Kids react to presents and gifts - Fail compilation

Here's what happens if you give to a child a lame present :P Most
of them are pranks but it's funny when you see how some kids overreact ;) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Автор alexa co ( назад)
Hate those parents their such a fword

Автор Mia Aylin Zuñiga Sanchez ( назад)
como llegue aquí:/

Автор Eslomin Ancalao ( назад)
yo cada cosa que me regalen lo agradezco a un que sea una fruta o un pan lo agradezco con mucho cariño yo soy pobre y mi mama no tiene plata para regalos mi navidad no la isimos agradezcan la que regalan a un que sea unos confores

Автор Madeline Ortiz ( назад)
that is mean so mean doing that to kids

Автор ImpracticalJokers ILoveThem ( назад)
0:21 😂 because it's a girls toy

Автор emderdrago Eroles ( назад)

Автор Mas Rafa Dan Teman2 ( назад)
The first:Cryer Saddest Never smile Never!.Noob They All Noob IF YOU DONT WANT GIVE ME CRYER SUCHA ****

Автор LPS LIME ( назад)
Omg! A iPhone "4"!xD

Автор HubCore RBLX ( назад)
To whoever is watchin this should feel bad it made those kids dream crossed but this had happend to me before when i was a kid so y'all shall feel bad for these kids like if you made fun of them imagine you getting a present like that and people making fun of you if you agree like my comment.

Автор gabrielius lekstutis ( назад)

Автор Gabor Kovacs ( назад)
what funny?

Автор Ela Naz Şenoğul ( назад)
bunları bulamayanlar var aq halinize şükredin gerizekalı veletler.

Автор Xxjay WingxX98 ( назад)
these kids are terrible! I'm grateful for food in my belly and clothes to wear! even a toothbrush! these brats want everything! Ugh! Discipline people -.-

Автор Jonatan Iglesias ( назад)
i wish i was the one who got the soccer ball

Автор Caden Your boy ( назад)
Omgosh kids like your mom no dad and stuff thought you that with their money just because they love you and keep it together I've never done that that's so just agh

Автор Jewel Zoe Lopez ( назад)
why that 3rd kid cry but he got a bike when december 2016 i got a bike i'm so happy and excited

Автор Devaggoun Devaggoun ( назад)
kids are so small for knowing presents so that they hate that

Автор Devaggoun Devaggoun ( назад)
that boy at the first was so idiot...

Автор Jessica Prunier ( назад)

Автор ebubegamer1 Nwabuoku ( назад)
be greatful other people or kids don't have anything but you have something don't you😤😤😤😤😡

Автор Regular Show Fanatic is Cutie ( назад)
Parents are dicks

Автор reyreysjuice vlogz ( назад)
spoilt brats

Автор Jirka Kubes ( назад)
money not all health yea

Автор Knuds Channel ( назад)
These parents are the spawn of Satan they could go back to hell !!!!

Автор Kendrick Redoblado ( назад)
My mom got a special gift for little brother and mom a gave a iphone to my little brother and HE CRIED so my mom gave it to me lol

Автор TBNRfrags Minecraft ( назад)
whats rong with the parents head

Автор Christopher Morris ( назад)
they should be grateful

Автор Raid Demon ( назад)
i wouldnt gve 2 fucks if i had toilet paper. id probably fucking masturbate with it

Автор Flora Ago ( назад)

Автор The royal geek 39 ( назад)
bend de Salo de con

Автор HatzeFlats ( назад)
The kid got a damn bike and cried... What did i get, like clothes and some candy and a book if I was lucky.

Автор TheyCallMeSomething ( назад)
To be honest, I don't blame the kids that were crying because they got clothes, nobody limed getting g clothes before their teen years.

Автор Party god ( назад)
who cries over a bike ! 1:18 I WOULD BE HIPED

Автор Olivér Bacsa ( назад)

Автор Petrik Vio ( назад)
OmG thats kids is stupid

Автор Das Kenshin ( назад)
who the fuck gave a boy a girl toy?? WHAT THE FUCK IS HUMANITY

Автор Rachel Lor ( назад)
Even I was never this spoiled like these kids...and I'm the only daughter my parents have lol Unlike these kids, some of us learned getting presents doesn't define Christmas

Автор Garouchieflol .Gaming ( назад)
more like fail at parenting

Автор Rubi Hernandez ( назад)
haha the boy was scratching his but

Автор Puncakes ( назад)
90s Kids: Holy Shit! A barely functional PC that can't go on the internet -- thanks Mom and Dad!


Автор Batalek 13 12 ( назад)
Si Good prezent for cids

Автор Sophie Cleybergh ( назад)

Автор VLOGS AND MORE xx 132 ( назад)
well I can say that toilet roll is a horrible Christmas or birthday present

Автор Andjela Gnjatic ( назад)
Stupid video

Автор Jun Ariga ( назад)
at the first thing what did she gave anyway

Автор The dragon Super mario bros ( назад)
I got Photoshop for Christmas. freakout!!!!! (^^)

Автор Arcadegirlsrule ( назад)
They got presents they should respect there parents

Автор Ariel Mejia ( назад)
what a crybaby just sell it to poor girl jeez not a big deal

Автор Emmaliene Colletti ( назад)
So ungrateful I would be happy with what ever I got

Автор MavisMadgeNGFan9107 ( назад)
I appreciated anything really Xd

Автор pro dota ( назад)
Iphone 4??? 3,5" isn't phone.

Автор Herbai Flóra ( назад)
szerintem nagyon rosz volt ez a videó

Автор Lee Kevin ( назад)
so cute…

Автор Irakli Me too ( назад)

Автор Irakli Me too ( назад)
It is really sed stupid mama end dads

Автор maxine alessandra ( назад)
what even the parents where joking it is not cool anymore ugh its getting annoying look the children are crying but except for the bike

Автор Jaime currie ( назад)
I am 11 years old and I just want to say, kids are soo ungrateful these days. One kid got a bike and cried.. like what? There are some kids who don't even have water or don't celebrate birthdays or anything and these brats go cry after they don't get what they want. They have water, food, a roof over here heads, everything they need.. but it's never enough.

Автор Kiara Andersson ( назад)
NOT so kind!! 3:05

Автор Zezou Koala ( назад)
So many pretentious people pretending they were never kids and would've been happy to get toilet paper for present. Stop please.

Автор Tim Gyldberg ( назад)

Автор Ash Tron ( назад)
lmao atleast they got something for christmas and other occasions i didnt even got a present on my birthday for 3 years now...

Автор M4 Sealthonator ( назад)
stupid parents give you kids better presents lol😂

Автор Simply Maggie ( назад)
Even if I got toilet paper for a present I would apreciate it because it's what you get, and because your family gaveit, people always thinks that presents have to be "good " but I don't care because it doesn't matter what I get, it's what I have!

Автор solid Gonzalez ( назад)
I love how the mom goes and holds her son because he starts to cry over getting a gift! Poor baby he was getting something, life is over ....

Автор Jojo Barz ( назад)
Did anyone notice all of the parents were fat

Автор charlie pants ( назад)
I wouldn't be extremely excited to see a iPhone I would for a puppy though;)

Автор Zina Seghiria ( назад)
mes en plus sa ne ce fait pas de faire sa au enfant à noël eux il attend un truc qu' Ille attende depuis lanton est aprés il découvre un truc bidon pffffffffffffffff parent chion

Автор kaba komorowski ( назад)
i fell bad for the parents ;( but not for the kids they should be happy for getting a gift

Автор pinkersneaker172 307 ( назад)

Автор jam vaishvik ( назад)
1:15 what the hell this kid wants? A Ferrari!

Автор Imeraj Zyrafet ( назад)

Автор Ciprian Enache ( назад)
Ducetiva dra#u

Автор VINFINITE ___ ( назад)
What a brat at 5:38!

Автор Zoomangamer Sipoahals ( назад)

Автор Dora Delgado ( назад)

Автор gamerkawaii kewl ( назад)
this is all just stupid

Автор Grafrey ( назад)
Some pretty mean grown ups there!!!!  Are some of those presents meant to be a joke or something?  Not funny to do that on kids!!!!!  Pretty cruel if you ask me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор travis johnson ( назад)
all of these are fake in my opion i mean if i was given toilet paper for chirmas i would not give to shits i would beat the shit out of who ever gave it to me

Автор ragglefraggle24 ( назад)
Reminds me of my fucking nephew lol 😂 😂 😂 god I hate that little nigger hahahahaha

Автор the cool cat ( назад)
They didn't enjoy their presents beacause they're spoiled.😂😂😂

Автор Patrik Maer ( назад)
I hate these kids who is 7 years old and he/she want an Xbox One S and all game.. -.-

Автор TheCrowbar474 ( назад)
I got a better name for this vid. "Shitbags fuck with kids for laughs - Fuckyourself compilation"

Автор ab bb ( назад)
that was sad and bad i feel bad for the kids who did not got there present but i hope you have a good day

Автор Jolea Neesley ( назад)
these little kids need to learn respect and its not only abut how expensive it is

Автор The Alpha Horse ( назад)
2:00 That pink light... it was hard to watch it😕

Автор Bicskey Bertalan ( назад)

Автор GlitterFever ( назад)
Some of these kids are really spoiled, I'd be happy enough if I get food for Christmas and for my birthday.

Автор Samy cel nou ianas ( назад)
you are a idioți dude

Автор deasy bebeb ( назад)
Just eat it or use the but and eat it lol

Автор deasy bebeb ( назад)
Lol his get a toilet paper

Автор Mariana LopezGuz!qm ( назад)
pinches pendejo puto.😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😙😣😙

Автор M&M 22111 ( назад)
1:36 be thankful what you get

Автор kanavy khith ( назад)
My daddy Give Me Toys TransFormers!?

Автор john carter ( назад)
Lmao wtf that girl getting the iPhone start crying, it's pretty fucking obvious she's going to get a phone if she got a phone box

Автор RandomGamer576 ( назад)
Why would you make a video on this, you sadistic steaming sack of- wait, I gotta keep this kid-friendly. Okay, why did you make this video, you steaming sack of doo-doo?

Seriously though those kids are really bitchy -_-

Автор Amani Elmihy ( назад)
I be grateful of what I got grateful for what I got people get things for you that those things that you like light because the day after parents probably if you like this and they got you it was their money the just a waste anything on you they didn't need to wasting money on you so be grateful for you so be grateful

Автор respekt954 ( назад)

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