How To Pull Wheelies 1: Experts view from Craig Jones

How To Pull Wheelies 1: Experts view from Craig Jones

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Автор kevin smith ( назад)
0:40 He fucked in the head or something?

Автор supadem ( назад)
this squid is FAR from a pro/expert stunt rider. lmfao

Автор guitarfreak3422 ( назад)
If you French fry when you're meant to Pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.

Автор Sean Logan ( назад)
The only Craig Jones I know was the Head Of School at my military

Автор PsychedbE ( назад)
You WILL hurt yourself!

Автор PsychedbE ( назад)

Автор Sak Yant ( назад)
if you dont love yourself, then how can you love others?

Автор Luke De Nobriga ( назад)
Step 1 Lunatic.. check

Автор Cesar marquez purcallas ( назад)
¡wow! cuantas horas , dias , años...(refacciones) madra..s...y extra
hu..os...se requieren para alcansar el balanse , equilibrio.y perfeccion en
cualquier clase . de maquina.casi como chris pfeiffer.

Автор M.Joseph Ali ( назад)
People think wheelies are hard. They're not. Once you know where bp is, you
will wheelie until you run out of gas or your wrist gets too tired. The
stoppies are hard for me. Everytime I land the bike wants to fall to one

Автор DJ Martin D. official ( назад)
Hello /watch?v=N_eIao9ZCB0 rhanks

Автор debby0173 ( назад)
the importent think is no fear then are wheelies no problem with training

Автор 22timingram ( назад)
Cool, get some videos up.

Автор REM44MAG ( назад)
Sounds to me like you're pulling facts out of your ass. Where is the proof.
My dad knew riders 30-40 years ago better than this douche. Riding wheelies
without the front wheel, and all kinds of crazy shit.

Автор 22timingram ( назад)
At the time, he was, but that was what? 10 years ago, when bike stunts were
just wheelies/ stoppies, not the elaborate tricks that are going on now.

Автор areyouserial ( назад)
The black guy's just staring out the window.

Автор REM44MAG ( назад)
You got to be kidding me. The only person in the world? Where do you get
your facts from?

Автор jose hoyo ( назад)
nobody can hear you..

Автор antman3251 ( назад)
If actually you listen to what hes saying, he's giving some valuable
advice. Master it on a dirt bike basically...

Автор Matt Dibden ( назад)
That guy is a complete prick

Автор Egbert Wadman ( назад)
how to do a wheelie: lean back, twist throttle

Автор chosenguy86 (125 лет назад)

Автор sirpoy ( назад)
This guy is full of shit.

Автор Amit Chakraverty (402 года назад)
You guys are all retarded. What are you replying in response to? Did any of
you dumb asses talking about cars even watch this video?

Автор ybrrider ( назад)
@a92hopd why are you so stupid, i said the 599, the farrair you idiot. the
porsche doesn't handly anywhere near as good as the TVR Sagaris, or noble.
or a catreham , or an airial atom, or the lotus exige or a lotus elise. the
list is endles. /watch?v=vmnQTFFwE30 im not going to bother replying to
your ignorent over patriotic shit. dont get me wrong, i love the Corvette.
but it's not all about going in a straight line, MAKE ANOTHER CAR LIKE THE
FORD GT!!!!! that is a great car, it's balanced

Автор a92hopd ( назад)
@ybrrider lol WHAT?! The Chevrolet Corvette is the american one you ass
turd! And stop talking about being more agile. thats like saying you can
dance better than me when i can just knock you the fuck out. Dont be pissed
that americans finally have a badass car that beats ur shit. Also the
Corvette i referred to earlier beat a porsche 911 turbo in handling so all
of your points are wrong.

Автор ybrrider ( назад)
@a92hopd what you think a 599 is american? its european you idiot. an audi
r8 will own all american cars, the veyron will beat anything. but the funny
thing is, when a british company made a muscle car it can actualy go around
a corner, TVR. it faster than any american car AND its more agile.

Автор a92hopd ( назад)
@ybrrider they did try it...and the eurooean cars ate SHIT...will a bmw
piss all over a gtr, gt2 or ferrari 599? i highly doubt it. But the
Corvette did. Pure muscle. Just cant beat it. So GTFO if you have no clue
what youre talking about. Type this into youtube's search to watch america
win again! ZR1 Drag Race King - Spanks GTR, 599, and GT2

Автор a92hopd ( назад)
@ybrrider they did try it...and the eurooean cars ate SHIT...will a bmw
piss all over a gtr, gt2 or ferrari 599? i highly doubt it. But the
Corvette did. Pure muscle. Just cant beat it. So GTFO if you have no clue
what youre talking about

Автор 22timingram ( назад)
If I'm not mistaken, Craig was the first person to scrape the rail, while
in the high-chair and when Mission Impossible 2 was made, he was one of the
only people in the world who could do a stoppie with a 180. He has more
talent in one finger than I could gain in a lifetime of practice!

Автор ybrrider ( назад)
@alphakenny1up muscle cars are shit, try outrunning a European car, you
stand no chance, a BMW will piss all over your muscle cars. i can say that
European cars own American cars. we make FAST cars that CAN go round a
corner. the cars the police use over here are light and agile perfect for
the job.

Автор Major HitList ( назад)
@grantisbwfc Americans have balls compared to you lads or gents or whatever
you call yourselves so i doubt that's true. Even your cops are wimpy, what
do they call them bobbies or boobies or something like that. ours even
carry guns where yours carry sticks i think. Ours are like the marines and
yours are like girl scouts. You might have a better chance getting away
though because your cars are also wimpy. We have to outrun American muscle
cars and huge V8s, not squirrel powered 4 bangers chap.

Автор grant taylor ( назад)
@TheDeathCrawler americans can pull wheelies yea but diffrence from usa and
england is when we pull wheelies and coppers pull us we dont stop you guys
and start kissin there ass

Автор TheDeathCrawler ( назад)
If you really want to wheelie check out some american videos this guys a
fuck head. Go eat your fish and chips cock weasel.

Автор TheA8l ( назад)
This guy can't ride for shit

Автор tomahawk656 ( назад)
thumbs up if this sounds like beargrils wtf? lol

Автор SuperSwartman ( назад)
I bet this guy goes through more fork seals in one month than Tiger Woods
goes through women in one year

Автор toranamunter ( назад)
what a blow arse. shame. could be quite an educational bloke to yarn with
if he wasn't so up himself.

Автор sammyg224 ( назад)

Автор EveningWind ( назад)
This dude is a douche and sloppy too.

Автор superdoopermrcooper ( назад)
what a winker (substitute the i for an a)

Автор superdoopermrcooper ( назад)
what a winker (substitute the i for an a)

Автор 3ll3ogator ( назад)
haha those were some of the sloppiest wheelies ever

Автор ever ( назад)
fuk!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P Craig Jones i miss u

Автор TheKingHits ( назад)
fuck hes good

Автор ultrakool ( назад)
this guy's got a liam gallagher "don't give a shit" attitude about him.
hope he's got a hard head in the back of him

Автор JDizzle45fizzle ( назад)
thats not the slipknot craig jones is it?

Автор UchiMata89 ( назад)
Fuck u all!! , craig finaly i hear u speek!!! haahaha...Slipknot maggot 4

Автор Geert Douma ( назад)
shut the fuck off

Автор wursthunter ( назад)
oh no! they improve ur bike... idiot

Автор FMX101 ( назад)
no not really it just wares on you front brake a bit

Автор travis gagne ( назад)
does anyone know if doing stoppies are bad for ur bike?

Автор Gan nish ( назад)
There is a video of that.

Автор Kevin Hanisch ( назад)

Автор JumboMuffin ( назад)
how to learn drifting and wheelies/stoppie with a Superbike? i mean.. i
dont want to destroy my bike dude =) are there any useful tipps? for
example.. train a wheelie with a normal mountain bikr first or something
like that? would be cool if there is any reply :P

Автор vidurc ( назад)
pic it up in second then... y bother shifting?

Автор ImEasyAs ( назад)
Craig Jones is a FRICKIN' LEGEND!!!!!

Автор NickelbackHellYearh ( назад)
"until u master that"

Автор checkcheckone ( назад)
4:55 : "until you masturbate [...]" ?

Автор streakfighter ( назад)
C. Pfeiffer make this guy look silly, I doubt i couldn't replicate his
riding with a little more practice..... king douche!!

Автор MADMAWD ( назад)
everyone starts at the beginning car,nt do em,but practice and practice and
they become piss easy ,so natural that you,l never be off the bk wheel and
wont be able to imagine not bein able to do em its that easy.but if you
aint no balls you,l never be able to do em,he who dares wins. this guys
stoppies are mega, world champ.

Автор yzf600rCUSTOM ( назад)

Автор mark675 ( назад)
yeah hes a fuckin cock

Автор J-philippe Tremblay ( назад)
try to shift with out clutch like that everytime you go ride =P masterise
it after try it on a wheelie ;)

Автор J-philippe Tremblay ( назад)
when i said (when you think you high your not high) and that fucking true
hahaha i realize =P

Автор Carlos Leiva ( назад)
yeap with out the clutch and it drops, maybe im downing it not fast enough
because im tierd of winding 1st gear out. my bike is a GSR 600 2008,

Автор Prof. Heinous ( назад)
do u shift with the clutch? cuz maybe you dont shift fast enough. you
should try to shift without the clutch, if you dont do it, yet.

Автор Carlos Leiva ( назад)
Craig says he just pulls it up in 1st then quickly shifts into 2nd, never
rides it in1st. I've been trying and when I hit 2nd the bike drops, no
power to keep it up. am I not shifting at a high enough point in the

Автор karl Tempest ( назад)
Sorry mate this is the wrong Craig Jones..please check,this guy has been
stunting for years he was a couple of years behind G.Rothwell.

Автор yamahamotoqauds (167 лет назад)
R.I.P Craig Jones

Автор Jonothun Smeeth ( назад)
I dunno how to do wheelies, but your really good at them, very smooth!

Автор mxr970 ( назад)
I got chills when I looked up my name as craig jones, also know as
jonz'ee-#18 crf 450 born august 4th. I too like to ride lite on my front
wheel and will do so more than ever now... cheer's mate

Автор mariotwentyone ( назад)
i miss you Craig, you are a Legend!!! no doubt

Автор Jean-Michel Beriault ( назад)
yeah but he's a racer not a stunter!

Автор bikksblues ( назад)
this craig dude need to come on friday to ace cafe in london and see some
real guys doing stunts. what he is doing now is mickey mouse. no dis
respect but this is mickey mouse. ;-)

Автор mariotwentyone ( назад)
God Bless Craig Jones

Автор ccmgga ( назад)
This is not the same guy that died at Brands Hatch,he was 23yrs old and a
great talent,this is another Craig Jones who is in his late 30s eary 40s

Автор treveo23 ( назад)
R.I.P craig jones your a legend

Автор Jackassed1990 ( назад)
also just to clear up ne confusion, its the same bloke.

Автор Jackassed1990 ( назад)
RIP dude. Riding at its best right til the end.

Автор soulxx1 ( назад)
This is the stunt rider. The other Craig Jones is a supersport rider. Dicks.

Автор ambog36 ( назад)

Автор modmadryan ( назад)
y do you keep saying check wikipedia when on wikipedia it says he's ded u

Автор bishbash13 ( назад)
Craig Jones died after an accident at Brands Hatch. Sorry to tell you but
its true, shame to lose such a biking talent. :-(

Автор TOMPA ( назад)

Автор John Lizard ( назад)
duh... stop it. Check wikipedia before posting RIP messages here! this guy
is much alive as far as I know...

Автор jermstar44 ( назад)
rip craig

Автор klauskarlkraus ( назад)
this is not the craig jones died at 4. august. he has just the same name

Автор james withers ( назад)
rip really good rider

Автор reich90 ( назад)
R.I.P. (*)

Автор DEATHv2 ( назад)

Автор neilb13 ( назад)
Not sure this is the Craig Jones that died. He looks older than 23.

Автор eightlink ( назад)

Автор Jesmar Halliday ( назад)

Автор galaxything ( назад)
its NOT littrally**

Автор galaxything ( назад)
lol this is the name of the video its from, its litterally a "learn to"
video. Fast bikes mag did a series of vids just called "How to ..."

Автор Aaron Lord ( назад)
This fails

Автор pascalkootstra ( назад)
wat a wanker

Автор bigghost27 ( назад)
ummmm i'm supposed to be learning what from this vid??

Автор TalibanSlayer ( назад)
i didnt learn SHIT

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