Impact in 5 Minutes

*I don't really take much ownership of the video. I had nothing to do with the animation or the music, except that I put them together. What I do enjoy most though, is reading the comments that people write everyday. It's comforting to know what the rest of the world would be doing in its last 5 minutes of existence.

CBC radio 3 blogger John Paolozzi posted this back in April 2008:

After this news story broke:

He posed the question to radio listeners: You have five minutes before the end of civilization... what would you like to hear?

He suggested the Sasha / Digweed 1999 remix of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence":

He also provided a link to a video simulation of a meteor crashing to earth:

By coincidence, I opened these two videos at the right time, and the resulting sync was amazing.

I took me forever to put it together and share it with you, but I think the result was worth it.

So ya, umm, neato. Answer in the comments.

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Автор TeakySnee (1 месяц)
3:40 just looked like a giant custard tart. I love custard tarts.

Автор Kalana Sasanka (1 месяц)
I'll go on FB and post my last poster and last words ;(

Автор Dalisay Cadizal (23 дня)
which the end of the world 2032 or 2026?

Автор Cliff Reeser (7 дней)
3:24 and for that brief moment the Earth had the same haircut as Guile from
Street Fighter

Автор Rebecca Loose (15 дней)
in my last five minutes I hope to embrace the person I love !

Автор dezzruster (26 дней)
i would want to hear all of my family say I love you and I say I love you

Автор Dakota Edwards (1 месяц)
Have my shirt off on a skyscraper with my buddys going woooooooo!!!!!!!

Автор Emma Lewis (1 месяц)
my babies laughing and happy totally unaware ......... wow that was a
downer =(....ok time for some vines i think =)

Автор Anim Cretuis (3 месяца)
if you in a deep basement you'll survive this.Trust me! :)

Автор LÂM NHƯỜNG NGUYỄN (1 месяц)
OMG japan was destroy first and the end in brazil

Автор Diamondy Goldeny (3 месяца)
hey guess what

Автор Valiente Dedicated hola (3 месяца)
2:52 Earth Gets A Mohawk

Автор Juan Norberto (5 дней)
I saw this video like 5 different times

Автор Khailashinee Rao (3 дня)
i would tell "see you guyz again......if there is another birth....."

Автор Ik BEn eeen HOMO NEUKEN (22 дня)
fake ass hell

Автор aris vel (24 дня)
Great music for a great catastrophe 

Автор AXEL ESPINOZA (24 дня)
That's scary!!!!

Автор ivan petryuk (20 дней)
scary but true

Автор Louis Scholtyssek (28 дней)
ich hoffe es ist nicht echt

Автор ashmeed hosein (3 месяца)
this is why we should live on mars

Автор Coco Potato (29 дней)
At 1:07 it looks like the death star

Автор Geraldine Ross (25 дней)
Hear God say, "fear not for I am with you even until the end of the world."

Автор Evija Ziemele (1 месяц)
its 2014 now and im alive people make rummors to scare ya

Автор TheBlueBatz (1 месяц)
I have to say this animation was pretty awesome

Автор Carl Vincent Comandante (1 месяц)
only God knows this Phenomena ... :-(

Автор Stephen Shipwash (1 месяц)
Just to hear "I love you" for the last time.

Автор ReFLeX-_- Team (1 месяц)
i would do anything for the last minutes of living

Автор barbrothers holland (4 месяца)
what if it happen ??

Автор Godzilla Jr. (1 месяц)
i would like to hear nothing lol

Автор idriss mathieu (1 месяц)
does any body knows about dragon ball z ?
i will call goku to save us :/

Автор selvaraj bujju (1 месяц)
always india flag is great

Автор Masa man (1 месяц)
If i really needed to choose how would world end.Well i would choose an
zombie apocalypse why the fuck it always has to Be a meteeorite-_-

Автор Uğur Demirel (1 месяц)
first dies japanese people ahahahah

Автор Zsarleen Domingo (1 месяц)
>:( say meteorite i attack you 

Автор John Johnston (1 месяц)
Me, Id like to hear.. sorry guys we were wrong.. It missed us :-)

Автор Iyad Yousef (1 месяц)
This is not real ._.

Автор TheWhiteBull PVP (1 месяц)
Its 2014 and im alive bitcheeeeesss.

Автор Carl Vincent Comandante (1 месяц)
well ... we're going to send bruce willis and his companions to drill that
big asteriod ... just like what they did in the movie ARMAGEDDON ....

Автор Freddy Lopez (2 месяца)

Автор Tom Hadfield (2 месяца)
No one knows when its going to hit we can't give the answer completely it
could hit any day but its natures choice:)

Автор Harris Hairuddin (2 месяца)

Автор Zsarleen Domingo (1 месяц)
Asteroid impact

Автор The7DGamer (2 месяца)
its not the worst way to die....

Автор 78starbuck (8 месяцев)
The original origins of this impact was presented as a factual "what would
happen if" on the Science Channel if a space body of this size hit us. Yes
,scientifically it is possible. But if you think you're going to escape
this hellish daily 9 to 5 ,2 and a half kids , 2 cars, mortgage and an ugly
wife with pain in the ass in laws, you're nuts. We can't get this lucky.
However if this were to happen what would I like to hear? Well, a beautiful
brunette saying to me "Before we die I am going to F*** your brains out.
"OR sorry folks false alarm, go back to work. Think I'd rather hear I am
going to f etc etc.

Автор gong soriano (2 месяца)

Автор Nadia Bubay (2 месяца)
I would grab as many of my friends as I could (including my crush) and we
would all stick together and try to stay alive as long as possible (which
wouldn't be that long). Also I would tell my crush I liked him.

Автор Lheeb Bazoon (2 месяца)
Layer layer pants on fire

Автор Mark Alday (3 месяца)
im 13 and if i had 5 minutes to live i would go and lose my virgenity not
dying a virgin no thanks.. lol xD

Автор dlal341 (3 месяца)
سبحان الله 

Автор MOOSE PEGCTY (3 месяца)
If this is happening now why aren't I dead

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