Christian & Oliver- Halo

A Fanvid of Christian and Oliver. I recommend to click on "watch in HD" for a better view :)

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Автор Juana Maria Lopez Lopez ( назад)
imposible de igualar

Автор Grandelícia Duarte ( назад)
um grande amor em nossas vidas faz toda a diferença nas coisas da vida...

Автор Grandelícia Duarte ( назад)
Sou um cara normal, mas com muito sentimento e chego a chorar, quando sinto
queperdi o grande amor da minha vida depois de 13 anos juntos, ainda mais
por tudo que enfrentamos juntos,,,

Автор Rachel Pierce ( назад)
I wish they had gotten a happy ending. But that's why I read fanfiction.

Автор 马思均 ( назад)
Ich liebe Christian und Oliver

Автор mạnh tuấn nguyễn ( назад)
i love this couple 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Автор hassan jalal ( назад)
they are my all time favourite couple.i cried when christian left the
show.olli and christian they belong to each other.i miss them soo much
right now i am in tears.....😢

Автор Rachel Pierce ( назад)
love this song and couple. great quality, thanks for uploading.

Автор Jana Miller ( назад)
My fav love story ❤️❤️❤️

Автор Rudinho Sousa ( назад)
Muito lindo mesmo to duas semana separado do meu namorado 

Автор Joe Garnier ( назад)
I love this video I feel so lonely I no longer smile I just lost my best
friend for so many years now I go on there so many people around me and yet
I feel so lonely I haven't had love it so many I guess that's part of

Автор Becky One ( назад)
With all the music videos of Chrolli I´ve already watched, it´s not easy to
say which one is the best... But I´d say this one should be my number one,
even if I don´t really know why. It´s simply amazing!

Автор Mrs. Vale idknow ( назад)
I really miss them. :'(

Автор may shiny ( назад)
This is so sweet.. christian oliver were sweet

Автор Minato Arisato ( назад)
I know this is an really old video but....could you tell me where you were
able to find such high quality clips???? They're so hard to come why :( :(
:( :(

Автор mlorocker ( назад)
Been watching this for years. Still the best

Автор LeeAnn Pratt ( назад)
I miss these guys so much :(

Автор ธัญพิสิษฐ์ โรจน์นิรันดร์ ( назад)

Автор Danillo elias ( назад)

Автор Stephen Campbell ( назад)
hey its steve from aussie love this track talk soon

Автор trucgiang le ( назад)
Tuyet voi !

Автор paris farro ( назад)

Автор Marcela Santos ( назад)

Автор Su Tash ( назад)
Buahhhh!!!! (that means T-T in Spanish) I miss them soooo much!! Pleeeeease
Pleease Christian come back, volvé de una vez o te voy a buscar y te traigo
de los pelos.
Автор paf433 ( назад)
Love it , love it and love it ! Every time i watch this video , i feel so
good inside ; i love them forever !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jú Gomes ( назад)
O Oliver é o meu pedaço de mal caminho!

Автор Clifford Hutchinson ( назад)
Das ist schön ! !

Автор Bethania Wellington ( назад)
Love this video especially with the song matching perfectly with the
different clips capturing Chrolli's love beautifully and wonderfully.

Автор LauraSpade ( назад)
3:45 His eyes... *O*

Автор Ashcalenlass ( назад)
These two are my absolute favorite couple, right up there with Brian/Justin
from Queer as Folk, followed by Luke/Noah from As the World Turns. Please
writers, keep them together, no matter what problems you put them thru.


Автор Yizhao Zhang ( назад)
really hope they can be together forever

Автор Gino Technician ( назад)
my smile and my wings spread while watching this video... tzous!

Автор Juan David Vasquez Puerta ( назад)
se que la enbarreCOSITO MI ENIOC, y se que las películas son pelis y la
realidad es la realidad, pero te amo como nunca he amado a alguien cosito y
eres el AMOR DE MI VIDA y este video refleja dolor, sufrimiento pero al
final UN GRAN AMOR..

Автор mauchi kihon ( назад)
Nosso ficou ótimo esse vídeo parabéns.

Автор Kaxell3000 ( назад)
these two are ridiculous. Too much coaxing.

Автор TedEarley ( назад)
Christian & Oliver is the happiest gay couple in all the history of the TV
series ! Congratulations to Jo Weil and Thore M. Schölermann for their
interpretation in this beautiful love story ...... and despite the fact
that it is a fiction that I hope people will want to love like Christian &
Oliver, regardless of their sexual orientation ! Thank you for this
beautiful video, images and music.

Автор Gabi Bonilla ( назад)
Viendo este video recuerdo porque amo a esta pareja.. estoy esperando con
ansias el mes de septiembre para volverlos a ver juntos en pantalla, pero
mientras tanto estos videos ayudan mucho n_n

Автор MIRZA ( назад)
There is such a chemistry between these two ! As if they were falling in
love in real

Автор CLAUDER COSTA ( назад)

Автор Hector Gomez ( назад)
donde puedo ver la serie con buena calidad de video? subtitulos en español
o ingles??

Автор Alex Muñoz ( назад)

Автор silvergirl145 ( назад)
So ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

Автор Hector Gomez ( назад)
supiste capturar los momentos exactos

Автор Hadi Yazid ( назад)
A nice song to compliment the love story of Oliver and Christian

Автор Rapha2587 ( назад)
Four years later and still is one of my favorite Chrolli videos S2

Автор oficialivetoparty ( назад)
This's totally cute.

Автор Gas Disaster ( назад)
Oh god, how, that's totally idiot.

Автор suzawilo ( назад)
Is there a pill I can take for this Chrolli-fever!!! Cannot bear anymore of
this adorableness..

Автор Jaxon Mccormick ( назад)
When ever i watch this vid i almost start to cry it makes me so sad and i
can't stop wathing it

Автор KrazyGirl19 ( назад)
christian and oliver is one of few gay tv couples that have a happy ending

Автор Alpha Wolfie ( назад)
I love it

Автор FlutePastime ( назад)
thanka for making this video

Автор Sodom Burupya ( назад)
It is just AMAZING :D

Автор John Beene ( назад)
I get teary eyed every time I watch this! It's perfect!

Автор lSadeyesl ( назад)
My life <3

Автор LOBNA A ( назад)
very good ... thanx. I love those two... LOVE IS GREAT WHEN WE BELIEVE IN

Автор quepenaosea ( назад)
Every night wish....

Автор Francesca Barone ( назад)
Per caso due anni fa mi sono imbattuta in questa story line e dopo aver
recuperato tutte le puntate a cominciare dal 2007 e la seguo ancora oggi. A
volte faccio fatica a pensare che è solo recita (è fatta talmente bene!),
ma non riesco ad andare a letto senza la mia "dose" giornaliera di
Christian & Olli. Sono contenta, comunque, di non essere la sola a pensarla
in questo modo. Ancora non capisco perchè ci siano ancora nel mondo persone
omofobiche. L'amore è AMORE!!

Автор angelique clarke ( назад)
i fricken love these guys xxooxx.

Автор danniel amran ( назад)
aww so sweet :')

Автор lucas andrey penagos c ( назад)

Автор auxerroise avie ( назад)
le plus beau couple des couples gay je l'ai adore

Автор Karla Marcel ( назад)
This is the cutest and most beautiful video ever they are such a perfect
couple (:

Автор Karla Marcel ( назад)
This is the cutest vifeo ever made! #crying

Автор aames666 ( назад)
oh i love the brunette one what a hunk ahhhhhhh crazy hot

Автор K-rex ( назад)
The best chrollie video I have ever seen!

Автор Marc CSP (1700 лет назад)
The cutest :)

Автор عبدالعزيز سعد ( назад)
مابقي الآ هي يترجم لعربي ... استح علئ وجهك .. هذا حراإام ...بس لاحياه لمن

Автор kzsanica ( назад)
the best

Автор Edgar Figueroa ( назад)
Always seem to come back to this video. One of the very few well done
videos on youtube.

Автор kieranrawrr ( назад)
they mustve got close during filming.. really close

Автор PolynesianMaori Wahine ( назад)

Автор dancingsnake263 ( назад)

Автор Wafa Aldeeb ( назад)
oh god it just a beautiful vedeo but now i am crazy i really love them !
thanks for the amazing vedeo

Автор Edi Kaulitz ( назад)
ermosisimo tu video le pongo 20 y mas!!!! imagenes excelentes!!! saludos

Автор Edi Kaulitz ( назад)
dios las imagenes se ven nitidas!!!!! encuentro videos de ellos del año
2008 pero salen un poko turbias por asi decirlo!!!!

Автор nickolas1498729 ( назад)
Quiero a un Christian lo amo

Автор oficialivetoparty ( назад)

Автор Alexia Venceslau ( назад)
estooou viciaaadaaaa no Chrolli *-* muito perfeitos e lindoss de
morreeeeeeerrrr #amod+

Автор Toudeusz ( назад)
German soap opera "Verboten Liebe", Christian and Oliver's storyline.
Paste: user/ichglotzutube and enjoy* a wonderfull love story :) *take care
- watching Chrolli's aka Ollian's storyline is highly addictable, You doing
it only on your own risk.

Автор NoirSouvenier ( назад)
Esperaria poder tener un novio como Olli

Автор Suzana Torres Jaeckal ( назад)
Esse foi o segundo vídeo que assisti depois de descobrir esta linda
história! Não sei porque, tenho fascinação pelos dois atores e pelo
desempenho deles como Christian e Olli... Eles são perfeitos!!! Fiquei dias
e dias sob hipnose assistndo a tudo que encontrava no youtube. Depois
encontrei vlogistas apaixonados por eles também. Confesso que senti um
alívio enorme, porque pensei que tinha enloquecido! Adoro eles em tudo...
os beijos, os olhares... as atuações dramáticas... a sintonia é "10"!

Автор QAFgurl (889 лет назад)
So what is it called? I can't tell if it's "Christian an Oliver" or
something else......?

Автор Adriana Silva ( назад)
eu amo esse casallllllllllllllllll

Автор Adriana Silva ( назад)
isso e amor

Автор gabriel tiago ( назад)
tão lindo o amor deles, quero viver um amor assim igual desse casal lindo,
nossaaaaaaaa ameiii esse video que musica perfeitaaaaa!!!

Автор (⊙‿⊙✿) I dont like you ( назад)
are they a couple in real life?

Автор ballershanelle ( назад)
Give beyonce some credit, also. The vid and track moved us...

Автор starboi leo ( назад)
ha ha ha!! well mines is Leo and I'm gay !! and somehow was emotionally
move by this video

Автор Lanwardy A. ( назад)
Asi era yo con mi ex, ojala y vuela bn pronto ='(

Автор paf433 ( назад)
I never get bored watching Chystian and Oliver ; every time i watch this
video , i feel so good inside ! I love Chrolli very much , i love this song
and i love this video , thank u !!!

Автор paf433 ( назад)
Well , it is a german soap called "Verbotene Liebe" and u can watch it here
on youtube like i do . Good luck guy and enjoy Chrolli=Chrystian + Oliver
love story cause they are amazing , cute , beautiful and lovely ! I love
them very much !!!

Автор João Aguiar ( назад)
Perfeito, quando se trata de amor não há regras

Автор jorgejosedesouza ( назад)
questão de gostos não se descute...

Автор Helen Voss ( назад)
i love how every time they fight they just end up making out

Автор devil_girl2000 ( назад)
what is this from?

Автор ann108818 ( назад)
it's seriously addictive, i've been watching about 1 week non-stop to just
finished their first meet until the second marriage. be warned, u could
hardly distract urself from it if u've already drowned into.

Автор Omar Gil ( назад)
Where Is This From?

Автор João Aguiar ( назад)

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