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Автор Kiji High (7 месяцев)
I recently had a premonition about this history but I could not articulate
it nor put it into proper perspective. I recently had a feeling that we as
Black never came from Africa in 1619 but rather much earlier in time in
history nor came over on ships It is amazing that I ran across this video
by accident.

Автор Corey Dainty (17 дней)

Автор Kiji High (7 месяцев)
Wow! The Black natives, the Black and Asian races have an incredible and
rich history. It is a breath of fresh air to learn and be given such
knowledge and wisdom with out all of the name calling and racism. This is
the direction that everyone, especially Black people, should be heading.
Now it is the Black people's responsibility to begin to act noble and
change our mannerisms, behavior and character. This is absolutely
necessary!!! We are of ROYALTY. Take your HONOR in history. If you do not
act accordingly, then you do not deserve this history. Remain in your
ghetto hole. 

Автор Mitochondrial Eve (4 месяца)
The remarkable thing is that the black man has known all along that he is
alpha and the omega (those not lobotomized by white supremacy). That
genetic memory was never quite lost. Awesome.

Автор Kiji High (7 месяцев)
We as Blacks were told that we were brought over in the bottom of slave
ships chained down wallowing in each others feces and urine. I never
believed that for one moment. We would have never survived such a journey.
We would have died from E. Coli, septisemia, STDs from white sexual
interventions Known as rape, high stress related syndromes, etc. before we
reached the shores of any country. Those who would have made it would have
been so sick and weak and could never have labored for anyone. The dark
skinned indigenous people were already here on the land and that is why
they were so strong to carry out the mission of slavery. The Europeans
arrived with guns and gun powder, ships, and other weapons to control the
masses-weapons of mass destruction.

Автор ZuluQ (1 месяц)
22 white people mad as hell lol they gave us 22 thumbs down if white
people cant tell our history they dont want to agree even if it is the
honest to god truth

Автор Kadohadacho-Washitaw-Tunica-Tensas-Muur(Moor) (7 месяцев)
The true story of the American Black Indian has been a forgotten one.
Hidden deep in portals of time existing under the notion that it would
never be uncovered and revealed, it went unknown for hundreds of years. The
story of Black Indians would come forth every so often over the years, but
only as bits and pieces of false information in order to hide the greater
truth. No, Black Indians are not solely a result of African slaves mixing
with Red Indians as many other Black Indian sources would have you to
believe. That is only a small portion of the legacy. Black Indians are
indigenous to this land, before the so-called Red Man, before the
Europeans, before the so-called Bering Strait. We, the *Olmecs, Washitaw,
Moors, Yamasee, Mound Builders* planted the seed of civilization in this
country, America. Today, we are the remnants of these elders and it is time
that we reveal the bigger picture, our true legacy, not as African slaves,
not as immigrants, but as what we were, and what we are, Black Indians!

Thanks Akh (breaux/bro), Robert Strongrivers

Автор DdoubleEE AkaDannyLee (7 месяцев)
That's the funniest cartoon ever!!! ......

Автор Cecilia Frank (11 месяцев)

Автор Larry Finney (1 год)
@24:17 the narrator stumbles over the truth, but does not realize it! NOT

Автор Long Lance (10 месяцев)
I really wish you would wait until there is solid proof before you go
speaking so 'matter of factly' on these subjects. All of these unsupported
theories mixed in with half truths is nothing but a house of cards. DNA
evidence does NOT support ANY of the things you say, and neither does the
archaeological proof. It really is very disresoectful to put out false
information concerning Native Americans. They suffered a terribl holocaust
and lost nearly 95% of their once great nations. African slavery was
brutal, but at least we survived it. Thanks to slavery we are all mixed up
here in America, but the N.A. still struggle to maintain their identities.
For you to come out and lay claim to so much of their histories is like
another genocide and you should be ashamed. "Harriet Tubman was Native
American because she knew the paths". DUDE!!! 

Автор Be Life (10 месяцев)
More and more information is coming out because as it has been said the
dead shall speak. I think African people left traces of them self
everywhere so we could no just in case we forget (through slavery,
discrimination, and others thinking that they are so much better than black
folks) who the original people are through out time. It is so sad that the
truth is in our faces yet we choose to ignore it. Statues, heads, or any
other massive artifacts could have been any race of people and yet they
look negroid. Places that were thought to only have black people there
because of slavery. Well it can't be dismissed anymore, there was life for
black looking people that doesn't revolve around slavery.

Автор Mills Dickson (11 месяцев)
You lost me at the Michael Moore cartoon and Oprah.

Автор Mr.Devil Luciferian (1 год)
@Hottentot Venus Alaskans and Eskimos eat much seal's bladder (rich in
vitamin D) So they not need take from the sun.

Автор pamela beasley obasuyi (1 год)

Автор Alpha (A.A) (1 год)
Black native Americans?? Wow I am blown away

Автор Alpha (A.A) (1 год)
We are All one. Children of Africa

Автор laurie mcdew (1 год)
A little history...

Автор Enoch Rothschild (1 год)
Brilliant and precise!

Автор mark williams (1 год)
@brittany smith if your history college professor knew anything about
history he would tell u that its not accurate like my white professor told
me in 2004.. he was white and he gave everyone and A in that class just for

Автор Brittney Smith (1 год)
I felt like I had to give some art history references in order to lead to
the Olmec thing, kindaaaa got carried away though :p but I want to make it
clear to people that there is no such thing as an inferior race stop hating
on each other its kinda sad

Автор michael hampton (8 месяцев)
It took so many years for pastors who knew the truth ,to tell the truth .
Thanks for the video and thanks to pastor Price . Some pastors have guts .

Автор The Divine Prince Ty Emmecca (1 год)

Автор barbara vire (1 год)
Is it biblical if not shut up their a certain seed he chose what ever you
comment on this video? shalom it means nothing if your not from the seed of

Автор MySkiesAreBlue24 (2 года)
if they first chinese were black africans with kinky hair and the olmecs
were black africans with kinky hair how did they reproduce "red' indians
aka native americans. according to you oringinal asians were black
africans. how do bluish chocolate people produce anything "red"? and why is
it that the dogon are the only tribe of africans who know the "secret of
the stars"? what makes the dogon different from the rest of africans?

Автор electricbabez (1 год)
is whom im implying to.

Автор Imara Dinkins (2 года)
this is terrific. great research and teaching. thank you

Автор Taheem Acevedo (2 года)
Why relinquish on social history. We are in a new age social history is
easily gathered and retrieved and easily skewed. We should focus on whats
next. Today is history in the making.

Автор E LoCsta (2 года)
So everybody is ''black'' ?

Автор LostaVision (1 год)
Hmmm..."Primitive", derived from "prime", meaning & implying purity,
origin, without corruption, original. So in actuality, primitive is the
TRUTH way 2 be. Yes the TRUTH (I am an expert at spelling & grammar and
TRUTH isn't a typo) way 2 be. 2 evolve is to seperate further & further
from TRUTH/Prime state of BEING or primitive. Hence, the avg "Bushman" is
far more enlightened in all ways than any american/westerner/modern society
dweller can ever possibly be.

Автор electricbabez (1 год)

Автор Akrimoney (1 год)
White people devolved you big DUMMY. You have recessive genes stupid. You
are a fixed race of Albino`s. Haven`t you wondered why the sun kills only
you?...lol The sun makes every living thing on this planet live but it will
kill your weak ass.lol

Автор ocky88 (1 год)
"Are you really claiming that negroids are superior because other races
have more recessive genes? Do you think we measure evolvement through
that?" 1. Evolvement is not a word. 2. YES. That is exactly what evolution
is measured by--genetic survival. If you are going to go around invoking
Darwinism, you should probably read up on it... just a bit.

Автор Mitochondrial Eve (1 год)
Climate adaptation is a myth. Alaskan natives are brown and have wider
noses than Africans. Race variation is a result of selective breeding. Real
history worldwide, Google it.

Автор Akrimoney (1 год)
...the tightest curled hair on the planet. So I ask you, who is closer to
the Ape?...lol

Автор ocky88 (1 год)
You are truly grasping at straws to maintain your white supremacist lies,
aren't you? Isn't the purpose of "evolution" to increase fitness, survival,
and reproduction? Then will you kindly explain why whites are the vast
global minority (only 8% of the world population) or why white skin is
genetically recessive? It gets wiped out when mixed with any people of
color. For such evolved beings, you all sure aren't holding up well.

Автор Akrimoney (1 год)
...The very fact that you and other non Africans have such a strong hatred
for my people for no reason at all is testament to you being jealous and
envious of our true humanness. This is very sad because we have probably
said nothing bad about you and your people yet you choose to make up lies
about my people when it`s you and your people who fit the lie best...lol
Have you ever seen a hairless Ape? They have white skin...lol Apes have
straight hair as well. Our hair is very curly. We have...

Автор MySkiesAreBlue24 (2 года)
this is bullshit! if all the american indians trace their ancetry back to
africa and if their decedants mixed with african slaves then the term
african american still applys! afrocentrist pracitce peudso science and it
killing us! the government will not ackowlegde us becuase they know the
ancient blacks of the americas weren't "african." the olmecs never said
they are africans. not to mention the slave trade was inter-continental and
it envolved our women. slavery is her-story!

Автор sniperskinable (1 год)
Wow mr @Akrimoney is offended..lol.. Since blacks came from monkey & white
ppl. That means white ppl had to fuck monkeys to make blacks..hahahaha, i
guess that's why its more of us than you so stop fucking monkeys & maybe
the sun won't kill you hahaha

Автор ocky88 (1 год)
Using those 3 criteria, a more "evolved" species should be more "fit".
Their traits should be MORE likely to carry forward. That is NOT the case
with whites. White racial features are recessive. Black racial genes are
dominant. So who is being naturally selected, genuis? Forget monkeys
because all humans are humans. Blacks certainly do not share more with
monkeys than whites or asians. IN FACT, we are the MOST removed from our
primitive ancestors who were neanderthals. NOT MONKEYS.

Автор timothy young (1 год)
hair like wool

Автор Akrimoney (1 год)
WRONG AGAIN APE MAN! It is you who came from the monkey. Africans have no
Neanderthal DNA in them at all. We are the true Homo Sapien Sapien. You do
have some Homo Sapien Sapien genes in you thanks to us. But you are more
Neanderthal than anything else. Get your racist facts straight. Some of you
mother fuckers are born with tails...lol There`s never been a black person
born with a fucking tail...lol You mother fuckers were fucking goats too.
You are the least evolved people on the planet...

Автор 1DarkMatter3 (1 год)
Are you like 8 years old or what? No matter WHAT your color is, you are
ignorant, uneducated & in denial. Whites lack enough melanin to stay in the
sun for long periods of time without risking skin cancer. Is THAT
evolution? STFU! According to White media, whites will be the minority in
30 years. Devolve much? This is why the negative campaign against black
women. Caucasians can barely produce any more. WTF is a "MODERN" race?
Blacks look like monkeys? Why are whites the ones with head LICE? lol

Автор Prince Taharqa (1 год)
:-) That's right !!! I let you have these clowns. Destroy them and leave
none behind..

Автор MySkiesAreBlue24 (2 года)
"single bruial is an african ritual"? to what tribe of africans does this
belong too? africans don't have the same culture they never did. omg!!

Автор MySkiesAreBlue24 (2 года)
wait a minute the british took "women and children into slavery".. where
were they from? where did the british take them?why did they not take men
as slaves? if the yamasse are olmecs and the olmecs knew they were from
africa, why did the yamessee "realize the africans slaves were a fraction
of them"? if the olmecs were going to africa why did the africans sell
their own, if they knew they colonized the americas prior? sellig your own
ppls is economically stupid.

Автор electricbabez (1 год)
every one none african today.

Автор Shynetta B (2 года)
@myskiesareblue24 you must be white.

Автор electricbabez (1 год)
modern raises came from the rhesus monkey rh+ or rh- dna that is a fact
look it up......grafted with albino africans

Автор Xicohtencatl R (1 год)
You aren't olmec

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