HHO Mythbusters Explained

This video was emailed to me since I watch Mythbusters. I have to say that although Mythbusters did try to get an HHO system online, they failed. The reasons were clear and stated in this Video.
I wish they would have taken it a step further.

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Автор vachon644 (12 дней)
If we could simply create energy like people wrongly think we can, we could
have the cars run on 100% HHO.

Автор HYDROGEN (1 месяц)

Автор RPdigital (2 месяца)
Using HHO is a bad idea, you will get always risk to explode the mixture.
Using pure hydrogen is the better approach. If it leaks and gets in fire,
it just creates a flame and does not explode. For making hydrogen, you will
need DC and collect only hydrogen.

Автор Luis Alberto Guiza Zayas (3 месяца)
¿Direct current?

Автор HereWeCome (3 месяца)
After seeing this, I just can't trust Mythbusters anymore. LOL

Автор gtaclevelandcity (4 дня)
All we need to do as a country to stay ahead of the energy game is to
convert some of that useless desert in Nevada and Arizona into massive
solar powered electrolysis plants that can convert sea water into hydrogen
gas and put well protected tanks of it into cars.

Автор Ryan Olson (14 дней)
It matters not that you have a system less efficient than burning gasoline.
You simply ask the sun for more power. Its FREE

Автор Hargobind Singh (15 дней)
wow the mythbusters are morons I am running a fuel cell in my tundra as an
assist not a replacement for gasoline.

Автор rokag333 (13 дней)
Electrolysis is the most inefficient way to separate oxygen and hydrogen
from, what is chemically speaking a ash, water.
Just this fact should open the eyes of the "believers" water is a liquid
residue of combustion, to reverse the state prior the combustion implied
the restitution of the amount of energy given by the combustion plus the
energy used to restore the state prior the combustion.
The balance is ALWAYS negative no matter how "smart" is the process (and
electrolysis is far to be the smartest).

The us military have used a process of recombination of CO² and Water, from
seawater, to produce an hydrocarbon this process is much more efficient(and
complex) than a simple electrolysis, it seems that the cost is 3 to 6$ per
barrel ADDED to the cost of the energy used.

So if you want to make a barrel of this hydrocarbon you will have to use
one barrel of oil let's say 100$ +3 to 6$ for the lost of energy in the
process which is a wonderful achievement. If you consider that you can
transform electricity(hard to be stored) in hydrocarbon (easy to store)

Автор nunya biznez (23 дня)
While you can certainly power a motor on hydrogen it is not an efficient
way to power a car. The problem is you cannot get more energy out of a
system than you put into it. Basic physics 101. The people who think you
can never took Basic physics 101. The process involves either a chemical
reaction to produce hydrogen or an electro-chemical process to produce
hydrogen. in either case, in the transfer of energy the amount of energy
represented by the hydrogen is slightly less than the amount of energy
represented by the chemicals or the electrochemical contribution to the
process. When you burn the hydrogen, not all the energy is utilized. Each
step of the process of energy transference always looses a little energy
because no process is 100% efficient. So in the above process you have
chemicals + electricity > hydrogen > mechanical energy. In an electric car
you have stored electrical energy (battery) > mechanical energy. Note in
the second process there is one less step and therefore it is more
efficient. Therefore it is more efficient to directly transfer the energy
from a battery than the above method and that is why nobody is pursuing
this. Simple basic physics 101. Class dismissed. 

Автор T.L. Sitter (1 месяц)
What i don't understand is why nobody has thought of a hybrid solution....
you have all these tuner guys installing air filters to increase oxygen
into their engine but if you just attach a small hydrogen generator that
funnels pure hydrogen into your engine wouldn't that just increase
performance to your car just as nitrogen boosts does :S so even if the car
can't run on hydrogen alone you can still increase performance by a huge
amount... or am i totally wrong here :P?

Автор John Kross (1 месяц)
If you want to get the best Plans to convert your car to run as Hybrid
and save hundreds of dollars on your fuel expense
there is a mechanic from Detroit that tested these car kits conversions
Just go to Google and search for: *Top HHO Gas Car Research*
Click the first result (Skip the Advertisement)

Автор blackhatter011 (16 дней)
HHOSportTrac The reasons they failed were clear and stated in this Video.
So show us how in your video.

Автор thevancouverguy (3 месяца)
hate to break it to you, but using baking soda still would of not made the
system work. you cannot run your car on electrolysis alone. the hydrogen
they used from the tank to get the car to turnover is ALOT more hydrogen
then you could generate from the onboard water tank. you use more power
splitting the water into hydrogen and oxygen then you get from combustion
of the hydrogen. thus it cannot work because that would be overunity. you
cant just get a system like this, use electricity to make hydrogen from
water, use the hydrogen to run your car, charging the battery, and using
more electricity to generate more hydrogen.most systems dont even claim you
can do that, they just say you will get better fuel efficiency (they are
wrong as well, for the exact same reason)

Автор Jeff Levenhagen (3 месяца)
I've seen people add hydrogen to the engine instead of trying to just use
hydrogen. It seems to work pretty good. It give you a better burning engine
and cleaner burning engine.

Автор DanK3670 (1 месяц)
lol feed the car gasoline like he did with the hydrogen, you will get the
same results, but much worse.

Автор mememojo (5 месяцев)
what happens to the water when it's been depleted for all it's hydrogen?
And does it get it's hydrogen back somehow? Is it drinkable??

Автор Johnny Bravo (2 месяца)
Water contains the 2 elements required for a fuel. Hydrogen is the fuel and
Oxygen is the oxidizer. Using cracked water is the best fuel idea ever
created. The only reason we use kerosene based fuels is because of greed.

Francois Isaac de Rivaz designed in 1806 the De Rivaz engine, the first
internal combustion engine, which ran on a hydrogen/oxygen mixture. Just
wow over 200 years ago this guy already had the right idea.

Imagine the outcry from governments and big corporations if we used water
free from the sky to power our cars and generators. They would lose big
dollars! The whole system is fucked up. People who have successfully found
these technologies and made them work hide out of fear of losing it or
being arrested. It is a massive fallacy to say that if you got something
like this to work you would be rich... You could not be more wrong, if you
publicize an alternate fuel you will be hunted and taken down.

All I will say is it all works, so do your research and find a way to use
water as fuel and keep it secret.

Автор Mapple Cat (2 месяца)
Run a car on compressed air And put compressed air straight to the wheels
to make power instead of gas or anything put a compressed air tank into a
car and put the compressed air straight into the cylinders and if its
powerful enough it will indeed move the piston up and down enough.

Автор tt (3 месяца)
cool video, I'm almost there after winter my new fuel cell goes in my car.
Its to cold out to mess around with know.

Автор Radek Čelechovský (2 месяца)
They dont use pulsing current, I cant beliefe they done so stupid mistake.
It is not coincidence in my opinion,. it is because They work like they
have to work and theyre TVshow is censored show for not introduced people.
So if you considering your own experiment, remember that pulsing current
with adjustable pulse lenght and with frequency from 3 kHz to 25 Khz, its
the field for experimenting, electrolysis is normal, the mystery is in the
power source.
It is fucking American paranoia which keeps the world full of garbage and
agressive people who are permanently in stress. And why stress, maybe
money? It means the same like the gas, everything is calculated from the
price of gas, This system is horrible. Let somebody tell them they are
stupid clowns...
Only your own work Answer the question, not tv....TV is cancer of the
intelligence, it is devil making people idiotic.

Автор jchhull690 (2 месяца)
yeas 12 v

Автор Aldion Sylkaj (1 месяц)
Warning deep conspiracy: oil companies told them to fail. No rich guy wants
to to go bust...

Автор Michael Chu (1 месяц)
I think Mythbuster skew the understanding the purpose of HHO. The topic of
their test is "Can a car run SOLELY with HHO". The amount of hydrogen
produced from HHO kit's are not enough to power a car, it should always be
used with regular fuel that's why they busted this. This creates a hybrid.
In the FIRST Toyota Prius, it probably won't run with the electricity
alone, but if you run a little electricity to move the wheels, it probably
won't move or move very slow. They are using the concept of assisting to
make the car use less fuel than it needs to move the car. Primary (Fuel) +
Assistant (Electricity) + Assistant (Hydrogen). Since you got those
helpers you don't need to use as much fuel. Just as you're a manager if
you do everything yourself, you're going to burn yourself out faster, but
if you break up your projects into smaller task for your subordinates to
do, you will have more energy to do other things or take on more projects.
So can a subordinate alone do what the manager does? Probably not.
(NOTE: Just using this as a analogy, subordinates can promoted all the
time.) =)

Автор electronicspark1 (4 месяца)
Seems to me these guys are paid douche bags

Автор mustardseedchronicle (2 месяца)
between the lack of understanding the need for electrolytes and just
standing there pumping open hydrogen into a carb ( and not expecting a back
fire ) its clear that these guys are NOT the experts on anything....what
further amazes me is that these shows bring in "expert
consultants"....where the hell were they when all this was going on?....
myth busters? MEH!

Автор walter barnes (4 месяца)
The reason That the Car "back fired" , Is because the Spark timing
advances when your Vacuum ADVANCE is working in the Distributor. Also
the Mechanical advance weights as you speed up the engine. Hydrogen
works best at TOP-DEAD CENTER , or slightly ATDC. The Flame speed is
8 miles a sec, much more efficient that gasoline and it has NO
Carbon. Hydrogen expands then contracts with the explosion. One gallon
of water , will expand 1700 times as it is converted to
Oxy-Hydrogen. Back flash protection and bubblers Must be used

Автор Paul Tuthill (3 месяца)
I built an HHO unit. I hooked it up to a Ford F250 with a 390 motor. Its
normal mpg w/the existing carb is 4mpg( the carb sucked), but once I fired
it up I ran it for consecutive 8 hrs on 1 gallon of gas and HHO. It does
work. I don't recommend baking soda as an electrolyte, and the problems I
had were heat related. It caused the electrolyte to brown , which increased
the amperage draw untill it burned out my amp meter. The HHO systems are
becoming much better lately.They have pretty much, solved the heat issue by
the installation of neutral plates in between the positive and negative
plates. Like a battery cell each neutral plate cuts the voltage in half.
EG: no neutral plates measures 12v accross plate to plate, but if you
install a neutral plate it measures 6v to the neutral and 6v from neutral
to the other side. Each heutral plate cuts it down comparatively.
The ideal, as I have been able to deduce is 2v between each cell. Also 3/8
of an inch is a rediculous distance between plates, stick to about 1/8 in. 

Автор EBENLO Painter of Song (1 месяц)
I'd like to see them Mythbust Daniel Dingle's Sea Water Car that uses HHO.
He say's he's been running only on water and doing it for 30 years.

Автор Benjamin Frost (1 месяц)
After seeing this, I WILL NEVER trust Mythbusters anymore. 

Автор DRMusicRoom (4 месяца)
The #1 reason why it didn't work is because Big Oil paid them to make it
NOT work. If Big Oil ensures one more season of Myth Busters and a hefty
bonus then HHO production DON'T WORK!

Автор Criss Harry (3 месяца)
If you want to improve your car engine efficiency
and save on your car fuel expenses
There is a better way to do it - it is HHO Gas
Search Google for: *Top HHO Gas Car Research*
Click the first result (Skip the Advertisement)

Автор Ryan Olson (14 дней)
Even though you produce less energy than is required to produce it, what
makes a hydrogen system work is the resources required to produce it
available for next to nothing. An energy system in complete control of its
creator that uses resources that are renewable.

Автор bkritsot (28 дней)
Mythbusters as anything else on tv are takeing orders from new world order..

Автор Martin Pate (2 месяца)
Tested by NASA it does work!!

Автор mikecat23 (3 месяца)

Автор Wang Kerr (4 месяца)
Yes they can make hydrogen but you won't get far! The power for re-charging
the battery comes from the engine and it's fuel comes from hydrogen which
came from the battery! law of thermodynamics - you cannot get out more than
you put in. So if you have a 12v battery - that's how much power you have
as an input.

Автор justin76bmw (2 месяца)
theirs a hundred scientific reasons why this wont work. unfortunately it
doesn't explain why my '90 Honda crx with a $25 home mead hho generator is
getting 85mpg...... somebody must be putting gas in my tank at night.

Автор Kyle Kessler (1 месяц)
you guys do a lot of crazy stuff and that wasnt nothing scary because its
hydrogen on demand , there is not enough there to hurt you. i think it runs
or idle's on hho and goes or accelorate's on gas. i know it will work.

Автор MrKlaydi (3 месяца)
Mythbusters failed cause they are paid for this! :(( They are

Автор Jessi Ryder (5 месяцев)
If you want to improve your car engine efficiency
and save on your car fuel expenses
There is a better way to do it - it is HHO Gas
Using Hydrogen Hybrid alternative for improving
your car miles per gallon or kilometer per liter
Search Google for: *Top HHO Gas Car Research*
Click the first result (Skip the Advertisement)

Автор Entity1037 (6 месяцев)
ILLEGAL!!!!!!! People would be the main issue with the loss of the dollar.
Have you forgotten about that? And plus, stop assuming I'm rich, you
assumption blurting idiot!

Автор larsonb33 (11 месяцев)

Автор IIDASHII (7 месяцев)
What we have RIGHT now is piston engines. Do you have an electric car? Can
you afford one? I know that I can't.

Автор kedwardsist (8 месяцев)
yer hho should stand for... HORSE HAY OUTPUT..horseshit...explosive but
just not enough to give it propulsion...... :)

Автор TheUnDeity (6 месяцев)
i guarantee u they were paid off. these guys rnt fucking stupid. not to
mention i have seen builds of this that not only work, but produce an
extreme amount more hydrogen than this crappy model..

Автор Maulerw (6 месяцев)
Youre completely correct. What the misunderstanding is though, you dont RUN
your car on it. Your car runs on fuel, HHO makes the burn more efficient.
However, you need to trick your ecu in an injected engine otherwise it just
gives more fuel thinking the mix is lean and will do absolutely NOTHING.
Carby engines dont have that problem, but its still fiddly to get it spot
on. It does work though, you need to look around to find sites describing
it that arent just lunatics with free energy.

Автор 1965ace (6 месяцев)
Are you familiar with the law of conservation ? I'm a science guy I love
science but that is BS. You can't convert energy to make more energy, even
at 100 % efficiency you won't make one iota of more energy. From motor to
alternator to HHO device back into motor will always be a net loss in
efficiency . The day it takes less energy to break H2O bonds than it
produces in combustion will rival the invention of the wheel. You are
deceiving yourself.

Автор Maulerw (6 месяцев)
DYE chemistry? Research your topics thoroughly before slandering something.
HHO acts as a combustion catalyst not as a fuel source. You still need
petrol, it just increases your mileage by making it burn more efficiently.

Автор Deathstroke44 (8 месяцев)
also i gaurantee they didnt use a "tesla" coil to increase voltage and
create an occilating waveform, which from what i have researched, increases
hho production exponentially

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