Hilux SR5 Day-by-Day

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Автор pablo rezza ( назад)

Автор pablo rezza ( назад)

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
exists in some countries in the year 92 on 4 doors

Автор Anthony Gil ( назад)
did they make 95 with 4 doors?? or is your setup custom???

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
@fabioprintscreen esse pneu nessas imagens eram os Yokohama 265/70R16...
não raspa e não fica pesado... bebe um pouco mais sim, cerca de 10% a
mais... diferença em média de 3%... com certeza fica muito boa essa

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
@dwintzeh Hilux with a few jokes that I bought to play in the mud ... watch
my videos in the Amazon with the Hilux

Автор Tarmagoyf ( назад)
mud surfing? bad ass truck!

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
@timmay556 thanks!!

Автор timmay556 ( назад)
wow, nice soft-roading there

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
@91toyotaoffroader Thanks for the comment ... I have a set of tires MUDs,
but do not have this Hilux, an 45-ton truck destroyed in 2009, today got
another silver in color, to make these games. Big hug.

Автор Chaser Harper ( назад)
you need better tires if your going to go mudding..... but i love your
truck its badass

Автор argentinsimo23 ( назад)

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
@barrydeekin1 yes... great vehicle... thks for comments.

Автор barrydeekin1 ( назад)
i have exact same in scotland except raised and fully equipped toyota hilux
really good vehicle

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
@IFURTADO89 Coisas boas do passado sempre deixam saudades!!!

Автор IFURTADO89 ( назад)
Essa deixou saudades hein !!

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
@adv512 in brazil 4 door and 2.8l diesel

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
@niktrix 2.8l diesel... very strong!

Автор niktrix ( назад)
Diesel motor in it, 2L or 3L i believe. 4 Door not available in North
America, but you should be able to find one at an import shop

Автор adv512 ( назад)
what kind of motor does it have? was it a auto trans or manual trans? how
did u get a 4 door? the ones out here in the USA have only 2 doors. ive
looked everywhere. last but not least whats the name of the song? KTHXBYE :p

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
You said a real truth, I am buying another year 2003 3.-Amazonian 0TD to
... just trust them.

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)

Автор lizardman152 ( назад)
Awesome. Nice Hilux you've got there.

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
Big car!!!

Автор Robert Oerlemans ( назад)
l have got the 09

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)

Автор sj413t ( назад)
tata is the best.more power full engine and latest technology

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
Friend, my tires 265 70R16...31"

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
Uns 120Cavalinho! Hehehe

Автор Alysson Padilha ( назад)
show de bola cara! Esse motor é original? Tu colocou um turbinho né ?! flww

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
Thanks for comments!

Автор Znitso ( назад)
That was just awesome. Nice looking truck after the wash, nice pictures!
5/5 stars

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)

Автор Gabriel Guilherme ( назад)
Parabems, belo carro

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
sorry, I do not understand what is written.

Автор Pete W ( назад)
I have had Toyotas and Jeeps. Both are built to last. I loved my 4runner
but my 08 wrangler goes anywhere I want it to. d44 in the rear and d30
straight axle in the front. I beat that Jeep and it doesnt let me down. If
you like Yota thats ok but they arent the only decent rig out there.

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
Yes, this just to sell my Hilux, I will be buying another of the same
model, but less spin. This 300 thousand kilometers and walked with the
engine ready, neck without breaking anything or need to replace the
transmission, only part of normal wear. She does not break. I made a trip
to the Andes and the Amazon two shipments, only sold because it offers more
money than it is worth. I think it's because it is famous ... Hahahaha ...
So buy one with 80 thousand kilometers, very new, 2001.

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
do not know ... but say there are 4 door and 2 door.

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
I nica Toy!

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
do not understand ...

Автор hondarideit4life ( назад)
peace of shit my 83 hilux would eat that for brunch

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
I was just kidding ... Thanks for commments

Автор markadam85 ( назад)
come on wat a waste of time come back back when you got something descent
bud.. the drice way to my place is worse than your little attempt..TRY AGAIN

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)

Автор suzuki1134 ( назад)
Freaking Mexicans \l/

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
Fala Warcotes, Infelizmente somos de Recife, mas tem muita gente boa de
sampa pra trilhar...aqui no Youtube digita AKPG e entra em contato com ele,
é o meu amigo Alexandre, trilheiro de Hilux e Troller...Abrs, Sérjão

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
Beleza ygor... Rapá, ano passado uma TR4 foi junto com meu grupo para a
transamazônica e fez bonito!!! Mas com BL de 3", snorkel interno e com o
interior totalmente desmontado e com as centralinas vedadas. Rapa, tenho
pensamento deste ano ainda ir fazer uma trilha com uns amigos em Sampa e no
Rio, qem sabe você se junta a nós??? Abrs, Sérjão (HolandaPe)

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
eu instalei, este modelo não vem turbinado de fabrica...e com um turbo fica
mais forte do que um modelo 3.0 turbo de fabrica.

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
grande veículo, muito valente e resistente, em Fevereiro de 2009 estará
novamente enfrentando a trasamazônica...

Автор fernando capeloa ( назад)
toyota é que é!

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
ela tá voltando, está começando o periodo de chuvas de verão aqui...

Автор murilluss ( назад)
Gostei dessa laminha perto do trem... Show...

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
There is nothing special, just a series is sold in Brazil and the world
known for its great resistance ...

Автор Zann ( назад)
what is special about sr5 versus regular hilux model?

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
to usando 1.2kg...mas controlo a pressão com o manometro...ela tá com
123cv...no asfalto não passo de 120km/h, pois força muito o motor e como
uso mais para o offroad não troquei o diferencial...mas se trocar pelo da
SW4 96 em diante o carro vai andar muito mais...o máximo que coloquei nela
foi 160km/h...

Автор Hanks Performance ( назад)
caaaraaa vc tem uma hilux igual a do meu pai só que a dele é prata mas
também é turbinada quantos kg de turbo ela tem e quantos hp??? essa
caminhonete é muito boa na lama mas na estrada a maxima dela é só 150km/h

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)

Автор Danilo Oliveira ( назад)
Outro video mto bom..

Автор HOLANDA4X4 ( назад)
Valeuzzz pelo comentário...

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