Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt Highlights Full UFC 207

Fan made highlight of Cruz vs Garbrandt Fight UFC 207. Cruz vs Garbrandt Highlights UFC 207. Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt UFC 207 Full Fight Highlights.
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Длительность: 5:15
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Автор Nilanjan Dutta ( назад)
cody moved like a ninja..

Автор Squidrito ( назад)
This is basically what would have happened if Muhammad Ali fought Mike Tyson.

Автор Jus Mark ( назад)
best garbrandt performance!💯

Автор CokeMentosDB ( назад)
This fight should've been the main event that day, good matchup

Автор soniCh22 ( назад)
I clearly felt him tap - Cruz

Автор Ron Worster ( назад)
I'll bet he gets destroyed by McGregor. he won't be trying that showboating shit and if he does I'll bet McGregor makes him pay for it

Автор Jason Bula ( назад)
He's going to be champ for a long time

Автор Nick Bryan ( назад)
That is what happened if you underestimate your opponent and dancing around in the first round. Wrecked.

Автор Ricardo Fuentes ( назад)
Dominick wasent fighting how he always fight he was tryna go toe to toe with cody and he payed 4 that

Автор Tyler Capps ( назад)
sort of reminds me of dillashaw vs barrao

Автор Matheus Kniss ( назад)
I can't understand why people say that Dominick Cruz is a technical fighter. For me, he just looks ridiculous every single time he steps inside the octagon. His movements are strange, his head doesn't move fine, I don't know, he looks ridiculous. Garbrandt made him look ever worst in this fight, made his movements look childy, amateur, exactly the way I always understood. He defeated Faber twice, wow, who didn't? He defeated TJ, wow, split decision. Nothing else. Simply ridiculous.

Автор Blind Eskimo ( назад)
I love how competitive that division is right now.

Автор Conor Mcclung ( назад)

Автор Nate Stone ( назад)
This was the fight I was looking forward to the whole night, I was rooting for Dominick because I love his footwork. But I gotta hand over the respeck to Cody, the dude can box. I didn't expect him to toy with Dom, great fight.

Автор Lloyd Jones ( назад)
One of my favourite fights of 2016. I had Cruz winning going into this...Cody blew me away to say the least

Автор Overwatch Media News ( назад)

One of the best fights I have ever seen. #922 #OhioLove #AndNEW

Автор George Dong ( назад)
how come jerrel thundercat hodge the guy who knocked out coby garbrandt in the 3rd round isnt in ufc but only in mma, at the time he knocked out garbrandt he is stronger than cody but now he should also be stronger since both have the time to improve train everyday after their fight.

Автор Girshel Gulbani ( назад)
cody this is amazing fighter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Neal Farmer ( назад)
i never thought id see that not even heard of this dude damn he stomped cruz

Автор ViividYoshi ( назад)
Cruz is a stud no matter what anyone says. His post fight interview only further solidified his status as a gangster.

Автор killAgram070 ( назад)
what a fight!

Автор TheBest TC ( назад)
Awesome highlight and an Amazing fight!! 👊🏼🙌🏼😊#TeamCruz #Legend #Vegenance

Автор Aaron Aaron ( назад)
cruz was the lamest champion in the UFC, the champ who least deserved a UFC belt, the guy can only win by points by outreaching his opponent against small-sized guys in bantamweight, very glad to see him got dethroned, cody made cruz fight like an ape

Автор Hank Chinaski ( назад)
Cody made Cruz look like a rank armature. Total domination from start till finish.

Автор Raph Walker ( назад)
Garbrant was awesome but you gotta respect Cruz at the end.

Автор ummglick ( назад)
a couple of bums

Автор LE0NSKA ( назад)
people praise cody (deservedly so) but can we all appreciate the fucking warrior spirit of cruz? he fucking fired back every second he possibly could no matter how bad his position was. what a fucking amazing fight that was

Автор LE0NSKA ( назад)
I want a rematch so bad

Автор paolo fabbri ( назад)
beautiful at last when they looking each others laughing and an hug

Автор Zoë Lkjsdhf ( назад)
Great fight from both of them!!!!!

Автор Reece Overstreet ( назад)
12/10 bm

Автор Simo Harjane ( назад)
Cody's head movement amazing

Автор lincoln777 D ( назад)
So Happy when I watch this fight again and again, Cody was literally breakdancing on Doms head, I love that - Dom talked shit, Cody humiliated Dom in the Octagon - doing that B-boy stuff and pointing when he knocked him down, - that was entertainment, and I will be so fucking happy when Conor is put in his place - like all the greats who dont respect their opponents

Автор Gerion Cesario ( назад)

Автор Fernando Ramirez ( назад)
super dope. I have literally watched this a handful of times. Cody is a pro

Автор Simo Harjane ( назад)
Cody didn't wanna finish him. He was playing with him lol

Автор Frank Meza ( назад)
NEVER liked/like Cruz, his fighting style was/is stupid.

Автор Daniel Callahan ( назад)
3:12 is sick

Автор Sam P ( назад)
What a dominant striking exhibition by cody I knew he could hurt anybody with his hands. Cruz knows he has a long way to go. This is the best fight I ever saw on ppv

Автор BAT Robs ( назад)
Dominick) is not easy to shoot at the moving target.... their you go Dominick, Cody can hit and mock the moving target..

Автор Artem Lobov ( назад)
Cruz got caught early so he couldn't fight the way he wanted to. To win he had to go for the finish but he would much rather fight defensively. A rematch would be interesting.

Автор Preston Saleh ( назад)
cruz's head got busted open by headbutting garbrandt it wasnt even punches lol

Автор The Dark Knight ( назад)
I wrestled Cody is HS... he kicked my ass lol

Автор Amir Khan ( назад)
great match

Автор Hu Kares ( назад)
Cody was truly impressive.

Автор Statutory Grape ( назад)
Bantamweight is stacked.

Автор Erika Alcantara ( назад)
uma das melhores luta q ja vi

Автор littleaub # one ( назад)
Cody just picked Cruz a part and let him up three time to prove it, that is what happens when you put a better skilled fighter in with Cruz, he needs to get much better at boxing and find hitting power, maybe,lol poor Dana didn't like putting the belt on Cody, likely be cause he didn't make as much money with him.

Автор Orbis Dux ( назад)
that knockdown made me so sad. Cruz fought as the aggressor from the start and that's why he lost in my opinion.

Автор TheBest TC ( назад)
Forever a Dominick Cruz believer!! 2016 was a great year for him despite losing his belt.. #TeamCruz #Heart

Автор Theo P ( назад)
codys good but hes not ufc material

Автор leon mvt ( назад)
Dominick was fucked like a bitch in that fight. So many cockriders of Dominick and look at him now lol

Автор MspMelonFreaks ( назад)
Now Lets see 250lbs meatballs claim they can beat Cody in a fight.

Автор Brian Jorgensen ( назад)
tj dillishaw...vs cody garbrandt thats the fight i wanna see

Автор Zabuza noa ( назад)
trashtalk is cool but this is the kind of stuff that's gonna keep the UFC alive , what a fight

Автор abraao gabirol pereira ( назад)
This guy is the future of UFC! That guy? Cody Garbrandt!

Автор Reuben Graham ( назад)

Автор marty uribe ( назад)
Love to see a rematch, I expect Cruz to come back and figure Cody out but who knows, but props to Cody great fight I just hate all the mocking just fight dude both of you guys!!! After all mocking Cruz after he went 22-1 is crazy. But I think it worked and got in Cruz's head! But I hope to see fight two like Nate and Connor 3 but we may not get either of those!

Автор Daniel S.R Guitar ( назад)
Que luta louca man.

Автор Hamza Khaliq ( назад)
Garbrandt made Cruz look like an ametaur. I think if Garbrandt ever fought Dillashaw, Garbrandt would wipe the floor with him.

Автор Ikromjon Holikov ( назад)
Хороший Бойцы !!! Молодец ...

Автор LEE BRANDON ( назад)
very surprising fight. knew garbrandt was a beast but didn't see this happening. he's fought cody's teammates for like his whole ufc career. so you know mathematical odds would say alpha male would eventually figure out a game plan that could beat him finally. it was brilliant. for the most part he stayed in the middle of the cage, let cruz come to him, and use that speed advantage to counter the fuck out of cruz. very smart. cruz did well but seemed like he would get angry and frustrated and charge in at him recklessly and get caught with the power shots. i need to see this rematch.

Автор LeCeaseDaProducer ( назад)
I watched this live. I backed Cruz but damn garbrandt was shockingly impressive

Автор Tyler Ferguson ( назад)
by far the craziest thing I've ever saw. no one thought cody would be able to destroy Cruz like he did and was dancing while knocking Cruz down. crazy. #teamalpha

Автор King Me ( назад)
4:00 this shit is still making me wet

Автор jrsport 24por48 ( назад)
Aldo arranca tua cabeça fora

Автор RebelForce8 ( назад)
Should get points deducted for talking shit and playing around that much. Its even in the fucking rules.

Автор Ali ( назад)
He made a mockery of domick cruz I watched the fight live and I forgot all the knockdowns he had damn. Was rooting for Cruz but good shit Cody!

Автор jonathan ( назад)
Good fight, great movement, few too many haymakers cody leaves himself predictable. I know trash talk is all part of the bravado but I think super showboating inside the ring when they constantly get back up even if you are slapping the around its a bit much. Should have gone in all jokes aside and won strong especially for the title fight. I wont remember this title fight for its fighting but the clowning around. The way he jokes about is too similar to McGregor and its too soon around the buzz of McGregor to act like a clone.

Автор trafalgar D water law ( назад)
cody should go 145 after 2 or 3 title def

Автор Aiza Torres ( назад)
I love this guy

Автор Compumaq ( назад)
el error de Cruz irlo a buscar, Cody era boxeador tiene buena guardia y esquiva

Автор MarioLuigi ( назад)
Cody has a fucking hand speed

Автор Marcello Sah ( назад)

Автор ECDCTECH ( назад)
I never had to chase pussy in my life ...
cody did not chase cruz
he countered cruz ,
cruz was doing the chasing ...

Автор 진태형 ( назад)
damn, great head movement

Автор Rizal Valdez ( назад)
conor mcgregor vs cody

Автор Mike Vega ( назад)
congratulations on your victory cody. great champion

Автор Trent Dayus ( назад)
It's good to see that it's only in the ring these guys act disrespectful towards one another.

Автор Joshua Calosso ( назад)
Beautiful footwork and head movement by cody well done

Автор Paul Juliano ( назад)
Lol what a fight!!! Some of the best movement I've ever seen in a bout

Автор Joshua Calosso ( назад)
Cody made cruz look like a tool

Автор Templar MiYo ( назад)
I think both guys are awesome fighters and it was a hell of a fight. loved it

Автор Luka Ivkov ( назад)
Pay attention at 1:12, the way Dominick's head landed on the mat. I think he got stunned got from that bad landing, props to Cody for beign so relaxed and fun to watch for 5 rounds.

Автор Adah BombDon ( назад)
Fuckin amazing fight. Action every second. Cody will be a great champ, hell of a performance to get that belt.

Автор Adah BombDon ( назад)
Damn Cody is quick.

Автор joseph lechuga ( назад)
Next fight Garbrandt vs Nunes

Автор Marcus Francart ( назад)
haha....everyone talks like they know how to fight......its ok guys you insecurities are understandable

Автор eric cam ( назад)
god damn that was a great fucking fight. cody impressed the shit out of me

Автор wate nallace ( назад)
Both of these guys are so quick it's insane

Автор Alec M. Bocanegra ( назад)
Cody went hard. There was a few times where Cruz would land good ones. They're both badass. Fuck McGregor lol

Автор Simo Harjane ( назад)
Cody was amazing

Автор Villela Villela ( назад)
Cara deu um show

Автор Fernando Enriquez ( назад)
its funny how people said Cody will lose to Cruz.. first of all you guys need to see ufc for you guys to understand.. I already knew Cody was going to win.. now everyone is like cody is the best.. ha that's funny.. Cody good luck in the future and can't wait to see your future fights #codyalltheway💪👊

Автор Hi ! ( назад)

Автор Mr. President #trump2020 #keepamericagreat ( назад)
We thought Cruz got into Codys head leading up to the fight, but it was Cody who got into Doms head both mentally and physically.

Автор Alan Barras ( назад)
A melhor luta dos últimos dias show

Автор Bair Radnaev ( назад)

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