Transformers The Game: Jazz Floating

I will also make a video of what stunt I used to float.

P.S.: I cant confirm 100% that i will float again

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cool game -__-


Автор Foxy the Pirate (1 год)
How can you use jazz on free roam

Автор Alfred Hageman (1 год)
surprising that happened to me on wii.

Автор angel verdugo (1 год)
what the hell is that

Автор Autobots4Lifes (2 года)

Автор shortyperu1 (3 года)
i can do that

Автор jareemisthebest (3 года)

Автор fam_guy 419 (1 год)
Im sorry I just wanted to know if u were doing free roam

Автор greenscorpeon3 (2 года)
that is just a glitch

Автор Laurean Johnson (2 года)

Автор JaCkAlAs206 (1 год)
That was crap next time make it longer

Автор Rotten T Southern (1 год)

Автор Laurean Johnson (2 года)

Автор cp10ak (3 года)

Автор fam_guy 419 (1 год)
1. Were u doing free roam.

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