HHO Mythbusters Explained

This video was emailed to me since I watch Mythbusters. I have to say that although Mythbusters did try to get an HHO system online, they failed. The reasons were clear and stated in this Video.
I wish they would have taken it a step further.

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Автор ccryder1149 (3 месяца)
So, when you run current through a solution of sodium bicarbonate and water
you get virtually no hydrogen but you do get a lot of carbon dioxide.
Somehow I don't think that carbon dioxide is very helpful in getting an
engine to operate. But, let us visit HHO Fairy Tale Land and pretend that
the bag actually was full of HHO. In just one revolution of a 5 liter
engine, the entire bag would be empty. So, as it took five minutes to
produce enough HHO for a single revolution of the crankshaft, how
many years would it take to produce enough HHO for a trip to Granma's

Автор RavenPrecept (2 месяца)
Myth Busters often fail to make things work when they want to prove it
won't work. Obviously a car will run nicely on HHO. However conventional
science says it's impossible to draw enough power from an engine to make
it's own fuel. If a bit of HHO can be generated then this ought to make the
engine run nicer and perhaps save some fuel. The video maker says todays
HHO generators do make enough to run an engine. I would like to know more.

Автор MrStoneycool69 (2 месяца)
The oil companies would shut down Myth Busters if they made it work

Автор Mike Warren (7 дней)
so. does your's run off a fuel cell? because a car takes more fuel in 5
minutes, than that back contained.

Автор Selsley01 (4 дня)
HHO fuel cells dont work because theyre debunked by scientists owned by the
government who are payed big taxes from fossel fuels, as in the case of
stanley mayers, people say he was a fake, because they were told he was,
did these people check for themselves or just believe instantly what they
were told, what i dont understand is, if they are so ready to believe its
not true, why are they no so ready to believe its true? the fuel cell used
in this experiment was a single tube, when so many of them shown on utube
have at least 8.... the fact is, you can get hydrogen from water,
normal electrolysis is just not energy efficient, what stanley mayers did
was refine through trial and error a supply that didnt heat the water and
was more efficient at lower voltage. i know that research costs money, and
people want to get paid for their work, but we need to start freely sharing
our inventions, forget about patenting, if ou got something that will
change the world, tell the world about it for free, post it on as many
media sites as possible as well as social networks, get the plans out to
the common people and other inventors and engineers, the governments cant
disappear us all. eventually we will ask WHY we still use fossels fuels
when so many of us have built and proved these ideas to work. btw stanley
mayers died after having a toast with cranberry juice for his success with
investors, he instantly ran outside clutching his throat and vomited
exclaiming "they have poisoned me", soon after, he was dead........ his
death was investigated by the FBI.....result heart failure......hmmmmm

Автор David Curtis (18 дней)
This isn't a hydrogen fuel cell. A hydrogen fuel cell combines hydrogen and
oxygen to create electricity, heat, and water. These guys just obviously
did not understand the concepts for using hydrogen to power the vehicle. 

Автор GlargodSr (3 месяца)
this is one example of why I lost any shread of faith in the value of the
mythbusters' tests. They appear to be biased and purposely introduce
subtle "doomed to fail" variables in their experiments to discredit the
validity of systems that would otherwise cause harm to the wallet of those
who sign their paychecks and the owners and controllers of "the big

Автор smack talker (1 месяц)
I find the motives of a lot of commenters on these conspiracy type videos
strange it's like everyone who opposes belief HHO cars has a physics
degree... likely the loads and loads of scientific misinfo these people
blindly believe I really don't care about links and misinfo trolls when
you've physically seen it in real life in front of you it starts to get
hard to deny

Автор Jeny la loca (1 день)
les han pagado para que digan ke no funciona. chatarra!!!!!

valla mierda de celda, exploto por ser el motor de carburacion, ademas de
no retrasar el encendido y pufff 20 cositas mas!!!!!!

Автор Christo Whyno (9 дней)
mythbusters = 2 brightly lit puppets

hopefully one doesnt say ok this french painter and his easily excitable
son, who wont take his meds, cant achieve success therefore by reason of
deduction it cant be done. Oh you internet hoaksters! On Jaime on Adam, to
the next buster of mythological hope for human suffering and slaveship. 

Автор bballplayer5555 (6 дней)
Conservation of energy makes this theoretically impossible in a car. You
have to put in power to break apart the hydrogen oxygen bonds in water then
you have to put in energy to bond the oxygen and hydrogen into diatomic
form but that is not the issue you get all that energy back out in the
combustion process. The issue here is that the thermodynamic cycle is
limited by the Carnot cycle so you will not get a 100 percent efficiency
meaning you will never be able to keep the cycle going for longer than a
minute or so before then energy difference will be to great and the battery
will no longer run. The reason hydrogen can run an engine is because it
does produce enough energy but there is a reason they produce it in large
quantities in factories. It is because they use large amounts of heavy
metal catalysts in order to make the energy difference smaller and more
efficient but they charge you because both those processes are expensive
and they still have to put in a large amount power to make the reverse
reaction happen. Whether there is a catalyst involved or not it still
requires more energy than what you need to get out because the Carnot Cycle
limits the power out compared to what is put in.

Автор Fistful Pennies (24 дня)
the question is why dont mythbusters replicate stanley mayers experiment
yes he did it back in the late 70s

not their fault they dont dare
if they even try the same things will happen as when they tried to show
the new credit card rfid chips are readable at a distance and less secure
than the older cards
look up stan meyer water car folks its not a joke

Автор Marinus Pemen (2 месяца)
It is very easy to makeThe so called fuel cell and make a lot of bubbles
with different types of additives to the water and different gaps between
the plates,,But it don't matter what you do,you can't make enough (gas)
with your car battery to run your car 100% on (gas)You would need a bank of
battery's and a supersize alternator and a V 8 to run the
alternator,,,,,,So you are chasing your tail,,Running around in circles and
guess what, you are getting no where , CRAPP

Автор Kader Mapel (1 месяц)
Won't happen just like there won't ever be a cure for cancer for your every
day Joe shmoe cause the oil industry and medical industry are greedy for
power and money not to mention it sad water so they will try to patient
water as a fuel like Monsanto patients Food.....I could go for days 

Автор ronazan87 (3 месяца)
paid tv trolls! insulting people's ingenuity

Автор Stan Rodgers (8 месяцев)
Calling this HHO idea a fuel cell is like having a cordless drill with a

It's not a fuel cell because it requires an outside source of energy and
sadly enough can not possibly return the same amount of power due to losses
of friction and resistance and further there is combustion engine
inefficiencies where 70% of the energy is lost in the form of heat.

Автор craig little (1 месяц)
Hydrogen doesnt work worth a fuk, just buy an e85 car and you will save
more time and money.

Автор Jed Clampett (1 месяц)
i have had zero respect for these two morons from day one ever since they
their tv series hit the air waves. What a great way to send more false
negative info to the masses.

Автор orsanjethro . (2 месяца)
They 'failed' because they are paid to fail, which is to discourage others.

Автор John Kross (10 месяцев)
If you want to get the best Plans to convert your car to run as Hybrid
and save hundreds of dollars on your fuel expense
there is a mechanic from Detroit that tested these car kits conversions
Just go to Google and search for: *Top HHO Gas Car Research*
Click the first result (Skip the Advertisement)

Автор DrPiterarnett (1 месяц)
two morons

Автор john renney (5 дней)
Cool more

Автор Seka Menacerecords (2 месяца)
I've got a much simpler explanation...You're a quack.

Автор Tony Smith (3 дня)
Notice NO VISIBLE BUBBLES from the Mythbusters, they "bebunked"
ELECTROLYSIS since they couldn't even get a small amount of gas ! I got
more from 12v and a glass of tap water so why couldn't they ? Complete B.S.
fail on purpose !
They showed electrolysis is just a myth too, or they can't do a simple
experiment, or FAILED ON PURPOSE !

Автор Dini Mueter (6 месяцев)
Electrical -> Chemical -> Thermal -> Mechanical
That sounds lossy..
How about:
Electrical <-> Mechanical, you know electromotors right? >90% efficiency
and they can even reverse the energy flow..

Автор Carlos Olivero (4 месяца)
MithBuster fail to make a HydrogenCell and I make small one and it works
great in my car ;)

Автор TAShannon1 (3 месяца)
They did not catalyze the water correctly

Автор Anthony Harriott (6 месяцев)
it looks like it dose work,but you just have to know what your doing.not
much modification required. Hopefullly well see more of this.

Автор Alonso Glez (3 месяца)
Thanks Marco you all ready solve a problem u mean heat??

Автор Hargobind Singh (9 месяцев)
wow the mythbusters are morons I am running a fuel cell in my tundra as an
assist not a replacement for gasoline.

Автор Michael Chu (10 месяцев)
I think Mythbuster skew the understanding the purpose of HHO. The topic of
their test is "Can a car run SOLELY with HHO". The amount of hydrogen
produced from HHO kit's are not enough to power a car, it should always be
used with regular fuel that's why they busted this. This creates a hybrid.
In the FIRST Toyota Prius, it probably won't run with the electricity
alone, but if you run a little electricity to move the wheels, it probably
won't move or move very slow. They are using the concept of assisting to
make the car use less fuel than it needs to move the car. Primary (Fuel) +
Assistant (Electricity) + Assistant (Hydrogen). Since you got those
helpers you don't need to use as much fuel. Just as you're a manager if
you do everything yourself, you're going to burn yourself out faster, but
if you break up your projects into smaller task for your subordinates to
do, you will have more energy to do other things or take on more projects.
So can a subordinate alone do what the manager does? Probably not.
(NOTE: Just using this as a analogy, subordinates can promoted all the
time.) =)

Автор Ankerman Nermon (6 месяцев)
i ran my car engine using water as fuel, bits from an old washing machine
bits and bobs it reved up ran fine only for seconds because it quickly ran
out of electrolysed gas H O. i have 1000 of hours under the bonnet know the
sound of an engine, it was perfect. to run on water cracked as the fuel(
using no petrol/gas) needed is 1 ml of water per second that's a good
figure to be around, should be good for speed of 60 miles an hour, depends
on engine size and car weight.UV light used with electrolyser will push the
electron away from the proton in the nucleus weakening the
electronegitivity of the oxygen atom. i left school at 15, how have all the
worlds scientist not perfected this allready

Автор John King (9 месяцев)
I think this was the one that sank their show...
You can blast a Rocket into outer space with Hydrogen and Oxygen but you
can't run a car with it. Hmm... Odd.
Hydrogen burns like Alcohol but cleaner and hotter. Oxygen is an explosive
gas. So HHO is a clean burning explosive gas mix. Yet the "experts" called
bullshit on this. Right...
I see now how a clean burning explosive gas mix can't work in an internal
combustion engine. The Oil companies said so. Gee, that must be true.
Pftt... whatever.

Автор nunya biznez (10 месяцев)
While you can certainly power a motor on hydrogen it is not an efficient
way to power a car. The problem is you cannot get more energy out of a
system than you put into it. Basic physics 101. The people who think you
can never took Basic physics 101. The process involves either a chemical
reaction to produce hydrogen or an electro-chemical process to produce
hydrogen. in either case, in the transfer of energy the amount of energy
represented by the hydrogen is slightly less than the amount of energy
represented by the chemicals or the electrochemical contribution to the
process. When you burn the hydrogen, not all the energy is utilized. Each
step of the process of energy transference always looses a little energy
because no process is 100% efficient. So in the above process you have
chemicals + electricity > hydrogen > mechanical energy. In an electric car
you have stored electrical energy (battery) > mechanical energy. Note in
the second process there is one less step and therefore it is more
efficient. Therefore it is more efficient to directly transfer the energy
from a battery than the above method and that is why nobody is pursuing
this. Simple basic physics 101. Class dismissed. 

Автор Ray Wu (6 месяцев)
That was obvious open exposure in carb its gonna explode dummest thing is
that they had a hydrogen in huge tank with no measure of possible danger
lol idiots! Who said hydrogen separation is safe to bust the myth on?

Автор Ankerman Nermon (6 месяцев)
Petrol/Gas is hydrogen, thats the only part of Petrol/Gas that burns. when
it's refined from crude oil it's still locked to the carbon that's why it
in liquid form, the carbon does not burn, so why would a car engine not
run on hydrogen water has 5 times more hydrogen in it than oil. if you can
find a natural or artificial substance to combine with oxygen in the water,
a plant uses Photosynthesis, only needs one photon to break apart one water

Автор immrnoidall (2 месяца)
sham on you Mythbusters sham sham sham.reminds me of monkey looking for
bananas inside a computer monitor.

Автор Ryan Olson (9 месяцев)
It matters not that you have a system less efficient than burning gasoline.
You simply ask the sun for more power. Its FREE

Автор jesus monente (6 месяцев)
hola soy de argentina megustaria este video en español simpre megusto su

Автор vachon644 (9 месяцев)
If we could simply create energy like people wrongly think we can, we could
have the cars run on 100% HHO.

Автор Bob Kemper (9 месяцев)
Keep researching, these guys appear to me, as paid stooges for the oil
cartel's. It's obvious if you watch enough videos, you'll find authentic
ways explained on how to increase your fuel mileage using hydrogen gas
generated by properly built generating cells. I wouldn't buy
any blue print plans though, because there are many charlatans after your
hard earned dollars.

Автор Eddie Alvarado (6 месяцев)
Just hook up the cyl tank why go threw all the bull shit of wireing and
install when you can have a direct line 

Автор ThirdRailRadio (6 месяцев)
I live in new york city and i am looking for someone who will build and
install one of these units for my car. Can anyone please help?

Автор Jerrod Germusa (8 месяцев)
They just used water, no electrolytes dissolved to increase Hydrogen and
Oxygen formation. Although, the energy to split water must come from
somewhere as energy can neither be created or destroyed and can only be
transformed from one form to another. Most likely an AC power source, which
is most likely supplied in majority by the burning of coal... Only way this
would work in a sustainable way is with solar cells providing the

Автор ferds814 (6 месяцев)
more surface area for the electrodes means more seperation

Автор Joe Benotz (6 месяцев)
Second Law of Themodynamics

Автор DanK3670 (10 месяцев)
lol feed the car gasoline like he did with the hydrogen, you will get the
same results, but much worse.

Автор Benjamin Frost (10 месяцев)
After seeing this, I WILL NEVER trust Mythbusters anymore. 

Автор mustardseedchronicle (1 год)
between the lack of understanding the need for electrolytes and just
standing there pumping open hydrogen into a carb ( and not expecting a back
fire ) its clear that these guys are NOT the experts on anything....what
further amazes me is that these shows bring in "expert
consultants"....where the hell were they when all this was going on?....
myth busters? MEH!

Автор HereWeCome (1 год)
After seeing this, I just can't trust Mythbusters anymore. LOL

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