Mr. Clean | New Super Bowl Ad | Cleaner of Your Dreams

Mr. Clean satisfies in every room of the house, and there’s a new Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial to prove it!

Watch the Official Cleaner of Super Bowl LI show you some of his best moves in the shower, on the floor, and even in the kitchen. #MrClean #SB51

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Автор Nicole Sierra ( назад)
What's the name of this song?

Автор I love Food ( назад)
I think I'm pregnant

Автор AwesomeGirl_ 23 ( назад)
0:06 that moment i knew he was gay. loke if u agree

Автор AwesomeGirl_ 23 ( назад)
why does mr.clean look like sn old buff rapest that is guy, but sudently found himself i a girls house and started to like her. like if u agree

Автор Norma Bracey ( назад)
I want a Mr. Clean!!

Автор Kawaii_Pickle ( назад)
Why Mr.Clean...Why did u make me drink bleach?

Автор Byron Dean ( назад)

Автор how to hang urself in roblox ( назад)
To put it bluntly, I want him in my ass. Like now.

Автор Liana Leia ( назад)
Not the Mr. Clean I remember!

Автор Mr. Clean ( назад)
I still got it

Автор powerhouse extreme ( назад)
Howie from americas got talent and pit bull the rapper got competition

Автор supernatural lover Forever ( назад)
To be honest who's focusing on the cleaning

Автор Niyah Trinity ( назад)
This makes me slightly uncomfortable

Автор Big Boyz ( назад)
Let's just say he's not Mr clean anymore

Автор Chantelle Velazquez ( назад)
this made me laugh so hard how turned on she got that he was moving so sexy it would have turned me on to I bet her husband was like wow I need to help more with cleaning

Автор 2fast 2rare ( назад)
0:19 T H I C C

Автор Mel R ( назад)
OMG 😂😂😂

Автор Salina Ramirez ( назад)
piercers are rare today. my teacher was a short one. he reminded me of sailors. but hell nah, Mr. clean is haunting. when you see Mr. clean live. it's rare. no no no, scary.

Автор Stupid Error 404 ( назад)
I didn't know Mr. Clean worked with KY!!!

Автор Game Player XD ( назад)
In germany its Mr.Popper

Автор Kid Goku GT ( назад)
3k dislikes

Автор Kellyn Phan ( назад)
This is weird

Автор Harrison Paige ( назад)
I play this at least 10 times a day just for the song

Автор Cleaner Profesional ( назад)
tk cleaner and environment care we are support.

Автор Amanjit singh ( назад)
Its like magic mike all over again only now its magic Mr. clean

Автор MsTee Marie ( назад)
Get down Mr, Clean

Автор Random Comment Channel ( назад)
i get erectile dysfunction every time i look at my mr clean spray bottle now

Автор Alaina Bugge ( назад)
This song is nowhere to be found! Anyone know who it is?

Автор Shaniya 209 ( назад)
so is this a real song or not??

Автор LesslyBrown bs ( назад)
Why does this song reminds of a talented pineapple....

Автор Robert Howe ( назад)
Surprised that Mr.Clean is still alive after that abomination of a "movie" called Food Fight.

Автор MyTubeIsBetter20 ( назад)
Mr. Clean? More like Mr. Steal Yo Girl

Автор 啪啪啪 ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of the song?

Автор Diamond Morales ( назад)
I want some white pants like his. They stay shiny white plus THAT DAMN BOOTY!!

Автор BiGGBoi500 0 ( назад)
Fifty shades of clean

Автор Brianna Hall ( назад)
need to know what this song is

Автор Lydia Davis ( назад)
I identify with this commercial SO much.

Автор Matt D ( назад)
They need to make this a real song 😂

Автор StudleyDuderight ( назад)
What, no one is protesting against the sexualization of Mr clean? Reverse the genders and the feminists would be screeching

Автор The Real Dovahkiin Miraak ( назад)
Mr clean gonna have to rinse out my wank sock.

Автор agame only ( назад)
i just saw mr.clean do dirty things😕😜

Автор Yellow kleeborp ( назад)

Автор gx2music ( назад)
Now THATS a great punchline. Good ad.

Автор Osana Najimi ( назад)
So basically it went to Mr.Clean to Mr.Dirty? I THOUGH HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CLEAN!!

Автор Alyson ( назад)
Damn,Mr.Clean is Mr.Dirty now

Автор MKF30 ( назад)
I'm guessing I'm the only one here here for the song lol. Goes to read dirty comments...wow that's a little surprising lol

Автор Mr. Clean ( назад)
Still Got It

Автор Sleep Less ( назад)
That Guy Who was the imaginary Mr Clean Looks Really Hugable

Автор Sleep Less ( назад)
That Ain't No Mr Clean

That's Agent 47 Right there

Автор Sheika _ ( назад)
I thought he was supposed to be clean

Автор Mansi Singh ( назад)
50 Shades Cleaner
*Coming* this Spring

Автор Friendly Engineer ( назад)
Not my proudest fap
But absolutely my cleanest one

Автор roygbiv330 ( назад)
it seems weird.

Автор Milena's InnerSelf ( назад)

Автор Madi Ball ( назад)
Why has god forsaken us?

Автор Abriana Jones_aj ( назад)
lol I love this MR.CLEAN commercial😂😜😜

Автор Animating_Stuff ( назад)
Is it just me or did it just get dirty in here?

Автор danaria jones ( назад)
mr steal yo girll is backk

Автор Teresa Del Valle ( назад)
Y'all did a great job I love this comercial one of the best

Автор brittany felder ( назад)
song? lol

Автор Nyah & N'dea ( назад)
Okay can they please make this into a full song? Or if it is someone please direct me to the actual one?

Автор Rosie gale The purple bird ( назад)
Wtf that ass is stop looking at me stop it XD hahahahahahaha is crazy but this super bowl is stops me XD

Автор Jake OZ ( назад)
Well...I know who I'm going to be for a Halloween party this year...can't wait to see how long I can stay "Clean"...

Автор Dj Wolf ( назад)
Mr. Clean. Isnt clean, he's dirty

Автор Dave Dawkins ( назад)
I'm my day, this would've been a Barry White song. Guaranteed moisture!

Автор Shari Vizek ( назад)
could is outfit be any tighter

Автор Sinblack Bloodred ( назад)
Mr Clean ringing out your girl's panties like 0:05

Автор Randell Allen ( назад)
who did this jingle song?

Автор Brody Martin ( назад)

Автор trillination ( назад)

a Sexualized version of the Brawny Man. or perhaphs

Ms butterworth and Aunt Jemimah in Lingerie pouring maple syrup on themselves.

Автор Sierra ( назад)

Автор OmegaSaiyan92 ( назад)
i saw this commercial the other day and was laughing my ass off

Автор mint jullep ( назад)
Daddy clean

Автор Random owl ( назад)
whats the name of the song???

Автор ItzJoshGaming ( назад)
This is so retarted

Автор Kyairra Reigh ( назад)
I died laughing 😂 That mopping part got me 💃

Автор Dallie Panda ( назад)
pls give us the song

Автор marine Matt ( назад)
Wow...... I wasn't expecting this..... Yeah, um, goodbye childhood memories lol. What did I just watch? This was probably a lot better in the director's head lol.

Автор LadyCapricorn87 ( назад)
The way he skidded to a stop in the bathroom 😂😂😂

Автор Lelani John ( назад)
when did Mr clean get an earring?

Автор lol :D ( назад)
whats the song people

Автор Candycane Husky ( назад)
Mr.Clean looks like Howie Mandel XD

Автор Ameri Wryter ( назад)
What did you expect? Women like a man who can clean.

Автор Jey Natrall ( назад)
bruh whats this song called its catchy lol

Автор Pac Skulls ( назад)
They need to release a full version of this song

Автор JoeDiePie ( назад)
Distgusting sex

Автор Leo Auger ( назад)
Mr. Clean is T H I C C !

Автор harneet Dhami ( назад)

Автор harneet Dhami ( назад)
Did she kiss him

Автор Seth Freaking Rollins ( назад)

Автор Randy Bailon ( назад)
The song😩😩

Автор IG JOBI FELE ( назад)
I saw this add yesterday o
before a YouTube video and was like... that poor sex deprived woman, hallucinating about a cleaning appliance logo. 😂😂😂

lol, I also got the ad of this before the actual video played .XD

Автор Gaiabladegold ( назад)
TFW an oddly shiny animated man walks into your kitchen with newfangled pop music playing from everywhere at once and you just sorta start dancing and cleaning and watching each others asses because why the heck not man

Автор DSDUKE GAMES ( назад)
Mr.clean + black suit + red tie = hitman 47

Автор 577AllWell ( назад)

Автор Kaylee McMack ( назад)

Автор Dreamilicious ( назад)

Автор randman ( назад)
I seriously thought he was naked in the thumbnail. I'm disappointed to say the least.

Автор Makome Justine Andréa ( назад)
What is the song ?? Hav crack my Head so long

Автор Freddy Garcia ( назад)
what is the fucking song to this, it's so good.

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