автор Venkair ( назад)
Hi, I just saw the trailer for your Norway Documentary. I´m very curious to
see the full dok! Is therer any chance of getting it? Even an unfinished
work would be great! (Even if I´ve got to cut it myself or to convert it to
whatever.. ) Thanks for your efforts, Alex

Автор lucius1976 ( назад)
@haywoodbadman10 Gold. All the other will be worthless crap sooner rather
then later

Автор Zara Schumacher ( назад)
@Sooksawaspakdee961 hahahahaha, why would anyone waste money on music /
vids / games or anything else .... This is why the internet exists ...

Автор thehoff1982 ( назад)
we must save the ss united states!!!

Автор Hermenejildo Z ( назад)
She was one of a kind and she'll be sorely missed. So many good memories
onboard. She singlehandedly changed the cruise industry and made Norwegian
Cruise Lines into a success. Then they were bought out by the Genting
casino group and instead of preserving her like QE2, they neglected
maintenance until she LITERALLY blew up. For the 7 dead crew, and for what
they did to this ship, without which the company wouldn't even be viable, I
will NEVER sail with NCL again as long as I live.

Автор islamsucksallah ( назад)
She was a nice looking ship until Norway slapped on all that 'shoe box'
superstructure. Blech!

Автор mmmbad (518 лет назад)
She was a beautiful, classy lady who gave me many happy memories. I went on
a jazz cruise with my parents in 1985 and saw Mel Torme, Dizzy Gillespie
and Cab Calloway perform. It was awesome! I wish I could do it all over

Автор cwanxton ( назад)
Anyway, our "pot luck" roommate was a guy named Eugen Hepper. Tom and I
walked in to the room the afternoon of Day 2, and Eugen had already met
this hot chick and was banging away on the top bunk. We never saw him again
after that, so I think Eugen had a good cruise. For talent night, I put on
a bunch of pancake and did Michael Jackson, complete with a butane hose to
my wig, rigged for flaming, a la the recent Pepsi commercial. I think I won
the talent show and got a bottle of champagne.

Автор cwanxton ( назад)
First and last time was around 1985 for 7 days. Captain was a guy named
Haugen. Our waiter was Trevor Pink from Jamaica. Entertainment headliner
was Vic Damone. The water was too choppy to tender to the goofy private
island (Coco Cay?), but we did make it off in St. Thomas and maybe one
other port. My buddy and I from college took a "pot luck" room on the
Dolphin Deck to save money.

Автор MikeCharlieSBRJ ( назад)
WMG is very stupid. Never again will I buy something from WMG. Petty!

Автор MikeCharlieSBRJ ( назад)
WMG é muito idiota. Nunca mais vou comprar algo de WMG. Petty!

Автор Ken Nix ( назад)
sad, just a sad sight .

Автор Joy van den Berg ( назад)
yeah, those added decks really ruined her profile...but still she remained
beautiful compared to all those modern ships. But it's a shame they added
those, she looked so much better without

Автор moslemssuck ( назад)
Originally a nice looking ship, until Norway kicked the fuckin' shit out of
her by adding that shitty damn shoebox superstructure up top.

Автор Gandalf4568 ( назад)
Thank you very, very much !!! I'm not stupid, I did know that the second
song was live from the ship...

Автор apejens44 ( назад)
Humans have a way of killing all beauty, whether it is a ship, a place, or
indeed, other humans. God, I hate the Star Cruises fuckers who killed this
classic. Fucking Malaysian cunts.

Автор wornormy ( назад)
Sad to see her go,but she lost her looks when she became the Norway

Автор kalle kula ( назад)
I worked as a welder on that ship, just a pice of crap,truly! the outside
was very nice but the inside was a joke.

Автор Melody Laughlin ( назад)
My husband and I were on this ship in 2001 for our first cruise. We both
fell in love with the ship, and were saddened when it was decommissioned
after the engine explosion. Watching this video first gave me the shivers
hearing Hot Hot Hot for it played as we pulled out of Miami, and then to
tears seeing the ship that was such a beauty now in shambles.

Автор tylermanchesteruntd ( назад)
what's the name of the song that starts at 2:45 i think, and goes for the
rest of the video

Автор mechwarrior58 ( назад)
Oceanos by Josh Groban

Автор greenseaships ( назад)
@ Gandalf- The first song is by a band called Windham Hill. Don't know the
song title. That's all I know.

Автор Gandalf4568 ( назад)
What is the first song and last song ?

Автор freefallfun ( назад)
I'm so glad I had the chance to take it. We took our honeymoon on it in
2002. The presidential suites were awesome & the ship had an old school
elegance. She was a beauty.

Автор mechwarrior58 ( назад)
Whats the title of the first song in the video?

Автор Kalminar ( назад)
i remember i was on it in 1998... eight years old.. was great!. sa what it
has become

Автор Hans-Martin Erlandsen ( назад)
What is the first song?

Автор tomterahedrob ( назад)
100s even thousnds of years from now future humans will wonder how we
humans were so stupid and lacking in imagination to scrap such grand
ships,pieces of great art and engineering.

Автор agrundstromer ( назад)
what happened to this ship?

Автор agrundstromer ( назад)
what happed to this ship?

Автор madbuisness ( назад)
OMGGGGGGGGGG i went on this ship in 2000! and i thook a beautiful pic of
him and i have on my desk!!! and now when i saw what the ncl do with this
georgous funship!!!! i cant imagine why they do this with a page of
maritime history!!!:(

Автор PackardGuy ( назад)
Back in 1989 and 1990 I spent two weeks as an entertainer on the Norway.
Absolutely the most beautiful ship in the world. The theater, while
originally designed for movies, was a great live performing venue.
Wonderful audiences and a memorable experience I'll always carry with me.
So sad it's now gone. Au Revoir!

Автор Joy van den Berg ( назад)
true. She's an important piece of maritime history. Just look at what
happened to the SS Rotterdam. The same could have happened to the beautiful
Norway. She should have been saved. This is just a terrible end for such a
great liner.

Автор Joy van den Berg ( назад)
I don't. They have blood on their hands. A lot of workers will die from the
asbestos that was inside the Norway. And NCL knew about that. They are
responsible for the workers deaths and also for the deaths of some of the
crew, who died because of the explosion, which was the result of bad
maintenance. And they've destroyed a beautiful historic liner. So much art
is being destroyed now, it's just so sad

Автор haywoodbadman10 ( назад)
The Norways life is now nearly over there is just an empty hull at alang
now utterly gobsmacking this beuty is gone......

Автор Joy van den Berg ( назад)
I just hope the SSUS won't follow her. It's tragic enough we've lost the
Norway in such a disgraceful way. Norway could have ended up like the SS

Автор Joy van den Berg ( назад)
new liners? what new liners? There are no new liners anymore, except for
the Queen Mary 2. And she doesn't even come close to the France/Norway when
it comes to exterior. The rest of the new passenger ships are just ugly
floating resorts. How can you say new liners are just as good as the
beautiful, classic liners. Those were real ships, the new ones look like
floating appartment blocks.

Автор SSUnitedStateslife ( назад)
Every time I see this beautiful ship in the condition it is in know it
brings a tear to my eye.

Автор T0mazs ( назад)
Very touching trailer, I'm really looking forward to the entire
documentary. Well done, and keep it up! From Holland.

Автор n75booster ( назад)
There are no new liners, except for the Queen Mary 2. The rest are cruise
ships, floating resorts and they look like floating appartment blocks,
really ugly. There is no new ship which even comes close to
Norway's/France's beauty

Автор n75booster ( назад)
I agree with you

Автор n75booster ( назад)
the added upped decks really didn't make her look better..it's a shame they
added those. But she still managed to retain her beauty, although she
looked so much better without them in my opinion. But she still was a
beauty :( she deserved so much better than being torn apart on that beach

Автор celdish ( назад)
I have not even started to think about this. But i hope it will be so
everyone who wants to buy it can afford it. If you visit the website that
is listed in the video info, you can enter your email on this website and
than you will receive a notification when the documentary is put out for

Автор haywoodbadman10 ( назад)
hi jus wonderd how much will this doc will be and whether you will be
seling it in english pounds or will it be dollars?

Автор celdish ( назад)
Yes this was truly an amazing experience! It's the main reason why I am
making this documentary, so that I can share this experience with all you
S/S Norway/France fans out there. The final documentary will contain alot
of breathtaking shots from inside the ghost ship which she had become.

Автор haywoodbadman10 ( назад)
must av been a tremendous experiance to go and see her in her final few
months while she was still intact now she is doomed nothing can save her

Автор celdish ( назад)
I am still working on the doc. and hope to finish it soon. The final fate
of the ship was not determined until they began the cutting in Jan. 08. The
story for the doc. could not be completed until we knew what would happen
to her. But work on the doc. is moving along. Enter your email here:
ssnorwayoceanliner(dot)com/doc and you will receive an email when the doc.
is finished. Only parts of the ship now remain on the beach in India. Soon
this beautiful liner will exist only in our memories.

Автор Jean-Pierre Dherbey ( назад)
I sailed on the SS france from NYC to le havre in 1966 as a 6 year old with
my parents and then when we returned in 1968 as a 8 year old...and the
memories of wonderment of a child and how well we were treated and the
ambience of the ship is something I will always remember. this beautiful
lady was never the norway...they ruined her look..she will always be the

Автор Juan Rosales ( назад)
je l'ai juste aimé

Автор mechwarrior58 ( назад)
I agree. it is a horrible crime , yet we must look to the future. We have
one liner that is in need of saving and it's the SS united states docked in
philly. She has to be saved. I hope in the future one or even I will build
new and classic liners like her. Only time will tell.

Автор mechwarrior58 ( назад)
What a horrible crime to see such a beautiful ship in good condition be
destroyed like that. She could have been saved it was corporate greed and
negligence that killed her. Shame on the owners. I would have spared no
expense in saving her. I hope in the future they build a new liner just
like her.

Автор Altimeter75 ( назад)
josh groban - Oceano

Автор antias123 ( назад)
Great Video.

Автор CaraBrimleyRules ( назад)
Yeah ships are just metal. I love to see ships being scrapped. It's great
to see all the weird shapes when they cut half of it down. I've got a great
collection of ship scrapping videos and pictures. It's better than porn!

Автор WarBird015 ( назад)
Soooo a beautyful ship... :´( I'm so sad...

Автор virbastin ( назад)
Too sad a video, it makes you nearly weep.But that's life, things come and
go, just good memories stay with us.Same thing happened to SS Argentina/
Enchanted Isle. Ended at Alang. Too sad

Автор janida93 ( назад)
oohhh i liked SS NORWAY and this is very good document about it:-)

Автор Robin Henningsen ( назад)
Uh, we don't have ocean liners anymore; we have cruise ships. Ocean liners
had a distint and different body shape. Their hulls were often deep and
they weren't flat and heavy topped. It would be like comparing a new GTO to
a 68 GTO. No real comparission.

Автор meringandan ( назад)
Stop getting all sentimental ships only have a lifespan of around 35 years
before all the metal begins to decay badly nothing lasts forever. The new
liners are just as good.

Автор itisian ( назад)
This luxury liner had anything and everything you would ever need on an
ocean-going voyage!

Автор snekkevik ( назад)
titta titta på mine brøst!

Автор SSUnitedStateslife ( назад)
And know just recently announced that the SS Independence will be scrapped.
This is turning out to be a very sad year for classic liner's.

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