Mako's Top 10 Gender Transformation Movies/TV Shows (2011)

These are my favorite Gender TF movies and TV shows as of 2011. There were a lot to choose from - but felt these were the 10 of my favorites.


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Автор TG Comics ( назад)
12:32 Which anime is that?

Автор SkyeFox713 ( назад)
For the obvious anime One Piece what are the animes from 12:33 to 13:00

Автор Ghosthand ( назад)
there was a awesome m-f transformation in one episode of Friday the 13th
the Series. it involved a fan who became a pop singer.

Автор daniel Marinissen ( назад)

Автор Starlight Glimmer ( назад)
No even mention of Zerophilia?

Автор 111111hakar ( назад)
id like to point out that i got here from a video called Top 10 Manliest
Men in Anime

Автор Awesome duck ( назад)
Kampher is cool

Автор Pop Séries! ( назад)
Acabei de postar entrevistas inéditas com os elencos de Gotham, PLL, OUAT,
e mais. Venha conferir.

Автор IsGames14 BRASIL ( назад)
which and the episode of 6:13? please .

Автор Karen Marie Little ( назад)
OMGoodness. I remember that film, Deathstalker !!!! It was also my first
transformation film or media. I thought I was the only one who remembered

Автор Johnlindsey289 ( назад)
About Critters 2, Lee is actually a transgendered androgynous being as
he/she/it according to the script! there are two bounty hunters at the core
of the first two Critters films named Ug and Lee. They have the ability to
change forms and shift until they find a face they are comfortable with, as
their original appearance is faceless. Ug takes the form of a rocker named
Johnny Steele and that’s the appearance he keeps for all four movies. Lee
cannot keep a consistent form and through the entire first movie keeps
changing appearances without ever settling on anything. According to the
script i read, Lee is androgynous as refered at first as he/she/it in the
script as Lee wanted a beautiful form as much as Ug wanted a handsome form.

This becomes more of a subplot in Critters 2 when Charlie asks why Lee
never keeps a consistent form. Ug’s literal response is “hasn’t found right
self yet. Can’t live in wrong self” which is about as blatant as you can
get. It’s also worth noting that even before Lee finds the form they stick
with and he/she/it didn't like being in guys's bodies according to the

Lee comes across an old Playboy found by Charlie on the ground as he/she/it
tries to aim at the covergirl but Chuck thinks his form will be taken again
then shows the centerfold right in his/her/it's face and takes the form of
a pinup model. There’s a dramatic, somewhat sexualized transformation
sequence meant to depict how glamorous he/she/it feel in this new body and
how "she" is comfortable in a form for the first time as Lee feels "her"
face/body with a surprise jaw drop. In the TV version and deleted scenes
with the script, Lee even says “Body fit” at the end of this sequence as
even Charlie has fallen in love with her saying "Body fit alright" with a
crap-eating grin on his face agreeing.

It’s not the main focus of the movie, but there is a focus on it and it was
definitely something that was intentional on the part of writer/director
Mick Garris whom i spoke with on facebook about those scenes and the script
as he regrets cutting out the "body fit" line scene from the theatrical cut
but was glad it was on the tv cut.

Check out the deleted scenes here on youtube with the Body fit scene i

Автор OhOhOh_AXE BeAtZ!! ( назад)
whats its one of the last ones.. i think its called super babe?

Автор Jehu David Gomez ( назад)
I love kampfer

Автор Joseph Huffman ( назад)

Автор Queenshea Daniela ( назад)

Автор 쿠루유튜브 ( назад)

Автор 쿠루유튜브 ( назад)

Автор Robert Bullard ( назад)
Birdy the mighty: Decode

Birdy, an intergalactic cop accidentally maims a boy, and takes his essence
into her until the boys body can be fixed. They swap bodies from male to
female depending what is going on. Some mind swapping.. But just when what
ever body is being used. When Birdy was unconscious the boy could take over
to get her out of harms way if he had too.

Автор Rogerio De Brito ( назад)
esse negocio e muito bom

Автор Far Idah ( назад)
senpai turn to a girl forever!!!!

Автор Renée Koivisto ( назад)

Автор Renée Koivisto ( назад)

Автор Renée Koivisto ( назад)

Автор Renée Koivisto ( назад)

Автор Lee Delellis ( назад)
I love 

Автор Rajib Salup Mahadal Raiz ( назад)
Soo.. You are girl or boy...... :O

Автор John Wang ( назад)
I suspect that the Kampfer stuffed animals had their innards hanging out
because they were messengers and in many religions, Christianity included,
the messages from higher beings were discerned from the innards of
sacrificed animals. Of course, that's just my opinion as to your question
of why their guts would be hanging out.

Автор BananaCroc ( назад)
What's the one at 12:32 ?

Автор Rushali Ghosh ( назад)
We have one in Indian version bhaskar ban gaya bharti

Автор Eagle ( назад)
I wish Kampfer had season 2 :(

Автор Liplap Dvs ( назад)
what about the one in stardust

Автор Kineko (Die-chan) ( назад)
My fav gender swop movie is its a boy girl thing 

Автор WulfCry ( назад)
I want to know why male to female transformation has that popularity and do
understand the attractiveness of voluptuous curves and wanting to be found
attractive as the other gender , It seems to be around for a long long time
the idea switching gender does not appeal to me I find it peculiar and
funny from times.

Which reminds me of another movie gender transformation "Switch","Hot Tube
Time Machine 2" the last one you have to be sharp to see these 3 guys being

Автор James Fillmore ( назад)
kashimashi girl meets girl

Автор the c.f.a. ( назад)
What episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is 12:24 from?

Автор neha sharma ( назад)
pleae name the tv shows between 12:20 -12:30

Автор Rayo Gamer ( назад)
Name of 12:14 and name of 12:25? Plis

Автор Blade Bamf (1822 года назад)
whats anime at 12:50?

Автор neha sharma ( назад)
can i know the names of tv shows i cant understand it

Автор Caitlin Young ( назад)
whats the anime at 12:35

Автор ‫אביבה זמר‬‎ ( назад)
Mako tv

Автор Bunny suen ( назад)
which chapters of ranma you used in the vedio?

Автор blox rocks ( назад)
i love ranma 1/2 its reason i came here i finished theres only 161 episodes
i want to see constent gender swaping not only once thats what i liked
about it so you can guess im going to go wach kampher after this is done

Автор ROBLOX DUDE ( назад)
oh cazzo

Автор L.S. L. ( назад)
:-* ;-) :-D

Автор L.S. L. ( назад)
Where can we see your movie eleven

Автор r3320ca ( назад)
Love what you put together here made searching for them so much easier..
God bless 

Автор Kai Gul ( назад)
I have not watched your video yet, but I put the comment first anyway:
Do you know gender transformation movies/series similar to 'Zerophilia´
from 2005?

Автор Zoey Andrews ( назад)
hammer films make legendary horror film better than most american ones 

Автор Thomas Etienne (FunnyMushroom) ( назад)
Oh yeah, I remember ranma 1/2. The hero has the ability to turn into a
woman when he gets sprayed water over him.

Автор Matthew O'Connor ( назад)
What anime was it that he mentioned that sounds like ray ray? Soomeone
please tell me...

Автор Mylovedont.givemepresents (821 год назад)
That's another movie series 

Автор Carlos Cox ( назад)
Yes! Kämpfer is the shit

Автор Leejah Tsosie ( назад)
hmm i cant find that many gender TF anime can some one tell me some?

Автор Harry94074 ( назад)
What anime is that at 12:56 to 13:00 ?

Автор TanzyTwi. ( назад)
miss mako??? lol

Автор thelegotroopguy ( назад)
Top 10 most funny animas

Автор OhZone OhYeah ( назад)
OhYEAH! Nice list. ;)

Автор peter kortesmäki ( назад)
WHAT!!?? No female to male???
This was so predictable...

Автор Connor Klinglesmith ( назад)
i find it it calld rei-rei

Автор CattaC97 ( назад)
pls name of animes at 12:56 - 13:10 ? 

Автор Connor Klinglesmith ( назад)
i cant find ray ray halp me plz. ill be so happy

Автор thomas williams ( назад)
i know hwo it sounds but not how to spell it how do you spell that anime
with the guy who's turned into a girl to get a girl you know Ray Ray (again
i tried this and got twelve animes none of them what i'm looking for)

Автор logan dykes ( назад)
I wish they kept on making kampfer I loved it 

Автор Anders CENCI ( назад)

Great top 10 thanks a lot.
Would it be possible to do a shapeshiting top 10 ?

Автор AndreTeh LuckehFirehArchereh ( назад)
It hitted 1,000,000 Views :D !!!!!

Автор Jayson Spirtos ( назад)
How about 'The Skin I Live In' (La piel que habit)?

Автор Chris Flores ( назад)
How do you right the anime rayray anyway

Автор Shattered Phoenix ( назад)
Where can we see your movies?

Автор PS2djX ア沢anメe 㐅ene沢aアロ沢 ( назад)
someone help me,
12.34 is that tetsuwan birdy ?!

Автор Keala ( назад)
Now that ranma is getting a Blu-ray Disc all ways of watching ranma on
YouTube is gone and has ruined many channels :/

Автор Weldy Media Productions ( назад)
What is the name of the anime mentioned at 12:50?

Автор RenaNina ( назад)
wow. I respect this uploader with this video. Good thing you finally got
your 1mil

Автор lunarcat55 ( назад)
why is it always a guy turning into a girl? why cant there be one where a
girl turns into a guy?

Автор nik Goyal ( назад)
Your top 10 animated movies
Nik Goyal

Автор Raisin Robsi ( назад)
I'd like to give rei rei (ray ray) anime a watch but I cant seem to find
it online. could you tell me what key words to search or something please?
that would be very helpful, thanks

Автор Rian Pbj ( назад)
My favorite transformation anime cartoon is kampfer

Автор HanyouxFromxHell ( назад)
Urusei Yatsura is also by Rumiko Takahashi! :D

Автор Gary Montgomery ( назад)
Off by 53,240 views for 1,000,000! You're close mako:-) 

Автор JonSandy91 ( назад)
i hope this hits 1,000,000 views 

Автор Nicholas Leonard ( назад)
Wuz the name of this anime show

Автор Daniel Marsiglia ( назад)
I liked all of your picks and appreciate the time that it took you to put
this together. Thank you for sharing your picks , they were all excellent.

Автор Catherine Nyxsera ( назад)
I remember seeing Dr Jekyll and Ms. Hyde. Your assessment accurately
depicts my opinions of it, and I enjoyed it purely for the fascination with
the transformation. Many years later I was introduced to Ranma1/2...and I
currently own all the episodes and movies and cannot watch that show
enough. Just love so much about it...except Happosai, so annoying. As
commented there, just saw Last Piece Standing. The rest of this is unknown
to me. That Kampfur looks most intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

Автор Kametrixom Tikara ( назад)
Watched this video few hours ago... Watched already 12 episodes of Ranma
now... And it's like new Year in a few hours, what do I do with my life

Автор Jamie The Witch (jemichan77) ( назад)
i was waiting for ranma 1/2 after you said urusei yasura also by rumiko

Автор Metal Face ( назад)
Thanks to you, I found probably my favourite anime ever! Ranma 1/2 is

Автор rachel knox ( назад)
In the number 9 spot cheaky angel where can i find i find the part where
megume transforms i cant find it

Автор Shinobi Vega ( назад)
12:58. Which anime is that from?

Автор newblacksouls ( назад)
Ranma!!!!! Like!!!!#2

Автор Eyal Bender ( назад)
from which ranma episodes does 10:00 - 10:19 are taken from?

Автор dynos1999 ( назад)
how about a top ten for only the animes? if thats not asking for too much
I hope

Автор Alejandro Contreras ( назад)
what is the show at 12:09?

Автор Tom Engiles ( назад)
How about Sailor Moon Stars or Kashimashi?

Автор Johnathan Alberts ( назад)
hey mako, is the person speaking you because in others you are a woman or
is this some sort of brother or friend?

Автор BudderVSGaming ( назад)
I like #2 thats cool water acually coltrols his gender

Автор Miss Mako ( назад)
"Rei Rei" was the anime title.

Автор DarkWolf0130 ( назад)
was it "ray ray" are something like that what was it

Автор Miss Mako ( назад)
Me too. Ranma will always have a special place in my heart.

Автор Miss Mako ( назад)
Very cool!! 

Автор Miss Mako ( назад)
It's not even so much Hollywood as in the mainstream market. Hollywood
stays away from these subjects quite often because so many people don't
understand TG and think it's either a joke or people who are weird and
sick. That misunderstanding and fear - actually causes hate and bigotry.
Something I get slapped with every week by people writing into me seeing
this channel and attacking me or PARADOX ALICE as of late.

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