Leopards vs wildebeest - BBC wildlife

The crew go on the hunt for Shadow. Meanwhile Bella is stalking a herd of wildebeest. From the BBC.

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Автор Lindemann Oscar ( назад)

Автор Emteaj Hossain ( назад)
It takes one year to film and we watching in 5 or 10 min.How blessed we
are.we don't have to go Masi mara, Kenya. or Tanzania.God bless simon and
others all crew.

Автор lewisner ( назад)
2.23 that's just greedy.

Автор poockoo ( назад)
not true - you need to watch more documentaries or read a bit about

Автор alex gorina ( назад)
i love leopard it is my good friend coz i have one @ home the probem is he
eat so much loooool 

Автор AldoBr549 ( назад)
Open Google Chrome, open a new tab and click on Chrome web store, search
for adblock, install it for free, problem solved! No more commercials. And
no, I have no affiliation with the people who make Adblock. I just know
from experience and it works very well.

Автор Ryaken ( назад)
humans are the only species that hunt for fun not survival and kills others
of their kind for fun as well. The list goes on I swear I don't think we
are a natural occurance on this planet. Something must have caused us to

Автор Daniel Fagan ( назад)
not a moose... -_-

Автор MrMynameisnoone ( назад)
02:08 Did you hear the Moose? sounds like he said : Damn, Damn, Damn nature
you scary! 

Автор deathtotubez (308 лет назад)
well we have to preserve them its not just for human satisfaction. one day
all these animals will be gone greedy humans will hunt them to extinction

Автор teewoods ( назад)
@Cappacino1000 Bella was great but most famous Leopard of all time was

Автор teewoods ( назад)
Has anyone wondered why there are not many leopards in the zoo? I certainly
hope there are none as these beauties should not be caged. In fact no
animal should be caged for human satisfaction?

Автор carlo j ( назад)
@FallenCp i full agree only humans think and act like they are the suppreme
species selfishly destroying other creatures enivronments for their own
enjoyment and comfurt..what different are we from a virus or bacteria that
invades our own bodys to make a living??

Автор Zander Zane ( назад)
lol how are there so many wildabeast' if they suck so bad at defending

Автор killaguy555 ( назад)
@FallenCp nature will win in the long run theres no way humans could wipe
out all life on earth since it only takes 1 strand of dna to create a new
generation of animals that will live long after we die out.

Автор DonChato12 ( назад)
The wildebeast at 2:29 "Woah woah wooooooah shit!" 

Автор housetenrckets (302 года назад)
@FallenCp Something I've always thought about. We, humans, are parasites to
this Earth.

Автор edgar juarez carmona ( назад)
buen video

Автор Oscar O ( назад)
@FallenCp What about beavers?

Автор Zimmerson ( назад)
I love leopards! just like my cats, i so wanna be somone who looks at lions
in the wild life!

Автор mohammad fazlul Huq ( назад)
bad commentary. 

Автор NV91 ( назад)

Автор Robby Chisholm ( назад)
@footballfan710 Humans are just one of millions of species that have lived
on earth. The only difference is that humans are polluting the world beyond
recovery and will drive themselves to extinction. Then the earth will
belong to the vultures, cockroaches, and rats. Those animals love man-made
garbage. You could say that humans were made for them.

Автор multibrothersinarms ( назад)
you forget termites destroy it and we have no natural defense against other
creatures we need tools to defend ourselves we cant fight with or hands

Автор UbarSkwerl ( назад)
@FallenCp Except certain species of ants, those suckers destroy all the
life in an area then move on.

Автор DeathStroke ( назад)
@FallenCp your fucking dumb the world was made for humans to do watever we
want with and kill or eat wat we want

Автор Nabla ( назад)
@farishawk88 LOL exactly the same :D "Leopard, don't kill the king please !
" :p

Автор 9sunskungfu ( назад)
@FallenCp At least we are getting better.Unlike the chinese, who consume
everything.They're the only ones who dont give a shit.

Автор efrey614 ( назад)
@nmotz06 lol right on!

Автор efrey614 ( назад)
@clevelandrocks1015 Thats why so many wars happen and millions die. Some
people love leopards more than their own brothers and sisters! Sad really
and I dont know how this happens, I think it's Satan spreading hate and
lies. I see animal attack videos where people die and the comments are
unbelieveable man. People type good for that dick humans need to be
exterminated finally nature strikes back rock on LION! IDK I love good
people and I love animals but a person will always come first.God bless

Автор efrey614 ( назад)
@FallenCp The worst thing that has happend to this planet?The worst thing
that happend to this planet is the people that don't love and infact hate
their fellow brothers and sisters under God for simply living!This is the
kind of annimosity that starts wars all over and millions upon millions of
human deaths, and by how you put it thats an awesome thing.God made this
planet for us his children to live cherrish eat and prosper on,all the
while testing to see who would chose him instead of Satan

Автор efrey614 ( назад)
I am astonished by the highest rated comment wow! I can not believe the
people that hate other human beings, our brothers and sisters under God for
just being alive! While I love nature and I will do everything in my power
to preserve it because I depend on nature for hunting fishing and the air I
breathe. Some of these PETA snobs the ones that hate hunters would never
even know if a certian species vanished unless it was for tv. Most don't
depend on or appreciate nature for what it is!Godbless

Автор daleklegos ( назад)
stupid 1st wilder beast should have died

Автор P3t3rG1 ( назад)
@nils4545 try chrome with adthwart, you wont see any of them ever.

Автор nils4545 ( назад)
Advirtisments can suck my dick

Автор baldo0008 ( назад)
leopards one of the best hunters

Автор Nathan Motz ( назад)
@FallenCp , I recommend killing yourself to help fix the problem. ;)

Автор sushanalone ( назад)
@FallenCp dont forget when our ancestors were helpless apes we were easy
pickings for these great predetors that we now endanger; they threatened us
as much then as we do to them now; but we have working brains and should
take care of whats left with us in form of wildlife

Автор sushanalone ( назад)
@FallenCp well i think you go too far , its just we gone way out of balance
with nature and its laws ; and its time to change it

Автор sushanalone ( назад)
@bealtespip123 leopards are known to be very opportunistic predetors often
killing when they already had a kill unfinished.

Автор bealtespip123 ( назад)
Don't Leopards hunt Wildebeasts as a last resort for food?

Автор awan916 ( назад)
hahahahahaha. oh man nostalgia.

Автор Akylles ( назад)

Автор Frenchie ( назад)
2:10 a nice friendly hug :P

Автор Kiersten S ( назад)
I've watched all of those videaos on animal planet. Rather depressing
though D:

Автор Cloudy1127 ( назад)
LOL she got greedy she like like "OMFG BUFFET!!!!!"

Автор Nickzilla22 ( назад)
I do want it, thank you... send it when you can.

Автор Bustahead ( назад)
I have the song if you want it.

Автор Nickzilla22 ( назад)
I love that music they played at the end

Автор Velasca ( назад)
Are Shadow and Bella related?

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