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A great Whole Juice Recipe to start your day off right!

2 C Grapes
2 Strawberries
1/4 Orange
1/4 Apple
1/2 Kiwi
1 Slice Cantaloupe
1 Wedge of Pineapple
1 Cup Ice

Add ingredients to FourSide jar in order listed and secure lid. Select "Whole Juice" on your Blendtec Total Blender.

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Автор Fitness IQ ( назад)
I like how you say nice thick juice. why don't you just say grainy

Автор Fitness IQ ( назад)
I like how you say nice thick juice. why don't you just say grainy

Автор dogunit100 ( назад)
Juice: will it blend

Автор John Wannerot ( назад)
Great but thats a smoothie and not a juice :)

Автор tigergreg8 ( назад)
My only word of caution against using the leaves on strawberries would be, only do this with organic produce. Otherwise, you may be putting pesticides in your drink. But your words are words of good advice.

Автор Sherry Schaefer ( назад)
yeah that's what I did - BB & Y with the coupon. they didn't have it in store but I got it 5 days later ($18 shipping). we love it!

Автор tigergreg8 ( назад)
Ok, cool. So, now it's time you buy a Blendtec, hehe

Автор dejan3773 ( назад)
Anyway im not having smoothies for healt-purpose only, but for taste mostly :) Im preatty sure the seeds are healthy like the peal is to but im not having it :D

Автор tigergreg8 ( назад)
Actually , the grape seeds are healthy for you, and you don't even notice they are in there. This blender is so powerful that the strawberry leaves are undetectable. If you buy a Blendtec, try getting it at Costco. They have a sale now, but it ends today) They sell it with 2 Carafes, for 400. That's a pretty good deal. Or, you can buy it from Bed Bath and Beyond and use one of those 20% coupons )

Автор dejan3773 ( назад)
Wonder if anyone prefer a bitter taste from the seeds on the grapes, plus the grass taste from the strawbery leafs`? love the blendtec tho, send me one :)

Автор Goldfish_Vender ( назад)
What an effortless blend that was!

Автор Kioko M ( назад)
Ok, in the leafs of strawberries, there is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll contains magnesium and since our blood is made up of 75% or so of hemoglobin, chlorophyll sort of helps do the job of hemoglobin, which helps rebuild, replenish and boost our energy almost immediately. Always leave the leaves on.

Автор Blending With Henry ( назад)
Is there really any difference between whole juice and a smoothie? I don't see it.

Автор ShadowSpectre ( назад)
On the other Blendtech video the guy says he leaves the leafs on so you can get lots of Chlorophyl, "It's like taking a shot of wheat grass".

Автор Blendtec Recipes ( назад)
Some recipes will be slightly different in the WildSide. With most recipes you'll just have to blend it a little less.

Автор Sarah Altamirano ( назад)
I just got the wild side jar, I read somewhere that the recipes would be different from the 4 sides jar, is this true?

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