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Автор devilkicln (2 месяца)
How bout a quick flash baby?

Автор Gudda Snipzz (3 месяца)
You wouldn't want that fishing rod handle to slip

Автор swimbait1 (10 месяцев)
Snagging? Weak. 

Автор MultiBulldog33 (8 месяцев)
you aint all that!!!!

Автор SteveHandlebar (9 месяцев)
1:28, that's not the first pole she has had between her legs!

Автор MultiBulldog33 (8 месяцев)

Автор Mike Magnum (9 месяцев)
Love your vids you guys! Heather? love ya! Jeff, you are ok to...;)

Автор MultiBulldog33 (8 месяцев)
And yes its coming from a man...

Автор jaxflfreebird (8 месяцев)
Oh, I thought this was the "Tall Blond Gagging" video that I watched
yesterday. My bad. : )

Автор crazy3d (1 год)
Why United Statians have a grudge against "snagging"? Who the fuck
criticizes how somebody fishes if they are not damaging the environment.
What's the fuck? Everybody must fish only certain way? Is there such a
thing like a "uhhh that's an offensive way of catching a fish" wtf?

Автор alex jaimes (4 года)
what a nice and beauty girl...if you are trying to catch something WOW, YOU
CATCH ME!!:p lol . kises

Автор daveconno (4 года)
@jedlock1976 Fuck me, for a second i thought you said where you come from
shaggin was illegal.

Автор danslavie04 (4 года)

Автор Ahennem (3 года)
thats a strange looking kitchen.......

Автор zzztubazzz (4 года)
ugly tall girl

Автор LITHYY (4 года)
There's me thinking its 'tall blonde shagging'

Автор cjletube (4 года)
@Dirka13 well in mississippi it is legal to snagg at our spillway in
jackson so no it is not illegal every were look it up and u will see

Автор fredtflail (4 года)
@knurri Ya right,

Автор wizdumb (4 года)
@knurri ... the vid says its snaggin, why you hatin? lolumadbrah?

Автор Deathrape2001 (4 года)
@Anon12356 My use of slang & shorthand has nothing 2 do with the fact the
'women' in this video R sexless dyke trash who hate femininity. Go on with
your troll vomit, clown.

Автор mmmmmarcus (3 года)
Snagging is pathetic. It's like bringing a fuckin Bola to a football game.

Автор Mason Karian (4 года)
@Jeff3230 hey jeff where do you get your bait and tackle?

Автор jtcruzzin (3 года)
I put it in the blondes butt

Автор farinasa (4 года)
I also enjoy fishing but I do have a problem here. Enjoying fishing makes
it a sport which means some skill is necessary. Most sport regulations
state you must hook a fish in the mouth. This proves that it was enticed to
bite your hook using your skills. Snag and net fishing is meant to feed
societies, not for laziness.

Автор PlaidmanUTube (3 года)
Who else thought the "Dude Looks Like a Lady"?

Автор AJ JONES (4 года)

Автор jason cupan (4 года)
I am all against snagging and it is illegal everywhere near me. If it is
legal and you feel the need then by all means. I like the skill it takes to
work lures and land fish in the boat.

Автор flavio69ferreira (4 года)
heather you give me such a hard on...

Автор FunDog147 (4 года)
@knurri fishing weel (its the danish way:P )

Автор Deathrape2001 (4 года)
@13AJJONES I suppose your monkey azz thinks combining the CAPS lock with
endless repetition of non-words makes U clever? Go listen 2 your rap CDs
some more, dork.

Автор JCojocaru (4 года)
@Jeff3230 ROFL True that... Let's stop eating beef, chicken, pork etc while
we're at it. Because they use such "humane" methods of killing those...
NOT. People are so ignorant.

Автор tdupuy (4 года)
@obmard3 Tell'em Jeff. Don't take that shit. Probably a tree hugging

Автор Fishing with Rod (4 года)
@detlions76 Uh, no. Like other vertebrates, fish also have a central
nervous system. Sigh...

Автор Fishing with Rod (4 года)
@detlions76 Somehow I doubt the school is to be blamed.

Автор Deathrape2001 (4 года)
@Anon12356 O' so the other ugly sack of krap is some guy who wants 2 look
like an ugly dyke sak of krap walmart girl? ROFL!!

Автор Agremen (3 года)
@zgomer1 He look like an ugly girl from far away lol!

Автор Codyraykitchen (4 года)

Автор Henry Ernst (4 года)
you guys must live with like an eternal boner

Автор mala sercy (1 год)
Jeff jih uči loviti...hahahahaha

Автор Lud Wig (3 года)
I want ot head up to N.N.M. before it gets too cold, what river are you on,
where is this? Thanks

Автор CaneFu (4 года)
Holy crap, I saw that hoe working the corner last week.

Автор obmard3 (4 года)
@tdupuy You got it wrong! No liberal.

Автор tdupuy (4 года)
@obmard3 It's all good.

Автор ikeones (4 года)
wtf a great big rod for a little fish like that fail

Автор Fishing with Rod (4 года)
@detlions76 lol. Ya ok, that reply made a lot of sense.

Автор caligotspeerbomb (4 года)
da blonde girl is pretty bomb...:)

Автор Jonathan Taing (4 года)
mann if you can snagg them just like that, if i was there pfftt..... you
don't even wanna know. lol. I can catch as more as you do fishing the right
way with bait. I'll get tired after reeling 20 or 30. i've done it before

Автор vinoth sam (4 года)
what if she's naked and snagging....!

Автор Edgar Guerreiro (4 года)
@maxinebootie HA!

Автор obmard3 (4 года)
@Jeff3230 Snagging game fish is against the law in most states though. On
another note I'm surprised by all the hate comments. Funny how people have
to shit on others to make them selves seem important.

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