Crysis 2 360 vs PS3 Frame Rate Gameplay Comparison HD

Crysis 2 PS3/360 Face-Off Comparison video of the first console CryEngine game. So which one is better?

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Автор Adrien Pesado ( назад)
i can hear ps3 fanboys crying lol

Автор John Sharp ( назад)
I got rid of the PS3 version once i got a Xbox 360 and it wins hands down,
same goes for Bayonetta on 360. I ain't a fanboy just saying the truth.

Автор TheSkyLikesPie ( назад)
Even though PC is the obvious winner for graphics, Xbox 360 is still better
than the PS3 when it comes to beautiful games like Crysis 2.

Автор Nathan Jacobson ( назад)
That motion blur makes the game look so good graphically even though it
only just over 20 fps

Автор Mehmet Güney ( назад)
I have a xbox and this video is a lie, my xbox cries when I go on a combat

Автор Farhan Ahmed ( назад)
I am a pc gamer i am a married man but you know what My wife loves
console.... she says she enjoys console more than Pc actually she like
games too ... She knows all the things that pc has better graphics but you
know what :P she says Pc is shit to play games.. :P

Автор HDG ( назад)
my lowest fps is 60 fps because my monitor is 60 hz :D but it would be much
higher if my monitor wouldnt be 60 hz

Автор K- Hype ( назад)
Wow this video kinda makes me feel better about my PC

Автор Luigi Barrera ( назад)
Exactly, just always think that PC is better, when they know that the only
good is the video card

Автор Miguel Mendiola ( назад)
If you want a good PC then yes its better. The good gaming PC's are from
$500- whatever price you want to spend on a PC. I myself have a PC but I
honestly enjoy consoles more because it's more convenient to play with my
friends and it's not as high maintenance as a PC. Also you don't have to
worry about specs for any game you play because it'll always run on your
console :P

Автор malomkarom ( назад)
PS rules!

Автор mojoeman265 ( назад)
PC is always better....

Автор Octav Olaru ( назад)
xbox rules

Автор HannyS Gaming ( назад)
It means actually nothing... like comparing PS3 and Xbox 360 in
multiplatform games....every single multiplatform game run smoother on X360
thats just reality man no fanboying PS3 run rly well only exclusive
titles...PS3 have more rly awesome exclusives than X360 but in
multiplatform games like GTA 4,Crysis, Assassins Creed, or any non
exclusive title X360 wins with less FPS drops and smoother gameplay...

Автор HannyS Gaming ( назад)
30 frame per second and 60 is a huge difference man 30-25 isnt 60-45 isnt
but 60 and 30 is rly big difference

Автор Baltazarky ( назад)
I dont know why the people thinks 60 fps are best than 30 there are no
difference it just a few numbers more (sorry for my bad english)

Автор ID_1324576890 ( назад)
The PS3 doesn't have 2 cores you idiot and the PS4 will have 8. And also
the PS3 CPU is way more powerfull than the Xbox one, it's just that it is
really difficult to program a game with the PS3 cpu

Автор Stenkataa a ( назад)
Oh my god you both faggots are stupid PS3 haves 1 core with 8 other
sections (see pictures or videos) the xbox haves 3 cores but the PS3 CPU is
better than the xbox...and the xbox haves weaker hardware than the PS3 the
xbox cant even run God of war 3,God of war Assencion,Uncharted 3 and the
other exclusives for the PS3..

Автор Jack BRAND ( назад)
Whats wrong with you? BTW: The PS3 got 8 Cores and the Xbox have 3...

Автор Moxi ( назад)
I get around 35+ fps max settings on my pc.

Автор Moxi ( назад)
pretty much like the same but ps3 looks better. The framerate is really
shitty on console though :/

Автор Giovanni Garcia ( назад)
I dont really like commenting but really PS3 HAS ONLY 2 FUCKING CORES I

Автор John Markinson ( назад)
ps3 is the more fps just because on the Xbox lobo more action

Автор Andrew Morgan ( назад)
Most easy to find out, check the tank scene at 6:20 , from there you will
see how PS3 power kills the X360, and if you reply to this saying shit, is
because you own a X360 and you want to killyourself, not other reason, PS3
FPS at the tank scene sometimes are 9-10 FPS more!!!

Автор Andrew Morgan ( назад)
People, are you blind or just stupid? PS3 runs smoother than the X360
version for this game, if you want to check that go to 6:00 min until like
9:00 min where everything is easy to see, sometimes they change the scenes
and move fast so you cant see it perfectly, but from 6:00 to 9:00 most
scenes are the same, and there you can SEE PS3 OWNS the X360 in FPS. I also
played it on PS3 and it dont feel it smooth since i think FPS cant go lower
than 30 to play it right, but here, PS3 Wins.

Автор John Markinson ( назад)

Автор JulleHimself ( назад)
I hate the low fps, In CoD everything runs so smooth and you can therefore
aim properly and get kills, in crysis its so much harder cuz of the low
fps. I hate it sooooooo much!!!!! and I know its harder to kill ppl in
crysis but its the fps that kills me, fuckin hell

Автор jigglemankiller ( назад)
Ps3 has better CPU and Xbox has a better GPU.

Автор jigglemankiller ( назад)
No it does not it has 1 core clocked at 3.2 ghz and 7 SPE 's witch one is
disabled for the home speed so that leaves 6 for game coding.

Автор Ultizer ( назад)
PS3 only has 1 core & 7 SPE's 360's CPU is about on par

Автор Thesimplyelf adventures the real and the best ( назад)
ps3 was slightly better due to its nine cores

Автор xXNarutoGaidenXx ( назад)
True but the PS3 can handle better graphics even if it's only slightly.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't want to start an argument, either. I
hope the future of games doesn't just focus on screen resolutions and
graphics but rather on art styles and actual content.

Автор mitzibishi ( назад)
sorry to inform you but the graphics and resolutions in multiplats are
almost identical in 99% of games released since the consoles release.

Автор Juan Carlos Damonte ( назад)
Xbox 360 win this round.

Автор ben thoburn ( назад)
pc = 80 fps

Автор Detmer ( назад)
If you care about the graphics buy the PC version. Rather play with a
gamecontroller?, hookup your XBOX360 controller on your PC.

Автор Thomas Ries ( назад)
The most sequences ps3 has the lower FPS, look the full Video length.

Автор xXNarutoGaidenXx ( назад)
Sorry to inform you but the PS3 has better graphics, but your right. It's
the games that matter not the graphics.

Автор mizifih ( назад)
My PC?

Автор CazzoneMagrolino ( назад)
Un uomo entra in un cafè:splash.

Автор Xektor Official ( назад)
Actually X-Box has got better graphics but i prefer ps3 for 2 reasons:
-Great exclusives -PSN is free I dont care about graphics

Автор StudioMarlow ( назад)
To na hoře jsou fpska?

Автор Ext3rmin8or ( назад)
My favourite game of all time is on snes

Автор mitzibishi ( назад)
You get MORE with a PC. thats maybe why it costs more. I had the same
problem with playstation, bought Resident Evil 2 yesterday. it wont start
on my PS3, works flawlessly on PC and even plays in 1080p. also if you buy
a cheap laptop, dont expect to play games on it.

Автор Ext3rmin8or ( назад)
Good for you. I'd rather buy a console than spend more to have a PC that
plays games. I downloaded Dead Space for PC yesterday and it won't start,
meanwhile it works flawlessly on my ps3.

Автор mitzibishi ( назад)
also thats a lie. you have to check the box to see if your game is
compatible with your system, you could by a Sony system game, for example
Gran Tourismo 2. get it home and find it incompatible with your Sony
Playstation machine. You have to check before hand if its Sony Playstation
version 3 compatible. with PC i can put any game in from any year and it
will play. even a 10 year old game. You cant with console even though its a
Sony Playstation game you have to check PS version compatibility

Автор mitzibishi ( назад)
saying much lower is like saying who has the most dog shit on their shoe
after walking through a feild of dog shit. they are both terrible frame
rates. and at 720p. it doesnt bode well for Crysis 3

Автор mitzibishi ( назад)
you are a dummy. ive never had a game not work on my PC. just click an icon
and the game boots up

Автор Ext3rmin8or ( назад)
The 360's framerate goes much lower.

Автор Ext3rmin8or ( назад)
I'm fine with gaming on my ps3. I prefer it over PC because on ps3, when I
buy a game and put the disk in it will definitely work no matter what,
unlike PC.

Автор mitzibishi ( назад)
lol none of that for me on PC. gald im not a consoler, your life in games
must be shit. half of mine. im loving gaming, you must be self harming
whilst plaaying, shit hurts so bad

Автор Ext3rmin8or ( назад)
No thanks. I'd rather play it on my ps3 because when I put the disc in it
is garanteed to work. None of this "video card upgrade" shit

Автор John De Leon ( назад)
WTF, guys do you really play this in less than 30 FPS??? I thougt consoles
just have bad graphics but now also less than 30 no way!, please get a PC
and play it @ 60 FPS + huge difference plus veeeery veery different

Автор paisano612 ( назад)
Crysis 2. Bringing consoles to it's fuckin' knees!

Автор Pangearieo ( назад)
Noooo. recording form console does not effect the frame rate at all.

Автор wwoow wewe ( назад)
because record? :/

Автор Thomas Ries ( назад)
XBOX360 wins totally and all guys which say ps3 wins lying themselves...,
because the architecture of xbox is more efficient.

Автор The Crazy Ass Nigga With A Gun Who Is Gonna Smoke Your Ass ( назад)
pc wins

Автор The Dvck God ( назад)
Well one things for sure, the ps3 player is more professional.

Автор Cemo1150 (197 лет назад)
ps3 wins

Автор Cemo1150 (240 лет назад)
wrong video

Автор Dengar assassin ( назад)
Killzone 3 wins.

Автор andres marin ( назад)

Автор detroitsbest ( назад)
oo i would love to see that lol

Автор detroitsbest ( назад)
yea they used old graphic cards, someone should had slapped them for this

Автор detroitsbest ( назад)
question to nintendo, CAN YOU RUN CRYSIS?

Автор detroitsbest ( назад)
true that mate, but crytek still will make money on these poor rape victims
of consoles lol.

Автор MrEvol94 ( назад)
Crysis 3 will most likely have the same shitty framerate

Автор MrSniperscope ( назад)
alan wake? that game is shit. no one cares about alan wake XD and halo 4's
multiplayer isnt as good as halo 2 or halo 3.

Автор cloudskipa ( назад)
I think not, Halo 4 and Alan Wake.. nuff said.

Автор detroitsbest ( назад)
frame rates are horrible omg...........

Автор detroitsbest ( назад)
true that mate, so do you think it will run crysis 3

Автор Break Of Dawn Mixes&Typography ( назад)
Ahh too bad both of them suck.

Автор feerfeerw ( назад)
ps3 is the best version to have. I have the Nvidia GTX 680 and the
framerate is disgusting.

Автор gabe hickey ( назад)
Ahh too bad PS3 loses,I was gonna buy one guess I'm getting an XBOX.

Автор MrSniperscope ( назад)
the ps3 version is just a shitty port. but the ps3 is a more capable
console. uncharted 3 and killzone 3...nuff said

Автор bater Ramirez ( назад)
in ps3 is bests graphics!!!

Автор kiryu2000 ( назад)
Xbox is for multiplatformers. PS3 is for its exclusives. PC is for the
stuff that you can run and its exclusives..........pick your poison people!

Автор chaturga13 ( назад)
unfinished game

Автор Berend van Schaik ( назад)
The graphics are the same and it runs a little bit smoother on xbox. I am
not a fan boy. Buy what your like and i don't understand why people makes
vids like this. The truth: xbox have more FPS and ps3 have blueray and free
multiplayer. Buy what YOUR like it's YOUR choice.

Автор KingO I ( назад)
Ah btw to the video .... Both are looking same ... Just the explosions are
on Xbox360 a little bit better. On PS3 the "landscape" and "environment"
looks better. So; Crysis2 I would play on both consoles; my first console
of this generation was just PS3 so I got this for it.

Автор KingO I ( назад)
I play this game, boxleitnerb, and I really enjoy it; it's my fav game. I'm
presitge 5 and playing a long time. I really don't know why this game has
so much haters o.o ... Yeah I know; much poeple will cry now ;P -> Much
better than CoD in my opinion. I just like MW3 btw; and just because there
are more gamers than in Crysis2 (PS3).

Автор Hunt3r2k ( назад)
you are def right but i guess 90 % of the people here dont even know SNES ^^

Автор MrEvol94 ( назад)
how can people play it with that framerate :O I guess crytek are so
desperate to achive the "best looking console game" that they don't care if
the fps is unplayable.

Автор Gabriel Martins ( назад)
0:40 its 32 fps LOOOOOOL

Автор pattaRulez ( назад)

Автор kiryu2000 ( назад)
This is the reason why consoles are only good for their exclusives.
Otherwise, get games on PC...

Автор Faiçal Junior ( назад)
What a idiot discussion... Everyone that care only about graphics, deserve
to have a SNES per one year to learn that video game is to have FUN,
whatever your console is....

Автор rikkieboy3 (1367 лет назад)
difference anybody ?

Автор ImmortalxHybr1d ( назад)
Love this game graphics look better than CoD Black Ops 2

Автор PlayTekHD ( назад)
Warum ist die Zielscheibe auf der ps3 im 4:3 breitformat :(

Автор TheSuperwebshow ( назад)
yes but , the xbox360 is not the only one dude, if you stop the video like
in 0:15 0:42 4:40 for ex

Автор gsp933 ( назад)
I can honestly say they both did pretty damn good for having old hardware

Автор wolverine ( назад)
in this vid we see both of them go down to 14 fps, and it happened more on
the X360.

Автор MrHieronymusBosch ( назад)
i played it on my xbox 360 and i must say that it was lame... you cant have
so much fun with 20-25 fps you can`t aim and it feels like everywhere is
water ... Low fps = low fun Sorry 4 my bad english. btw thanks god i have
bought the xbox 360 and not the ps3... xD

Автор invalidumozak ( назад)
some games are better on ps3 and some on xbox, maybe more on xbox than ps3
but still i wouldnt go as far as saying xbox is better because i have them
both and they are very close.

Автор TheSuperwebshow ( назад)
are you blind or something?!?!? dude see closely , ps3 fps drops so much
pause the video on 2:06 for ex and see ! (im not a fanboy a have ps3 and
xbox360 and xbox360 is better !

Автор Made2EnvyGaming (1512 года назад)
Xbox version wins runs smoother looks crisper and I own both and I prefer

Автор AZI THE MLG PRO ( назад)
oh hush

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