Impact in 5 Minutes

*I don't really take much ownership of the video. I had nothing to do with the animation or the music, except that I put them together. What I do enjoy most though, is reading the comments that people write everyday. It's comforting to know what the rest of the world would be doing in its last 5 minutes of existence.

CBC radio 3 blogger John Paolozzi posted this back in April 2008:

After this news story broke:

He posed the question to radio listeners: You have five minutes before the end of civilization... what would you like to hear?

He suggested the Sasha / Digweed 1999 remix of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence":

He also provided a link to a video simulation of a meteor crashing to earth:

By coincidence, I opened these two videos at the right time, and the resulting sync was amazing.

I took me forever to put it together and share it with you, but I think the result was worth it.

So ya, umm, neato. Answer in the comments.

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Автор Gaming with pizza 21 ( назад)
Fuck Donald trump like if you agree

Автор John Patrick Malolos ( назад)
this is not how it look like when an astroid defenetly goes to earth rightt

Автор The Last STRATEGIST ( назад)
did we dieded?

Автор Steve Ward ( назад)
sorry, this is an idiotic video

Автор ChickenBuns ( назад)
wow O_O

Автор THE BONNIE ( назад)

Автор X-RayZebra ( назад)
Hey? Guess what I'm still alive and its 2016! Idiot....

Автор carlos plays boom ( назад)
thats mars

Автор Gurfateh Phil Singh ( назад)
The pop of a champagne cork...

Автор John Leods Minimo ( назад)
This event is not written in the bible so its not true i believe only in
the bible

Автор micah grace ( назад)
Everyone don't touch the aestroid. It is very hot it has lava in it end get
out of your house if theres a meteor

Автор micah grace ( назад)

Автор jens vandegaer ( назад)
the end of the world is in the year

Автор Daniel Stone ( назад)
I'm sure this will end up as Clintons attack ad for Donald Trump...

Автор Mat B ( назад)
this is totally unrealistic..

Автор Samuel Martinez ( назад)
the world is dead?

Автор GD Darkwolf50 ( назад)
Heaven is a great place I just know it will is so beautiful up there the
end of the world is a horrible thing. Please pray everyone 😇🙏🏻

Автор Radicrash (Superboy1006) ( назад)
I would like to hear all the details of the asteroid and what we might be
able to do to stop it/not die from it.

Автор Christopher Murray The Fennekcario! ( назад)
Wouldn't The Meteor Just Get Stuck In The Ocean?
If It Wouldn't Hit The Ocean, I Don't Know What I Would Do

Автор Mad Gaming ( назад)
Remember when the world ended 9 years ago ahhh good times

Автор iamaparri number1fan ( назад)
it a new age

Автор iamaparri number1fan ( назад)
wow lava

Автор Rafael. Lizarraga ( назад)
2016 july 29 LOL

Автор Mohd Zaini ( назад)
I scary

Автор JaxsonForThings ( назад)
1:52 Pepole Died

Автор Cam Born ( назад)
O my gosh I'm not going anywhere near the end.

Автор Cam Born ( назад)

Автор Querivaldo João Victor ( назад)

Автор John Batchler ( назад)
just like the dinosaurs

Автор Yin Oda ( назад)

Автор Christopher steffy ( назад)
I would expect them to say that the world is coming to an end

Автор solsticehourglass ( назад)
the asteroid looks like the death star lol.

Автор 1ωω0RT4L Dawid ( назад)
I'd fuck my teacher

Автор Robert Pendon ( назад)
no this is a normal earth
and if the earth blow up god getting a new earth

Автор Lisa Encinas ( назад)
tell me the name of the song

Автор ‫حسين العطاس‬‎ ( назад)
the music name??

Автор Lucadinosaur ( назад)
The crust of the earth is peeled off like a orange skin what is called a
crust tsunami.

Автор Dragon_Slayer556 ( назад)
five mins to fuck me girlfriend

Автор The Pyro ( назад)
remember when we died in 2012?

Автор SkyrenGaming ( назад)
i almost cried

Автор izayah thompson ( назад)

Автор izayah thompson ( назад)
how would like to hear by the news anchor bloody f****** hell

Автор What if I told you that your comment makes no sense ( назад)
Omg, I remember hearing this song when I was little!

Автор Thomas Hills ( назад)
Probably make out with someone I like

Автор paata takidze ( назад)
bad song to pick btw

Автор paata takidze ( назад)

Автор paata takidze ( назад)
including EVERY PART OF IT

Автор paata takidze ( назад)
at the end of the video I'm sure that it wasn't very silant

Автор paata takidze ( назад)

Автор Pollux ( назад)
am i the only one who tries to find comments from 2008?

Автор STRAWB3RRYZZ ( назад)
re member when we died 8 years ago

Автор Matheus Craft ( назад)
quem sabe e Deus vc não sabem de nada nem eu nem ninguém

Автор GaLx Exho ( назад)
I would want to hear my crush say they love me before I die. :D

Автор Renato Ferreira de Lima ( назад)
Renato jesus eu

Автор leo benn ( назад)
this looks fake

Автор Foxy Senpai ( назад)

Автор Aysian_Invaysian ( назад)
looks like pie

Автор Abri'sMysticalr World ( назад)
I would have the best time of my life and scream as hard as I could when
the meteor hits or asteroid idk

Автор Faith Degraw ( назад)
this reminds me of San Andreas

Автор Rene Röwer ( назад)
the foolish die from seemingly never

Автор MrGamerman001 ( назад)
George Carlin said it best. "The world isn't gonna end, the world is just
fucking fine. It's not going anywhere... WE ARE! She'll shake us off lake a
bad case of fleas."

Автор Hannes Kirchner ( назад)

Автор Shelby Davis ( назад)
The asteroid hit earth and didn't live happily ever after, the end

Автор Megalovania ( назад)
i hope it happens 1791293897872398691876237813 years

Автор Carl Fayluga ( назад)
the only one know about the end of the world is our God.. we cannot predict
or even the scientist can't predict when the world ends only God know's.

Автор BlueIceCosplay ( назад)
And then people say "There's no evidence of an advanced civilization before
our time." A lot can happen in 4 billion years.

Автор Francisco Chardon ( назад)
remember, Jesus said a new heaven and earth, a new Jerusalem, the city of
gold, people please wake up, for people who has a cellphone with camera, on
a clear day with no clouds take quick pic of the sun in, negative lens to
your right u c the wing planet, in the book of Malachi, it talk about the
wing planet, bless the name Jesus Nazareth, god bless.

Автор Francisco Chardon ( назад)
don't run. go to vision of Ezekiel, Daniel,Elijah,john the saw a this,
thanks the holy spirit, forever.

Автор Francisco Chardon ( назад)

Автор Francisco Chardon ( назад)
open your arm, in Jesus in name. Elohim forever more.

Автор Jesse Estrada ( назад)
im scared of the end of the world thats when Planet X comes and visit

Автор jaguar4u2012 ( назад)
makes me so mad, the thought that some pathetic worthless huge rock can
destroy amazing beautiful world, full of life in just a few seconds

Автор cooper richmond ( назад)
donald trumph dies

Автор rattlers87 ( назад)
I mean earth started out as a fire ball so after it cool down again. Life
may spring back up. Of course we won't be here

Автор FlorianFR ( назад)
ah i'am died :)

Автор Phsyco Bros ( назад)
If there was a explosion that big it would melt the planet in a matter of
seconds and in five minutes before the impact the asteroid would melt your
bones to dust

Автор Phsyco Bros ( назад)

Автор Karen easton ( назад)
It's funny how there are still buildings and water everything will get turn
to dust from the heat straight away

Автор Frida Maria Campos ( назад)

Автор same sahil ( назад)
To be honnest ...
on my opinion if the US And relevents .... Who has planing to go on Mars
planet in future.... it will be impossible the feelings and beautiful
moments which has this planet I didn't beleive it would be there!
and The planet Earth where we are living In the future thr population will
goes to 9 billion the places from whrre we receive foods and other needs it
will be reduce much.
and peoples will live there .
I havent any plus point or n idea to give the to my Experts of the world to
tp find the solution.

Автор Kavita Beeharry ( назад)
my god

Автор Humphrey The Hot Wolf Blaze ( назад)
5 minutes of the existence would be actually like People having kill murder
rape and other crimes If you watch "These Final Hours." It shows people
doing there last thing before earth blows up by a meteor

Автор VENOM GAMING ( назад)
Ok so its the final "5" minutes and the video is seven minutes long lmao

Автор Lea Fort ( назад)
What is the song?

Автор degree7 ( назад)
Depeche mode will be playing when the world ends.

Автор ToyBonnieGamer ( назад)
the end of the earth will be caused by the sun getting to big in about over
5 million years it would have died up all th water and in 1 billion years
it will swallow the earth but anyone reading this comment in 2016/17/18/19
and up your safe

Автор Vipery :v GG ( назад)
Look's like the moon

Автор LukeAwesome Gaming ( назад)
It's meant to hit in 2032 but its fake...

Автор The Professional Noob ( назад)
3:24 I know this is f*cked up

Get your freshly bakes Earth pies!

Автор BCCGamer ( назад)

Автор Shieldity ( назад)
5 minutes before dieing i would like eating fries

Автор BOON ( назад)
so when is it suppose to hit?

Автор chiet97 ( назад)
is this real footage?

Автор Kanji ( назад)
You have 5 more minutes of sex, so hurry up!

Автор vangie jimenez ( назад)
shut the fuck up

Автор ROBOTGAMING ( назад)
ok i think they should make a nuclear bomb luancher that shoots at that
fucking metoer

Автор dima antoniadis ( назад)
ok thanks

Автор dima antoniadis ( назад)
thats so not logik aim a logic boy im 9

Автор Gabby R ( назад)
That Explosion looks like a giant pie O_o ( I Wish it were )

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