Eric Cartman you like fu*k asian ladies

I don't own this video.
No Copyright intended.

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Автор Chase (2 месяца)
We all love to fuck Asian ladies.

Автор Rein Engel (1 месяц)
Three seconds of Cartman singing "suck my balls" is funnier than Season 22
of The Simpsons.

Автор Yossel Rozzy Roz (2 месяца)
I wonder if the same people who try to get Tom and Jerry banned because it
had a black mama housemaid in it also object to Asian people being
ridiculed in South Park. Somehow I doubt it. 

Автор Jerry (3 месяца)
Maybe the Asian ladies heard him say, "Suck my balls" outside at the

Автор PkmnMasterWesley (3 месяца)

☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
/▌ all over Youtube
/ \ so he can take over and take down Google+

Автор winteriscumming1 (2 месяца)
Are there worse people out there than the idiots who think every racist
joke on youtube is that persons midnset in real life? -_-

Автор mechwarreir2 (2 месяца)
came for "suck my balls suck my balls", then left

Автор James Cowan (2 месяца)


Автор SKoRM (18 дней)
In case you missed the joke at the beginning of the video:

The store is called Gems Wholesale but SP stereotypes Asian people to
pronounce their "L's" as "R's" so it becomes Gems Whoresale and they start
with all the "you like to f*ck me" jokes LOL xD

Автор Dancing Spiderman (9 дней)
This... is too stupid for me to enjoy.

Автор MerkinMuffly (15 дней)
I bet Trey Parker and Matt Stone are superstars in Asia, just like Jerry
Lewis in France.

Автор schpoingle (1 месяц)
it's so true. all the asian people in new york that sell shit on the
street..they all have this same schtick. it's,'oh you're taking money from
my kids and family'. and they literally say that. but they say it real
casual because it's just some shit they say to make sales. 

Автор Rose Turquoise (21 день)
"You walk by my shop and then you said "oh there's a nice asian lady", I
think I'll go here and I FUCK HEEEER !"

Автор Jagged bacon (21 день)
"you lika f*** asian rady?"
I lost it.

Автор Stephen Bachman (23 дня)
Not the best clip. Butters shooting people in the dick is the funniest.

Not the balls to take away urges and anyone's right to call themselves a
man no the dick so they are still a man but can't do anything about it. 

Автор Nick The Titan (15 дней)
Why the fuck being so racistt o ward Asian huh, and kissing blacks assess.
Even white got picked apart but they did not dare to toich black. Event he
one black kid is the mkst rational person with a white kid voice. South
park can be so fucking bullshit

Автор Vice Spruce (28 дней)
The first two seconds of Cartman singing "Suck my balls, suck my balls" is
funnier than when he actually walks into the store and talks to the Asian

Автор Moey Keint (10 дней)
☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
/▌ all over Youtube
/ \ so he can take over and take down the comments asking for likes

Автор fu(CKY)ou (1 месяц)
"suck my balls , suck my balls" that should go number one in the charts to
be honest lol

Автор Harve Mabe (22 дня)
No...No...No....YOU FUCK ME......FUCK YOU....sighs*BITCH*

Автор Michael Williams (1 месяц)
I like Asian Ladies!



Автор GHOSTGXZ (5 дней)
I dont understand, is he ignoring the pricetags, and just making a lowball
offer on each item he wants?

Автор roxas cruz (27 дней)
F*** this I'm not gonna be part of this stereotypical act.

Автор Hunter Thompson (15 дней)
You rika fucka Asian rady?

Автор Luktom100 (3 месяца)
Yeah, i wanna fuck an Asian lady :D

Автор 천동혁 (16 дней)
May be this video is korean or japanese radies parody
But. Korean radies parody is more fit this video.....

Tip number 1: Never enter an Asian's jewellery store.

Автор Jose Hernandez (1 месяц)
This show really went over the edge with the Asians! LOL Would an Asían get
really offended, if he or she watches this show and says, MY EYES AREN'T
THAT SMALL!!! It would be a pleasure, to make sweet love to an Asían woman.
The part when the woman said, you fuck me.

Автор LeontheSmithy (1 месяц)
What episode is this from?

Автор Javier Aguilar (2 месяца)
suck my balls, suck my balls..

Автор Ho Lee Fuk (2 месяца)
You spelled the title wrong. It's "you rike a fuck a asian raydee?

Автор Roger Michaels (1 месяц)
He said it twice outside. suck my balls, suck my balls. welcome, welcome to
discount jewby store! You got goood (good) eyes ! your so clevah! (clever)
its beadtifull (beautiful) , (look) loook its beaudtifull! (beautiful)
other two clapping. and... you walk by my store, their is a nice asian
lady. and fu*ker asian lady fu*k u. gaghahahaha fhhhhh

Автор TheBrokenController (1 месяц)
You rike f%&# asian rady?

Автор Ryan Nelson (1 месяц)
we won't admit it, but this is the truth of business. 

Автор Kameenah (1 месяц)
No No, you fuck me, Fuck you lololololololololool

Автор CONHOLIO95 (9 дней)
Suck my balls, suck my balls!

Автор baphobear (27 дней)
I'm an asian chick..and yes, I will love you long time. Gotta pay me $3.50
for each touch or kiss though. 

Автор Colin Finch Mostlythinkihave (1 месяц)
No no you fuck me!
Fuck you!

Автор Nathan Cox (13 дней)
this is so funny it made me puke

Автор Zane Webb (2 месяца)
im offensive and i find this asian

Автор ImaGinE8341 (19 дней)
'suck my bhaaals suck my bhaaals'

Автор stickAran (14 дней)
ingenious writing.

Автор Chronoic (26 дней)
No No you fuck me, fuck you

love it

Автор MrDerOutsider (1 месяц)
this is 10 times funnier in german

Автор Chen Alex (2 месяца)
No you fuck me! Fuck you!

Автор Screech891 (24 дня)
hahaha "suck my balls , suck my balls"

Автор fnog9 (11 дней)
0:30 lololololol!!

Автор George Crouch (2 месяца)
I like to fuck Asian lady's 

Автор gourry alarcon (1 месяц)
Which season and episode is this 

Автор Paul Forsell (1 месяц)

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