Mike Oldfield - Moonlight Shadow (Acoustic fingerstyle)

Hey, this is my arrangement of Mike Oldfields famous song, Moonlight shadow.
Yeah, I'm posting videos again after a little break. I have been big Oldfield fan in the past and thought it would be most suitable to make a tribute for the man. Here it is :)

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Автор Ahmad Jamil ( назад)
tab plz

Автор csavarga csavarga ( назад)
Nice work!

Автор Pat Pik ( назад)
Great work! Bravo!

Автор Stanislav Dombrovsky ( назад)

Автор Paul Moore ( назад)
I cant stop playing this it's awesome.

Автор Magnus Bille Nielsen ( назад)
I World be so HAPPY if there were a torturial for this

Автор Guido Belluomo (Kurochi) ( назад)
How long did it take you to become this good?

Автор sti11ness ( назад)
Great work! Some one....please tab the solo for us all :)

Автор richard coburn ( назад)
7 thumbs down.idiots who know nothing on great music

Автор Scott Perry ( назад)

Автор A. Ismail ( назад)

Автор Ade7nAmy6 IIXIX ( назад)
awesome dude

Автор Blenderis YO ( назад)
You REALLY need to put tabs in description. You are awsome!

Автор Danelo Performances ( назад)
tabs? congratulations

Автор Walter Fiorotto ( назад)

Автор cat fan54 ( назад)
bieber "crotch pull"

Автор Tarrafa Abada ( назад)

Wonderful !

Автор Funkdreamer88 ( назад)
May I have tabs for this please? Awesome playing Man!

Автор Divlnorum ( назад)
Wonderful work - well done!!

Автор John Koutsogiannis (634 года назад)
Brother... you are amazing!

Автор Paul Roche ( назад)
excellent arrangement..loved it.

Автор Stephen Powell ( назад)
Great tune, nice arrangement well played. Very enjoyable. Why did I think
that was a cat Stevens song?

Автор petcol hague ( назад)
Excellent rendition!! You should be very proud of yourself.

Автор freudensammler photography (Giorgio) ( назад)
nice arrangement. Like it!

Автор Wesley Mota ( назад)
Good job.

Автор MegaMr04 ( назад)
this cover deserves more views .. too bad 

Автор kees mol ( назад)
what are the tabs for this song ????????

Автор cachoror ( назад)
Congratulations good sound

Автор Darren Hayhurst ( назад)
Awesome song, I would love the tab to this as well. Thanks so much.

Автор Sebastian PC ( назад)
Fantastic cover. Amazing !!!!!!!!!!

Автор TWKamil ( назад)
Cool playing!!

Автор george abelas ( назад)

Автор Duesvinet ( назад)

Автор Kabaret Zżyna ( назад)
This is really awesome! I've looking for acousting version of this song and
found something... better than I wanted. Thanks pal, keep rockin' :)

Автор Israel Teixeira ( назад)
Man you rock! Do you have this tab? Thank you

Автор ElAullidoDeLaNada ( назад)
Amazing cover.

Автор hirangou66 ( назад)
nice guitar solo, five stars, greetings from brazil

Автор viva304 ( назад)
can you send me tab, plz

Автор LeeDFXP ( назад)
by FAR the best accoustic version i've ever heared in my life, so clean, so
pure! you got skillz man, treasure'm! thumbs up!

Автор Pavel 1975 ( назад)
Hi Helmosso, can you send me please pdf. Thank you

Автор Rol Tol ( назад)
this is crazy good style and quality of recording

Автор R Ashley ( назад)
Thank you. Beatiful rendition

Автор Stephen McLaughlin ( назад)
The Real Deal! Great!

Автор Lysaa62 ( назад)
Superbe ! Excellente adaptation picking ! Et superbe son avec cette guitare
Martin, apparemment une OM, isn't it ?

Автор Nelson Oyarzun (1010 лет назад)
This song is beautiful!

Автор helmosso ( назад)
Great version, very nice.

I've transcribed the guitar-pro and pdf. If someone wants it, simply send
me a private message.


Автор Franz Schnabel ( назад)
Such a great and to-the-point arrangement! Great sounding guitar, also.
Much love.

Автор myuselessopinion ( назад)
wow what lovely sound

Автор Love Hobelia ( назад)
well played bro .. nice one

Автор roberto franzini ( назад)

Автор Petr Žaba ( назад)
Nice played

Автор Jonathan L ( назад)
beautiful arrangement

Автор Frostform ( назад)
Any TAB of this?

Автор jose ramon sagardi ( назад)
This is a magnific arrangement.
Thank you very much for this tutorial. I love this theme and I would like
your guitar tab or score.

Автор Lance Moi ( назад)
Amazing :D

Автор pollyb polly ( назад)
wow man u fcking awesome

Автор jodie keenan ( назад)
Beautiful, I think you are amazing :) Subscribed!!

Автор sail1948 ( назад)

Автор andreaz4321 ( назад)

Автор MrLancer2007 ( назад)
Great sound :)

Автор Jean-Louis Laenens ( назад)
Amazing !! Congratulations !!

Автор roman ( назад)
I don't know why everybody listens to Sungha. I mean he is ok. He has some
good trascriptions, but his interpretation is very boring, flat,
emotionless. He doesn't seem to play with passion. He's like playing

Автор johnnymesto ( назад)
Really really good ! Can't we get the score for this please? 

Автор Zoua Vang (nailoveu) ( назад)
Awesome job! Keep it up! ;D 

Автор schootoku ( назад)
I would be happy too, if you could arrange the tabs of this version of
moonlight shaddow PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE 

Автор wedha gebyar ( назад)
awesome :D

Автор BlackDayWolf ( назад)
whow! Great job! :D 

Автор SchnackelundFriedric ( назад)
Your a good Guitarrplayer Grait job 

Автор inberala ( назад)
You're so talented!! Can you teach me XD~~

Автор Nidhøggr ( назад)
whos sungha

Автор Lisa Marie ( назад)
yes but he's one of the best! and it should be a compliment to be compared
with sungha... (sorry if there are mistakes in it, im german... ;) )

Автор Mocratez ( назад)
I would be happy if you could arrange the tabs of this version of moonlight
shaddow for guitar... didn´t find anything similar on the web yet...

Автор Phillip Stenzel ( назад)
epic *-*

Автор Marcela Garro ( назад)

Автор lujas10 ( назад)
I love this version; perhaps this is how Mike Oldfield envisioned this song
in his head, very discreet, laid emphasis on the music content rather than
the lyric, really great version, like it a great deal!

Автор Ilias Berbère ( назад)
tabs? :D

Автор KEITH SKINNER ( назад)
Exceptional cover young man...and a nice martin as well.you deserve it
though as you play it so well

Автор Sailor Mars ( назад)

Автор Gilburt Gubbinz ( назад)
That is amazing, if I could play like that i'd give up wanking and I'd
never leave the house

Автор m1kep0e ( назад)
Very good! From JAPAN

Автор Oldfielddesciple ( назад)
This is truly beautiful. I hope Mike sees this wonderful and thoughtful
tribute, He would be so proud and grateful of your gesture and impressed
withe your talent I'm sure.

Автор Aleksandar Marković ( назад)
1 person faccidentaly clicked dislike :/

Автор sam Al Nabhani ( назад)
nice ..............keep it up bro 

Автор linkicito loureiro ( назад)
la tablatura por favoooorr!! 

Автор JohnLennon1735 ( назад)

Автор Snan ( назад)
This is really amazing.. but still, not sharing tabs is kinda evil :/
especially for such a beautiful song

Автор özkan gelincik ( назад)
beautiful sounding guitar and melody with a great performance! 

Автор rick72379 ( назад)
Thats just the ratio of ppl who appreciate a talented individual, over the
mass of sheeple. 

Автор ASP Studio ( назад)
please tab 

Автор J3anaan ( назад)
Is somebody able to send me a link for tab to my youtube message box?

Автор Haoran Yu ( назад)
I am so in love with this song and this fingerstyle is awesome!!!!!! I
cannot find a guitar tab for this and I wonder if you could email me the
tab for this version, if possible. My email is yu.h.r9201@gmail.com. Thank
you so much!

Автор A. Ismail ( назад)
great stuff!!

Автор simon garcia sepulcre ( назад)
Yo también se!!!!

Автор simon garcia sepulcre ( назад)
Ya claro

Автор LionCageMusic ( назад)

Автор slicerhere ( назад)
Excellent arrangement and performance! I really liked this- thanks for
posting. Chris

Автор taipalsaari ( назад)
Could you please STOP with this Sungha guy??He is not the only one on
youtube who has tallent with the guitar..

Автор Steven davy ( назад)
un artiste, jaime trop 

Автор helmosso ( назад)
It is one very good and very well touched cover. Very good work. I her have
transcribed to the guitar pro. If someone wants it it will have to send a
private message. Regards

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