SHINee- Lucifer Dance Tutorial Part 1- Mirrored

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So for the learning process of this dance I recommend that you learn the steps for one part and then follow along of the 1/4 speed video I will link, and then go to the 1/2 speed video, then the full speed and then move on to the next part. It will help alot!
PS. The only problem with the videos I linked is that the chorus part is different. SHINee recorded the dance version before they changed some of the moves to its final form. Its only in the 1/4 version and 1/2 version. I think its important to watch them also! They are a lot better then me =)
1/4 speed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skQ6A7...
1/2 speed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRwU7z...
Full speed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-yNq3...

Hope this tutorial helps!!!

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWvw-a...
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kgdB4...
Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8v4Us...
Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F--X7...
Part 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CztyYi...
Part 7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go23OH...

Thanks =)

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Автор Maria Elizabeth Martinez Hernandez ( назад)
no se lo que bijo pero me hencanto el video ♥!

Автор chico raro ( назад)
i love from venezuela my subs

Автор Ivanes X Ares ( назад)
Although the beat is off is the dance still the same or a little different

Автор jonghyun blinger ( назад)
que hueva de vídeo habla demasiado

Автор Charly Tale ( назад)
Hi! I just discovered your channel, and I like a lot your tutorials and
covers, but I like especially this one, I love it, and it's helping me
really much.

I was wondering, if you have the time and you'd like to, if you could make
a tutorial for the song Bounce, from the kpop band Boyfriend, or the song
Beat, from the band 100%. Please, it would be really amazing, and really
great, if you could!

And, thank you~ uvu

Автор Mohammad Hasnain ( назад)

Автор Mikasa Ackerman ( назад)
You should do a slow motion bit at the end then a full speed so we know
which part of the song or beat each move is with

Автор Alissa Neri ( назад)
No me gusta mucho este tutorial, no porque la chicha sea mala o algo
parecido, solo es que se me hace seguirle el paso ya que, literalmente, si
ella abre la pierna derecha, yo debo de abrir la pierna izquierda, no me
gusta que la baile de frente

Автор Aki Vector ( назад)
It's been my dream to learn this dance ever since I saw it for the first
time. That's years ago, and now I think I'm ready.
Thank you for making this easy to follow tutorial. :)

Автор Valentine Swansea ( назад)
thank you so much, this is slow and well explained, just what I need

Автор Gabby's Kpop Dance ( назад)
just to clarify- i say Shinee's song, not chinese song. =p.

Автор Tianna Santiago ( назад)
Taemin is my bias!!

Автор Daleth Alves ( назад)
e bom mais vc fala muito

Автор rociorocio vega ( назад)
4:52 0_0

Автор Mikayla Louise ( назад)
1/4 speed 1/2 speed and full speed videoes don't work

Автор nae takaya ( назад)
Thank you for teaching in an easy-to-understand! :D

Автор Ali Akbar ( назад)
did you no to dance everybody

Автор YT Addict ( назад)
You are extremely good at explaining! Also luv how you decided to teach the
hardest part i.e Tae's

Автор saga2828 ( назад)
let's start this shit! :>>>>>
funny the first part of tutorial has over 200,000 views and the last one
only 16,000 xD so many people died...

Автор JiminieWaffles Park ( назад)
thank you

Автор Skye Ops. ( назад)
Style dance of SHINee = hip hop ?

Автор Djurdja Mijajlovic ( назад)
Thank you so much!

Автор Yasmeen Hagane ( назад)
Did anyone else notice she said chinese song when it is korean

Автор Sonic Serenity ( назад)
Ok the twirl wrist thing you should of explained better cause i cant do it.

Автор Zípora Plens ( назад)
I loved this tutorial!!! Thanks very much!!!

Автор Sakurako (2005 лет назад)
Thank you very very much for this tutorial!

Автор Eric Christian ( назад)
For everyone practicing it just takes time I learned this entire part and
it took me almost a week. Don't give up on yourself and you'll learn it 

Автор Khan멀리 힌 칸 Miss (Gang) ( назад)
Omo, love your Movie!

Автор laila eskandarani ( назад)
amazing but close ur legs like the girls 

Автор Maiiset González ( назад)
Hablas mucho :(

Автор S GeoList ( назад)
I can get everything else done but not the last bit for some odd reason

Автор Lilac Oracion (953 года назад)
HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!!! by Lilac and Marie ^_^ part pls. watch my video ^_^
if you want

Автор sayuri okamoto ( назад)

Автор Benjamin Weagant ( назад)
Taemin is amazing *-*

Автор Chantal Krensel ( назад)
Taemin ¤

Автор devski2 ( назад)
I've managed to learn all of this section, just need to practice doing it
to the speed of the song :P thank you soooooooooo much for a great
tutorial. Considering it was your first, it was awesome :D

Автор Denise Ortiz ( назад)
less talk and more action

Автор Argulor Smith ( назад)
Gosh you are so good at explaining this! The only way I can explain the
tutting is the Eat Your Kimchi style:
Pet the Giraffe, brush off the spider, transform into a plane, high five
yourself and miss, quick recover, make a birdie, pet the camel, cat in
snow, this thing. Slap your tummy, peek-a-boo, double dream hands, and
In conclusion, I am hopeless at dancing, but you helped me get a bit
better! Thanks!

Автор Arisa-kun xP ( назад)
"I'm doing Taemin part because his awesome." okay, you're awesome too ü

Автор Jahn Winchester ( назад)
Oh my god this is so hard kkkk ^^ thank you so much

Автор Jennifer Kolkowski ( назад)
The best Tutorial I have ever seen~ ^-^
Thanks for it~

Автор AmberStar ( назад)
Um hi i know you probably dont take requests but im just saying i think it
would be AMAZING if you could do 'This love' by Shinhwa

Автор KGirlLuvsYew ( назад)
Well I can't do this T_T I've been trying for three years and still can't .
I give up

Автор johanes jefferson ( назад)
6:14 - 6:17 I can't do that part ._.

Автор Sercan Arısoy ( назад)
omg Yes Taemin is awsum.

Автор Anjana N (Hatsunetsu) ( назад)
Well I guess if I wanted to do Minho's part all I have to do is change the
intro, no big deal. XD

Автор 特使SXF_BestFriend_BanaShawol ( назад)
"third thing, I am doing Taemin's part coz he is awesome." Me: If Taemin
understand he will be happy. But its Key that will understand.....

Автор Catha Gronemeyer ( назад)
Gawd I hope you won because this was the best tutorial I've ever seen,
thank you <3 Subscribed c:

Автор mourad hama ( назад)
nice thanks 

Автор Dani California ( назад)
¿vos sos pelotudo de nacimiento, o lo fuiste desarrollando con los años?
Son COREANOS. "K-Pop" ¿Por qué mierda creés que tiene la K, de adorno? Y
además, calmate porque nadie quiere chuparte el maní.

Автор Eric Santos ( назад)

Автор Lizi Sosa ( назад)
Si tanto te molestan que carajo estas haciendo aca mirando un video de como
practicar sus bailes? 

Автор Ai El ( назад)
she said SHINee's -_-

Автор Ayesha Irfan ( назад)
This is great,, thanks!

Автор nikkic5555 ( назад)
thank you so much for uploading this. it is very slow and easy to follow. i
again thank you

Автор angelkatie ( назад)
did she win?

Автор CherryViolet ( назад)
Great! This is pretty good for a first tutorial.

Автор Ridley261 ( назад)
*sigh* I can't do it...

Автор Ridley261 ( назад)
annoying... such a troll !!

Автор Frida A ( назад)
OH SHIT, I can not memorize this...

Автор Crasians LABEL ( назад)
annoying... so sloww !!

Автор SeoulCreations ( назад)
great tutroial!!!!

Автор Nancy Zhong ( назад)
please do exo growl thank you!

Автор szekatka ( назад)
oh well, i realised it now, i got it, ignore my question xD

Автор szekatka ( назад)
i just discussed with my sis that we should learn the lucifer dance... but
i have never thought i would find this vid! thanks you so much! ^-^ but
just a question... i have never learnt from vids, and i see its mirrored,
so if i want to learn it, should i mirror it again? or should i just stand
in front of you and do what you do? :D sorry for the stupid question :/

Автор InflictedFilmsFR Memorial ( назад)
This tutorial helped so muchhhh. Thankyouuu!

Автор David Nguyen ( назад)
the fact that she can dance shinee's lucifer probably means that she knows
that shinee is korean.... seriously its not like people magically knows
steps to songs, they have to listen to the song quite a lot.

Автор Gabby's Kpop Dance ( назад)
I am so glad this tutorial helps everyone!!! Just want to update that
falling in love. One shot. And destiny tutorials are coming very soon!!!

Автор Loki Ragnarok ( назад)
we know we know~ anyway this is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally
helpful thanks!i was so confused but now it's better and looks so easy

Автор TheLilyEspindola ( назад)
muchas gracias¡¡ eres mi salvadora¡¡

Автор Gabriela Avila ( назад)
Al fin!!! Necesitaba ver este video hace un tiempo artras lol

Автор candyluver617 ( назад)
YAY! i can finally learn!

Автор Laika Datrikke ( назад)

Автор mariana borges ( назад)
Não sei se sabe falar portugues (google translate) ENFIM. De onde você é ?

Автор taehyungiee 144 ( назад)
she said shinee's song maybe u guys thought shinee's as chinese

Автор yunnylime ( назад)
pense lo mismo ._.

Автор Andy Army ( назад)
1:30 Que facil ... 2:00 Sigue siendo facil... Resto del video: mierda ._. 

Автор Vina Kwan ( назад)
I have trouble with 6:28 to 6:34..... :P

Автор Vina Kwan ( назад)

Автор fruzimuzi ( назад)
Thanks a lot! :)

Автор Heather Butcher ( назад)

Автор Emily Lemus ( назад)
sorry I heard you one more time you said shinee

Автор Emily Lemus ( назад)
thanks for the tutorial but its Korean not Chinese 

Автор MariaKarita ( назад)
I remmber when I learned this dance, looking on tutorials ( at that time )
was no use, so I studied SHINee's dance ver... I used IMovie to slow their
moves down and so on... I truly wish this was here when I tried.. Well
since I got my baby girl I have almost forgotten the dance so now I am
using this video to learn it again! Thank you so much!

Автор Hana Sanchez ( назад)
She said "SHINee's" not "Chinese" xD Hhahaha. 

Автор Jarusha pelamonia ( назад)
the end is wrong explained xxd

Автор Jarusha pelamonia ( назад)
jup this is taemins version

Автор ArchooksXD ( назад)
She said "This is my dance tutorial for Shinee's song".

Автор shahrazed fertani ( назад)
Thanks for the tutorial , it's so easy to follow . This one of my favorite
kpop dance and i always wanted to learn it but it seemed so complicated :p

Автор Lorna Rawlings ( назад)
do your wrists bend all the way round or something? D: Because when I try
to do it my hands are always facing the wrong way

Автор Sage Lei ( назад)
I heard shinee, not chinese, it was similiar, but there is a really good
's' sound.

Автор Lisa Bosma ( назад)
is this taemin's version?? 

Автор Kate G ( назад)
You are so cool! Thank you very much for all your hard work. Seriously - so
much respect for you! I look forward for some new tutorials from you. And
again - thank you very much

Автор Xiimeniita Chocobar ( назад)

Автор Neutella Choco ( назад)
I heared it clear you said "SHINEE'S SONG LUCIFER" maybe they just heared
it as "CHINESE" coz of the -'S added to SHINEE. There's a difference
between 'SHA' and 'CHA'.. its nice to watch it, so hard to get the tutting
part.. huhu that fast eh? :)

Автор BornWithStyle ( назад)
5:57 ,yes..paralells don't touch o.o

Автор arubyskye ( назад)
I believe this song is in korean

Автор JambalayaItspeanuts ( назад)
lol why would people think you said chinese? Even if it sounded like
Chinese, you should automatically know that she actually said SHINee
because she said "song Lucifer" right atfer -___ I mean really people, have
some common sense! But anyways UGH THANK YOU FOR THIS I was dying, this
dance was so fast and it was hard to catch the moves

Автор Han ji eun ( назад)
No is chinese

Автор Pin Ku ( назад)
Sorry, No is Chinese is Korean

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