Enola Gaye Ring Pull Red Smoke Grenade

The new Enola Gaye Ring Pull red smoke grenade, this is the all new 3rd GEN grenade. This smoke grenade burns for a 1minutes 30seconds, again producing a massive volume of smoke. Check out the facebook page & the website www.enolagaye.com This video features the Enola Gaye Riot Glove, these gloves are available on eBay & www.wearepaintball.com

This was filmed at building 29 on the MOD's Copehill Down Training village on Salisbury plain, just a little information for you the viewer. Please join us on Facebook & check our website www.enolagaye.com

Enjoy EG

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Автор James Murray ( назад)
we recommend goggles & gloves when using our products

Автор Mary McGrane ( назад)
Is it safe to hold in your hands? Was thinking of using them in a music
video for a college project but I'd be holding them.

Автор jampublic ( назад)
No problem, just being helpful RB :) If you have any EG video idea's let me
know, I am planning a comparison video been the standard WirePull smoke
grenade & the New EG18 Assault smoke grenade! So watch this space :-)

Автор jampublic ( назад)
Ideal for woodland area's, infact that is the perfect location to use them!

Автор jampublic ( назад)
It will mark the floor, designed for outside use! Not advisable to use in
your house, i would use them in a game at your local site never any where
else. Thanks for the comment, JAM

Автор MegaDiscoLaser ( назад)
What's the track that is playing?

Автор jampublic ( назад)
Yes they would, they are ideal!

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