12 foot green burmese python snake eats rabbit

WARNING. snake eats rabbit. 12 foot burmese python eats rabbit. If you love rabbits then you probably should not watch, thank you.

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Автор darkstorm 0187 ( назад)
Half of the dislikes are people who hate this annoying music and the other
half is because they filmed a rabbit getting eaten by a snake

Автор MMAgirl rowdy ( назад)
seriously .. fuck for doin that to the rabbit .. get dead mice .. fkn

Автор ARPL. CRF ( назад)
always gotta have those exotic pets :)

Автор ARPL. CRF ( назад)

Автор Granby Reptile ( назад)
Been watching other vids like this with people commenting its cruel and
all. I'm a reptile guy, but I say pet rabbits are different than wild
rabbits. They are too tame and won't run, try to catch a wild rabbit. 

Автор Good Guy ( назад)
Why the rabbit have to hop in snake tank? lol

Автор Erin Lieb ( назад)
I was confused...

Автор jacobs0469 ( назад)
I wonder if you understand that this situation wasn't an act of "wild"
nature. Since cheetahs eat apes in the wild, you're basically saying that
if I stuck a kid in a cage with a hungry cheetah, it's perfectly acceptable
in every way. You can tell that I now think low of you. I just wasted my
words on a creature so unworthy, the likes of whatever you represent. Watch
you start raging after reading this, such a simple creature. 

Автор jacobs0469 ( назад)
Thank you. I try to set standards backed with reasoning while trying to be

Автор Larry Host ( назад)
You're sad.

Автор Larry Host ( назад)
Thumps up. Well said.

Автор Larry Host ( назад)
Hahahahaha. You make me chuckle.

Автор Larry Host ( назад)
Thats not nature you uneducated prick.

Автор Larry Host ( назад)
You're an ignorant piece of shit.

Автор ecwinste ( назад)
"Here's a rabbit. I call him Billy. You call him 'food'."

Автор Capricornarr ( назад)
you are making some sense though so its ok then....

Автор lovespianos ( назад)
No not with that big of a snake. Being a snake owner you have to recognize
what food will keep your python, boa, corn snake healthy. For a Burmese of
this size, five mice wouldn't cut it. The snake wouldn't want to strike
five times in one sitting. The owner is trying to keep his animal alive and
healthy, he or she clearly sees mice or even rats wont do it. Trust me,
he's not changing the snake's feeding habit for some crying rabbit lovers.

Автор Capricornarr ( назад)
well I think you can always do more mice then no? or is it written in the
stone that whatever animal you provide as food should not exceed the
quantity of ONE....

Автор lovespianos ( назад)
That big of a snake wouldn't survive on a mouse or mice alone. 

Автор lovespianos ( назад)
Because it needed to be fed.

Автор lovespianos ( назад)
I wish I was there to make your rabbit road kill. Don't click on a feeding
video just to bitch.

Автор lovespianos ( назад)
Can you not read? Really, can. you. not. read? Right there in the
disclaimer. WARNING. Snake eats rabbit. The video clearly states, 12 ft
Burmese Python eats rabbit. Why did you click on this video just to get
butt hurt, then act so surprise when the snake strikes the rabbit?

Автор birdie2580 ( назад)
eats my bad

Автор birdie2580 ( назад)
its funny how some people will click or tap on a video saying snake ears
rabbit and comment y would you post this and its cruel. WHAT DO U THINK

Автор Sean Houghton ( назад)
That's nature for ya

Автор Tyra Milliken-Smith ( назад)
O my god don't post things like this a bunny is not something to eat!

Автор The Humble Geometric Figure of Doom ( назад)
Americans forget that they eat meat as 3 times a day than this python eats
in a year.

Автор Jung Eun Kim ( назад)
let's be honest here.. we wouldn't give a single fuck if rabbits looked
like orcs from lord of the rings. then we bash on people who judge others
by their apearance.. we are bunch of hypofuckingcrites. btw, i'm glad that
snake had its meal as how it suppose to eat.

Автор George Richardson ( назад)
I wish I was there to chop that snake in half!

Автор jacobs0469 ( назад)
Intelligence is to be proven! Why should I be an idiot in your opinion,
when you're the only one who's vocabulary, opinions, and logic have
revealed a lack of education, basic understanding, and resource. Why are
you argument's always so empty? Duh! The only answer is that you don't know
how to apply fact or logic. Also, I never said a damn thing about "morals",
I also never said I gave a damn about the "bunny", this video is also not
"live", and I don't care about your notion of "cute". Jerky!

Автор richlen2001 ( назад)

Автор dttruon ( назад)
again, turds are simply spewing out of your mouth. you simply dont know
what you're talking about. this has nothing to do with food alternative nor
morals. it's just you offended by seeing a cute little bunny consumed live.
you talk like you're "edjumacated," but you only end up with another foot
in your mouth. here's a lesson to keep in mind: "it is best to say nothing
& be thought for a fool, than to speak & remove all doubts." let's end this
conversation before people realized your stupidity.

Автор jacobs0469 ( назад)
You don't buy it, who distributes artificial snake food? It would be too
expensive, mice sell for $1.00 and are abundant. It can be made, you should
read into zoology and especially the snake digestive system. Oh but who
cares about that right? Even though with the inclusion of simple Biology,
the task of understanding a snake's natural needs and capacities would take
you only an hour to make note of and understand, right?

Автор dttruon ( назад)
there are artificial food for fish, cats, dogs, turtles, rabbits, etc. if
there are artificial food for snakes, like most people, i've never heard of
them. please be kind to tell us what brand they are, where to find them, &
what type of snakes consume them? if it exists, i can only guess only few
snake species will eat them. and even so, not all specimen will happily
chow it down. will you be happy with spam, crackers & capri sun everyday?
do pet snakes deserve less treats & fresh meat than us?

Автор dttruon ( назад)
the thing i know about people, who fancy correcting other people's grammar,
is that they dont have much of an argument. so they focus on debasing
grammatical technicalities. some is not the same as hundreds out of
thousands, some is 3 or more. food is correct either as food or foods. with
500 characters limit on each message, people resort to dropping some words
needed to complete a sentence properly. so long as you understand, message
is conveyed sufficiently. now, focus on the argument!

Автор Incognito Walröss ( назад)
What is wrong with the people in the comments? Rabbits are tasty.

Автор Kawasakiman 82 ( назад)
What is wrong with you a poor rabbit you have no soul.

Автор Capricornarr ( назад)
Please dont do this with poor rabbits, just use mice as many as you want

Автор jacobs0469 ( назад)
Sorry I forgot what video I was on, I meant a rabbit not a mouse. 

Автор jacobs0469 ( назад)
I don't agree with that. The brain is what leads the animal I'm afraid,
meaning that your thoughts are generated from memory, nature, and in a
special case for humans, words. The snake was capable of memory and nature
alone. The eyesight of a snake is awful, their nature and appetite told
them to eat a mouse that they thought was alive. To them, it all made
sense. Snakes aren't capable of moral choice is my conclusion. I still
found it disgusting and malicious (nld). 

Автор Alana Farrow ( назад)
Rly y u put this on Internet nasty but I like the song

Автор julio ibarra ( назад)
ok, let the sacrificial ceremony begin

Автор Erin Lieb ( назад)
Rabbits are healthier and more nutricious for a creature that size.

Автор Erin Lieb ( назад)
He's happily feeding his pet, wich he doesn't mind doing. While your over
here crying about it... How does your statement work? 

Автор Erin Lieb ( назад)
It's cheaper and healthier to use rabbits...

Автор Erin Lieb ( назад)
Your grammar is presteige, but your facts are not. You failed to realize
that when it comes to feeding snakes, it's the snakes opinion, not the

Автор Erin Lieb ( назад)
Some snakes won't eat dead things...

Автор Erin Lieb ( назад)
It's obvious the rabbit wanted to live... Everything does (unless it's a
suicidal human...). People do this because there is no better option... And
snakes are picky... Personally, I wouldn't go get a chicken from a farmer
just to feed a snake...

Автор Noose ( назад)
Stupid people come here and argue... Its snake idiot. Its gor to eat

Автор Abhi Sharma ( назад)
i love this view 

Автор kepod teran ( назад)
you fucking basterd why the hell do all do that wtf is your problome 

Автор lovespianos ( назад)
Again, for a rabbit lover, why are you here?

Автор 0501632 ( назад)
hope the same happens to you fuck face 

Автор Caelamus ( назад)
Rarely does it. However. The snake reminds me of a lion. a Lion will not
harm a human or anything if properly fed. However if hungered. It will. Now
a snake being a reptile. Compare it to that. Being a man who has owned
things around this subject. It doesn't mean the snake won't try to eat a
man. If it is hungry enough. Even if you raised it. 

Автор Ken Boycester ( назад)
nothing rong with it

Автор Ken Boycester ( назад)
because its life

Автор Ken Boycester ( назад)
nice strike bro

Автор kanye west ( назад)
wast man

Автор AJ Green12346 ( назад)
i dont know if an eagle could eat a 12 foot snake but good point

Автор Bindu Roy ( назад)
why did you do that to the poor rabbit 

Автор jake gorton ( назад)
thats just so so so so so tight why did you do that..that ribbit wanted to
be alive

Автор ShinyMoonCheese ( назад)
I think when your Youtube profile picture is a rabbit, actively searching
for 12 foot green Burmese pythons eating rabbits is a bad idea. 

Автор lovespianos ( назад)
Aaw does it make you sad? :( why'd you watch it? 

Автор lovespianos ( назад)
So snakes actively seek out dead animals in the wild? 

Автор lovespianos ( назад)
Very rarely does that ever happen. I'm not saying it doesn't or can't
happen, but very rarely does it.

Автор HeyHey ( назад)
Im personally a vegetarian, and don't wat meat. But, really guys? This isnt
abuse, its natural. And to whoever said that you're supposed to feed them
dead things, you have obviously never owned a snake. Snakes feed on LIVE
prey. If you're going to be a butt hurt pussy, I suggest you stop looking
up snake videos. This is a beautiful snake just doing what it does best.

Автор Caelamus ( назад)
Snakes feed on live people too.

Автор Dwij Patel ( назад)
I was trying to mean let nature take its course, since snakes feed on live

Автор Caelamus ( назад)
If a man is without pity. What different are we. From the snake in the
cage? a Man without pity or good intent. Is a man that is like the snake
there. And the rabbit becomes another man.

Автор Love Cats ( назад)

Автор Josh Harvey ( назад)
Aww poor bunny ;(

Автор Dwij Patel ( назад)
you do realize its nearly impossible to completely kill all rabbits, they
breed like mice, and they are good for the snakes why dont you stop eating
meat in that matter? if according to what you are saying so stop eating
chicken, beef, and pork

Автор sultanjumper ( назад)

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
Come one He made a warning 2nd i think snakes are awesome and smart 3 its
nature they do it even in the wild if they find a pig bird goose or
anything able to eat he will strike its like saying no to you people to not
eat ham and meat and other living things

Автор Alex Zink ( назад)
Kill yourself, stopid motherfucker, its nature

Автор jacobs0469 ( назад)
You mean, Sx = 5m where m = mouth and s = shut your. 

Автор DeathKitty123456 ( назад)
'Some snakes don't eat pre killed food' yeah they all do! In the uk you
can't feed live animals, not even mice and i haven't heard of a pet snake

Автор 123Insomaniac ( назад)
Rats aren't nearly big enough for him and some snakes don't eat pre-killed

Автор Vi Balsa ( назад)
Or your feeble attempts at a comeback. 

Автор Vi Balsa ( назад)
Your response is pretty hilarious.

Автор joseph torrens ( назад)
sad just sad 

Автор Bob Sharp ( назад)
i cant beleive you got watch some videos like this and then comment things
like this, you knew what was going to happen so why did you go and watch
it? go watch your little kid things that doesnt affect your sensible heart
and i dont write good english because it is not my main language dumbass

Автор Simon ( назад)
Unless you're a strict vegan and also use no products that were made
from/tested on animals shut up. Also, never use pharmaceuticals or have
surgery because the medical community regularly tests on animals. 

Автор jacobs0469 ( назад)
That's quite a funny name for someone so stupid. Judging by your poor
English, I doubt you've even completed high school yet. If you have then
you're brain is as worthless as the rest of you. Now why don't you go
swallow your dad? Stupid Bob. I can't believe you posted that miserable

Автор Vi Balsa ( назад)
Rats don't nourish a burmese that size enough. You should be ashamed of
your own ignorance. Don't talk if you don't know anything about the subject
you're trying to debate.

Автор Joe ( назад)
This happens in the Animal kingdom...So why do you tell what can and can't

Автор callum leonard ( назад)
well whats the difference between a rabbit and a rat?

Автор Nicky Mansell ( назад)
Wot a bellend feed it rats n get a bigger tank shady cunt

Автор Ryan partridge ( назад)
What the fuck man that out

Автор Dan Frodsham ( назад)
i agree - bigger tank please. i dont agree - why click on this video if
you're all going to cry and say he has no testicles because he feeds a
rabbit to a snake. you're crying over it, you must have smaller testicles.

Автор julio ibarra ( назад)
well why not rats?

Автор Bob Sharp ( назад)
Lol, yea, lets buy artificial food that costs over 2X if not more than
normal food? dude who gives a fuck you eat some animals also and no one
gives you shit so shut the fuck up and if your to sensible for this than
dont watch it dumbass

Автор Kane Obrien ( назад)
SICK! In a awesom way!!!!!! Feed it a cat next time

Автор zi ning ( назад)
You are cruel shit man

Автор FaZe QwiK ( назад)
Staring contest. Boa: Fuck this shit

Автор Bruce Giller ( назад)
why do people downvote this? come on guys. some people watch these videos
because they are getting a snake themselves, and want to know what they are
in for

Автор PenguinPownage ( назад)
cuz its tasty

Автор OrgasmicAvalon ( назад)
It's the circle of life 

Автор alina simionescu ( назад)
why would you do that

Автор Daniel Thomasson ( назад)

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