Kids react to presents and gifts - Fail compilation

Here's what happens if you give to a child a lame present :P Most
of them are pranks but it's funny when you see how some kids overreact ;) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Автор darius ricardo ( назад)
that's not funny...

Автор tiago geme play ( назад)
seus filhos dá puta

Автор كادي جعفر الشمري ( назад)
يع ما في شي زين

Автор Angélica Ortega ( назад)
2:49 that's what you get for wanting shitty overpriced phones

Автор Phoenix Williams ( назад)
That is rude

Автор Mine craft master Pro ( назад)

Автор Techno Jao ( назад)
its laughing to kid

Автор My Latest Review ( назад)
I hope you are well. By the way, I am a fan of your videos.
They are awesome!

Автор LordOfTheCoffees ( назад)
If I get a gift from anyone I accepted it and I am grateful

Автор • Nani • ( назад)
For all you dumbass people who keep saying "the kid with the bike is so ungrateful. Why wouldnt he want it!?" Need to shuttt the fuck up.
The parents obviously KNOW what their fucking kid wouldnt like. They obviously knew he wouldnt want it...why tf would they give the kid something he likes if its a prank😐

Автор Michael Perez ( назад)

Автор Heath Gaynor ( назад)
2:19 isn't spoiled that's just disappointment

Автор Heath Gaynor ( назад)
1:56 : I already have that
Me: well you have another one now bitch

Автор brother and sister ( назад)
If I got clothes idc because every birthday and Christmas I get clothes

Автор Roo Tube ( назад)
those kids are on my last nerve

Автор Madison Lefebvre ( назад)

Автор go sub to GulleyBoy hes HILARIOUS af ( назад)
when i was a little kid i always wanted a goat .
YES a goat i thought it would be possible bc we live in switzerland and we got like a really big also wild backyard (not too big but big for normal ppl)
and now my grandmother told me there was a surprise for me in the garden ( i had birthday)
and the little boy , naive how he was, thought it would be a goat
It was a puppet- lynx
First i was pretty disappointed but then i began to love the lynx and i have him until now in my room

Автор Kismet the Kid ( назад)
These kids are so spoiled. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas so I don't get ANYTHING.

Автор semeli voutsinou ( назад)
the one with the iPhone was not so funny at all

Автор Tiono J ( назад)
the fkin little girl is not hate her presents lol..

Автор Miguel Moreno ( назад)
3:01 something's ichty down there

Автор David Tonks ( назад)
yeah why don't you want a bike I ride mine all the time ??!!??!!??!!??!!

Автор Shaniyah Louis ( назад)
Hi My Name is Brianna

Автор Princess Haloosh ( назад)
Once I'm dad made me absent but I didn't want to be absent so he got me new headphones 🎧 and a mini safe 😆😆

Автор ebony downie ( назад)
see all they pepole you should go to jail

Автор Alyson Roy ( назад)

Автор Belkisa Mso ( назад)
Yeah,why you don't like a bike??

Автор fazrul fadzil ( назад)
This is bullshit.Why are you making this video.Their are not loving their child.

Автор Annci Anci ( назад)
Miért kell szivatni a gyereket?what?

Автор Young Master A ( назад)
why would you not want a bike!?

Автор Kairah Russell ( назад)
those kids r very ungrateful their parents spent their money and thier kids didnt even thank them

Автор Nicky Semarang ( назад)

Автор Creeper Kid ( назад)
They're spoiled

Автор MaxPro2006 MaxPro2006 ( назад)
its not good video

Автор Roberto Fernando ( назад)
in 2014 i got samsung galaxy 1 i was yhe happyiest kid in the WORLD!!!

Автор alles wat ( назад)
i didnt get anythign for X-MAS

Автор alles wat ( назад)
the first one kid:'' I DONT WANT IT'' dad:WELL FACK YOU

Автор justin 999 ( назад)
lolnirlts fun☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉😎

Автор NohaxjustXcharm1 ( назад)
That toilet paper one I would toilet paper peoples houses!

Автор Mc Jem12345gamer ( назад)
The what why did you give a fake phone that was stupid idea

Автор fire Rockstar ( назад)
hold up did the parents did this cuz I am confused about it

Автор MadMad520 ( назад)
Some of the parents were mean tbh... one kid got toilet paper and the woman laughed. That was just mean...

Автор Claudia Stewart ( назад)
fucking brats

Автор Krzyś Szymborski ( назад)
Fuck YOU! asshole

Автор mirunia65 ( назад)

Автор Werka MSP ( назад)
rolki papieru żeby wycierał dupe xd

Автор ray g ( назад)
if i had a child that entitled id beat some sense and respect in them
last gift they would ever get from me

Автор Princess Kawaii Girl Pusheen ( назад)
This is sooooooooooo mean

Автор Linda Lema ( назад)
thats not funny,thats just mean

Автор Raheel Shahid ( назад)
Spoiled lil brats

Автор layla valles ( назад)
the little boy that got toilet paper is a little girl

Автор angelique Dizon ( назад)
You guys are so mean.😡😡😡😡😡

Автор Dein Vater ( назад)
Verzogene Gören.

Автор Dayna Boots ( назад)
this is so spoiled

Автор The shocking 2351 ( назад)
This wasn't even a funny video i just wanted to shoot half the kids in this video.

Автор Blueguns101 ( назад)
"it's for your room, smart one"

Автор Angela Rambeau ( назад)
Parents r jerks they just laugh just y?

Автор Mike Oconnor ( назад)
that's so sad that the parents did that😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 but that would be great if the parents gave there kids a good present after that😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but if the parents didn't do that then that's dumb😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

Автор Amelie Brooks ( назад)
Some kids don't even get presents or anything yet there are spoiled brats!

Автор richard Ramirez ( назад)
3rd one kid was crying tears of joy

Автор sen cass ( назад)
Who cares, she is a fat bitch.

Автор cool burgers ( назад)
kids gotta learn ya know how to be respectful of their parents and the fact they even get anything like I get socks and stuff and I like it and im happy

Автор Franklyn Bernabel ( назад)
now thats what i call mean parents

Автор Cyber Force ( назад)
This is so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hahhahahahhahahhahhahahahahhha OMG

Автор Darryl Tigas ( назад)
I Like The Toys

Автор Darryl Tigas ( назад)
Not The Lame

Автор Darryl Tigas ( назад)
I Like Alllllllllll!

Автор Everardo cervantes-herrera ( назад)
Child abiuse

Автор nasty gaming ( назад)
i ate parents

Автор Jocelyn Gonzalez ( назад)
It so sad.😢

Автор clash with Tristen ( назад)
i would get slapped if i actted like that

Автор Melissa Morgan Morgan ( назад)
49thwe ro osom

Автор fajny koleś ( назад)

Автор Yourawesomeboi #pgn Rules! ( назад)
1 like is to stop making pony's getting abuse in Christmas

Автор Brodie Anderson ( назад)
God damn be grateful

Автор Emmskie Smyth ( назад)
Those kids are so ungrateful if I got toilet roll I wouldn't cry I would laugh with everyone and tell the story at school the next day

Автор Hybrant's Way ( назад)
Kids are greedy bastards and some just won't accept good gifts.

Автор DarthVader709 ( назад)
I would love a new bike

Автор Hallie Coulter ( назад)
what the fuck

Автор Vickie Smith ( назад)
✋stop making these

Автор Vickie Smith ( назад)
it's not nice 👎😠

Автор Unknown ( назад)
Are you kidding .... That WOMAN at 5:52 is no WAY to be called a kid ... she's more like a MILF

Автор Rebeka Magyar ( назад)
ez különösen hogy mit kell ez ért sírni​ hogy kapott egy telefont

Автор Tolga Acar ( назад)

Автор CandyCat02 AJ ( назад)
Girl: " Its a phone! "
One of the little boys: " Or iPad "

Автор ehmoodah gyi ( назад)
Why would any parent do this to their little kids RESPECT OTHERS OR ELSE ARE LORD WILL NOT SEND YOU TOO THE

Автор Elba Gonzalez ( назад)
this has 45mil views with barely any likes VIEWBOTS

Автор LifeWithFang El ( назад)
The kid got a fucking bike.. A BIKE.

Автор Яна Кухарук ( назад)

Автор Ülfet Öztürk ( назад)

Автор tailsfan445 ( назад)
do some Nintendo videos plz

Автор Maya Barbarush ( назад)
This is why some people aren't cut out to be parents

Автор Penguin's Corner ( назад)
i want to punch those kids so badly

Автор Lilianna Szalay ( назад)
into wath's funny

Автор Валерий Ким ( назад)
You giving stress to kids poor kids :-(

Автор Allie Jordan ( назад)
I wouldn't like if it was like toilet paper or if I got tricked but anything else I'd be happy with because I'd have to

Автор Abigail Limon ( назад)
you guys are mean 😈😠

Автор bo3boss helper ( назад)

Автор Dillon Hamel ( назад)
The first kid got me like wow " I don't wan it"😂

Автор Leematoad Gaming ( назад)
yoyoyoyooyoyoooo df boi dat tv at 0:48 looks like my old tv but a lil newer model XD df

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