HHO Mythbusters Explained

This video was emailed to me since I watch Mythbusters. I have to say that although Mythbusters did try to get an HHO system online, they failed. The reasons were clear and stated in this Video.
I wish they would have taken it a step further.

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Автор angelean dozier ( назад)
sale outs ..

Автор FERRIOT JOSETTE ( назад)

Автор hintzofcolorconcepts ( назад)
Electrolytes got what cars crave...

Автор derrick johnston ( назад)
u lie ing sack a shit

Автор Dennis Hust ( назад)
if we use lab made heavy water 2h2o it would be ok, but there is no way to
make more water. literally these 10s of 1000s of people makeing these hho
generators could be why we are seeing global warming and the polar caps are

Автор Debora Adkins ( назад)
I will never watch these lairs again!

Автор Dennis Hust ( назад)
people please stop anyone with half a brain realize we can run a car on
water! The problem is if we deplete the water sources on our planet WE DIE!

Автор uski59 ( назад)
Ive watched alot of these shows & I must say, to even think this one is a
bust says SELLOUT,....MAJOR SELLOUT,....... You two fairies are BUSTED....
I like when he rolled in the hydrogen cylinder,......work good then aye !

Автор alquinify ( назад)
Its working here in the Philippines, maybe you are paid by oil companies, I
hope Tesla motors will adapt this to, environmental friendly ang free fuel
, like their electric cars that most people thought it is impossible, now
they're in the roads,

Автор Mc M ( назад)
That's why Myth Busters are now off the air, Jamie & Adam were blown up!

Автор Kami smk technomedia ( назад)
looser!!! this video creates like monkey

Автор Piano Man42 ( назад)
Good to see mythbusters are doing something constructive this time; instead
of blowing shit up.

Автор Truthsearcherforever ( назад)
The illuminati pays the owners of these tv shows to discredit hho
generators. First of all STUPID who is dum enough to use a big jar like
that one. Second hydrogen is VERY explosive. What are they making the
nuclear bombs from? Hydrogen STUPID. the myth buster guys look more
ridiculous with that big stupid machine they made creating a hho Generator
it's not rocket science and the people there on the TV show try to make it
complicated so people will not independent them self from gasoline. Babylon
the great: Vatican illuminati Washington DC UK royals Zionist Khazarian
Satanic Mafia is going down guys. Research BRICS Alliance And compare it to
Daniel 11:44. Jehovah God has strike the waters for Babylon and very soon
he will order Jesus Christ to this sent to earth and destroy this wicked
world Daniel 2:44.

Автор Bruce Dobson ( назад)
Personally, I think either someone made some dirty money or they did it
for free to try to discredit the water for fuel movement. This I know, to
those who know that electrolysis of water works these guys have made asses
of themselves not to be trusted at the very least. I've watched many
episodes of MythBusters with my sons and they hate it when I point out the
flaws in their setups, procedures, etc. They say, "Can't you just watch it
for the entertainment value?" I guess that's all their program is good for.
If I want something scientific I'll watch Bill Nye the science guy, or
something silly like that.

Автор Feel The Bern ( назад)
Hydrogen is 1/ 300th the amount of energy as regular Gas per volume. So
you'll look cool with that 300x's bigger gas tank that's the size of a
double transport trailer consuming 10x's the fuel just to pull it and
realize you'll get about 50 miles on 2,400 gallons of water. Great idea you
fucking idiot ! where r u fueling up, the ocean ?

Автор Richard Lane ( назад)
they probably didnt take it any steps further so they didnt you know, put
their lives in danger. Anyone smart enough to build one of these has
probably thought about the risks to their safety.

Автор mr.kentiki proulx ( назад)
united states war submarines run off this technology. do not piss the oil
companies off.

Автор mptrax ( назад)
Mythbusters convinced me completely ! HHO DOES WORK !

Автор bbnl lbbll ( назад)
They should remake this episode and this time make it right

Автор connelly6375 ( назад)
okay i have really ended up in the weeds of the internet here. I had no
idea that the hydrogen conspiracy theory stuff was still going on, i
thought everyone grew up, but i guess someones voting for trump

Автор Wvotanthewhite ( назад)
As for me; their cheesy (un)attempt to reproduce this 'myth' without any
explanation of how this os done, with their unusual behaviour of not trying
to up the ants, is the sheer proof that this is not just a PLAULSIBLE but a
totally confirmed myth.

Автор Tyson O'Neil ( назад)
You could run a car with one but it would be un effective

Автор Brad Anderson ( назад)
john Rockefeller was in danger of going out of business when electricity
replaced oiled lamps, until he figured out what to do with the extremely
volatile biproduct of oil refinement.

Автор nicu doker ( назад)
Mythbusters are a joke

Автор Brian Martin ( назад)

Автор The Timeless Automaton ( назад)
Special effects guys know how to fake a desired effect for the camera
that's all, they present everything pseudo scientifically and misdirect
attention away from the key to HHO circuits, I can tell at a glance their
device was rigged to under achieve, either intentionally or out of
ignorance, the Xc of the tubes looks to be way in excess of the inductor
reactance, they tuned the circuit in a 'special' way for the desired
'busted' effect so it dribbles gas like a granny with her teeth out, no
offence granny :D

Автор stealthop ( назад)
Welp the mythbusters fingerfucked that one now didnt they

Автор Simon Burdett ( назад)
I know, I sell Hydrogen Fuel Systems: www.hydrogenfuelsystems.com.au from
South Australia, main office being in Perth, Australia, owner Gavin Knox
c/o Hydrogen Fuel Systems pty Ltd.

Our Systems have an International Patent, they work EXTREMELY well, and can
boost your power by 25%, and improve your fuel consumption by around 50%!!!
See video: I know, I sell Hydrogen Fuel Systems:
www.hydrogenfuelsystems.com.au from South Australia, main office being in
Perth, Australia, owner Gavin Knox c/o Hydrogen Fuel Systems pty Ltd.

Our Systems have an International Patent, they work EXTREMELY well, and can
boost your power by 25%, and improve your fuel consumption by around 50%!!!
See video:


Автор RCWorks ( назад)
Beef Supreme say HHO is the only fuel to use!

Автор FERRIOT JOSETTE ( назад)

Автор FERRIOT JOSETTE ( назад)

Автор Del Styen ( назад)
If you want to get the plans
to convert your car to HHO
Go to Google and Search for: *"Top HHO Gas Car Research"*
Click the First Result (Skip the Advertisement)

Автор mario lavoie ( назад)
Ho No not the Bullshitpushers! Bought and paid for by GM,Ford and Dodge!

Автор jonharson ( назад)
This comment section is proof that we live in an idiocracy.

Автор FERRIOT JOSETTE ( назад)

Автор Rodgie Christian Cruz ( назад)
We did this for our physics project. saving 60 + - percent of gas. and we
did run the car without gas.
we had a lot of bubbles. 4 litters of purified water and 4 spoon full of
baking soda . wish i could send pictures. the technique is when u make a
hydrogen reactor, use 3 cylinders of food grade stainless steel (316).
using the other two as neutral conductors. and maybe more electricity for
more reaction? :)

Автор Fatih GÜMÜŞ ( назад)
if we assume regular car burns 2 liter/h at idle, it is equivalent of ~100
LPM of H2 so ~150 LPM of HHO. here is the question, what is the ability of
that H2 tank at that time? if we know the real rates we can judge HHO

Автор Paul Hendrix ( назад)
Holy crap, they really fucked it up. But as cool as HHO is, saving fuel
with it is just bullshit.

Автор MJ16Othman ( назад)
They know the oil industry will murder their ass if they did it right

Автор hsu mel ( назад)
Acetone also works very well to increase millage at least 15%. I have
better this result with every car I tried. Acetone was also 'discredit' by
myth buster.

Автор hsu mel ( назад)
mythbuster is a joke. Again, anything they did was to discredit the real
thing that matters.

Автор Joshua Lines ( назад)
Hydrogen embrittlement is the process by which metals such as steel become
brittle and fracture due to the introduction and subsequent diffusion
of hydrogen into the metal. This is often a result of accidental
introduction of hydrogen during forming and finishing operations. This
phenomenon was first described in 1875. via Wikipedia,

how does the average diy user overcome
this issue, there is a process that is done to aircraft engines to avoid
this, but I don't think car manufacturers have this in mind when designing
engines. this could potentially cause serious havoc if one were to run
hydrogen as a fuel long term

Автор Charles Green ( назад)
The oil industry would have had there show canceled if they did it right!!!

Автор Kent Betts ( назад)
You left out the part of this video that shows a car running on hydrogen.

Автор Kim O'Brien ( назад)
Splitting water, which is a product of combustion, so that one can reburn
it is a circular or reversible process. In any reversible process some
energy is unavailable for useful work. That energy is called entropy. That
is the reason why this kind of thing can never result in more energy out
(better fuel economy) than in. For that to happen would allow for the
building of perpetual motion machines. We would be able to build power
plants with only water as a fuel.

Автор ShitHouseRat ( назад)
Mythbusters is an astroturf show. They are corporate funded and one of
their reasons for existence is to "debunk" anything that can hurt big
corporations bottom line.

Автор John Walters ( назад)
I feel that MB is trying to make fun of people with the time and the
ability to try farout ideas like HHO gas for cars

Автор 88timdog ( назад)
I see no air cleaner.you need air and fuel for ignition.the car ran on
hydrogen when they allowed air down the carb.

Автор Green Monkey ( назад)
HHO Has anyone looked it to the damaged that this can cause inside the
engine of a car
HHO is burnt and then forms water that enters your Turbo, and exhausts
system and that = rust correct.

Автор rex scates ( назад)
show me a single car that can run on that device and I will buy it for 100K
if I can drive it for a week just running on the device please. Then I will
give the car back and you can keep the 100K. or lets drive to LA from san
jose and you can leave me in LA.

Автор Jc Pepers ( назад)
What a Bounch of MEDIA TOOLS!

Автор kaca music ( назад)
you cant use a pipe!

Автор FERRIOT JOSETTE ( назад)

Автор SNAFU radio ( назад)
Myth Sellouts

Автор llVIU ( назад)
even their show name is retarded... ''mythbusters''. By definition, a myth
is a popular belief that is false. The real myth here is that cars cannot
run on electrosys... meaning the myth that the car cannot run on water.. is
''busted''. The show is ironic. There are so many things that they do wrong
in their shows... if they claim a myth is true... it's actually false, and
vice versa

Автор Readme .txt ( назад)
Actually, they must be idiots or some people ask then not to do it

Автор 1of 7billion ( назад)
Hey Stupid.....face it ...the days of Bullshitting the people are coming to
an end. btw , How much did you get paid to try???

Автор Bryank Scantking ( назад)
they faked that lol ive seen that show enough to know they did not even try
to do it right.

Автор TheLifeStyleFitness ( назад)
do your research first before judging i have a 2003 corolla and my car has
been running on Hydrogen for 4 years and i will tell you it has been the
best decision I have ever made.

Автор Dick tesseract ( назад)
take salty wather in a microwafe field and jou amp the hho up

Автор Przemo Kubota Popek (299 лет назад)

Автор Przemo Kubota Popek (313 года назад)

Автор Przemo Kubota Popek (361 год назад)

Автор Cary Howe ( назад)
I was wondering why they were getting so little hydrogen out of the system.
The mistakes make sense but Grant should have at least known you need an
electrolyte. Salt and baking soda are the most common in the cells. I don't
believe you can power a car off a small cylinder or a few small jars of
water. What does seem to work is using it to boost gas mileage. It's not
free power either way you need energy to split the water. I take it the
idea is to use excess alternator power to run the cells. You won't get a
huge amount of hydrogen but even a 10% boast would make it worthwhile. I
think it is possible to set up a solar panel for electricity to run the
system then store up hydrogen for a few days and go to the store and back.
No matter what always remember hydrogen is not a power source it's a
storage medium. In the case of the car systems they are storing excess
electricity as hydrogen. Unless you are going down the road once the
battery runs dry you're done making hydrogen.

Автор Pat Barber ( назад)
Frozen hydrogen powers space shuttle rockets. Yes, it's risky. Leaky o
rings caused Sally Ride's shuttle to blow up the whole crew while the world
watched but NASA didn't give up like Mythbusters. I haven't given up on
splitting water into hydroxy gas. I've built the biggest array of tubular
cells in the world (that I know of) on the same tubular principles of Stan
Meyer's array that powered his dune buggy, and using solar power, instead
of my engine's alternator, I've powered up a 454 c.i. with it.

Автор severine garcia ( назад)
les trois connards du système honte a eux fuck thé mythbushit

Автор John Walters ( назад)
did the OIL Company pay you to say the ?

Автор MockingbBird Killa ( назад)
You can't run vehicle on HHO by itself. It just doesn't work like that. You
can use hydrogen to run a vehicle though. This technology already exists,
but the current method of storing the hydrogen is stupid and unsafe. They
just use highly pressurized storage tanks (explosive) instead of a bottle
filled with hydrogen storing metal hydride (somewhat expensive) which is
much safer. You could use hydrogen filled metal hydride canisters in
conjunction with gas or just burn the hydrogen. For hydrogen production you
could use solar panels, wind turbines, or an industrial scale LFTR.

Автор Alex Crouse ( назад)
I would like to see a car actually powered by HHO on a dyno. Not gas + HHO,
but ACTUALLY powered by HHO. If i had the money to waste, i would do it

Автор Rush Brunette ( назад)
How long would it take for you to make a car on your own from scratch?

Автор Marty Spencer ( назад)
That Mythbusters gave ANY attention to this fraud is a total mystery. HHO
as a means of fueling a car is just an even stupider version of the ever
popular perpetual motion machine. Only worse!

Why not just put bigger wheels on the back of your car and thereby RIDE
DOWNHILL everywhere you go and avoid the whole fuel issue altogether. That
has as much chance of working as HHO for propulsion (i.e less than zero

Автор Christian Lewis ( назад)
I have never seen a car run on Hydrogen in person, but I can absolutely
support this video in the respect that Jamie and Adam's generator was not
producing nearly as much bubbles as it should. I did electrolysis with a 9V
battery, a plastic bowl full of salty water and two scrap pieces of wire
today and it aggressively sizzled at the negative wire when dipped in the

Автор plonkster ( назад)
I don't think the problem is whether 1) a car will run on hydrogen or 2)
whether a properly constructed cell will make enough hydrogen to do so. The
answer to both these questions are surely a resounding yes. The problem,
however, is this pesky law in physics that insists that energy is
conserved, that is to say, when you add up all the final power you got from
it and all the little losses during conversion, it will never add up to
more than you started with. So no free energy. The energy you ultimately
run the car on... came from the electricity you started with. Now if your
electricity is cheap enough, this might make sense in monetary terms... but
in good old Joules... it's a nett loss, because converting water to
hydrogen using electrolysis is incredibly inefficient. Even if you add
baking soda.

Автор Joel S ( назад)
I don't see what the issue is. They only proved that the HHO generating
apparatus does not produce HHO fast enough to run a car. Obviously if you
pumped more energy through the water you would get more HHO. This is
nothing revolutionary. And it isn't going to bring down oil companies, the
battery they use was charged using energy produced from oil. It is
physically impossible to get more energy from burning HHO then you use
separating H2O.

Автор pyronaught ( назад)
That was a pretty half-assed attempt by Mythbusters, I thought they at
least had some REAL engineers that worked behind the scenes and did their
homework on these experiments. Any high school kid with an internet
connection could have done a better job than that. I just lost respect for
that show. I wonder how many other "busted" myths they've done were just
due to incompetence or rushing through the process to make a deadline?

Автор Anthony Schurz ( назад)
ok let's stick to the science and engineering part of it , when hydrogen
fuel is mixed with the proper air ratio for proper combustion inside the
chamber. what are its BTU's.
and how does that compare to regular gasoline BTUs
as well as comparing each fuels miles per gallon usage

Автор Mainor Murillo ( назад)
Saddly Mythbusters is not doing the right thing as they are controller by
the Big Brother machinery, but we all know that,. I will have my HHO
install profesionally in a couple off weeks, "cant waith". :-)

Автор Zorobeast ( назад)
Isn't that funny... "Mythbusters free energy *busted*" is only video from
mythbusters what you cannot comment on yt...

Автор shaun obrien ( назад)
I love how everyone claims mythbuster are lying scum etc.. etc.. but
obviously have no idea how this works. If you do understand please why
don't you explain how much energy it takes to split a certain volume of
water into hydrogen and oxygen then assuming perfect combustion how much
energy we can collect from that combustion. When you are done with
that then we figure even an excellent internal combustion engine is only
about 35% efficient and to make electric power we lose more efficiency in
friction, heat lose etc.. we can figure that at only a 5% loss though. Now
after you are done show your work please so we can all see how well your
foot fits in your mouth.

Автор FERRIOT JOSETTE ( назад)
fuck the 3 surricates americans stupid idiot

Автор jamie .willis ( назад)
the problem is consevaton of energy you can never make energy so you use
elctrisity to split the H2 and O out of water then when you recombust them
you can never get more energy then you put in. so runing a car on only
water is just a less direct way to run it on electrisisty. you would be
better to just put in a electirc moter. also it would be a lot saffer. but
as far as jsut suplemanting the nomal gass engine with a fulcell i could
see how that would work, thought not as well as a real hybrid electirc car.
but one proble i could see is you would have to add a bit of weight to the
car. so im not sure if it is worth it would have to crunch the number. if
anyone know sowhere i could get the caculaton showing it is worth it that
would be helpfull. also sorry for any speeling mistakes.

Автор computarman ( назад)
The idea is not to fully run the car on HHO, but rather to increase gas
mileage. So they try to fully start and run the car only on HHO in order to
fail and get some ridicule in for something that I understand really works
to increase gas mileage.

Автор Landon Rush ( назад)
Mythbusters are idiots when it comes to proving and testing complicated
theory. it's fine and dandy to attempt certain "Myths" on television for
entertainment. but for them to even attempt disproving free energy or
hydrogen power etc...is just pathetic. proves they are just doing it for
$$$ to make sheeple say to themselves "ohhh it's not worth it to try that,
or not possible or feasible because I saw it on Mythbusters. ..blah blah
blah" stupiiiid

Автор Max Otto ( назад)
100% agree with all the ones, who called them money-controlled whores. They
truly are!I have no idea how they look at themselves in the mirror; and I
feel sorry for all those who are still watching their mindless,
garbage-loaded show - specifically designed for preschoolers and halfwits.

Автор Ronald Murberg (1260 лет назад)

Автор Criss Harry ( назад)
If you want to improve your car engine efficiency
and save on your car fuel expenses
There is a better way to do it - it is HHO Gas
Search Google for: *Top HHO Gas Car Research*
Click the first result (Skip the Advertisement)

Автор Terry Mckinney ( назад)
The idea was never to prove the technology worked.If that was ever put on
something as main stream as mythbusters,people would be asking why we still
use gas?

Автор Nikola Tesla ( назад)
These two are fucking cranked corrupt mother fuckers whom work for oil
companies and special interests people They promote hoaxes like moon
landing m and tarnish facts like free energy , but guess what , bitches it
s coming soon , soon

Автор Folopolis ( назад)
The Mythbusters did make some mistakes, but you still can't power a car by
putting water in the tank. The combustion in the engine is just turning the
hydrogen and oxygen in the air back into water, which leaves you with the
same species you started with. And by the law of conservation of energy,
you will at best, have a 0 sum game (as soon as the battery is dead). You
need an external power source to do the electrolysis, then have a hydrogen
tank. But if that's what you're doing, you should go for a fuel cell rather
than an I.C.E. because they don't have any moving parts, and so require
much less maintenance.

Автор Hiro Fox (618 лет назад)
Did nobody pay attention to what they were saying? They did it according to
what the downloaded plans said. If the plans didn't say to put in
electrolytes, they didn't put them in.

Автор Xs1Nz ( назад)
They would not be aloud to have this work. This idea is possible though.

Автор Awar Enessuk ( назад)
And being Jesuit Masons possibly had something to do with it !! Junior
school chemistry from people with science degrees - sure!just a silly
internet conspiracy hey dudes, people like that need working on, stupid

Автор F T ( назад)
Shills just a couple of shills. Would you burn the toast on the side it was

Автор Eric Simendinger ( назад)
Mythbusters should have hired someone who claims they know how to make it
on their show.

Автор J S (2034 года назад)
OP also believes the moon landing was a hoax and the earth is still flat.

Автор Jerry Maulden ( назад)
I drive on Hydro and fuel mixed by sipping as it's made hydro into the
intake = increased mpg's... I wish I could get rich because of what I
learned studying on my own... All I did was read alot online... I was
already a mechanic... If you search online "hydrogen fuel" you'll find
several ideas to work on... be safe

Автор Mike Brink ( назад)
A hybrid car with solar panels on the cars roof & hood (as many charging
cells as u can fit on the car) and a big fold out solar panel for when
parked in the sun with an electric- diesel engine is the best option. It
would also have a wall plug in charger. The only way HHO will improve gas
mileage would be solar panels on roof or fold out charging a battery bank
that's producing HHO. Hooking to the alternator won't work. Straight
electric power is more efficient than using electric to make HHO gas. Even
though HHO won't improve mileage hooked to an alternator they didn't do
this test nowhere near correct coz they didn't add salt or lye or baking
soda to produce way more HHO gas. I used to think these 2 guys were very
smart, then I realized they just have more work experience. I figured
they'd be smart enough to realize it could possibly improve mileage hooked
to an alternator or that it could work by using solar & deep cycle battery
bank. They are either not nearly as smart as I thought or they purposely
screwed the test up. I can't believe they didn't already know the car would
run off the hydrogen tank alone. Hydrogen-propane-natural gas-gasoline. How
could they not know this?

Автор Adolfo Carrillo (699 лет назад)
The hell with mythbusters, fu[´*'=[}-+ liers. I was disappointed.

Автор Chris Roland ( назад)
Myth Busters = Jew World Order

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