Christian & Oliver- Halo

A Fanvid of Christian and Oliver. I recommend to click on "watch in HD" for a better view :)

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Длительность: 4:27
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Die Versöhnung Mehr als Hammer kann man dazu nicht mehr sagen Chrolli Magie vom feinsten
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I made this brian and justin queer as folk music vid when I was sad about the ending of QAF era
Jo and Thore singing for Anna Maria Kaufmann
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This is a short part of a Verbotene Liebe- promo- Video for a guest role with Anna Maria Kaufmann with Jo and Thore singing musicals. You can...


Автор mlorocker (12 дней)
Been watching this for years. Still the best

Автор LeeAnn Pratt (27 дней)
I miss these guys so much :(

Автор ธัญพิสิษฐ์ โรจน์นิรันดร์ (1 месяц)

Автор Danillo elias (9 месяцев)

Автор Marcela Santos (1 год)

Автор Stephen Campbell (11 месяцев)
hey its steve from aussie love this track talk soon

Автор LauraSpade (1 год)
3:45 His eyes... *O*

Автор trucgiang le (11 месяцев)
Tuyet voi !


Автор paf433 (1 год)
Love it , love it and love it ! Every time i watch this video , i feel so
good inside ; i love them forever !!!!!!!!!!

Автор paris farro (11 месяцев)

Автор Su Tash (1 год)
Buahhhh!!!! (that means T-T in Spanish) I miss them soooo much!! Pleeeeease
Pleease Christian come back, volvé de una vez o te voy a buscar y te traigo
de los pelos.
Автор Silvana Valle (1 год)
O Oliver é o meu pedaço de mal caminho!

Автор Ashcalenlass (1 год)
These two are my absolute favorite couple, right up there with Brian/Justin
from Queer as Folk, followed by Luke/Noah from As the World Turns. Please
writers, keep them together, no matter what problems you put them thru.

Автор Bethania Wellington (1 год)
Love this video especially with the song matching perfectly with the
different clips capturing Chrolli's love beautifully and wonderfully.

Автор Clifford Hutchinson (1 год)
Das ist schön ! !

Автор Helen Voss (3 года)
i love how every time they fight they just end up making out

Автор ShanRena (4 года)
This video is awesome! Well done, I applaud you.

Автор yiudiumui (3 года)
great video really beautiful

Автор Marc CSP (2 года)
The cutest :)

Автор mauchi kihon (1 год)
Nosso ficou ótimo esse vídeo parabéns.

Автор Rapha2587 (2 года)
Four years later and still is one of my favorite Chrolli videos S2

Автор angelique clarke (2 года)
i fricken love these guys xxooxx.

Автор dancingsnake263 (2 года)

Автор jcbabo (4 года)
i never get tried of watching these two im obsessed cant stop watching =)

Автор jorgejosedesouza (3 года)
questão de gostos não se descute...

Автор rere10125 (4 года)
Is this a tv show someboy tell me I want to watch

Автор João Aguiar (3 года)
Perfeito, quando se trata de amor não há regras

Автор Gino Technician (1 год)
my smile and my wings spread while watching this video... tzous!

Автор QAFgurl (2 года)
So what is it called? I can't tell if it's "Christian an Oliver" or
something else......?

Автор hockey632 (4 года)
@Lilynettemiel Hmm actually, they are gay ;) Go to chroll.de or something
like that, its their own website and they have webcam videos on their that
update weekly and its them just hanging out, kissing eachother/hugging
eachother. They even say their dating

Автор Clehona Begay (4 года)
one word: WOW!!!!!!

Автор Suiteheart9795 (4 года)
oh my goodness this was absolutely fantastic!! great job!


Автор oficialivetoparty (2 года)

Автор Gabi Bonilla (1 год)
Viendo este video recuerdo porque amo a esta pareja.. estoy esperando con
ansias el mes de septiembre para volverlos a ver juntos en pantalla, pero
mientras tanto estos videos ayudan mucho n_n

Автор CSuperMoiC (3 года)
I have been watching this vid all week long and now just before to go out
and dance... put's me in a super duper happy smiley lovey mood!!!

Автор Buttercup121 (4 года)
@artemis946 If you go to ichglotzutube's youtube channel it should be
17.3.08 English subtitles Part 39. :3

Автор Justin Siedel (4 года)
I wish the show was in english, not that I mind reading the subtitles, but
i guess it doesn't.pack the same punch not understanding what thier saying

Автор KrazyGirl19 (2 года)
christian and oliver is one of few gay tv couples that have a happy ending

Автор Adriana Silva (2 года)
isso e amor

Автор Hadi Yazid (2 года)
A nice song to compliment the love story of Oliver and Christian

Автор PRtrainman (3 года)
this video is so beautiful, I just can't stop watching it. I love Chrolli.
chrolli4ever you're great!!!!

Автор Edgaarr Dee (4 года)

Автор Yizhao Zhang (1 год)
really hope they can be together forever

Автор mafkaast (4 года)
Great!!! I love Christian and Oliver, I think more than other gay couples
on tv, because I feel like these two have great chemistry, they think about
the little stuff, that makes it more real :) LOVE IT :D

Автор krazykay17 (4 года)
Excellent video of Chrolli! Absolutely loved it 1000% and yes i meant
1000%! Beyonce and Chrolli= great combo! just...magnificient job:)))))))

Автор Karla Marcel (2 года)
This is the cutest and most beautiful video ever they are such a perfect
couple (:

Автор girl67love (2 года)
"Real" kisses from TV gay couples only in German Soups and takumi (j-movie)

Автор Buttercup121 (4 года)
Why in God's name can't there be a "LOVE IT WITH ALL MY FREAKING HEART"
button!!!! :D Wonderful vid!!!! :D

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