Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt Highlights Full UFC 207

Fan made highlight of Cruz vs Garbrandt Fight UFC 207. Cruz vs Garbrandt Highlights UFC 207. Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt UFC 207 Full Fight Highlights.
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Автор smokestrong1000 ( назад)
cruz looks so slow in this fight compared to his previous fights. All those injuries finally got to him

Автор Jerome Harris ( назад)
When you in division 2 and he in division 8

Автор Antonio Allison ( назад)
Damn for all that taunting Cody did he got clocked more than I thought. He played them off pretty well is prob how I didn't notice. His boxing is superb but he's not the most accurate unless it was just Doms superb Samba footwork got to him. Dom was doing good until he started slowing down as Cody maintained taking the W. Good fight

Автор Darrell Morris ( назад)
and to think there're actual people out there that think Cruz won this fight. dumbass's

Автор Michael Jordan ( назад)
Yea Dominick lost it's ok. But no denying he's still the best & still one of my favorite fighters. plus we'll see in the the rematch, he gets better & better in each fight cause he corrects his mistakes and owns up to it

Автор Cameron Reed ( назад)
Joe "He hurt Him" Rogan

Автор ZIK-TG ( назад)
This is by far, the fight off maybe the decade!

Автор thelittlepilgrim ( назад)
Great to see Cruz humbled.

Автор rustinonthevine ( назад)
Cruz needs a boxing coach, his wild swinging style was bound to fail him eventually.

Автор littleaub ( назад)
Cruz was quite slow whit Cody, or Cody was to fast for Cruz? lmao ok Cruz was the branes , but he could not figure Cody , Cody had the power, the skills and the speed.

Автор juan Estevez ( назад)
epic fight...scelent footwork , head movement, fast hand, from both...

Автор alexandra kruithof ( назад)
cody bum love gay brand

Автор Michael Collier ( назад)
Cruz has the heart of a champ but cody out smarted him. he was "cooler" got cruz to fight the way he wanted him to. I know he is dangers to move in on but not a lot of knees from cruz or the body kick. a whole lot of punches from cruz. next fight might be better to start with combinations into feints into body strikes... of course if cody stays so reserved if he were to have applied more constant pressure to cruz I think cody would have opened himself up more.
Congrats to cody
But for cruz, defeat is nothing more than a lesson. would love to see a rematch. I don't care who the winner is. Was a great fight.

Автор George Simeonov ( назад)
Awesome fight.

Автор ICE BERG SLIM ( назад)
cody garbrandt has been tested for steroids yet? because he looks unbeatable fast too much power for normal body

Автор whiteronaldj90 ( назад)
Cody really is my favorite fighter. What he's been through outside the cage and the way he has overcome the challenges in his life is so inspiring. And the way he fights is wildly entertaining, the courage, the skill, the aggression and the antics just give me chills. In my eyes no athlete in any sport is more interesting or inspiring than Cody Garbrandt.

Автор Zulfuqarov Valeh ( назад)

Автор Dar Mon ( назад)
Was actually a great fight

Автор crashstitches79 ( назад)
Martial arts at the highest level. Absolutely epic fight, gonna go down in historeeee.

Автор Steve A ( назад)
and Cruz is not a real champion..he turned down a rematch to Cody..real champs get back in there and get that belt back..Cruz is a pussy that knows his unorthodox style isn't working with Cody so he hopes someone else can beat Cody so he can THEN try to get his belt back..Cody has his number and Cruz knows it.

Автор gRove HC ( назад)
This style of fighting is my favorite, hit and avoid being hit. I love it.

Автор brod7676 ( назад)
Cruz will be back. I hate when they make fights personal. GSP back in the day always stated calm

Автор Maurice Washington ( назад)
Cody from Ohio.. people do not realize that yes a fundamentals of wrestling and boxing under his belt and he's a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu it pays a little more than just one art

Автор kian nana ( назад)
Cruz would beat him in the rematch and there would be a trilogy.

Автор Hello happen to Pissbing ( назад)
Cruz was wayyyyy toooooo slow here

I just saw his boring ass fight with Faber (2nd one) and he was like a ninja there...the injuries took their toll on him

Автор Pimpa Licious ( назад)

Автор random dodgy cunt ( назад)
Why wasn't this the main event?

Автор LEO G ( назад)
Cody is a Beast. Anyone saying otherwise is just hating.

Автор Shin Ledre Dez ( назад)
I hate watching my boy lose so hard man

Автор Anarchy Advance ( назад)
do you understand how amazing and fast Cody has to be to clown Cruz like that. Its just wow. speechless man.

Автор Ron Burgandy ( назад)
He could take McGreggor easy.

Автор Sean Kent ( назад)
Garbrandt should fight mayweather. not conor.

Автор TheGazFull ( назад)
Nice performance Cody but dont act like a clown remenber Anderson Silva

Автор opugilist ( назад)
"Look at the sprawl, look at the sprawl" "beautiful sprawl!!" No Joey. Cruz got a beautiful takedown there. Cody got a sprawl a few seconds later, but as you hyped up that imaginary sprawl, it was Cruz who slid in and got the takedown. There is a whole lot to hype up Cody on in this fight, no need to make things up and ignore actual deserved props to others.

Автор Darwiin Ewan ( назад)
Fade boys

Автор Jordan Feldman ( назад)
Shoulda finished him...

Автор siqpuppie ( назад)
This highlight reel actually favors Cruz, believe it or not. They make it seem like the fight was much closer than it actually was...

Автор PoPeople21 ( назад)
Great fight Cruz tagged him a few good times to could have easily have changed in a sec

Автор John White ( назад)
i made so much money on this fight

Автор Orbis Dux ( назад)
both still showed great head movement

Автор tomas guillermo garcia cossio ( назад)

Автор Jake Wheatley ( назад)
Holy fuck

Автор Sergio Corona ( назад)
dam cody make cruz look like a bich

Автор Brian Jones ( назад)
I hope I get to see someone beat Cody down. He's damn good but he definitely has issues. His tats look like they were done in Prison. Who would have tattoos that look so damn bad.

Автор Brian Jones ( назад)
I hope I get to see someone beat Cody down. He's damn good but he definitely has issues. His tats look like they were done in Prison. Who would have tattoos that look so damn bad.

Автор every boddy killer pappy till i die ( назад)
Cody no love garbrant 💨

Автор Dario Monsta ( назад)
This dudes head movement is crazy he said he'll go up to 155 in the future id love to see him fight McGregor

Автор Ruben Munoz ( назад)
that cruz revenge is gonna be bitter sweet for cody to swallow cruz comin back

Автор DJ Carter ( назад)
Dominick Cruz does not look like in the same shape he originally was for his fight with Takeya and before the 4 nonconsecutive year layoff. He also looks a lot slower now.

Автор Chad Kladky ( назад)
Haha Cody messing with Dominic lol

Автор Heyy Mann ( назад)
Cruz won this fight but barely tbh

Автор Mr. Brownstone ( назад)
not a big fan of dominick but man, watching cody do this to him hurt me lol

Автор Evasive Omelets ( назад)
Awesome fight. Much props to Dom for fighting with plantar fasciitis that shit is no joke and made no excuses about it

Автор Daimian Jones ( назад)
From what I've seen Cody will either fuck McGregor up or it will b damn close!!!

Автор Dang ( назад)
cody is 2 fast for mcgregor but isnt big enough to beat him

Автор Heveyweight Heveyweight ( назад)
3 red round shpuldve been scored as a 10 -7 for cody

Автор Ace Carter ( назад)
this was a hellavu fight and good job to Cody noLove. But don't think for one second you got a chance with Conor

Автор Cranges McBasketball ( назад)
wtf is wrong with dominick in this fight? he isn't doing the good shit

Автор Juan Galan ( назад)
Arguably the be the best fight in bantamweight history.

Автор Ali M ( назад)
best head movement in all of mma? both of them

Автор Eric Lee ( назад)
this guy cody will fuck mcnugget up

Автор chatochupas ( назад)
Ja ja cruz ni sabia que pedo pinche vato farol, cody se lo paso por lo huevos tranquilamente

Автор mexicanninj ( назад)
I'm all for being cocky and a showboat, but wouldn't it have been so much better if cody would have used his skills to finish him instead of doing the lambada and shit?

Автор killa boy ( назад)
i want to see cody kill that snake in the grass

Автор jiN khan ( назад)
UFC match fixing, happened with all the organisations favourites. Sage, Conor and many others and Cody too. They usually make them fight people who suck in order to get quick flashy wins to gain popularity and reach higher rankings.

Автор Spanky ( назад)
Before this fight people looked at me like I was mental for betting on Cody.

Автор Lightup Darkness ( назад)
1:48 10/10 head movement

Автор Joel Diaz ( назад)
I feel like this could have been woodley vs wonder boy II had it not been for Cruz's willingness to be the aggressor. Major props to Cody though, he made it look easy

Автор Joshua Herring ( назад)
Cody is a bad ass ... that guy gonna be at #1 for a long time

Автор Austin Barton ( назад)
cruz has to go to the ground with cody, cody is too good on his feet

Автор KickingAssDaily ( назад)
The guy is such a narcissist.

Автор Ahmad Fajar ( назад)
bring him to connor yeah

Автор cryoshell17 ( назад)
that first takedown looks like he just gave Cruz a DDT

Автор Marck Martinez ( назад)
Para estar solamente buscandose con puños casi toda la pelea son pesimos.. boxeo pobrisimo..

Автор nestbox102 ( назад)
damn I want to see Cody face the notorious one Cody made Cruz look like a damn amateur Cody is the truth

Автор ceirion thomas ( назад)
Cody is a great fighter! But doing push ups and stuff is just embarrassing. Just go in and get the job done without all that showboating

Автор Al Capone ( назад)
Cody "head movement" Garbrandt in this bitch

Автор Zhanarys Serikoff ( назад)
Чёртов монстряга

Автор Alexandre Freitas ( назад)
B-E-A-utiful fight!

Автор Tamás Rajna ( назад)
performance of the year

Автор paid pax ( назад)
garbrandt was hustling to a whole new level,super dope great perfomance by both men

Автор paid pax ( назад)
garbrandt was hustling to a whole new level,super dope great perfomance by both men

Автор Jair GleZ ( назад)
no se porque pero cae mal cody.

Автор Biff ( назад)
I had all the confidence in the world Dom would win this, as must people probably did. Cody looked insanely good in this fight. Superb head movement and hand speed. Cannot wait to watch him fight TJ.

Автор supreme100 ( назад)
why does this Cruz guy just walk around with his hands down?

Автор Savage Dragon ( назад)
I don't think Cody will beat TJ. Yes he beat Cruz but as evidenced by Cruz's taunt when he just stood there and Cody's gameplan is nothing, it's pretty evident that is game is counter punching and loading up on his right. He's quick and talented, no doubt, but he will be exploited. Mark my words.

Автор Evan Lang ( назад)
Cody Garbrandt vs Conor McGregor looks like it would be a much better fight now lol.....

I remember when Conor dickriders said Cody would get destroyed back in TUF hahahahaha

Автор Albanian Boy ( назад)
great fighting skills but he is not serious , if you are not serious in the ring you will loose soon its a matter of time

Автор Albanian Boy ( назад)
great fighting skills but he is not serious , if you are not serious in the ring you will loose soon its a matter of time

Автор Albanian Boy ( назад)
great fighting skills but he is not serious , if you are not serious in the ring you will loose soon its a matter of time

Автор Rainer Zufall ( назад)
DAMN! what a fight!

Автор bud morse ( назад)
I hate showboating.

Автор AQUA BOMBS ( назад)
Was a good fight....

Автор Kaio Pereira ( назад)
In the tango, waltz and ballet Dominick Cruz must be wild

Автор Alex Barreto ( назад)
Everytime i watch a Dominick Cruz video i always find my self moving my head with him, that movement is addicting!

Автор The Journalist ( назад)
Cody should kill the snake

Автор Devin Cart ( назад)
fuck you cody garbrandt bandwagon fans most of you were hating on him before this fight now he has a million fans lol gtfoh

Автор xXImikoXx ( назад)
Saw this live. Watching Cody was like watching Muhammad Ali fight, that night. Charismatic, fast, agile and lethal when he connected. Hats off to him for an impressive win.

Автор JoeCone99 ( назад)
A rematch has to be on the cards the trash talking would be reversed and have a whole different atmosphere.

Автор Andrew Willis ( назад)
Everyone talking about how slow Cruz looked throughout this fight; he got stunned 6 times, dropped like twice if I remember correctly. You'll move slower after that, trust me.

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