gar leather

Hey Sir Greg. Thanks for the attention. I am so glad you got the shirt and liked it. Also thanks for the attention. Your vid got me hot and bothered while watching it. In fact I had a little bit of a 'problem' and had to gear up and take care of it. Then I decided to respond to your vid after I finished up. WOOF! Also, I noticed that you have a snap-off codpiece. I have a zipper down my ass. How convenient!

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Автор Leather Copgloves ( назад)

Автор John Pitt ( назад)
Great! Sexy handsome leather boy!

Автор Mia Vonni ( назад)

Автор Jens V ( назад)
Very tough and hot aura, boy!

Автор Phillip Bozarth ( назад)
Puppy any chance of going shirtless for a dirty ol pig

Автор blacklthrpants2002 ( назад)
Handome leather cop smoking a cigar and just chiling in front of the
camera... cuddly, handsome, rugged, manly, masculine,, sexy, need I say
more? Woof!

Автор glovelover94 ( назад)
Hot guy, hot gloves, and the cigar just adds even more...definitely *****.
Thanks for the great video.

Автор Rubber 'N' Leather ( назад)
Wow really hot!

Автор bootmanbln ( назад)
This is one of the best cigar smoking videos here, mate!

Автор sonofmajorleech ( назад)
Awesome, I would love to be your ashtray

Автор kweodenali1 ( назад)
What a totally kickass video! Puppy Phoenix, man, you rock.

Автор Rick Wilson ( назад)
Very nice, fucKKKr!

Автор Peartreesim ( назад)
*RUFF* hot gear and vid!

Автор InkedHD LeatherMan ( назад)
No, they are Chippewas.

Автор Randy Paulhus ( назад)
Now that's a video worth adding to my FAV'S and a playlist !!! Enough with
the "Red's"... they're neither manly or masculine !!!

Автор Rikki49 ( назад)
Hot clip! You look great in leather and smoking.

Автор lthrglvsdc ( назад)
Excellent! Looking HOT as always pup! Love the uniform shirt, very nice on
you! :)

Автор StuBoyUK ( назад)
awsome vid mate kewl music

Автор arnijs ( назад)
Damned, guys like you, who make a complete society insane, should be locked
away forever and required to tape such a f*ckin horny vid every day...;-p

Автор chrisrolyon chris ( назад)
oh la la que tu es beau quand tu viens en France fais moi signe

Автор noodle1978 ( назад)
damn nice. Love the bad boy stubble. You look tough, love to try handling
ya ;)

Автор InkedHD LeatherMan ( назад)
*cocks head to side and watches two of my good Dutch friends argue and
hangs tongue out* Arf? *goes back to chewing on his ball*

Автор uniforms30 ( назад)

Автор hector48 ( назад)
more boots..tancks..

Автор seasqrd ( назад)
damned fine vid puppy. I'm loving the facial hair

Автор Foxcuir Fox ( назад)
Il me plait vraiment trop ! qu'est ce qu il est bo !!! Wouaw ! je fond

Автор treadonme13 ( назад)
Thanks for the boot sole! ... and great personal touch with the puff and
spit.... add it to the boot with some ash in another vid, for all of us
that would love to lick it off! ;-)

Автор johninabox ( назад)
I think I love you

Автор shavednydude ( назад)
SHIT!! You look GRRREAT in total leather smoking that gar!! Makes me WANT
to be there!!

Автор cgarmangreg ( назад)
Oh yeah, pup! That got my attention big time.

Автор uniforms30 ( назад)

Автор langactiv ( назад)
i feel me so weak when i stare at you, Sir. I lick the sole of your boots,
i breathe your smoke, i swallow your spit...

Автор robearal ( назад)
Damn, I want to service you. Great vid.

Автор sneaks01 ( назад)
dude .. awesome. Just awesome!

Автор cigarmandan ( назад)
oh fuck, yes!!!

Автор WorkBootBoi ( назад)
Needing some face time with those hot leather boots man. Blow some smoke
down on me while I service them.

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