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Автор TeakySnee (8 месяцев)
3:40 just looked like a giant custard tart. I love custard tarts.

Автор BadBoy AKAboybad (1 месяц)
and the earth became the sun . the end

Автор Laura Rainbow Kitten (4 месяца)
05:45 Um...how is there still water? didn't it have to evaporate??? 

Автор VSGotNM (3 месяца)
it's crazy because i had experienced this, i had bad trip about 5 months
ago where the sky lit up (was 1am) and the earth started to shake it got
really hot i turned to my friend an said too him that he was a good person
an that he shouldn't be worried he would make it too heaven as soon as i
spoke these words it hit i watched my friend being turned to vapor in front
of my eyes i tried to fight what was happening an said i was sorry to him
an wouldn't let this happen this is when i stood up an opened the door an
walked in off the balcony an realized i had just watched the end of the
world in my own head it was insane an i never want to experience it again i
even felt the pain of being burnt pretty much de-particularized, alot are
going to think im crazy but i know it wasnt real it was trip but it was as
if it happened i felt i seen an could hear it all

Автор Cliff Reeser (7 месяцев)
3:24 and for that brief moment the Earth had the same haircut as Guile from
Street Fighter

Автор Mrs. Chris Isaak (4 дня)
finally the water is like a hot tub. :D

Автор sdwolfcub (3 месяца)
I wish there was an HD version of this out there.
This is CRAPPY....all box-y with Vaseline on the lens.

Автор Reena Bose (22 дня)
Which year will it occur if it is future things would be in upgraded

Автор Jonnyck Petili (3 месяца)
report mid feeding ziggs plox

Автор Rodrigo Parra (1 месяц)
A frank sinatra song

Автор Руслан Супанов (1 месяц)
дайте название музыки

Автор Med Bechir Mejri (6 месяцев)
ask for forgiveness and try to survive

Автор Gabriel Cech (1 месяц)
this will never happen and you will never scare me about that!

Автор luthfi eka saputra (1 месяц)
If i was there, I'd just fart on the sky till it's getting colder.

Автор hamza errafif (21 день)
Not problem the end of the world

Автор Tuasoni012 (6 месяцев)
The size of that thing... looks like Pluto has it's revenge on us for no
longer being called a planet.

Автор Mr Pocivalec (1 месяц)

Автор Rafi Mullah (1 месяц)
Wait a sec I am bangali it is real if everybody is bad

Автор Linus H. (26 дней)
Omg, the music :P ''Enjoy the fire''
And what I would do:
I would use all my money on buying chocolate and sushi
5 minutes later:
It didn't end, I just lost all my money :(

Автор jjandroid2000 (1 месяц)
damnit. i'm dead

Автор Thecoolcreeper (3 месяца)
If there was an asteroid that size coming to earth i would shout "Go kill
an unwanted planet like Mars you dumbass!" that the asteroid would say "Oh
No its that guy that hates everything" and turn back and hit mars and kill
itself (i am jk if you didnt know xD)

Автор Earl Tash (2 месяца)
I guess i'd be saying....Lite em up.....

Автор Shnitzle McFizzle (1 месяц)

Автор Serpil Dede (2 месяца)
Impact in 5 Minutes: https://youtu.be/GQs5HuCnlyI

Автор jeff urso (4 месяца)
I would probably blow up stuff and do all the fun things I never did before

Автор Joel Quintero (1 месяц)
The last thing I'll do is go to dominos order a pizza eat the pizza and on
the last bite im gonna say goodbye my beautiful slice of pizza

Автор DatHyper Gamer (1 месяц)
1.19 is an eclipse not a meteor.

Автор Honey Unda (26 дней)
Its not true

Автор KerbalEssentializera 2422 (2 месяца)
3:41 Pieeeeeeee I love pie

Автор Ciaran Rogers (3 месяца)
3 27 it's a pie

Автор Lori Loricat (4 месяца)
Nice make believe Chinese 

Автор ZalfiePieMarzia A (5 месяцев)
2:48 it looks like a crystal ball with a spiky stand
3:41 looks like a super giant cheese cake
5:26 looks like the earth will take the suns place as the second sun
and lastly
7:34 it looks like the universe eyeball staring at somewhere 

Автор Dan Cervone (5 месяцев)
*You are going to die, are you ready for it? Click "The Present" on

Автор Bryson Trump (1 месяц)
Kiss someone I like pray be glad I won't feel it repent say bye to my
friends family

Автор Matěj Lang (5 месяцев)
surrender at 20mins

Автор Carlos Rex (6 месяцев)
GENKI DAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор leo barton-butcher (2 дня)

Автор Rafi Mullah (1 месяц)
Oh shit is that real

Автор 12 killing factor ix (3 месяца)
I would tell the girl that I like if we do survive will u be mine

Автор Shnitzle McFizzle (1 месяц)
At 3:32 it looks like a bowl made of wood chips tide together with a. Band
over flowing with lava

Автор Brian Honorio (6 месяцев)
The last five minutes of the world
I would be telling all my friends goodbye and praying to my lord I'm coming
home. Then I would take off all my clothes and listen to loud metal music
looking at the meteor. I wouldn't hold back I would lift my hands til it
vaporizes me.

Автор Araven Ftw (4 месяца)
Leave the earth and let Isis stay there

Автор The Legend 566 (3 месяца)
Where in bloody hell would a meteor that large come from

Автор Jason Carlson (3 месяца)

Автор Inu Yasha (5 месяцев)
Just let me say this:

Lay back, relax, and enjoy - it´s too late to worry!

Автор Benjámin Kurilla (3 месяца)
I wonder how long it would take the Planet to cool down?

Автор ducklife2004 ROBLOX and vlogs (6 месяцев)
That never happend and it is 21st of november 1024

Автор Dakota Edwards (8 месяцев)
Have my shirt off on a skyscraper with my buddys going woooooooo!!!!!!!

Автор Bryson Trump (1 месяц)

Автор Alexander Holder (4 месяца)
Wait...this video is more than 5 minutes!

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