1851 Navy Revolver review and disassemble for cleaning Pt. 1

My review and cleaning of a replica 1851 "navy six". Made by F. LLI Pietta. I cover a lot of info and tips on how to clean. If you have any ?'s just let me know and I will be happy to answer them.

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Автор reblchemst ( назад)
Never, never, NEVER use Pyrodex in a black powder gun. Even though it says
it is for black powder guns, it is still too powerful. Always use real
black powder. I've seen cylinders explode from the pressure from those

Автор Brett Duffy ( назад)
I unseize The nipples after I clean the gun now my cylinder is not clicking
when it spins and it does not rotate when I caulk the hammer the only time
it will rotate as if I point the gun down

Автор Patrick Cavanaugh ( назад)
they have hoppes 9 plus I believe it's name is that's specifically for
black powder does the regular hoppes work just as well? I've been either
using hot water or ballistol but I've got a shit ton of the regular hoppes
was wondering if people are having decent results

Автор Bob Rose ( назад)
Thank You, I just purchased my first Gun and this was the one cause I
thought it would be fun. You have affirmed that for me. The Black Powder
pellets is new to me, I was concerned about measuring out the powder with
out killing myself, but the pellets will make it easier and even more fun
on the range......Thanks Ben.....

Автор 76foxx ( назад)
that was a big help! thanks

Автор Charlie Gwinn ( назад)
Hey man great video its hard to find the really detailed videos with good
information thanks.

Автор James Gamma ( назад)
I own a Navy colt 36 cal. percussion revolver and this video is most
helpful however my revolver differs in the breakdown it has a screw above
the clip that breaks the barrel and I cannot seem to break the barrel? can
you offer some suggestions on how to get the barrel off?

Автор Brian Pech ( назад)
My wedge will not come out...

Автор John Saia ( назад)
Unless you use a water based cleaner, like hot water and soap, the
corrosive salts will remain on the surface of the gun and will cause rust
under the oil. The best way to clean a blackpowder gun is to scrub and
wash with hot soapy water, rinse with very hot or even boiling water, dry
with a hairdryer, then clean with hoppes #9 or Ed's Red, then oil and
lubricate the parts before assembly. 

Автор Trevor Watson ( назад)
i just bought one same exact model and everything what grain of those
pellets did you use the max is 25 for the gun and the smallest pellets i
could find were 30 grain is that small enough to be okay?

Автор onehalf musketeer ( назад)
The 'patch holder' is called a 'jag'. weird name. good vid, going to shoot
my 1851 next week and need to know how to clean it. bought it at cabalas
for $149, price has now gone up to $200 :-/ i wanted to buy another.

Автор Don't tred sway ( назад)
Is there a way I can convert this gun to cartridges/regular .44 cal

Автор John Bi ( назад)
just a question i bought an antique navy revolver from an auctions and im
asking will the value of the gun i paid $1000 for degrade if i clean it?

Автор eddie mccomas ( назад)
use a .454 ball its better and tighter

Автор FullArmorRadiocom ( назад)
Oh, BTW, it's Pietta (Pee-et-ahhh) :P

Автор FullArmorRadiocom ( назад)
Let me know what you think. You can call me 740.975.0546

Автор englishrupe01 ( назад)
Great review with some good humor in there too, thanks! I just ordered one
from Cabelas and have several other BP models. Also, on the subject of the
loose screw, I have heard that they send them out quite loose on purpose
because they know that you will be loosening them all up to break the gun
down for cleaning and they dont want them to be stuck and get stripped.
Maybe they mention to tighten them up first thing in the manual? Anyway,
that's what i heard they do. I will check mine for sure!

Автор Jeff Miller ( назад)
My clip is stuck any ideas ?

Автор Steven ( назад)
thank you for the help ....im going over to part 2 ....:)

Автор TheRfleming ( назад)
Thanks that WAS a big help....

Автор k6whp ( назад)
You're working too hard, mate! Should point out that the Hoppe's is O.K.
but better to use hot soapy water/complete disassembly and let the parts
soak in there. The use JoJoba oil. The hot water dissolves the powder salts
mush better. 

Автор atomiccat2002 ( назад)
you can shoot .45 instead of 44 , but accuracy will be way off, and its not
good for the gun, But i'm having a problem with mine, that the Wedge wont
come out

Автор benjamindshoemaker ( назад)
Thank you sir

Автор jeff lewis ( назад)
i myself have the same gun and as a reenactor this gun is great i give u a
10 sir 

Автор benjamindshoemaker ( назад)
the manual had no info. If you have any other ?'s just ask and I also have
a shooting video and use the pellets. 

Автор benjamindshoemaker ( назад)
My Brass wasn't stained just tarnished. 

Автор benjamindshoemaker ( назад)
Not yet I just got this one the other day to see if I would like it and I
do so I will be getting more. Also getting the ball moulds to make my own
balls just for the fun of doing it. 

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