Eric Cartman you like fu*k asian ladies

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Автор joelson sabado ( назад)
whoever is doing these characters suck at doing Asian impressions and other
minority voices. they sound too white washed and they don't sound

Автор KnowThyself7 ( назад)
We are just getting fucked left and right. Food price increases, fucken
iPhone cost $220 to make and I just paid $650

Автор Izree GT ( назад)

Автор AJ FourOFive ( назад)
it's not in desc

Автор соколови2001 ( назад)
you so creave

Автор Aoife the Savage ( назад)
Lol I have this weird image where Craig sings suck my balls suck my balls
to Tweek I wish he would do it to me I wanna be his girlfriend so I could
do it

Автор Bane Kitten ( назад)
The one on the far right was the Jew.

Автор Jacob Kemezys ( назад)
Oh look it's beautiful, it's beautiful! 👏👏👏

Автор Siddharth Sukhwal ( назад)
first three seconds are a genius

Автор Twisty The Clown ( назад)
I don't get it

Автор Bryant Escobar ( назад)
Fuck meeee!

Автор Terje E ( назад)
are unsure of what is wrong with me but has seen this 50 times

Автор Anon Mous ( назад)
No no you fuck me....FUCK YOU!

Автор kidfall1 ( назад)

Автор Sergeant Extreme ( назад)
you rika fuck Asian rady?

Автор HeyGuysIts nicole ( назад)
Much F**K

Автор aaronn nisley ( назад)
I never seen that episode! Whats it called?

Автор Questar01 ( назад)

Автор TheReeShow ( назад)
It isn't bleeped out in Australia yet the censored almost half of the game.
makes sense

Автор nivledamh ( назад)
Those first lines came out of no where and killed me ROTFL

Автор Edwin Moquete ( назад)
Suck my balls... Suck my balls🎶🎶

Автор 20fire7525 -.- ( назад)
You Asian lady fucker you

Автор lIEvilDeaDIl {KIEX} (98 лет назад)
Oh no you fuck me, fuck you

Автор Byakugan Queen ( назад)

Автор Park Chaewon ( назад)
This is racist and stupid

Автор Nino ( назад)
what episode is this from?

Автор Bob Loblah ( назад)

Автор iRodSoup ( назад)
I like to fuck Asian ladies. I like to fuck Asian ladies a LOT!

Автор Pavillion g4 ( назад)
episode no.?

Автор Trinix 0303 ( назад)
Mm mm.......suck Ma balls.........mmmm........suck Ma balls........

Автор Michael Beyer ( назад)
South Park Asians are fucking hilarious lmfaoo

Автор Eric Cartman ( назад)
* Clap clap clap clap clap *

Автор Block Gaming (1502 года назад)

Автор sexysniper232 ( назад)
Am I the only one getting that the biggest part of this bits punchline, is
that it's almost word for word with an Austin Powers film for a second, or
like wtf? ...

Автор Spooky Hollows ( назад)
Omfg X'D

Автор Lauren Gibbs ( назад)
AWWWW, YOU SO CLEVER! *Fast clapping*

Автор Hypermecha ( назад)
Why did you bleep out *fuck?* You can say "fuck" on yt.

Автор ITSME ( назад)

Автор ]-〉ΣΔ†]-[ ( назад)
I rike to fuck asian rady! Me so clevahhh! I'm Korean, but I rike to fahk
any asian rady! *claps*

Автор Andrew Hager ( назад)
I don't know why, but it sounds so much funnier when they bleep out the
word “fuck”.

Автор ShortFuse7 (588 лет назад)
The Asian girl sounds like a guy lol. All correct spelling now none of the
people here can piss me off or make fun of me! Lol again

Автор PYRO-SJ -63 ( назад)
I love Germany, because the Words are not censored! =P

Автор CookieCommando187 ( назад)
You rike fuck-a Asian radies?

Автор david coffman ( назад)
i rike to fuck asian ladies

Автор StoneTheMason _Music ( назад)
well, I sure cant believe the stereotypes here

Автор Captain Alpha Of The Underwear ARMY ( назад)
what Season And Episode

Автор Lofty the Crane ( назад)
"U asian wady fucka u" :DDDD

Автор Domss94 ( назад)
No No you **beep** ME, **BEEP** YOU!

Автор LogoAttitude ( назад)
Cartman doesn't like to be fucked by anybody it seems, remember how mad he
got at his mother when she fucked him?

Автор TheAndrewj96 ( назад)
Died laughing.

Автор Madame Anarchy ( назад)

Автор Jack Mehoff ( назад)
Fuck I wish I could clap that fast.

Автор Paul Walker ( назад)
That ending was the best.

Автор Sam Cook ( назад)
When captions are on:

Sekhmet insect mad yeah
god can judge me
stahl it I'm running a retail business
vacaciones the people's I might grab the jury to keep at it I'd like to buy
call you to talk a big day you talk at %ah
I get back CNN needs and got necklaces and bracelets and everything
okay why would you hike and I get to take every damn
I got the job I you like it okay well
me and any I think that one for 300
oh that's why just OK huh you take advantage my God my pants
at 10 tonight bracing for nine at-bats you got good how are you
okay %ah I can take and I did you'd like a copy DVD
by the day
I know you walk by I thought you think called anti-gays in the AT&T guy go
and I've
da you 1885 you me
how much do you pay for this step I
okay I'm be. a cake with the act and I've you know it
I p now you me yet

................. I don't know how to respond to that.

Автор htjohntv2 ( назад)
Lmao same thing happened to me .

I was talking with an agent working with a manufacturer in China and I was
like "I'd like 50 of these" and she was like "Sir, this is not a merchant
store , we're a manufacturer , you have to buy 5,000". I didn't know . I
feel bad. lol

Автор meathook3000 ( назад)
Which episode is this?

Автор Deleted Acoount ( назад)
You pick color you pick now

Автор Stank Wedge ( назад)
Not another Cartman episode...

no one ever said, ever.

Автор Corinthian (1818 лет назад)
They sure do love to clap. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор skyblade ( назад)
Lol no you fuck me fuck you

Автор Hatake Nazzy ( назад)
stupid asians

Автор Barry Parry ( назад)
This video just appeared on my recommended videos.

Автор Abush Shebo ( назад)
252 people like to fuck asian ladies

Автор Black And White ( назад)
haha dis funny. #Raughing

Автор Demethus ( назад)
clap clap clap

Автор Ккгыышф Deutschland ( назад)

Автор exas4791 ( назад)
I don't understand what that was really about.

Автор 2regors1 ( назад)
Ass kissing asians. Pfft. They assholes with other minorities but kiss
whiteys anus.

Автор lurchipoo ( назад)
Oh sweet jesus!! The first 3 seconds of this video had me in fucking
tears!!! " suck meh balls, suck meh balls"


Автор Justin Hudson ( назад)
Hey go check out our new animated adult series "The Lounge" Pilot dropping
soon and new skits every week. Just search 'Canadian Quaaludes' on YouTube

Автор Toxic Haze ( назад)
After watching this im gonna go and get a foot massage *WITH A HAPPY ENDING*

AHH who am i fooling, probably gonna download some asian porn and jerk

Автор Karl Karrlander ( назад)
I always find it funny that the first 2 seconds of this clip features wise
words from Cartman:

Suck my balls, suck my balls....

Автор Tairy Hesticles ( назад)
Suck my balls, suck my balls.

Автор HorrorLover98 ( назад)
Nono you fuck me!
Nono you fuck ME! Fuck YOU!

Автор Taylor Spruill ( назад)
You asian lady Fucker you

Автор Killer Pander ( назад)
Hahahahaha wtf so hilarious 

Автор Vincent Gomez ( назад)
I like Asian woman

Автор Beef Queef ( назад)
suck my bawls suck my bawls

Автор Youn Cho ( назад)
I dont understand...so who wanna fuck opponent?

Автор Jordan Kowal ( назад)
you Asia lady fucka you...

Автор BiteMyShinyMetal4ss ( назад)
"you rike to fuck asian radies" XD

Автор Justin Walker ( назад)

Автор Your Average American ( назад)
Wait....so that asian lady I bought my engagement ring from was fucking me?
No wonder she looked so happy.

Автор crazyRyoga ( назад)
Don't you dare to intend my copyright !!!

Автор Khusuke ( назад)

Автор Michael Weston ( назад)
"You like to fu*k the asian lady?" The correct answer is yes.

Автор truthaddicit ( назад)

Автор MsRedKiller ( назад)
which ep is this ?

Автор Thrasherox ( назад)

Автор Kadrystan ( назад)
Suck my balls, suck my balls...

Автор Rajeeb Ghose ( назад)
season 16 episode 2

Автор NewMafiaOrder ( назад)

Автор Shane Quinlan ( назад)
I know you walk by I though you think called anti-gays in the AT&T guy go

Автор RaSiD Private ( назад)

Автор Matthew D'Ercole ( назад)
Suck my balls, suck my balls..

Автор Lil karmicheal ( назад)
U da Fak me Wer de link at? fak u

Автор fnog9 ( назад)
0:30 LOL!!!!!

Автор You Poop ( назад)
The german voice of the asia woman is still better xD

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