Tall Blond Snagging

Our Facebook Page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heather-Lacroix/183081175038375 Tall blond girl snagging fish. Check out our other videos for more like this one.

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Автор Richard gross ( назад)
thats a guppy..ya need to come up here and catch some salmon in the noth
east..yeah our state sucks ass but fishing is great

Автор CastAway_Dave ( назад)
IQ's of a peanut!

Автор devilkicln ( назад)
How bout a quick flash baby?

Автор Gudda Snipzz ( назад)
You wouldn't want that fishing rod handle to slip

Автор jaxflfreebird ( назад)
Oh, I thought this was the "Tall Blond Gagging" video that I watched
yesterday. My bad. : )

Автор MultiBulldog33 ( назад)
And yes its coming from a man...

Автор MultiBulldog33 ( назад)

Автор MultiBulldog33 ( назад)
you aint all that!!!!

Автор SteveHandlebar ( назад)
1:28, that's not the first pole she has had between her legs!

Автор Mike Magnum ( назад)
Love your vids you guys! Heather? love ya! Jeff, you are ok to...;)

Автор Swimbait1 ( назад)
Snagging? Weak. 

Автор crazy3d ( назад)
Why United Statians have a grudge against "snagging"? Who the fuck
criticizes how somebody fishes if they are not damaging the environment.
What's the fuck? Everybody must fish only certain way? Is there such a
thing like a "uhhh that's an offensive way of catching a fish" wtf?

Автор mala sercy ( назад)
Jeff jih uči loviti...hahahahaha

Автор mala sercy ( назад)
Dve sex ženske...lovita ribe...

Автор GeneralG1810 ( назад)
Oh man I read the tittle wrong >8(

Автор William Jones ( назад)
all bet dat dere tall'n cud make mah pines feel rually goode.

Автор zap rowsdower ( назад)

Автор Agremen ( назад)
@zgomer1 He look like an ugly girl from far away lol!

Автор tahoeskiier (1765 лет назад)
Why do i always end up checking out Heather? I guess I would make a shit
load of vids of her if she was the hottest girl i ever dated and probably
the hottest girl in your state. Between me and you. Does she take it in the
pooper. She has to? She has one hell of a body and slightly trashy.
Perfect!!! Love her

Автор hogula (1642 года назад)
Let the chick land her fish you redneck homo.

Автор WookiePizza ( назад)
thumbs up if you thought shagging was some kind of sexual activity , and
now realize its about fishing :[

Автор mmmmmarcus ( назад)
Snagging is pathetic. It's like bringing a fuckin Bola to a football game.

Автор Lud Wig ( назад)
I want ot head up to N.N.M. before it gets too cold, what river are you on,
where is this? Thanks

Автор jtcruzzin ( назад)
I put it in the blondes butt

Автор MysticalMavy ( назад)
Bitch. fucking lock that whore up.

Автор Brandon D ( назад)
@AdolfHitlersSchwanz real men fuck other women.

Автор KatesAlwaysHunting ( назад)
it is actually a lot of work and in some cases it is much easier to use a
lure or live bait to catch fish, Snagging is used to "catch" or retrieve
fish to be eaten such as spawning salmon that have no will to eat only to
spawn and lay eggs and will shortly die. There Spawn or eggs will generally
not survive Lake Michigan so therefore snagging is a useful and exceptable
way to take these fish and utilize them. Thank- You

Автор PlaidmanUTube ( назад)
Who else thought the "Dude Looks Like a Lady"?

Автор zgomer1 ( назад)
@sskatethe918...You go fuck yourself bitch! I only do women...not hogs like
you! stupid cow...oh yes go kill yourself bitch...to bad your brave behind
a keyboard...I still say the gal has big tit's and the guy looks like a fag.

Автор sskatethe918 ( назад)
@zgomer1 fuck you

Автор zgomer1 ( назад)
The blonde has big tites...the dude with the long hair looks like a fag.

Автор Randy J ( назад)
I had a conversation with a game warden the other day about snagging. My
tackle box was open and he saw treble hooks. I reeled in and showed him my
terminal tackle and he went away happy. Our fishing licenses info is tied
to drivers licenses so he had already 'ran' my vehicle tags before even
walking down to the riverside. Snagging is illegal here no exceptions. But
we dont have gators or alligator gar either. Cheers. I like all of your
videos. I dont see you over harvesting anytime.

Автор kilkolio ( назад)
@ElBote54 has to do with the title

Автор Huntinfool ( назад)
It is sickening the way so many elistist keep stating the way they fish is
the only true way. Must be all baptists they think they are the only right
folks. Each and every state has it's own hunting and fishing laws so all of
you haters get a life and look beyond your own little world! Keep em coming
Jeff & Heather!

Автор Ahennem (715 лет назад)
thats a strange looking kitchen.......

Автор GameBeard ( назад)
@Jeff3230 A moron is someone who believe somebody who is ignorant to a
particular topic is a moron because they are ignorant to said topic.

Автор Oliver Draathelvete ( назад)
So hot!!!

Автор WeAreTwoDoorsDown ( назад)
@ice50cal It's a guy, I think his name is robby.. they dressed him up like
that as a joke...

Автор duckkillerclydeclyde ( назад)
Nlce tits

Автор jason cupan ( назад)
I am all against snagging and it is illegal everywhere near me. If it is
legal and you feel the need then by all means. I like the skill it takes to
work lures and land fish in the boat.

Автор cjletube ( назад)
jeff make some more videos on snagging and if they watch your videos they
will see yall go jugging also

Автор cjletube ( назад)
@Dirka13 well in mississippi it is legal to snagg at our spillway in
jackson so no it is not illegal every were look it up and u will see

Автор rick kinnear ( назад)
@htn1986 lol thats funny cus I really didnt know either , the blonde was so
hot though .

Автор htn1986 ( назад)
can somebody tell me if that thing in the black shirt a guy or a girl?

Автор terrell ervin ( назад)
@Junggardist its not killing its contolling the population

Автор JCojocaru ( назад)
@Jeff3230 ROFL True that... Let's stop eating beef, chicken, pork etc while
we're at it. Because they use such "humane" methods of killing those...
NOT. People are so ignorant.

Автор Captain6pack ( назад)
I wanna leave this damn office and go live a redneck life......these ppl
live the sweet life. also.....DEM SOME BIG ASS TATTERS

Автор Fishing with Rod ( назад)
@detlions76 lol. Ya ok, that reply made a lot of sense.

Автор onbradley ( назад)
Snagging is awful

Автор alaa sakhnini ( назад)
she's a ganny

Автор Assbutt McMonster ( назад)
@LastPhyrexian Then maybe I'm high. Cause I think she's fuckin smokin.

Автор ifailshuffle ( назад)
why am i watching all of these videos...

Автор Dirka13 ( назад)
im pretty sure snagging is illegal anywhere. wish i was there so i could
report you to the MNR!!! you give fishing a bad name fucking yokals

Автор Assbutt McMonster ( назад)
Oh my goodness, Heather is a gorgeous woman. Jeff, you're a lucky chap.

Автор Fishing with Rod ( назад)
@detlions76 Somehow I doubt the school is to be blamed.

Автор doh1959 ( назад)
put her on end of line as bait and wind that reel in as fast as you like id
bite on them tits untill i was right in the net

Автор Fishing with Rod ( назад)
@detlions76 Uh, no. Like other vertebrates, fish also have a central
nervous system. Sigh...

Автор Power Stroker ( назад)
@detlions76 just because they do not have a central nervouse system does
not mean they do not feel pain its really an answer we will never know for
sure many say yes and many say no but im not against any fishing at all
just saying there is no concrete evidence either way

Автор alex jaimes ( назад)
what a nice and beauty girl...if you are trying to catch something WOW, YOU
CATCH ME!!:p lol . kises

Автор plutoplatters ( назад)
how about " stupid guys wanting to see tits" vs... snagging ?

Автор Luffs678 ( назад)
Tall Blond? How tall is she?

Автор ThatsMrMoronToYou ( назад)
@moelop99 F-ing Albanians. Generalizing dipshits.

Автор liteumup69 ( назад)
@Jeff3230 and im sure you follow all state and wildlife regulations too
right... yea oookkkkkk I catch and release and have done so for 25+ years
in hopes that my kids will go fishing one day and there will be something
to catch, and snagging in most states is illeagle "shithead"

Автор stuiegriff ( назад)
snagging is what the natives do in bc

Автор Mason Karian ( назад)
@Jeff3230 hey jeff where do you get your bait and tackle?

Автор Chris Brown ( назад)
what shite!!!!!!!!!

Автор Ken R ( назад)
Wow - this posting really attracts the most ignorant fucks of any YouTube
video I've seen! lol

Автор Michael Jackson ( назад)
Robbie is great. Heather, u should give him a pleasure.

Автор caligotspeerbomb ( назад)
da blonde girl is pretty bomb...:)

Автор Codyraykitchen ( назад)

Автор thebigf8cker ( назад)
@Jeff3230 Very well said! I couldn't agree more. :] P.S: Love your videos!!!

Автор REXROTH61 ( назад)
she shouldnt be wasting time with that dirty hippie

Автор wierdbill ( назад)
@Junggardist All animals you eat are killed. So unless you don't eat meat.
What's your point?

Автор rocker4u123 ( назад)
@Junggardist ooh boo hoo. it won't hurt anything. i guess your dad never
tookyou hunting or fishing

Автор FunDog147 ( назад)
@knurri fishing weel (its the danish way:P )

Автор POWARENJA ( назад)
Snagging isnt really fishing. Its for people who cant really fish.....

Автор eli5771 ( назад)
keep the pole and throw in the tiny tim lookalike guy! tip toe to the
barber, lol

Автор rick ( назад)
@Jeff3230 he doesn't eat, he uses photosynthesis like all the other idiot

Автор farinasa ( назад)
I also enjoy fishing but I do have a problem here. Enjoying fishing makes
it a sport which means some skill is necessary. Most sport regulations
state you must hook a fish in the mouth. This proves that it was enticed to
bite your hook using your skills. Snag and net fishing is meant to feed
societies, not for laziness.

Автор Adam Ludlum ( назад)
If you dont like hunting and fishing then fuck you!

Автор LITHYY ( назад)
There's me thinking its 'tall blonde shagging'

Автор 1voice2many ( назад)
Man that does look like a work out......we use similar size rods but for
surfcasting off the beaches. Definitely needed for when your trying to get
a good 130 - 150 meters behind the breakers. We're kind of lazy though, we
throw and leave it, the funs when your hauling in good 10 - 15 lbs snappers
or the occasional bronze whaler....hella good time on 30lb gear trying to
pull in a fish closer to the 100lb mark.

Автор knurri ( назад)
@Jeff3230 wow you rednecks sure get upset about ppl commenting about your

Автор zzztubazzz ( назад)
ugly tall girl

Автор Heinz Pantowski ( назад)
Nice girl. Does she swallow?

Автор StogeyNightClub ( назад)
Do you have any idea how many fish you're ripping apart with a hook and not
catching them? For every one fish you catch you've got 100 with their eyes
ripped out, cut open, and bleeding to death. good job. I'm not against
fishing but we've got to limit the amount fucking idiots like these guys.
Think if everyone was as braindead and as stupid as these guys. We would
only have mangled mutilated, maimed fish, left.

Автор Badan100 ( назад)
@Jeff3230 If you really use these fish for food then why don´t you make
videos of you guys preparing the meals?

Автор 03800rev ( назад)
@lulem400 i got abig rod for her

Автор Jeff3230 ( назад)
@ikeones If you watch any of the other snagging videos you'll see another
reason why we use such big equipment. You use 8 to 10 lbs test line right?
On good snagging days average fish weight is 25 lbs with a few here and
there OVER 50 lbs! Stick to your light weight stuff.

Автор Jeff3230 ( назад)
@ikeones You're snagging muskies? Never heard of anyone doing that. You're
not talking about snagging! 8 to 10 lbs test? That wouldn't even handle the
freakin snagging weight LOL! We use 2 Oz weights just to get to the bottom
in the current! I have seen people try snagging with 6 foot poles. NOWHERE
near as effective! BTW this is a little snagging pole at 12'. 15' is the
most common for snagging. Double the hook speed as the little rod you use!
You have no idea what you're talking about.

Автор ikeones ( назад)
@Jeff3230 sorry to tell ya you don't need no 14 foot to (rod generate hook
speed) i fish for northen musky and i only use a 6'6 foot rod with 8 to 10
lbs test ling. so a 14 foot rod for a two foot fish sad :(

Автор Jeff3230 ( назад)
@knurri How do the fishermen in the bible fish? With your "THAT IS FISHING"
method you just described? How do the fishermen who go out every year into
the seas to catch fish for the nations food market catch their fish? With
your "THAT IS FISHING" method? And on those peoples taxes they get to put
down FISHERMAN as their profession! But in your mind fishing is only the
way you do it. How narrow minded. I smell a shithead who THINKS his way is
the only way because he's thinks he's God.

Автор Jeff3230 ( назад)
@Junggardist UM.... why do you fish? You don't kill your fish and eat them?
Don't know if you're smart enough to know this but MOST PEOPLE CATCH FISH
TO KILL AND EAT THEM! Have done so for thousands of years and will for
thousands more! Got nothing to do with fishing? hey shithead... fishing is
any form of putting fish in you hands to take home and eat. Let me
guess.... you're one of the morons who thinks the only way you're fishing
is if you have a rod, reel, and "bait". That's stupid.

Автор Jeff3230 ( назад)
@ikeones It's simple science dumbass. The long pole is used to generate
hook speed through the water. Like the end of a whip. For most that's very
obvious. Comment fail.

Автор ikeones ( назад)
wtf a great big rod for a little fish like that fail

Автор fredtflail ( назад)
@knurri Ya right,

Автор Junggardist ( назад)
NIce tits, but how can they treat animals that way? It's got nothing to do
with fishing, thas just killing - slaughtering.

Автор Gmissile ( назад)
You Boys had better get on That Thang NOW! In 10 or 15 years you won't be

Автор wizdumb ( назад)
@knurri ... the vid says its snaggin, why you hatin? lolumadbrah?

Автор knurri ( назад)
@FunDog147 what is a weel?? :S

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