Scary Movie 3 Funniest Scene (Leslie Nielson R.I.P)

Alien Invaders!
RIP Leslie Nielson 28/11/10

TM & © Miramax Films

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Автор Abi Bayfield (2 месяца)
#Harris for president in 16.
oh wait....

Автор mykimikimiky (13 дней)
i love every minute of 3rd part :)
the indians hahahahhahah

Автор Born To Grill (3 месяца)
"Hey, how are ya, hey how are ya..."

Автор Born To Grill (3 месяца)
"God this is exciting."
"You're excited? You should see my nipples."

Автор Jarius Turner (1 месяц)
1:02 hahahahaha

Автор GodzillaCO (3 месяца)



Автор Sarah Walker (3 месяца)


Автор alyssa bass (3 месяца)
his face at 1:35

Автор jugoslavija1990 (3 месяца)
HEY howareya, HEY howarya, HEY howareya! HAHAHA died!

Автор Arman Can ERSÜZER (8 месяцев)

Автор christian mayle (5 месяцев)
Scary Movie 3 Funniest Scene (Leslie Nielson R.I.P)

Автор Rex Firefly (5 месяцев)
When I first saw this movie I laughed so hard! "Good God the small ones
have metal teeth!"
"Get away from me you hideous creature!"
Then making an exit by blowing a hole through Mother Theresa! OMG!!! Too

Автор blueboy56ify (27 дней)
Leslie Nielson was a great actor and also a funny one too

Автор veiga devil (8 месяцев)

Автор Mohammad Pikachu (6 месяцев)
This is so far the best scary movie of all out of them

Автор ThePandagansta (6 месяцев)
I would vote for him.

Автор Cesar Leal (3 месяца)
Leslie Nelson for president!!!!!!!!we can rebuild him!!!! The legend never

Автор wenaldy (8 месяцев)
WTF Ja Rule??

Автор Joshua Liu (8 месяцев)
I would dig up Leslie Nielsen form his grave, and hold him, by saying you
were always funny.

Автор Jabronie Johnson (9 месяцев)
"You think you're excited? You should feel my nipples."

Автор brady loran (10 месяцев)
I'm native and I laugh at his hey how are ya every time 

Автор Monica Ionescu (10 месяцев)
One of the best scenes

Автор PatRobAl95 (8 месяцев)
@:16, Joe Biden, is that you? Leslie Nielsen at his best. 

Автор wakaphwap (8 месяцев)
What just happened....

Автор RipNRiva (2 года)
like a fox

Автор DAHARSHI (1 год)
1:41 lol Nay you hideous creature! Get off my planet! *Throws her into a
table* 1:21 Good God! The kids have metal teeth! Jerry's kids my ass!

Автор espphirephoto (1 год)
I first found this clip on youtube in spanish.. "hey cuomo estaus hey cuomo
estaus".. not quite the same effect lol

Автор DLemre (2 года)
1:52 that's my escape route :DDD. I LOVE THAT BODYGUARD

Автор Jason LaBonte (1 год)
"Jerry's kids MY ASS!!!"

Автор bartysquad1 (2 года)
God this is excited! Youre excited? You should feel my nipples xD haha
leslie you're still awesome R.I.P !

Автор TheRabbitFear (2 года)
1:03 is that john malkovic?

Автор elbombardi (2 года)
preventive attacks are george bush startegy ... Like a fox ... hhh

Автор MacKnight (11 месяцев)
1:41 Hahahahaha

Автор Dana Simmons (2 года)
ive never laughed so hard in my life.

Автор myra961 (2 года)
"to our native american friends" :D

Автор regzus (3 года)
@ResistofDoom No he didnt.

Автор DLemre (2 года)
1:23 aaaw that kid looks so ADORABLE

Автор KJ Goldrush (2 года)
Leslie Nielson is a legend always hilarious. You cant watch a Leslie
Nielson film or clip and not die laughing! RIP Leslie you are missed!

Автор MarieElisa11 (1 год)
Insane like a fox!

Автор Bob Page (2 года)

Автор xD4rkxENDGAMEx (2 года)
Best man ever

Автор Felix Panacheese (2 года)

Автор Ian Rock (2 года)
"Mr. President have you gone completely insane?!" "Like a fox." ROFL 1:32

Автор Doommaster1994 (1 год)
1:02 - Does anyone know what he's saying?

Автор RicorbMusic (1 год)
TAI should remix this! AMIRITE!!!!!

Автор SpartyFan1213 (1 год)
"You're excited? You should feel my nipples!" This scene has so many good

Автор Devin Butler (1 год)
Jerrys kids my ass !

Автор stherianthrope (1 год)
LOL! This was the funniest thing I saw when it came out and it still is!
R.I.P. Leslie neilson...

Автор myra961 (2 года)
"the exits are all block" "I'll find one sir" lol :D

Автор Arthur Schopenhauer (3 года)
you r excited? you should feel my nipples!

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