Top 5 Running Backs in the 2017 NFL Draft | NFL | Move the Sticks

Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah sit down to examine who is the best running back in the NFL Draft and who are the next four best backs.

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Автор NFL ( назад)
Which Running Back in this draft class has the highest Fantasy Football value?

Автор MJP ( назад)
People sleeping on foreman, hopefully he drops in the later rounds so my raiders can steal him.

Автор B. Chen ( назад)
This RB selection is LIT

Автор Raisin ( назад)
Foreman is a lot faster than he looks and has better vision than most people think

Автор KojTxiv Haam ( назад)
I feel sorry for minnesota... 14th overall and you don't get squat and.move one ahead to 48 for a first. gr8 work for the sb coming to mn2018...

Автор Kevin beast ( назад)
Lennard is like freaking 23

Автор Kobe Ward ( назад)
Wow so you're telling me that neither of ou running backs are better then a guy who gets 18 carries a game

Автор Eugene Krabs ( назад)
Cook to the Jags!
Fournette can go to the Panters ;)

Автор Caleb Davis ( назад)
no matter what anybody says the ou backs coming into the draft are the two best running backs

Автор Minato Uchiha ( назад)
Foreman looks like Jay Ajayi

Автор JZdude518 ( назад)
Fournette is the best running back prospect we've had in a decade. Not even a debate

Автор NICOLAS ACOSTA ( назад)

Автор Nathan Brasse ( назад)
If pats go with mccaffery, what will they do with Blount?. They can't use both and give each of them equal time on the field

Автор Jay Samples ( назад)
Kamara's stats would've been better if he didn't share carries with Jalen Hurd

Автор Alexander Meadows ( назад)
McCaffery is The next Le'veon Bell

Автор Meme Machine ( назад)
Joe Mixon top 3. Sadly he couldn't keep his hands to himself

Автор mike lambert ( назад)
I would love if the Eagles 1st round would be Quincy Wilson, and 2nd round Foreman.

Автор Cody Green ( назад)
As a die hard LSU fan I hate to say it but I don't think Fournette will stay health he runs to hard for his own good. I'm calling it right now he will wind up tearing something in his leg or foot hope it doesn't happen but i got a very eerie feeling that he won't play his whole rookie season.

Автор wbball15 ( назад)
You ignored Jamaal Williams

Автор Jamal Williams ( назад)


Автор Master of Everything ( назад)
What about Donelle Pumphrey?! He set the record for most rushing yards in NCAA history this season how is he not up here!!!

Автор Bradley Tucker ( назад)
What about Ezekiel Elliot

Автор AKkillies Garcia ( назад)
when is the draft

Автор Donovan Scott ( назад)
Joe Mixon and Jamaal Williams are both in my top 5.

Автор Donovan Scott ( назад)
Joe Mixon and Jamaal Williams are both in my top 5.

Автор Jacob McDonald ( назад)
college not NFL stupids

Автор Pamela Clymer ( назад)
Why is Kamara on the list. He wasn't even the starter until Hurd left.

Автор Your Cool ( назад)
Leonard the best by far

Автор - Finnz7 ( назад)
Marlon Mack better than all these cats cept fournette n cook

Автор Bilbo Baggins ( назад)
Cook to the colts 💙

Автор Matthew Sanchez ( назад)
Anyone see Kamara's profile pick he look high

Автор AJ Falco90 ( назад)
I Hope be My vote Draft # C.McCaffrey RB better NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Автор -Dreamer- ( назад)
I'm not trying to be greedy but I feel like the pats should take McCaffrey just a opinion.

Автор Plh7798 Patrick ( назад)
I like Foreman coming out of a bad UT team. Would love to see him with run with some blocking. Would be scary on the Patriots. Most of the world excluding pats fans would hate to see him go there. He's a big, fast, mean runner with quick feet. I like The products coming out of LSU, Stanford, and UT this year.

Автор Ted Cam ( назад)
Donnell Pumphrey

Автор TJ Lawless ( назад)
Dalvin Cook #1
Fournette, McCaffrey, Foreman, Mixon, Kamara, Hunt, Chubb, Perine.
very talented class.

Автор BU6king24 ( назад)
The lsu running back if he gets drafted no ones going bring him down go check him out

Автор Ryanisapanda ( назад)
I think McCaffery and Kamara could be wide receivers too, maybe play in the slot or even some end arounds something like what tyreek hill does for the cheifs just not as fast. Just the way they play I think they could make just as much of an impact like that.

Автор Pc Principal ( назад)
fun fact: the last white running back to rush for over a 1000 yards in a season was Peyton Hillis

Автор Hi Hi ( назад)
Go vols

Автор Aldo Leon ( назад)
Top RB in 2017 Ezekiel Elliot

Автор Almighty load ( назад)
Everyone talking about Joe mixon and I don't even know who he is

Автор HawkingRegime ( назад)
It's crazy because you would think that RB isn't really a priority for Seattle because we got Rawls and Prosise, but they haven't really been durable, so I guess we just gotta bank on those two plus Collins and just improve the line in the draft, signing a lineman would be nice.

Автор Richard Lawrence ( назад)
McCaffrey reminds me of BRAIN WESTBROOK

Автор KEITH DEVORE ( назад)
That's a legit Top 5💯
#FWM Facebook With Me

Автор Matthew633 ( назад)
James Conner
6-2 250 and is a patient runner, though not as explosive as McCafferey, definitely a player to consider in middle to late rounds.

Автор Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#CryBaby#StillCheating ( назад)
All of them are bums unless they play for cowgirls o line

Автор HingedRumble403 /Josh ( назад)
Where's Curtis Samuel?! Jk but he was still pretty good.

Автор AWeS0M3 MINCRAFTTT!!!!!!!! ( назад)
What about Donnel Pumphrey #1 in rushing yards in college history should atlas be #5

Автор Harun Muhammed ( назад)
Fournette and Cook are some of the best RB prospects since Peterson and Lynch. Very special players.

Автор Elijah Gray ( назад)
OU running backs should both be on there

Автор Billy 2 Smooth ( назад)
no curtis samuel. lmfao

Автор sam bond ( назад)
James connor

Автор Hunter Trombley ( назад)
Joe Mixon will be the biggest steal for whoever gets him.

Автор ian sung ( назад)
Christian McCaffrey is going to packers

Автор HighestSuperior ( назад)
alvin kamara barely started how is he even on this

Автор UltimaYT ( назад)
Dalvin Cook >

Автор Wide Out ( назад)
I see the browns passing on DeShawn watson and ruining Leonard's career

Автор GonnaBeatchaBad ( назад)
I'd like to see my jets pick him up. Getting offense in the first round for once would be nice. Or Deshaun watson could work too

Автор Erik G ( назад)
Don't sleep on McCaffrey

Автор Jan Nelle ( назад)
Foreman is 3rd for me

Автор Minecraft Advanced ( назад)
Corey Clement

Автор John Langit ( назад)
y'all forgetting the RB that has the record for the most rushing yards in NCAA history. DONNEL PUMPHREY

Автор Damire Shipman ( назад)
Alvin Kamara is the best RB in this draft

Автор Nicholas Kemp ( назад)
People saying Kamara is bad but he was injured for 3 weeks, shared touches with Hurd for the first part of the year.But they think about his ability in the passing game and that on special teams, and he is an every down back.

Автор Jordan McAnulty ( назад)
Fournette is going to the Cincinnati Bengals

Автор joshua latortue ( назад)
the giants really need a running back

Автор Ethan Williamson ( назад)
Are you kidding me they put a white running back on this list lmao😂😂

Автор Tyron Smith ( назад)
Did they do top 5 QBs yet?

Автор Stacy Skywatch ( назад)
Another load of satanic freemasonic bullshit,, its all rigged and all designed to keep the mainstream idiots stupid and totally narrow minded,,, See the space Masons seem to have known who was going to be in the final or did they just post a few football shirts up to them by 1st class post,, god you luciferian freemasonic liars and deceivers think you have out smarted everyone don't you,,

Автор Nick Diminno ( назад)
fournette will be a bust and tf is kamara doing in top 5. Marlon mack is a big sleeper running back

Автор NYG_EVO ( назад)
I like Alvin Kamara I think him and Perkins would be fun to watch. We need OL tho

Автор Compton 187 ( назад)
mccaffrey is #5 if anything

Автор Harun Muhammed ( назад)
1. Leonard Fournette
2. Dalvin Cook
3. Alvin Kamara
4. Christian McCaffrey
5. D'Onta Foreman

Автор RG3 #SMOKINGTHAT3 #10hunnit #BROWNSHOLDTHISL ( назад)
dalvin cook is the best RB in the class

Автор Trill ( назад)
I think mccaffery should move to wide receiver but aye thats just me

Автор Jonte Stevenson ( назад)
kamara stats aint good

Автор Rumble by KO ( назад)
Fournette is an Offensive Coordinators wet dream.

Автор Nick Price ( назад)

Автор Joshua Eden ( назад)
Really hope the jags get fourenette, that offense will be crazy but the panthers most likely will get him.

Автор Jaron H ( назад)
Cook will be the first running back off the board.

Автор Isaac Avant ( назад)

Автор Darion Huff ( назад)
Dee Foreman the best RB in the draft

Автор David Parkes ( назад)
Next vid, top 5 FB's or will they skip to WR? Lol.

Автор noname305 its me ( назад)
dalvin cook is by far statistically the best option. not only that, teams knew florida will use him as much as possible and he still managed to produce as much as he did. dalvin hands down.

Автор Sch lurf ( назад)
What does he mean by say RBs devalued? Do they get drafted later then they used to? And if so, why?

Автор Yofrenny Melo ( назад)
The 2017 Draft is a defensive draft.

Автор Jardon Gant ( назад)
Leonard Fournette Already💪💪💪

Автор HypedLemur ( назад)
I just want the Bucs to get one of the top 3 backs

Автор Tide ( назад)
McCaffrey has AMAZING eye vision/lane choosing. I think he's meant to be with the Pats.

Автор ThejaRRo OnE ( назад)
Dalvin cook to colts!!!

Автор Natural Vids ( назад)
I personally would of put Christian over dalvin but that's just me.

Автор Prince Tae ( назад)
*_McCaffrey_** looks like he is meant to be a Patriot...Btw Redskins need a RB **_BADDDDD_** we should pick up either Fournette or Dalvin*

Автор Mark Wisher ( назад)
Joe Mixon to the CHIEEEEEFS..!

Автор Diego Diaz ( назад)
curtis samuel should be in here and hes by far the best runner receiver in this draft

Автор Seth Vainikka ( назад)
Fournette to the Vikes. #skol

Автор Pears4 Life ( назад)
Joe mixon

Автор Chetti ( назад)
Joe mixon

Автор DonDiBiase ( назад)
Joe Mixon is way better than foreman and kamara but we all know why he isn't up here

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