Brittni Paiva "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Ukulele goddess Brittni Paiva performing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" on my radio show Stay Tuned on Sunday August 8th, 2010

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FMI on Brittni visit http://brittnipaiva.com

FMI on Stay Tuned visit http://staytunedradio.webs.com

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Brittni was in town for her Northern California tour which included performances at DaSilva Ukulele Company in Berkeley, The Strum Shop in...
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Awesome musician, wonderful person. As for the background noise? I made her play in the parking lot in Hilo, Hawai'i....yeah, I know, effing Steve....
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Infos, chord sheet with lyrics:http://bit.ly/Q2gB29 Ukulele Learning App (iPhone,iPad): http://bit.ly/Ns3SpH - For Android: http://bit.ly/12IFgP5
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My attempt to play the great version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow arranged by Brittni Paiva http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JArvrYw50X4. Tabs:...
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Brittni Paiva and Jeff Peterson perform at the Cotton Club in Tokyo August 27, 2012. Herbie Hancock's Watermelon Man
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