Spanish Wolf [Spice and Wolf AMV]

I love Spice and Wolf anime. And there are nearly none good AMVs from it. That is why I wanted to create something cute & simple that represents the dynamic duo Lawrence and Horo is. Nothing fancy but I believe its watchable :3
Anime: Spice and Wolf I & II
Song: Spanish Lady by Celtic Woman

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Длительность: 2:20
Комментарии: 349

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Автор Misael De La Rosa ( назад)
Excellent choose of music for your AMV, I thought I bury that song. Thank you for digging up the "Spanish Lady" Song!

Автор wolfy789 ( назад)
Still my favorite amv of this anime 😆

Автор wolfy789 ( назад)
Still my favorite amv of this anime 😆

Автор tee2pot ( назад)
I don't care how old this video gets, still by far one of my favorite amv's and Horo still one of my favorite characters.

Автор Broccoli ( назад)
Awesome AMV!

Автор tehufn ( назад)
Very good timing

Автор Holo Teh Wize wulf ( назад)
I've been to Dublin, good beer.

Автор Dordracnor ( назад)
mah ship!

Автор Joan Plata ( назад)
Loba Española.

Автор Rem x Ram (1926 лет назад)
It was amazing i love this amv

Автор Yamishi Ikeda ( назад)
A perfect expression of just how much fun this anime can be in its happy moments.

Автор Sir Pandalot ( назад)
Too bad this anime didn't get a 3rd season, this was one of the few animes I genuinely enjoyed watching.

Автор peter h ( назад)
hey how much fan service is there? only saw the first episode and that was one naked wolf girl, won't watch if there is much more.

Автор Dustin McCord ( назад)
truly amazing

Автор Jason Leonard ( назад)
This AMV is absolutely awesome! Well done!

Автор germit ferm ( назад)

Автор Freckled-Senpi mason ( назад)
I think this amv is amazing, the music really fits in with the video and I absolutely love spice and wolf, well done

Автор mattlore ( назад)
Fantastically edited, timed and great footage to go with the music! This is a great AMV and you should be proud!

Автор Emily Sweet (1952 года назад)
Genialne było to jak się upiła xD

Автор RaIshtar ( назад)
Watchable ? This is great ! Excellent work.

Автор EarlEärendil ( назад)
26 people never saw the Spanish lady

Автор ZorrowPureya ( назад)
As weird as this sounds, 4chan brought  me here, and i've never been happier since.

Автор MrTrojis ( назад)
Horo is the most beautiful anime girl in existence imho. I love her character.

Автор AmeagLuz (1167 лет назад)
This is great!

Автор definexeternity ( назад)
1:56 omg those ladies look dead serious XD

Автор Kevin Murphy ( назад)
I like to think that Spice and Wolf takes place in Ireland. Love this AMV.

Автор Kyle Gantert ( назад)
4 years later and its still the best AMV I've seen for Spice and Wolf.

Автор Keller weskier ( назад)
this anime needs alot more love.

Автор Chico Reyes ( назад)

Автор Trischa Cox ( назад)
Awesome amv!

Автор KOCVY ( назад)
this anime? NO! This is Sparta

Автор 「」 ( назад)
Can someone help me find a amv with reggaton on it

Автор MrNaoB ( назад)
I found this AMV tru 4chan and found the anime thx to this AMV and I now love Spice and wolf<3

Автор LawlessAMV ( назад)
I think this AMV is great. I found it, because many good editores have in it their top then list. And it's now on my top 10 as well. 
I like the style of not using any special effects. It's simple and good. 

Автор RatterWolf ( назад)
And now there is AMV which made me watch the anime! Thank you!

Автор Prime Slayer ( назад)
omg this new comment tool sucks

Автор y2k3100 ( назад)
Love this AMV.
Deserves much more attention.

Автор Dave Marshall ( назад)
Well done, that was great. Holo would be pleased :P

Автор Dave Marshall ( назад)
Well done, that was great. Holo would be pleased :P

Автор theyaden ( назад)
That was very well done my compliments.

Автор catutsa katyx ( назад)
The AMV is awsome, but i want a third season... i just love this anime

Автор ivan suarez ( назад)
Ojalá alguna vez se animen a una tercera temporada

Автор Sayonara ( назад)
I really wish I could watched this anime over again for the first time.

Автор Kikoyito115 ( назад)
Damn, found this years ago and is still my FAVORITE amv of all time. It just captures everything amazing about Spice and Wolf and completely shows the mood the anime was all about. Every time I see this it sparks up my love and memories of the series. Really, well done.

Автор Jeremy Deschanel ( назад)
2013 year, i watch this AMV, and i love it!

Автор zhestaL ( назад)
Just randomly searched Spice and Wolf stuff because I love it. I thought it was weird when I found it in your sig haha

Автор Chaoseph ( назад)
where'd you get this video from?

Автор zhestaL ( назад)
So majestic

Автор Darw127 ( назад)
uwielbiam kiedy kobieta merda ogonem

Автор DyxoXinoro ( назад)
Given that this AMV is what made me watch Spice and Wolf in the first place, I'd say this man knows his shit.

Автор Alexey Yanik ( назад)
Você deveria. É muito interessante :D

Автор Caroline Pinheiro ( назад)
Vou assistir esse anime *-*

Автор Dust IV ( назад)
It's definately a romance. Also if one of them was to be the parent, it'd be her, not him. ;P

Автор MainAssassin ( назад)
This a wicked song that goes extremely well with the anime

Автор Westphilidelphia ( назад)
Im going to watch it now lol

Автор DeadlestSpartanGroup ( назад)
I love this Anime I watched both seasons 3 times just last month in a row.

Автор DeadlestSpartanGroup ( назад)
It's a Romance.

Автор glkjesper21 ( назад)
well... This is probably weird to ask, but is this series romance like lovers or are they more like father and daughter, I can't seem to figure that out.

Автор El_Masterpix ( назад)
one of my favorite series... Great

Автор Holo The Wolf ( назад)
What an amazing tribute!
I bless you with a plentiful harvest!
Many thanks!

Автор pietro Leatherchest ( назад)
Really great swf.

Автор Emlovina ( назад)
My neck hurts... :´D

Автор Денис Абакумов ( назад)

Автор ThePurpleGirl13 ( назад)
This song fits Spice and & Wolf perfectly. It's one of my favorite animes.:)

Автор originanime ( назад)
This amv just makes me so happy. Anyone else nodding their head while watching this? xD

Автор Halil İbrahim Şahin ( назад)
Music Güzel :)

Автор JenamDrag0n ( назад)
This is so dancey, I love it! XD

Автор k569 ( назад)
it should be!!!

Автор k569 ( назад)
i wonna watch spice n wolf for the first time now

Автор k569 ( назад)
you did a good job with this video

Автор AznLunaTicz ( назад)

Автор mazanakaUA ( назад)
Fantastic AMV.Dare I say,the best one I've ever watched.

Автор BlueWizi ( назад)
An amazing AMV. Just can't get enough of this or Spice and Wolf.

Автор theHedgex1 ( назад)
i got to finish season two ^^ this is great and nice vid

Автор clouearke ( назад)
There's always something in an AMV that makes me go "man this could be fixed a bit" or "that part doesn't sync too well to the song" BUT HOT DAYUM!
This AMV was perfect and it put a BIG smile on my face :).
all I can do ><

Автор Yukahoreine Riyamolet ( назад)
Wonderful <3

Автор Uncontrollable_Rage ( назад)
23 people have not watched Spice and Wolf.

Автор RumbitVonSalaryman ( назад)
Oh fuck off.

Автор jwwt4 ( назад)
One of the best amines I have seen in a long time

Автор ArcisanLoL ( назад)
Man ive watched this like 14 times i love it

Автор DJveggii ( назад)
This reminded me ALOT about Elfen Lied, except that all the fighting and arm ripping is gone.

Автор kyle wilson ( назад)
My favourite amv for the last year. Love it way too much, great job

Автор ManijakTotalni ( назад)
0:53 Explosive diarrhea

Автор isrot quintero ( назад)
For this amv was I saw Spice and wolf :3

Автор xKAIIRUx ( назад)
wahhhhh I want a 3rd season! GTFO of here yoko's boobs. wahhhhhH!

Автор Laslo Freeman ( назад)
It's actually the only reason I gave this show a chance.

Автор Laslo Freeman ( назад)
Me too.

Автор Ahmad AMV ( назад)
what happens?!!!! because i know im not gonna acually read a book

Автор Weise ( назад)
I completely agree. I watched Spice and Wolf because of this AMV.

Автор tee2pot ( назад)
to this day, one of my favorite eps is when she finally got sick eating all those apples she bought, but tried to keep forcing them down.

Автор crystalmiee ( назад)
that was awesome!!!!

Автор xmechaxdragonx ( назад)
The english-translated manga have also been released. A friend of mine picked it up from the bookstore the other day, and I was surprised it had gotten beyond the anime.

Автор Sasuke Uchiha ( назад)
Same here

Автор Sasuke Uchiha ( назад)
This is in my top 5 AMV's EVER

Автор Weise ( назад)
I actually started watching this anime because of this.

Автор TheDarkvindetta ( назад)
Самое крутое музыкальное видео на основе аниме !!! Хоро мудрая одобряет !!!

Автор murky microbe ( назад)
season 2 episode 1 (2 if you don't count the first episode as episode 0)

Автор Tea Kitty ( назад)
This is just a beautiful AMV! But do you know which episode is the one at 0:48? The one where she looks like she is almost dead? xD

Автор TheMysterious0taku ( назад)
awww anime is there othing you can't do? you can make economy interesting and enjoyyable what next?

Автор TheMysterious0taku ( назад)
where can i get them?

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