Contortion By Jordan

Handbalancing, Contortion, Aerial, Extreme Flexibility

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Добавлено: 1 год
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Автор mike footo (8 месяцев)
i discover your work....you're awesome!!!!
lots of work;i guess

Автор teas926 (10 месяцев)
Unbelievable. Im incredibly aroused.

Автор jordanrhythmic1 (1 год)
Customize your message

Автор Kayliegh Bracy (1 год)

Автор Roger Sherman (1 год)
Amazing, truly your calling and gift from god. A true fan like myself can
truly appreciate your amazing contortion, love to see it for decades to

Автор amok281 (1 год)
This girl is class, simple as that

Автор morgan Lund (1 год)
im in the circus and i do the ariel hoop and the silks

Автор InvalidMemberAccount (11 месяцев)

Автор giulene (1 год)
this girl is really superflexible and I can't understand why she's not
famous! I suspect the show world is like movie world very talented people
don't go on while other ones got much more than they really deserve! what a

Автор Jade Founoun (1 год)
Tu est super souple moi aussi je fais de la gym mais je ne suis pas aussi
souple que toi

Автор mike301243 (1 год)
You do a lot of impossibilities! I love that! Thank you AND: Please stay

Автор momilkman24 (1 год)
How about thumbs up for possibly the world's greatest contortionist.
Congratulations Jordan on all your hard work!!!

Автор Christian Clemens (1 год)
By now, everyone knows how beautiful you are and what an incredible
backbender you are... probably one of the best in the world. However, I
think it'd be great if you could do a video of you frontbending. I would
LOVE to see your skill level with frontbending.

Автор Vicki Bitis (1 год)
Great job! 1:02 reminds me of Chaplin's The Circus.:P

Автор Kenny Bunkport (1 год)
Pose at 0:42...perfect for any posters or advertising for you in the future!

Автор Mark Jackson (1 год)
Hi Jordan. My name is Mark and I'm a big fan of your contortion. I watched
your video performance at the Red Rock Casino. I loved your entire
performance. You were so amazing. I love the catsuit too. It was amazing to
see you wearing a catsuit. Are you on facebook? If you do have facebook can
you send me the link for it please? Can I chat with you sometime please? I
really hope you will give me a chance to talk to you. I look forward to
watching your new videos. Please reply.

Автор Mark O (1 год)
jordan you are absolutly amazing , i like to see your flexible performance
! your backbend is so good likes alina ruppel backbend . i have last year
fotograf alina in memmingen. i hope you show us more backbends

Автор eamsd (1 год)
Jordan, I am in awe! Huge fan for a while. How extreme is your front

Автор Ann Müller (1 год)
How often do you train?

Автор Michael brooke - horsfall (1 год)
im so jellous like extrimely jellous u are so good

Автор td576874 (1 год)
Can you show us how far you can put your leg behind your head?

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