Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt Highlights Full UFC 207

Fan made highlight of Cruz vs Garbrandt Fight UFC 207. Cruz vs Garbrandt Highlights UFC 207. Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt UFC 207 Full Fight Highlights.
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Длительность: 5:15
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Автор Isaiah Eley ( назад)
cody sure knows how to put on a show. great fight

Автор Kamea Makamae ( назад)
All in all was a good fight but ugly as fuck

Автор robert ayala ( назад)
cody would have been good at track.

Автор Bolo4D ( назад)
1:34 Holy shit that fucking scramble was beautiful. Goddamn wish someone
would've told me Garbrandt wrestled alongside Logan Stieber, that wouldn't
have been as much of a surprise.

Автор KingInfected ( назад)
Watching these fighters fight is just simply amazing. What a form of art.
Regardless of who won. Both Garbrandt and Cruz displayed beautiful movement
and technical abilities. Loved to watch these fights, although I hated to
see Cruz lose, I can't deny that Garbrandt was simply amazing. Would have
never expected that from a knockout artist. Great head movement and timing.
But oh my god, the way Cruz moves in and out, and dodges punches, it's just
simply phenomenal.

Thank you for this fight! Congrats to Cody!

Автор desolationR ( назад)
Dom is a bum he doesn't even look like a fighter

Автор CurL Tv. ( назад)
That push up tho 😂

Автор علي جون ( назад)
the best

Автор Simo Harjane ( назад)
Cody made his look like a joke lol

Автор Mike Vega ( назад)
so happy for cody and Maddux, congratulations you earned it

Автор jeFF Fury ( назад)
Best UFC fight I've seen in YEARS! Cody will dominate the division!

Автор David Delaney ( назад)
Christ almighty, Cruz has a chin.

Автор Billy Bussey ( назад)
Let's remember that this is Dominick's comeback. Although he lost it's been
amazing what he did and how well he's done since the multiple knee
surgeries. I'm happy for both these guys.

Автор Inphiknitrhymz ( назад)
Dominick is a blockhead! took all that to the chin...props.

Автор brocky ( назад)
Cody has amazing head movement. It's so subtle but just enough to get out
of the way of a fist's width distance. And then his counters! Blistering!

Автор bharath mohan ( назад)
you see a boxer right there in Cody...not an MMA fighter , a boxer

Автор Trevor Harris ( назад)
After Urijah beat him dom went undefeated for 10 years, im actually scared
to see what he comes back like after a lopsided loss that cost him his
belt...... can't wait

Автор Batmunkh Namshir ( назад)
Cruz withe shity fighting style

Автор Bryan Loewen ( назад)
Love how he drops Cruz then taunts, reminds me of the assholes who are
dropping me on UFC 2.

Автор LE0NSKA ( назад)
that fight was so fucking awesom

Автор Climacool2007 ( назад)
This guy is the perfect match up for Connor

Автор Immortal King ( назад)
Watching this made me realize Cody ain't no joke. So proud to finally see a
true Alpha Male win a belt and staying.

Автор Dubon Gros ( назад)
I'll wait t'ill Cody defends his belt . Cruz just did not have it, to be
continued ...

Автор SENSEI PETTEN ( назад)
Damn Cody...Get some, kiddo!! Osu. Shinkyokushinkai served.

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
The way cruz handled his loss is perfect.

Автор IJustAm ( назад)
*eh bandwagons, both fighters fought well, could have been better, now that
they got respect for each other, their next fight should be the real fight,
also to note that eyebrow cut on the accidental headbutt on Cruz went
towards Cody's favor, he kept getting knocked down cause he couldn't see,
its logical, considering cody's knockout power, cruz was toying with him,
getting back up straight away, it was amusing*

Автор Johnny Zavala ( назад)
This is a perfect example of pure boxing skill.

Автор luis bruno ( назад)
que tiempos wacho ahre que fue hace poco AGUANTE CODY

Автор Alejandro Alba ( назад)
cody vs mighty mouse super fight!!

Автор Andrew Towey ( назад)
Cody must have got points for the dancing he was at

Автор David Westcott ( назад)
First time I've ever seen a motherfucker do a push-up during a fight-
NoLove is LEGIT!

Автор Evan Landry ( назад)
cody ran a lot

Автор anoop prashar ( назад)
amazing fight

Автор random randomness ( назад)
funny how cody mocked him through out the fight but at the end they both
smiled and hugged. professionals

Автор Amit Limbu ( назад)
Cruz is a fucking warrior but Cody was the better striker,defensively and

Автор MarcYoBro ( назад)

Автор Matthew Chambers ( назад)
Ill be the first to admit I was extremely wrong on this fight
prediction.Totally underestimated Garbrandt but will not make that mistake
again. Congrats to the new champ and still got a lot respect for Cruz. What
a fight!

Автор Jojocall ( назад)
wow just wow.

Автор savagemaestro ( назад)
I was so busy laughing at Ronda's dumb ass that i almost missed how awesome
it was watching Cruz get dismantled by someone mocking his spaz style.
Great fight Cody.

Автор dominik cruz will dethrone conor ( назад)
after watching this fight a couple more times I think it could be one of
the best fights in ufc history

Автор Andreas G. ( назад)
The best fight of 2017 maybe?

Автор Alik Asala ( назад)
New Conor show

Автор Derek aka Derek ( назад)
what a strange fight lol.

Автор freestylewrestler ( назад)
sick duck at 3:10

Автор Jose and deysi bonsai ( назад)
this guy is the fucking best in the world... shiiiiiit is very good... and
after go to kill connor mgregor buddy...

Автор Julius Hager ( назад)
i think cody would be a good fight against conor here real good throwing ib
the packe

Автор Casanova 9911 ( назад)
and now here comes all the Mcgregor d*ck riders who are bout to jump on
Cody's bandwagon... I guarantee cause this guy is a much more complete
fighter than Mctapper and would dominate Mcnugget on the ground and feet.

Автор John Andrews ( назад)
Has anyone made a Thug Life video of Cody slipping and rolling Cruz's
punches and then dancing? If so, I need that link now lol

Автор Guitars AndJams ( назад)
Cruz's performance went downhill after getting cut open, Joe kept saying it
was a head butt, but what actually cut him open?

Автор troy howard ( назад)
I believe if there would of been less trash talking and throwing hands up
in the air during the fight that this would of played out different

Автор Simo Harjane ( назад)
i watch this fight over and over and over again

Автор 360SRH 2 ( назад)
What round was the push up in?

Автор Donovan McDab ( назад)
Great fight

Автор Sean Cash ( назад)
Wow, Cruz looked like an amateur. Sluggish, slow and sloppy. Cody looking
like the incredible fighter that he is... and that cut wasn't from a head
butt. It was from the solid right from Cody, just before their heads
grazed each other... And the NEW!!!!!!!!

Автор Thong Inthavongsa ( назад)
To beat Cruz u have to move fast like Cruz

Автор robert batey ( назад)
2:13 is when the cut happened... right leg head kick rogan says head kick
"attempt" but it connected.

Автор Bob Geib ( назад)

Автор William Marcoux ( назад)
You can feel codys tears or joy when his hand got raised. 

Автор manjay49 ( назад)
What a great MMA display. One of the best ever.

Автор Hmer UwU ( назад)
Best fight for me! Even im a big fan of DOM.

Автор The Main Man ( назад)
Cody was on Cruz control

Автор John Mercado ( назад)
they say head but...it's a head kick from Cody he kicks and falls at the
same time and then Cruz is bleading

Автор Julian Arebalo ( назад)
did he get extra style points?

Автор k cas ( назад)
Dom head split at 2:10 by head kick not headbutt.

Автор Kushtopha ( назад)
I liked Codys fighting back when he was 8-0. funny seeing the massive
bandwagon that appeared all of a sudden.

Автор Kdaouiji ( назад)
OMG this fight highlight is awesome! Awesome fight!

Автор Emerson 572 ( назад)
Esquiva de mestre 3:11

Автор Ace8off ( назад)
Joe "He Tagged him" Rogan LOL

Автор Another Mother ( назад)
Incredible fight!!!!!!

Автор Sam Malla ( назад)
Cruz will come back strong though, Garbrandt vs Cruz 2...Cannot wait !

Автор Ufc Katsande ( назад)
haters became fans

Автор Vida Kondrataviciene ( назад)
Coby is fighting really good but hes doing alot of shit in the cage, and
hes not respecting Dominick as he should. I can see anderson silva destiny
here soon.

Автор Jovan Tumuju ( назад)
This guy's definitely inspired by Conor. But he has very little chance
against Conor. Very, very, little. Conor's timing, precision, MUCH longer
reach AND power would be too much.

Автор Cheddah C ( назад)
Very entertaining, hands down cody won. However cruz could of won easily if
his punched packed power, i feel like this match is a coin toss if they
have another rematch

Автор Shawn Kay ( назад)
My favorite moment of the fight 4:39 wtf LOL. Damn Garbrandt clowned Cruz
big time

Автор TomiGA ( назад)
WTF? Dominick doesn't have any technique...

Автор Script Kiddie ( назад)
Porra, o Cody brincou com o Dominick e ainda venceu, pode isso Arnaldo!

Автор Duncan Fergusson ( назад)
i love the half smile cruz gives at the end, looked genuinely impressed by

Автор _ _ ( назад)
damn cody was fast

Автор Millie Kentner ( назад)
This doesn't sit well with me.

Don't get me wrong, Cody won that fight clearly.

I'm just really sad about it. Cruz is a legend, and did not really get any
time in the spotlight.
GREAT fighter with some golden trash talk as well. I wonder why he wasn't
as popular.

Автор Dallas Henderson ( назад)
I would love to see Cody fight Conor!

Автор Joshua McElhatton ( назад)
cody is such a great fighter, its just such a shame that he has no respect.
thats a championship fight. stop dicking around.

Автор Alexander Ruiz ( назад)
Total fucking domination from my guy No Love

Автор Mark Ramos ( назад)
A rematch would be awesome! Make it happen Dana.

Автор iwonderifdrugzarebad ( назад)
If Cody didnt taunt as much, there was a couple times he could have
finished it in my opinion. But regardless the guy is a fucking badass.

Автор Mpho Abrams ( назад)
Whoa!!!! Cody don't fuck around - holy crap!!!!

Автор A. Flint ( назад)
Don't like either but damn that was a great fight. Well deserved.

Автор Miguel Rios ( назад)
what a great show these 2 athletes something something...

Автор Federico Sabe ( назад)
respect to cruz accepted defeat like a chAmpion and never stopped going
forward against a guy who hits very hard amazing performance by cody
hopefully cruz comes back

Автор Jose Astucuri ( назад)

Автор Eric Adams ( назад)
Cody keep fighting like this, Dana White is gonna give him a fortune

Автор siuL nivaS ( назад)
Cody is a dumbass he plays too fucking much, he had the chance to end the
fight a couple of times but his cockiness made him miss the opportunity

Автор aman sharma ( назад)
Cody is the real deal...look at that head movement at 4:04. This guy
deserves to be the champ.RESPECT
But I think Dominick will be back better than ever.
P.S. Dominick Cruz is a zombie.

Автор plank3000 ( назад)
good fighter but acts like a douche

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