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Автор Parker Rabe (4 месяца)
They tows that ship from Miami to Germany , then to India, took 3 months

Автор Parker Rabe (4 месяца)
So sad, I'll never forget the family vacation we took on the Norway in 1980

Автор nintendoneil (1 год)
my wife and i spent a week on this beautiful ship 12 years ago...it was
wonderful....like being on an actual ship rather than a floating hotel like
you see now.

Автор James Crawford (1 год)
Better to give the old girl a dignified end a the scrappers then to suffer
a horrible fate like the S.S. United States .... just left to rust away for
the past 45 years.

Автор TWTR4EVER (1 год)

We create such magnificent things, accomplishments that we use and discard
as symbols of profit and greed, never truly valuing its historical legacy
for generations to come, never placing them in their proper historical
chronological order of our evolution!
With that said, from day one, the "SS France" had big shoes to follow,
considering her predecessor the "SS Normandy", also not only a
technological wonder of its day but "floating Art Deco Palace" lost to the
ravishes of WW2, many speculate as Nazi sabotage in NYC Harbor!
I had the privilege of sailing the SS France as a child in a crossing from
Le Havre to NYC in the 1960's, and as an adult, in the SS Norway in a
cruise out of Miami in the 1990's. By then she was no longer a
"Transatlantic" but a Norwegian Cruise Line Fun Ship, two very different
stages of her service never losing her glamour, a legend in her own right!

Автор itisian (7 лет)

Автор alexxxxxx23 (7 лет)
Anyway, old people died, old ships get scraped, that is life...

Автор Joy van den Berg (6 лет)
true. She's an important piece of maritime history. Just look at what
happened to the SS Rotterdam. The same could have happened to the beautiful
Norway. She should have been saved. This is just a terrible end for such a
great liner.

Автор haywoodbadman10 (6 лет)
must av been a tremendous experiance to go and see her in her final few
months while she was still intact now she is doomed nothing can save her

Автор itisian (7 лет)
Someone respond, I want to know what they did with that ship.

Автор mechwarrior58 (6 лет)
I agree. it is a horrible crime , yet we must look to the future. We have
one liner that is in need of saving and it's the SS united states docked in
philly. She has to be saved. I hope in the future one or even I will build
new and classic liners like her. Only time will tell.

Автор meringandan (7 лет)
Stop getting all sentimental ships only have a lifespan of around 35 years
before all the metal begins to decay badly nothing lasts forever. The new
liners are just as good.

Автор cruiserchris92 (7 лет)
No one is at fault here. NCL is not to blame. The ship's boiler blast in
2003 crippled her. NCL sent her to Bremerhaven to try to fix her, but the
expenses were so high that letting her go was the only way. The costs of
running her was also overpowering her total profit. Anyways, NCL tried to
sell her, but time ran out before a bidder could claim her. Her needs of
constant maintenience did not please anyone. Alas, she was sent to be
scrapped. It was the only way. She will be remembered always.

Автор yooperlooper (3 года)
I sailed on her 4 times in the 1990's - stopped cruising all together after
the explosionbecause I never wanted to go on another ship. Now seeing this
is so sad. I could just picture us on her cruises having fun in all these
(now) lonely places. Kindof creepy. I'd sure like to get that documentary -
and wish I had more souvenirs

Автор ElMejoDeMuja (7 лет)
che triste destino!! è sempre brutto vedere come dei gioielli del mare
vengano abbandonati!! per di piu in dei cantieri del genere..navi cosi
devono avere la stessa sorte della queen mary2 che funge ora da albergo
galleggiante!! che bella nave che era la SS Norway!!!!!!!!!

Автор titanastic (7 лет)
*WARNING WARNING* This guy homeric9 is part of the NCL/Priya Blue
propaganda team. Don't listen to anything he says. He has been posting anti
SSmaritime comments and anti Reuben commnets and anti Norway comments all
over You Tube. There have been MASSIVE virus attacks on ssmaritime and
sites which give the truth about the illegal sale of the Norway. There are
all kinds of shady characters trying to cover up for NCL and the breakers.
Watch out for them! *WARNING WARNING*

Автор StarshipNormandy7421 (2 года)
theres a different standard today for travel folks used to dress up and
stay that way for a trip today when folks take a trip they look like they
rolled out of bed and decided to catch a flight. i mean it they show up in
sweats and with bed head.

Автор MikeCharlieSBRJ (5 лет)
WMG is very stupid. Never again will I buy something from WMG. Petty!

Автор eivber15 (4 года)
where is the boat now

Автор homeric9 (7 лет)
The report is irrelevant? You admitted not even seeing it and you call it
irrelevant?! And you would know the sepcifics of the issues that needed
addressing from whom? of course, ssmaritime's version of events. Anyone who
makes statements that can be easily proven to be false sets themselves up
for the results and ssmaritime has done just that. But hey, you make an
awesome chearleader. And when you're offered a glass of KoolAid by
ssmaritime....don't take it.

Автор cwanxton (5 лет)
First and last time was around 1985 for 7 days. Captain was a guy named
Haugen. Our waiter was Trevor Pink from Jamaica. Entertainment headliner
was Vic Damone. The water was too choppy to tender to the goofy private
island (Coco Cay?), but we did make it off in St. Thomas and maybe one
other port. My buddy and I from college took a "pot luck" room on the
Dolphin Deck to save money.

Автор titanastic (7 лет)
Yet more NCL propaganda... It could have been repaired, for example by
fitting Diesel engines like the QE2. And it was exported illegally from
Europe for breaking as it contained toxic material like asbestos. NCL lied
about why it was exported, otherwise it would never have been able to leave
Europe. Check out SS maritime and you will find the full truth on this.

Автор SSUnitedStateslife (7 лет)
Good bye SS Norway R.I.P may u sail for eternity

Автор itisian (7 лет)
Oh, WHY?

Автор titanastic (7 лет)
Yes they could come up with the cash. Project Bleu Ribband and Project
Dubai coordinated by Rueben Goosens of SS Maritime offered the breakers
THREE TIMES what they paid for her but they decided to scrap because of NCL
pressure who said she must be broken. Homeric9 has been posting pro NCL
statements and may well be part of their team. Ignore what he says.

Автор SSUnitedStateslife (7 лет)
Dont know why they had to scrap her when they had a hotel buyer??? if u
have any questions feel free to ask

Автор mechwarrior58 (6 лет)
Whats the title of the first song in the video?

Автор allandky (7 лет)
Thank God for the American passengers and their money, for without them the
cruise industry would not be what it is today. The Americans have
saved/resurrected an entire industry and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Not
all people who work on cruise ships are from poor nations and for those who
are, what's the alternative....letting them stay home in their impoverished
surroundings not being able to support their families. Many are grateful to
make enough money to send home for their families.

Автор Creanda (7 лет)
I agree.. they should have done more...

Автор MikeCharlieSBRJ (5 лет)
WMG é muito idiota. Nunca mais vou comprar algo de WMG. Petty!

Автор 0Secret0Identity0 (3 года)
my dad worked on this ship

Автор T0mazs (6 лет)
Very touching trailer, I'm really looking forward to the entire
documentary. Well done, and keep it up! From Holland.

Автор haywoodbadman10 (7 лет)
People need to save her b4 its 2 late

Автор CaraBrimleyRules (3 года)
@edcokmful It was broken up in 2008 because it was a rusty old heap of
scrap with a blown engine & too expensive to refit to the new standards.
Besides, people expect a different package with cruises nowadays. Outside
balconies for example. Basically ships are designed to last 20-30 years and
this one was nearly 50 years old... built for crossing the Atlantic in a
different era. It's all very well people saying it could be saved but would
they pay for it and guarantee the passengers to fill it?

Автор alexxxxxx23 (7 лет)
l think that renovation of SS Norway could be more expensive, than build
the new liner, thats why NCL sold it for scraping. lt is only busines. RMS
Olympic, RMS Mauretania and RMS Aquitania was also scraped.....

Автор landyman110 (7 лет)
Should never have put the "new" top decks on, spoilt her beautiful lines
from then on. Just like us humans to be "advancing backwards", rest in

Автор 5trucker (4 года)
what happened to her for them to scrap her cause it looks like shes in
realy good shape

Автор thehoff1982 (5 лет)
we must save the ss united states!!!

Автор alexxxxxx23 (7 лет)
Why do you think it was illegally? hip anyway was old from 1960-ties, and
there was explosionon board also, so l think it cant be repaired anyway....

Автор homeric9 (7 лет)
Oh my...I'm betting youthink there were no planes on 9/11 too aren't you.
You decide what to believe in becuase it fits your needs. You apparently
take ssmaritime's word for everything and thst is your perogitive. When I
started researching however the facts are abit different than what you
post. You of course will not look at the NTSB report, you posted all of its
contents were confidential till it was released which is totally untrue. I
suggest you look for yourself, stop acting foolish

Автор alexxxxxx23 (7 лет)
What hapened to SS Norway? Was she scraped?

Автор madbuisness (6 лет)
OMGGGGGGGGGG i went on this ship in 2000! and i thook a beautiful pic of
him and i have on my desk!!! and now when i saw what the ncl do with this
georgous funship!!!! i cant imagine why they do this with a page of
maritime history!!!:(

Автор mechwarrior58 (6 лет)
Oceanos by Josh Groban

Автор islamsucksallah (5 лет)
She was a nice looking ship until Norway slapped on all that 'shoe box'
superstructure. Blech!

Автор alexanderst123 (2 года)
The last song i named? :)

Автор itisian (7 лет)

Автор titanastic (7 лет)
Reuben Goossens is one of the world's LEADING authorities on liners and
cruise ships. Oh yes, but you choose to ignore that fact. He IS a leading
lecturer and historian. Just Google "reuben goossens" if anyone doesn't
believe me. You will find loads of reference to his discussions on maritime
history via some important websites, books etc. Google homeric9 and you get
the square root of fuck all. Zilch wrt important history. A couple of
references to a sockpuppet on You Tube if you are lucky.

Автор Ashwin Raphael (3 года)
can anyone tell me why the fuck are they demoliting it?

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