GTA: VCS: Mission #54 - Domo Arigato Domestoboto

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories: Mission #54 - Domo Arigato Domestoboto

Video Info:
Playstation 2 version of GTA Vice City Stories, NO CHEATS/MODS! played by Boner Jones a.k.a. GTAmissions, recorded with a TV Wonder 200 Tuner card and edited using Sony Vegas 5.0

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Длительность: 9:59
Комментарии: 415

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Автор VICTOR GAMEPLAY ( назад)
nunca zerei esse jogo no psp por causa dessa missão de merda

Автор FullVault Inc ( назад)
"Domestobot! You lousy piece of crap! You ruined me!"
-Mendez, Armando, 1984

Автор MIlchiller ( назад)
thx for help

Автор Novie Tirtawijaya ( назад)
why in 1984 there are robots? but after 1984 there are no robots at all
even at gta 5?

Автор Kendry Matos ( назад)
Gracias por el codigo ermano

Автор Cicada 3301 ( назад)

Автор Lell Ryan ( назад)
8423 gracias1

Автор Leti Diaz ( назад)
tuvo chido

Автор Monroe ( назад)
Thanks. This really helped. I was struggling here xD

Автор aimbot.exe ( назад)
fucking loved this mission it was like the tranquility lane of vice city

Автор Darius Edmond ( назад)
how the hell were we supposed to know the code before youtube lol

Автор Mareks Simcenko ( назад)
tenx vore the coda

Автор ธีรถัทร ดีงาใ ( назад)

Автор Edwin Alexis ( назад)
Jjaja Men Gracias Por El Codigo Casi No Paso Esa Put4 Micion Gracias Men
Buenos Videos Tenes

Автор jair Rojas ( назад)
gracias por el código me ha servido de mucho tankhs

Автор Keanna Calcaben ( назад)
Thank you very much!!!! (:

Автор Сергей Шадрин ( назад)
thanks for the code

Автор No Username ( назад)
Lazy Antagonist

VC É MTO RUIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Brayanwood ( назад)
Gracias m ayudó 

Автор Lorenzo Spitaleri ( назад)
why domestobot has a dildo?

Автор marielis unerg ( назад)
gracias estuvo estupendo al fin la pase 

Автор carlitasport YT ( назад)

Автор Walid Bendaou ( назад)
thanks for your help

Автор creepy play ( назад)
gracias gracias gracias me alluda mucho 

Автор Marzuq Mahmood ( назад)
thank u very much 

Автор Adam Style ( назад)

Автор Ross blackbird ( назад)

Автор Shaine Kian Leocario ( назад)

Автор 23 misteriosa ( назад)
thanks thanks thanks

Автор Patrick Loremas ( назад)
I keep clicking 8432 but it is wrong

Автор Ori (Shadowslayer577) ( назад)
Thanks so much i was struggling a load :) Rated up and subscribed

Автор Karen .Lahey ( назад)
was the guy in the yellow and black shirt trevor?

Автор Devon Owens ( назад)
thanks for help

Автор . /カウントダウン ( назад)
''Domo Arigato'' means Thank you in japanese:)

Автор michael castro ( назад)
what fuckin money!

Автор MAH alert ( назад)

Автор Bartek Mal ( назад)
Thanks for help

Автор EL Guevo ( назад)
vz si sos a lo que se le llama mierda GTAmissions por que lo pones hasta el
video po0ne deuna vez el juego inutil de mierda!! 

Автор Abel Limón ( назад)
This robot was advertised numerous times in earlier GTA games like Vice
City, and this is the first radio advertised product to have appeared in
the game as something you can in a mission.

Автор jualian calderon ( назад)
i hate this mission so i leave this game and play gta san andreas

Автор reubenrosen ( назад)
I actually wanted to use the dildo arm for armando mendez lol.

Автор Adamax 01 ( назад)
who did see the plain? 2:55

Автор franco gonzales ( назад)

Автор Praveen Sam ( назад)
Tis is actually true.I beat tis mission wit only 2 trys.REAAAALLY!!!

Автор Diane Lambley ( назад)
8423 in numbers on phone put in letters equals VICE

Автор Sadisticnote433 ( назад)
Im sitting there just guessing random codes like WTF IS THE FUCKIN CODE

Автор Rhiner1989 ( назад)
vic opens the car door so dramatically

Автор Hector Leon ( назад)
When I first played this, I noticed that this is prior to Vice City on the
PS2 cause obviously Lance and Ricardo are still alive :P

Автор Hector Leon ( назад)
Not really, I thought it was At first, Only because I was on foot. Until I
barely saw the bike which covers alot of ground lol

Автор NemessisBiohazard ( назад)
Do you require a light? XD

Автор tony montana ( назад)
hey in gta vc in the beginning cutscene they were dealing and the people
who messed up the deal where diaz his men

Автор eazyduzit ( назад)
I remember cracking this code with a guess, no looking up for codes, just
getting lucky :D...I still play this when i'm bored

Автор nina mozos lopez ( назад)

Автор Christian Rafael Fabellon ( назад)

Автор Christian Rafael Fabellon ( назад)
You mean the code?

Автор nina mozos lopez ( назад)
cuando llego a la cocina no esta la bandeja que estoy haciendo mal

Автор Goncalo Lima ( назад)
Thank you!!

Автор vianey calderon ( назад)

Автор 23thical4myHTTV ( назад)
i loved that mission, but i wish there was a mission like that in gta:iv
because if you listen to the commercials on the radio it says that there is
a new robot (el chumucoroboto) so i wish you could play another robot

Автор Jack Boswell ( назад)

Автор bErSiKuLo zYmOn ( назад)

Автор Enzo Ccasani ( назад)

Автор pacific303 ( назад)
Do you require a light? LMAO!

Автор montsewonita ( назад)
uff .u are a hero ...

Автор TheStunnerFTW ( назад)
When u begin and u show the chick the dildo shes like holy shit! Lol

Автор oogmninoeagles009 ( назад)
i agree with you i had hard time

Автор Przemek Wolański ( назад)
ale sie popisujwsz lol 

Автор Nathan Salin ( назад)
DOMESTOBOTO quel nom !!! 

Автор SweetGameplays ( назад)

Автор Sixth Rider Orihime Kroos ( назад)
Si no veo este vieo no se cuanto tiempo me hubiera tardado en pasar esa

Автор haejin iwai ( назад)
yeah this game is awesome

Автор marcos antonio vieira alves ( назад)
sou brasil

Автор Newsbezaar ( назад)
was tat a dildo? 5:19

Автор Derekphoenixz ( назад)
hardest mission.yet.

Автор brando chen ( назад)

Автор victor andres ( назад)
olle but the key is that the change or 8423 or where did you get

Автор oreo8118 ( назад)
I remember just quitting GTA long time ago when I got to this mission...
Now I got the this mission again and u helped me get through it. :) Could
never get that code.. Thank you for the video!

Автор Farah Abdul Aziz ( назад)
You mean Forellis

Автор Farah Abdul Aziz ( назад)

Автор Farah Abdul Aziz ( назад)
If that happens,Louise won't die

Автор Paulo Henrique Silva Paiva ( назад)
q difícil

Автор Νικος Τζανακος ( назад)
bro you help me gggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Автор savvas ewa ( назад)
bro i do this fucking mission 1 hour,,,you are the BEST :)

Автор Graeme3417 ( назад)
for people who don't know this there is an radio commercial in gta 4
telling you about another robot called el chuko roboto which is a sequal to
this robot they even made refference to it

Автор gibran cabrera vargas ( назад)
si no lo veo no lo avria pasado en un buen rato...

Автор Lynna Thaddy ( назад)
this is the easy game!!!

Автор Illimar Pedak ( назад)
its a pleasure tool 

Автор John McTree ( назад)
yes if you go to near ther woman laying on the bed with the dildo she says:
Put that away :D

Автор Jake Stevens ( назад)
haha i was laughing at that pink dildo on the robot........... damn that
made my dad.

Автор c2reful ( назад)
I guess so xD

Автор TheRydersanandreas ( назад)
Ey i see taht robot IN ROCKY IV

Автор juresaiyan ( назад)
this game is so cool!

Автор alexandre jhon ( назад)
trillions of thanks men i know the code 

Автор pantelis xatzimakris ( назад)
thanks im coplete now mision yeah :DDDDD

Автор coolgivo21 ( назад)

Автор djkasdjkasdjdjdj ( назад)
How the hell do u suppose to know the code in the first placa

Автор lino grimoldi ( назад)

Автор Zillion Loh ( назад)
Thanks man! 

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