Eric Cartman you like fu*k asian ladies

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Автор Andrew Hager ( назад)
I don't know why, but it sounds so much funnier when they bleep out the
word “fuck”.

Автор 69 Pilots (586 лет назад)
The Asian girl sounds like a guy lol. All correct spelling now none of the
people here can piss me off or make fun of me! Lol again

Автор PYRO-SJ -63 ( назад)
I love Germany, because the Words are not censored! =P

Автор CookieCommando187 ( назад)
You rike fuck-a Asian radies?

Автор david coffman ( назад)
i rike to fuck asian ladies

Автор Stone The Mason ( назад)
well, I sure cant believe the stereotypes here

Автор JFTazQXR CATaz GAMING ( назад)
what Season And Episode

Автор Ondra Forster ( назад)
"U asian wady fucka u" :DDDD

Автор Domss94 ( назад)
No No you **beep** ME, **BEEP** YOU!

Автор LogoAttitude ( назад)
Cartman doesn't like to be fucked by anybody it seems, remember how mad he
got at his mother when she fucked him?

Автор TheAndrewj96 ( назад)
Died laughing.

Автор Madame Anarchy ( назад)

Автор Jack Mehoff ( назад)
Fuck I wish I could clap that fast.

Автор Paul Walker ( назад)
That ending was the best.

Автор Sam Cook ( назад)
When captions are on:

Sekhmet insect mad yeah
god can judge me
stahl it I'm running a retail business
vacaciones the people's I might grab the jury to keep at it I'd like to buy
call you to talk a big day you talk at %ah
I get back CNN needs and got necklaces and bracelets and everything
okay why would you hike and I get to take every damn
I got the job I you like it okay well
me and any I think that one for 300
oh that's why just OK huh you take advantage my God my pants
at 10 tonight bracing for nine at-bats you got good how are you
okay %ah I can take and I did you'd like a copy DVD
by the day
I know you walk by I thought you think called anti-gays in the AT&T guy go
and I've
da you 1885 you me
how much do you pay for this step I
okay I'm be. a cake with the act and I've you know it
I p now you me yet

................. I don't know how to respond to that.

Автор htjohntv2 ( назад)
Lmao same thing happened to me .

I was talking with an agent working with a manufacturer in China and I was
like "I'd like 50 of these" and she was like "Sir, this is not a merchant
store , we're a manufacturer , you have to buy 5,000". I didn't know . I
feel bad. lol

Автор meathook3000 ( назад)
Which episode is this?

Автор Kylanite ( назад)
You pick color you pick now

Автор Stank Wedge ( назад)
Not another Cartman episode...

no one ever said, ever.

Автор TeCHnO_RiOT (1816 лет назад)
They sure do love to clap. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор skyblade ( назад)
Lol no you fuck me fuck you

Автор Eric Cartman ( назад)
stupid asians

Автор Barry Parry ( назад)
This video just appeared on my recommended videos.

Автор Abush Shebo ( назад)
252 people like to fuck asian ladies

Автор Black And White ( назад)
haha dis funny. #Raughing

Автор Demethus ( назад)
clap clap clap

Автор Zion C ( назад)

Автор exas4791 ( назад)
I don't understand what that was really about.

Автор 2regors1 ( назад)
Ass kissing asians. Pfft. They assholes with other minorities but kiss
whiteys anus.

Автор lurchipoo ( назад)
Oh sweet jesus!! The first 3 seconds of this video had me in fucking
tears!!! " suck meh balls, suck meh balls"


Автор Justin Hudson ( назад)
Hey go check out our new animated adult series "The Lounge" Pilot dropping
soon and new skits every week. Just search 'Canadian Quaaludes' on YouTube

Автор Toxic Haze ( назад)
After watching this im gonna go and get a foot massage *WITH A HAPPY ENDING*

AHH who am i fooling, probably gonna download some asian porn and jerk

Автор 9ner ( назад)
Fuck, this stereotype is accurate lmao. Lived in Asia for 3 years, and they
loved to act like the customer was always winning by showering them with

Автор ghost shoris ( назад)
Remember to LIKE

Автор Karl Karrlander ( назад)
I always find it funny that the first 2 seconds of this clip features wise
words from Cartman:

Suck my balls, suck my balls....

Автор CartmanBrah ( назад)
No, no you fucked me, fuck you!

Автор Tairy Hesticles ( назад)
Suck my balls, suck my balls.

Автор HorrorLover98 ( назад)
Nono you fuck me!
Nono you fuck ME! Fuck YOU!

Автор Taylor Spruill ( назад)
You asian lady Fucker you

Автор Cody vienna ( назад)
Hahahahaha wtf so hilarious 

Автор Vincent Gomez ( назад)
I like Asian woman

Автор Beef Queef ( назад)
suck my bawls suck my bawls

Автор Youn Cho ( назад)
I dont understand...so who wanna fuck opponent?

Автор Jordan Kowal ( назад)
you Asia lady fucka you...

Автор Code:BlueFire ( назад)
Respected his authority asian lady.

Автор BiteMyShinyMetal4ss ( назад)
"you rike to fuck asian radies" XD

Автор Justin Walker ( назад)

Автор Your Average American ( назад)
Wait....so that asian lady I bought my engagement ring from was fucking me?
No wonder she looked so happy.

Автор crazyRyoga ( назад)
Don't you dare to intend my copyright !!!

Автор Khusuke ( назад)

Автор Michael Weston ( назад)
"You like to fu*k the asian lady?" The correct answer is yes.

Автор Bosnia Bosniak ( назад)
" no no you fuck me... FUCK YOU "

Автор truthaddicit ( назад)

Автор MsRedKiller ( назад)
which ep is this ?

Автор Thrasherox Melox ( назад)

Автор S.O. Booth ( назад)
Suck my balls, suck my balls...

Автор Rajeeb Ghose ( назад)
season 16 episode 2

Автор NewMafiaOrder ( назад)

Автор Shane Quinlan ( назад)
I know you walk by I though you think called anti-gays in the AT&T guy go

Автор RaSiD Private ( назад)

Автор Matthew D'Ercole ( назад)
Suck my balls, suck my balls..

Автор !¡!《¤》DJ Affiliate《¤》!¡! ( назад)
U da Fak me Wer de link at? fak u

Автор fnog9 ( назад)
0:30 LOL!!!!!

Автор You Poop ( назад)
The german voice of the asia woman is still better xD

Автор Gabriel Car ( назад)
Lol what the fuck

Автор ThatNerdGirl 7 ( назад)
"Recommend for you."

Okay YouTube. Okay 

Автор Jose Lopez (2041 год назад)
Lmao 😂

Автор anargya atha ( назад)

Автор Antonio Frankesntein ( назад)
"No you fuck me" "fuck you!!!" 

Автор jonkay rich (1435 лет назад)
My favorite part is the clapping

Автор Taran Abel ( назад)
this episode is reminding me of amiibo scalpers. they sell amiibos for more
than they're actually worth. maybe scalpers like to F**k asian ladyXD

Автор Frabbledabble ( назад)
video description:
I don't own this video.
No Copyright intended.

Cool story, bro..... But I'm pretty sure coyright WAS intended.......

Автор juan ontiverka ( назад)

Автор daniel velez ( назад)

Автор Michael Reed ( назад)
I always laugh really hard when I hear the creators doing female voices XD

Автор Jokers party Hat ( назад)
oooo jou make so god choise its biutiful look its biutiful clap clap clap

Автор Mike Glendinning ( назад)
In the bay area the would have computes and shit in the same show room.

Автор chuck bradley (1902 года назад)
no no, you fuck me! Fuck you!

Автор Petar Milosavljevic ( назад)
svaka cast rajko majstorijo!

Автор mindhaze ( назад)
You Asian rady fucka youuuu. 

Автор Reggie Brightside ( назад)
I Love South Park you like fuck youtube commenter??

Автор TeamingGames ( назад)
This is almost what we are. except for the accent and the vocab...

Автор Steve Stevensons ( назад)
"Okay whatemeraldoyoulike?" LOL!

Автор Hailey Walker ( назад)
XD that killed me. That was too funny

Автор Miyamoto Shun Masaki .MrMrx123456789 ( назад)
This so f*cking racist in a funny way LOL!!! (I'm Half Japanese)

Автор eXoGENESIS141 5 ( назад)
U Rike to fuck an Asian rady 

Автор Lil Vic ( назад)
Cartman is Fucking funny

Автор Xandrick Bladefire ( назад)
The sad part is...this isn't that far from the truth. They tend to be quite
patronizing because they think Americans are easy schmucks in the business

...okay, maybe many Americans are, but...ugh, that attitude still disgusts

Автор Tyler W ( назад)
you rike to fuck asian rady?

Автор GaMuKa The Great ( назад)

Автор Handsome_Hero ( назад)
Asians are an easy target, nobody would dare insult blacks like this - or

Автор Corona nate ( назад)
asian lady fakau lol

Автор Achmad Subekti ( назад)

Автор Jonas0291 ( назад)
Suck my bawlsss suck my bawlsss...

Автор ojideagu ( назад)
A English person would say he spat in my mouth. Americans dont know the
past tense of spit

Автор ImGonnaShout2000 ( назад)
Nonono! U fuck me! Fuck U!

Автор John Lock ( назад)

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