HHO Mythbusters Explained

This video was emailed to me since I watch Mythbusters. I have to say that although Mythbusters did try to get an HHO system online, they failed. The reasons were clear and stated in this Video.
I wish they would have taken it a step further.

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Автор Awar Enessuk ( назад)
And being Jesuit Masons possibly had something to do with it !! Junior
school chemistry from people with science degrees - sure!just a silly
internet conspiracy hey dudes, people like that need working on, stupid

Автор F T ( назад)
Shills just a couple of shills. Would you burn the toast on the side it was

Автор Eric Simendinger ( назад)
Mythbusters should have hired someone who claims they know how to make it
on their show.

Автор J S (2033 года назад)
OP also believes the moon landing was a hoax and the earth is still flat.

Автор Jerry Maulden ( назад)
I drive on Hydro and fuel mixed by sipping as it's made hydro into the
intake = increased mpg's... I wish I could get rich because of what I
learned studying on my own... All I did was read alot online... I was
already a mechanic... If you search online "hydrogen fuel" you'll find
several ideas to work on... be safe

Автор Mike Brink ( назад)
A hybrid car with solar panels on the cars roof & hood (as many charging
cells as u can fit on the car) and a big fold out solar panel for when
parked in the sun with an electric- diesel engine is the best option. It
would also have a wall plug in charger. The only way HHO will improve gas
mileage would be solar panels on roof or fold out charging a battery bank
that's producing HHO. Hooking to the alternator won't work. Straight
electric power is more efficient than using electric to make HHO gas. Even
though HHO won't improve mileage hooked to an alternator they didn't do
this test nowhere near correct coz they didn't add salt or lye or baking
soda to produce way more HHO gas. I used to think these 2 guys were very
smart, then I realized they just have more work experience. I figured
they'd be smart enough to realize it could possibly improve mileage hooked
to an alternator or that it could work by using solar & deep cycle battery
bank. They are either not nearly as smart as I thought or they purposely
screwed the test up. I can't believe they didn't already know the car would
run off the hydrogen tank alone. Hydrogen-propane-natural gas-gasoline. How
could they not know this?

Автор gustavo adolfo carrillo camacho (698 лет назад)
The hell with mythbusters, fu[´*'=[}-+ liers. I was disappointed.

Автор Chris Roland ( назад)
Myth Busters = Jew World Order

Автор Elias Hernandez ( назад)
Myth busters are here to disappoint you. They are main stream to dis those
who show the public the truth about science just like main stream media...

There real people who use water powerd engines everyday even some police
departments. I've lost trust in these guys....

Автор ryelor123 ( назад)
Still pseudoscience. Guess some people just need BS to make it through the
day. Oh, well, too bad they don't just kill themselves instead.

Автор Anonymous News (SHEEPS FIGHT BACK) ( назад)
i dont think they even know how to use a oscilloscope they are just paid to
look good

Автор Jonathan Ball ( назад)
Electricity breaks up water molecules wasting 33% of that electricity.
Engine recombines the products back into water using only 20% of the
original 67% (which is 18%) to move the car..... and turn the alternator
and charge the battery. Which is then used to apply electrolysis to the
water. Re-obtaining a maximum of 18% of the original 18% ( If!!!.....the
car is not moving and perfectly transfers all of the engine's kinetic
energy to the alternator and battery). So basically your car is running
(very inefficiently) on your car battery.

Simply chucking the electrolysis thingy, the engine, alternator....hell,
chucking everything but the drivetrain and the battery and simply
connecting an electric motor straight to the battery achieves the same
thing except it's way more efficient. Which, btw, is also a very dumb idea,
but still wayyy better than this idea.

Автор AZREDFERN ( назад)
Honestly though, if you were to run a car off of HHO alone, a flame hot
enough to burn diamonds and melt titanium, you'd probably... definitely
melt holes though your pistons.
No doubt it can increase mileage, because it is a hotter, faster burning
gas that can create a more even combustion.

Автор Dave Steines ( назад)
They have hydrogen trucks that went 300 miles on a test run so ya water can
be used as fuel

Автор concerned veteran ( назад)
Zionist Propaganda

Автор cristiangrc1 ( назад)
The myth busters are a bunch of Draconian liers. 

Автор jaze0187 ( назад)
I quit watching mythbusters for facts, they always half ass an experiment.
But hey, they still get their paychecks.

Автор Fernando Santos ( назад)
You need see other project to learn how to do?

Автор longshorts3 ( назад)
Water boost injection in WWII aircraft was used to supply extra power for
short bursts only. Too much, and you ran the water tank dry, or you blew
out the pistons. I always thought that water spray in the air intake would
cool the cylinders and do no other damage - and supply an "octane boost"
with better MPG. In the 70's, I used a very simple water injection system I
bought from J.C. Whitney that was nothing but a tank, some hose to the air
intake to the carb (1972 Chevy C-10 250 Cu In straight 6 2bbl carb), and it
worked wonderful! Better fuel mileage, no spark plug fowling, towed a big
Alumacraft 17' with a big Johnson on it no sweat. Why does today's systems
that supposedly do essentially the same thing cost so much, and have so
many gadgets in them? Don't tell me "emissions control" because I removed
all that junk from my 1990 Ford Ranger 4 cyl 134 cu in and it got 2 mpg
better afterwards. I am open to a very simple way that does not need any
pumps, and relies just on engine vacuum to draw the water into the
throttlebody fuel injection. I don't need more power, I need MPG these
days. The Ranger already runs like a scalded dog.

Автор Jerry Maulden ( назад)
Day late and a dollar short ole boy... (EV) is here. Get this a warp 9
electric motor is faster and quieter than a vette at the drag strip. All at
the price of a project car for a second car 30 cents a pop to refuel, auto
refuel all night while you sleep. a car and or a truck 30 to 45 miles per
hr, and capable of 140 mph... I love it

Автор Michael Carouth ( назад)
Mythbusters Sold Out--- again.
This experiment was set up to fail.

Автор Ed Parachini ( назад)
Jamie couldn't build anything that works if his life depended on it.

Автор callasexperience ( назад)
Morons or what!

Автор Google+ SUCKS BALLS - the worst forced social network ( назад)
You're putting in energy to break water into hydrogen and oxygen.. and
somehow when burning (combining the same elements back together) you think
you can get more energy out.. where did I hear this one before?

Автор Rene Gade (1950 лет назад)
OMG! Mythbusters sold out!!!! YOU BASTARDS!

Автор Mitch B ( назад)
yah mythbusters messed up on that one. Honestly though, given the vacuum a
carburetor produces, especially for a V8 like in the car they used, it
takes a looot of HHO volume to be able to power it through it's full range.
Also, there needs to be some kind of a regulator (similar to the gas
pedal) to keep too much or too little HHO getting to the engine, otherwise,
it can build up where it shouldn't, or, not get enough when needed.

also, don't even think about doing this on a fuel injected car unless you
have mad tuning skills and can actually write the code to program the ECU.
long story... please don't make me go into it.

Also... HHO is thinner than atomised gasoline, and the valves on a gasoline
engine need to be re-spaced, and or to be smaller, valve springs need to be
tighter, and a lot of other little things.

the worst part about HHO is that the end product is water. Do you know
what happens to an engine when you fill it up with water? they rust and
lock up. The pistons do not move the entire length of the cylinder, so,
rust will accumulate on the top portion of the cylinder, and possibly on
the head, unless it is aluminum, however, the valves are NOT aluminum....
nor are they stainless. nor are the valve guides. nor are the piston rings.
What can happen as well, when the engine turns off, and is hot, with
water vapor inside, as it cools, it causes flash rust. If a car sits for a
week or two, the cylinders will be flash rusted. this greatly reduces the
life of the engine every time you start it and the piston rings scrape all
the rust shit off. Remember. they are 4 stroke.. if ONE piston is all the
way up, there are 3,5 or 7 more that are not all the way up, or are all the
way down, filling with rust from left over water molecules.

however........ most of that stuff can be changed or modified with a large
sum of money.

with that said..................

EVERY CITY BUS WHERE I LIVE... has been powered by hydrogen for at least 20
years now..... however, they do break down all the damn time.... Not
saying hydrogen is better than HHO, i'm just saying that........ yes...
cars can run on hydrogen.... and or hho... and we've been doing it here for
a long time now, in 4 billion pound busses! or whatever they weigh.. i
don't know.

Автор Kim O'Brien ( назад)
As long as you agree that more energy is needed to produce hydrogen from
water that means you can't run a car on water alone as you can with

Even if there were no other problems the production of hydrogen from water
in any electrolytic cell constructed to your dimensions with any
electrolyte of your choicer will always have an internal resistance which
will produce heat when in operation. So more energy into produce hydrogen
and heat with less power out burning the same hydrogen or hydrogen-oxygen

As a fuel hydrogen is cleaner than hydrocarbons because when burned it
produces water only and no CO2 greenhouse gas. However its energy density
is lower than any other gas capable of combustion.

Автор Rayn Dad ( назад)
I don't know whether these HHO devices work or not;
I do know that corporate sponsors are NOT totally cool with shows making
demonstrations which would undermine their business model.
That alone should make one skeptical about the findings of these "myth

Автор Ericsr48 (190 лет назад)
Mythbusters is a controlled opposition who's main purpose is mis and dis
info. Fuck them, they are shill scum! 

Автор FERRIOT JOSETTE ( назад)
vous sussez les mafias du petrole ainssi que votre gouvernement de merde
vous meritez des coups de pied au cul bandes de blaireaux d americains

Автор Ky Win ( назад)
the valve timing of gas engines do not work with hydrogen. Hence the back
fire. You need a different camshaft design to run hydrogen.

Автор Walker Haw ( назад)
myth busters deliberatley decided to disalow it to happen becase there a
threat to the elitist agenda

Автор Prot ( назад)
I've never liked the mythbusters T.V. show as they had an intentional bias
one way or the other that skewed the "results" of whatever "experiments"
they investigated. Not sure if this was intentional or due to an overall
lack of understanding based on stupidity.

Stupidity argument has high levels of support when both of them were
shocked @ what occurred on 3:19 in the video above. Seriously, how could
both of these "geniuses" not realize that would happen with such a sloppy
delivery device?

Автор andre pata ( назад)
There is no explanation!! They failed because they planed to fail. I dont
watch anything from this two guys. 

Автор getsmart ( назад)
I'm sorry, i just gave the mythbasterds credit for being stupid. I just
watch that hho date line bullshit, the mythbasterds also are government
stooges.big time obsessed abc cubs via its all the same.. We got to move on
these fucks. DONT watch , criticize, don't vote unless 70% of people vote
in major election don't accept the result. Do something

Автор getsmart ( назад)
Seriously, do THEmyth basterd ever figure anything out??? Nah not really,
they are a waste and yet another pbs show that lasts for a billion years.

Автор Dave Reynolds (1765 лет назад)
you can tell by the whole set up, their sarcastic condescending behaviour
that its deliberately meant to fail, we aint stupid you fake morons, I know
plenty of people making and running vehicles on home made hydrogen on
demand and invented storage. as for the 2 little bubbles . why don't you
all just f off and leave the worlds decent people alone, we aint having
this corporate fake controlling bull shit anymore. bollocks to ya

Автор John Arias (2017 лет назад)
I guys if you are going to test this HHO do it properly.
I think you are specialty is blowing things

Автор Anonymous News (SHEEPS FIGHT BACK) ( назад)
the miff busters are paid to discredit inventions

Автор Happy Fox ( назад)
I believe this and other similar limitations put on the mythbusters crew,
on what they can and can not do, is the main reason why Grant quit... at
least that's what some people claim.

Автор intj123 ( назад)
Hey guys an idea just struck me. A huge part of the problem is having
enough electrical energy to produce the HHO to run a huge engine, that is
also portable. So I just thought, what if you run a dedicated GAS POWERED
electrical generator say in the back of a pickup truck with small
displacement engine like a tacoma? Which will then power a large HHO
generator array also in the bed of the pickup truck, which will create
enough HHO to possibly run the gas engine under the hood that powers the
car. And you can try retuning the ECU of the car with a laptop program to
run on pure HHO, and I'm not sure how you would go about injecting the HHO
into the engine still, I think it would be hard to do it with regular gas
fuel injectors, you would probably need to use gigantic ones to get enough
HHO gas through, or it's probably just easier to do it on a carbureted
engine like the one on this myth busters engine, but it seems dangerous
because of flashback.

This would use far less gasoline than powering the under hood engine with
gasoline. As you are only powering a portable electric house generator type
of thing with much smaller displacement, these generators average like
1kilowatt give or take so that should produce a lot of hydrogen, more
realistic amounts to power the car engine. My alternator on my car is only
about 1 kilowatt as well, and it's also trying to recharge your battery and
power other lights and stuff while you drive, let alone your HHO generator.

It would be pretty costly though and would be a huge project. It's just an
idea, that I'm not too sure of to actually go through with it.

Автор Bill Blakely ( назад)
Mythbusters have their own agenda.

Автор kevin smith ( назад)
I don't think you could run your car off water. Hydrogen sure. But with
water you're basically trying to extract the hydrogen, then combine it with
more oxygen through the intake. So you're breaking the bonds just to
reconnect them again. How could you possibly get usable energy from that?

Автор NEO CRO ( назад)
Since I am researching hydrogen as the "next generation fuel". I read
somewhere that you need 4000 Liters (four thousands) of hydrogen to replace
1 Liter (one) of gasoline. it is not impossible to generate that ammount of
hydrogen, unfortunately it still requires a lot of electric energy, so you
just have to settle down with the small generator that can only produce 1-2
Liters of hydrogen per minute. If you are trying to run your car only on
Hydrogen then try to get at least 100 Liters per minute with low
electricity or with a solar source, and make it small enough so it fits
inside your car. I am a man of science so I would never say is impossible,
actually I beleve very soon someone will find the way, I have seen amazing
guys on youtube getting up to 60 Liters per minute (using 320V and 33
amps). I am even thinking of writing my grade tesis about it. But for now
we will have to run our cars only with a mix of hydrogen and gasoline. Hope
this info helps you all to save some time instead of wasting it watching
scams on youtube. THERE ARE A LOT OF SCAMS. peace!! 

Автор David Chapman ( назад)
Engine backfired because it went lean... moronic application of fuel. Or
lack of it...

Автор David Chapman ( назад)
"Can a car run on hydrogen?" Oh crap...what do you think it runs on now?
It's burning a HYDROCARBON. The hydrogen gets used and the carbon goes out
the tailpipe as CO or CO2... Come on people...think.

Автор Fridgemusa ( назад)
Just plain NOPE, it's not possible!!!

Автор Nick Santucci ( назад)
the problem was the frequency that was being put in the H20 it has to be
very specific to disassociate the H and O molecules and they have to stay
disassociated until they hit the combustion chamber

Автор Alain Averhoff ( назад)

Автор The World is Chemistry (747 лет назад)
I would like a real chemist or physicist who thinks these systems work for
the long term to answer one question for me: First Law of Thermodynamics?
How do you keep the battery charged?

Автор SantinoDeluxe ( назад)
its important to note this is not made to run a car off but rather as a
fuel enrichment item to more completely burn what fuel you do use. if the
energy used to create the HHO was from waste heat/exhaust gas the system
would definitely increase output power. the idea is not the same as the
water fuel talked about by stanley myers/daniel dingle/joe cell (or the
like), it works on ICEs due to the fact that the ICE started as a highly
inefficient design with room for improvement and gasoline doesnt burn 100%
on its own (at Standard Temps/Pressures).

Автор micheals1992 ( назад)
If you understand the basics of physics you would know that these systems
are impossible anyway... it requires much more energy to produce hydrogen
then you gain from burning the hydrogen.

electrolysis is only about 65% efficient. It gets even uglier when you
combust the hydrogen... you only get back about 20% of the energy stored in
the hydrogen, the rest is converted into heat. If you dedicated 100 Watts
to producing hydrogen and then burn't it in the engine it would only
produce 13 Watts of usable energy, which means you'd loose 87 Watts of

Автор lmljr62 ( назад)
It is hilarious that these bozos get paid to "enlighten" the rest of us
poor deluded masses. To their credit, they haven't retracted their opinion
or rerun the test admitting their inadequacy to the task.Conclusion :
Mythbusters credibility - Busted!

Автор Stanley Meyers ( назад)
yeah, the whole reason they even did the show on this was to scare people
away from it to begin with. The zionist bankers put them up to saying it
did not work.

Автор Teddy Craig ( назад)
They have totally misrepresented the concept. The device was developed to
aid combustion and bump up power and aid economy. No ware does it claim
that you can run a vehicle without fuel in the tank feeding the engine.
Having said that, the device produces very little hydrogen, a single
teaspoon of petrol can produce 12 cubic metres of hydrogen gas. Whatever
the pros and cons, the idea is nice.

Автор jmpmcd ( назад)
myth busters are bad at their job as engineers, but good at their job
working for big business...

Автор Mark Lockhart ( назад)
which is why we see so many thousands of them on the road.

Автор wined nalbat ( назад)
HHO cell produces HHO on demand... even if it backfire it wouldn't cause
any damage... for additional safety use flashback arrestor or have a blow
valve in the bubbler or have them both if your so paranoid... haha

Автор wined nalbat ( назад)

Автор adrian padure ( назад)
,FIND A REAL JOB becouse the BIG OIL soon couldn't pay you anymore

Автор Keola Pirata ( назад)
mythbusters = propaganda/newsertainment

Автор Antonio Girley ( назад)
I bet The Men In Black Paid them to Do this !!!!!!!

Автор Crozbyguy ( назад)
In the End, they ran the engine on hydrogen, they just didn't know how to
make their own, and then blame it on the internet The world record for high
mileage gasoline is set at 376 miles per gallon using heated "Fuel Vapor"
back in 1973.
I've run hydrogen (and it's a lot of cleaning up plates) for seven
years, Don't get upset, but there are better solutions than adding HHO to a
gasoline engine system. The trick is making gasoline droplets into a true
"Clear Vapor" prior to engine ingestion.
The record was set by Shell Oil engineers and is well documented. HHO is
still a temporary solution for diesel systems, but in the end fuel cells
will probably run on dark energy or magnetics.

Автор liquidshadow12 ( назад)
Mythbusters = NO BRAIN

Автор Del Bolt ( назад)
If you want to get the plans
to convert your car to HHO
Go to Google and Search for :
*"Top HHO Gas Car Research"*
Click the First Result (Skip the Advertisement)

Автор Omar Smith ( назад)
the alternator creates extra energy. that is why so many electronics can be
plugged into the cigarette lighter.

Автор Omar Smith ( назад)
they failed it on purpose...after so many regular episodes they seemed to
start debunking everything.

Автор GameFreekz ( назад)
The truth is, MB's didn't prove that HHO doesn't work. They proved, that
the downloaded version from the internet of HHO wet cell plan doesn't work.
They did however prove the point, that you CAN run a car on pure hydrogen,
provided, that you have enough of it available and they also inadvertently
pointed out, that you need a safe and proper set up to be installed on your
car, to avoid any unwanted explosions and/or damage.

Автор Jeny la loca ( назад)
les han pagado para que digan ke no funciona. chatarra!!!!!

valla mierda de celda, exploto por ser el motor de carburacion, ademas de
no retrasar el encendido y pufff 20 cositas mas!!!!!!

Автор Tony Smith ( назад)
Notice NO VISIBLE BUBBLES from the Mythbusters, they "bebunked"
ELECTROLYSIS since they couldn't even get a small amount of gas ! I got
more from 12v and a glass of tap water so why couldn't they ? Complete B.S.
fail on purpose !
They showed electrolysis is just a myth too, or they can't do a simple
experiment, or FAILED ON PURPOSE !

Автор Selsley01 ( назад)
HHO fuel cells dont work because theyre debunked by scientists owned by the
government who are payed big taxes from fossel fuels, as in the case of
stanley mayers, people say he was a fake, because they were told he was,
did these people check for themselves or just believe instantly what they
were told, what i dont understand is, if they are so ready to believe its
not true, why are they no so ready to believe its true? the fuel cell used
in this experiment was a single tube, when so many of them shown on utube
have at least 8.... the fact is, you can get hydrogen from water,
normal electrolysis is just not energy efficient, what stanley mayers did
was refine through trial and error a supply that didnt heat the water and
was more efficient at lower voltage. i know that research costs money, and
people want to get paid for their work, but we need to start freely sharing
our inventions, forget about patenting, if ou got something that will
change the world, tell the world about it for free, post it on as many
media sites as possible as well as social networks, get the plans out to
the common people and other inventors and engineers, the governments cant
disappear us all. eventually we will ask WHY we still use fossels fuels
when so many of us have built and proved these ideas to work. btw stanley
mayers died after having a toast with cranberry juice for his success with
investors, he instantly ran outside clutching his throat and vomited
exclaiming "they have poisoned me", soon after, he was dead........ his
death was investigated by the FBI.....result heart failure......hmmmmm

Автор john renney ( назад)
Cool more

Автор bballplayer5555 ( назад)
Conservation of energy makes this theoretically impossible in a car. You
have to put in power to break apart the hydrogen oxygen bonds in water then
you have to put in energy to bond the oxygen and hydrogen into diatomic
form but that is not the issue you get all that energy back out in the
combustion process. The issue here is that the thermodynamic cycle is
limited by the Carnot cycle so you will not get a 100 percent efficiency
meaning you will never be able to keep the cycle going for longer than a
minute or so before then energy difference will be to great and the battery
will no longer run. The reason hydrogen can run an engine is because it
does produce enough energy but there is a reason they produce it in large
quantities in factories. It is because they use large amounts of heavy
metal catalysts in order to make the energy difference smaller and more
efficient but they charge you because both those processes are expensive
and they still have to put in a large amount power to make the reverse
reaction happen. Whether there is a catalyst involved or not it still
requires more energy than what you need to get out because the Carnot Cycle
limits the power out compared to what is put in.

Автор Mike Warren ( назад)
so. does your's run off a fuel cell? because a car takes more fuel in 5
minutes, than that back contained.

Автор Christo Whyno ( назад)
mythbusters = 2 brightly lit puppets

hopefully one doesnt say ok this french painter and his easily excitable
son, who wont take his meds, cant achieve success therefore by reason of
deduction it cant be done. Oh you internet hoaksters! On Jaime on Adam, to
the next buster of mythological hope for human suffering and slaveship. 

Автор Fistful Pennies ( назад)
the question is why dont mythbusters replicate stanley mayers experiment
yes he did it back in the late 70s

not their fault they dont dare
if they even try the same things will happen as when they tried to show
the new credit card rfid chips are readable at a distance and less secure
than the older cards
look up stan meyer water car folks its not a joke

Автор craig little ( назад)
Hydrogen doesnt work worth a fuk, just buy an e85 car and you will save
more time and money.

Автор DrPiterarnett ( назад)
two morons

Автор Jed “oldhorsesass” Clampett ( назад)
i have had zero respect for these two morons from day one ever since they
their tv series hit the air waves. What a great way to send more false
negative info to the masses.

Автор Kader Mapel ( назад)
Won't happen just like there won't ever be a cure for cancer for your every
day Joe shmoe cause the oil industry and medical industry are greedy for
power and money not to mention it sad water so they will try to patient
water as a fuel like Monsanto patients Food.....I could go for days 

Автор Seka Menacerecords ( назад)
I've got a much simpler explanation...You're a quack.

Автор orsanjethro ( назад)
They 'failed' because they are paid to fail, which is to discourage others.

Автор Marinus Pemen ( назад)
It is very easy to makeThe so called fuel cell and make a lot of bubbles
with different types of additives to the water and different gaps between
the plates,,But it don't matter what you do,you can't make enough (gas)
with your car battery to run your car 100% on (gas)You would need a bank of
battery's and a supersize alternator and a V 8 to run the
alternator,,,,,,So you are chasing your tail,,Running around in circles and
guess what, you are getting no where , CRAPP

Автор immrnoidall ( назад)
sham on you Mythbusters sham sham sham.reminds me of monkey looking for
bananas inside a computer monitor.

Автор MrStoneycool69 ( назад)
The oil companies would shut down Myth Busters if they made it work

Автор RavenPrecept ( назад)
Myth Busters often fail to make things work when they want to prove it
won't work. Obviously a car will run nicely on HHO. However conventional
science says it's impossible to draw enough power from an engine to make
it's own fuel. If a bit of HHO can be generated then this ought to make the
engine run nicer and perhaps save some fuel. The video maker says todays
HHO generators do make enough to run an engine. I would like to know more.

Автор Alcyone89 ( назад)
paid tv trolls! insulting people's ingenuity

Автор GlargodSr ( назад)
this is one example of why I lost any shread of faith in the value of the
mythbusters' tests. They appear to be biased and purposely introduce
subtle "doomed to fail" variables in their experiments to discredit the
validity of systems that would otherwise cause harm to the wallet of those
who sign their paychecks and the owners and controllers of "the big

Автор ccryder1149 ( назад)
So, when you run current through a solution of sodium bicarbonate and water
you get virtually no hydrogen but you do get a lot of carbon dioxide.
Somehow I don't think that carbon dioxide is very helpful in getting an
engine to operate. But, let us visit HHO Fairy Tale Land and pretend that
the bag actually was full of HHO. In just one revolution of a 5 liter
engine, the entire bag would be empty. So, as it took five minutes to
produce enough HHO for a single revolution of the crankshaft, how
many years would it take to produce enough HHO for a trip to Granma's

Автор TAShannon1 ( назад)
They did not catalyze the water correctly

Автор Alonso Glez ( назад)
Thanks Marco you all ready solve a problem u mean heat??

Автор Carlos Olivero ( назад)
MithBuster fail to make a HydrogenCell and I make small one and it works
great in my car ;)

Автор Ray Wu ( назад)
That was obvious open exposure in carb its gonna explode dummest thing is
that they had a hydrogen in huge tank with no measure of possible danger
lol idiots! Who said hydrogen separation is safe to bust the myth on?

Автор Anthony Harriott ( назад)
it looks like it dose work,but you just have to know what your doing.not
much modification required. Hopefullly well see more of this.

Автор Silvan Geissmann ( назад)
Electrical -> Chemical -> Thermal -> Mechanical
That sounds lossy..
How about:
Electrical <-> Mechanical, you know electromotors right? >90% efficiency
and they can even reverse the energy flow..

Автор ferds814 ( назад)
more surface area for the electrodes means more seperation

Автор jesus monente (1800 лет назад)
hola soy de argentina megustaria este video en español simpre megusto su

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