Spanish Wolf [Spice and Wolf AMV]

I love Spice and Wolf anime. And there are nearly none good AMVs from it. That is why I wanted to create something cute & simple that represents the dynamic duo Lawrence and Horo is. Nothing fancy but I believe its watchable :3
Anime: Spice and Wolf I & II
Song: Spanish Lady by Celtic Woman

If you want to learn more about the AMV or download it in HQ

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Просмотров: 182,821
Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 2:20
Комментарии: 425

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Автор I'm super (3 месяца)
this anime? NO! This is Sparta

Автор Trischa Cox (3 месяца)
Awesome amv!

Автор Kyle Gantert (1 месяц)
4 years later and its still the best AMV I've seen for Spice and Wolf.

Автор LawlessAMV (4 месяца)
I think this AMV is great. I found it, because many good editores have in
it their top then list. And it's now on my top 10 as well.
I like the style of not using any special effects. It's simple and good. 

Автор Nina Catherine (3 месяца)
I know these spamming comments are annoying and I apologies. But it would
really mean a lot if u checked out my amv of Spice and Wolf and give me
some advice on what I should improve on, thanks :) 

Автор Sushi Slayer (5 месяцев)
omg this new comment tool sucks

Автор Keller weskier (1 месяц)
this anime needs alot more love.

Автор Kevin Murphy (1 месяц)
I like to think that Spice and Wolf takes place in Ireland. Love this AMV.

Автор Chico Reyes (2 месяца)

Автор MrNaoB (4 месяца)
I found this AMV tru 4chan and found the anime thx to this AMV and I now
love Spice and wolf<3

Автор RatterWolf (5 месяцев)
And now there is AMV which made me watch the anime! Thank you!

Автор Enrico Busico (1 год)
amv spice and wolf: SPANISH WOLF

Автор Alexander Martinez (1 год)
we need music to sooth are sorrow ;_;

Автор DiggityJones2 (1 год)
As for buying them I get my copies from rightstuf(dot)com. If you go to the
website and search "Spice and Wolf novel -graphic" (without quotes) they
should all come up. Amazon also carries them if you would rather use it,
just searching "Spice and Wolf" in books without quotes should get you

Автор kirk moksnes (11 месяцев)
you did a good job with this video

Автор SuperXNova1 (8 месяцев)
This a wicked song that goes extremely well with the anime

Автор Charosiva (1 год)
This song fits Spice & Wolf so well. A lot of it is lively & witty so it is
basically a comedy. Also shows some of the love that's between the two. I
wonder if there's one that shows the...sadder parts of the anime ;~;

Автор Dave Marshall (5 месяцев)
Well done, that was great. Holo would be pleased :P

Автор Darw127 (8 месяцев)
uwielbiam kiedy kobieta merda ogonem

Автор Breeroxas13 (1 год)

Автор Catherine Kaji (1 год)
Really good AMV! Well done! I have my copy of the first season on the way
from Amazon, i can't wait to watch it!

Автор lucas amancio (1 год)
o melhor amv q eu vi desse anime....:)

Автор Ben Haertel (1 год)
oh yeah, and this amv is great :D I usually dont listen to this genre of
music much but I enjoyed the song, and the video

Автор Macmarine100 (1 год)
ye´ forgot the romance side

Автор TheWaur (1 год)
considering how many bad amvs are made for this anime, this one really to
me for a run of my money

Автор FkLeague (1 год)
Could you tell me more?

Автор Claire Fulmer (1 год)
I LOVE this AMV! It is one of the bests I've ever seen, and you did that
simply with timing and a great choice of song and clips. Bravo! I was
clapping and singing and giggling the whole time.

Автор DiggityJones2 (1 год)
They just recently went from two a year to three so maybe if enough ppl buy
them they will increase the release amount again to four a year. A man can
dream anyway. Slightly related: I HATE YOUTUBE'S CHARACTER LIMIT

Автор Laslo Freeman (1 год)
Me too.

Автор Ahmad AMV (1 год)
you really did an amazing job

Автор Uncontrollable_Rage (1 год)
23 people have not watched Spice and Wolf.

Автор xmechaxdragonx (1 год)
The english-translated manga have also been released. A friend of mine
picked it up from the bookstore the other day, and I was surprised it had
gotten beyond the anime.

Автор ManijakTotalni (1 год)
0:53 Explosive diarrhea

Автор Alexander Da Mota (1 год)
oh, but I wouldn't hold too much hope becuz I don't get how the Japanese
plan their anime adaptions. and all that.

Автор ArcisanLoL (1 год)
Man ive watched this like 14 times i love it

Автор crowdog357 (1 год)

Автор hunnykun101 (1 год)
Really lovely =3

Автор DyxoXinoro (8 месяцев)
Given that this AMV is what made me watch Spice and Wolf in the first
place, I'd say this man knows his shit.

Автор Ahmad AMV (1 год)
what happens?!!!! because i know im not gonna acually read a book

Автор Ben Haertel (1 год)
Today I listened to the Cranberries song Sunday, which reminded me a lot of
spice and wolf. The song was practically a perfect fit for the series,
anybody like the idea of an AMV of that? To find it just search on youtube
"The Cranberries Sunday Lyrics" and to get to the main bit skip to 1:15,
the lyrics really fit the series. I may do it myself, or maybe somebody
else could do it, since im terrible at AMVs :3 so if anybody like the idea
feel free to tell me and Ill get started ASAP.

Автор Benjamin Folk-Sullivan (1 год)
I've said it once, but its gone now so I'll say it again, because it
deserves to be said twice. This is /the/ best Spice and Wolf amv I've seen,
and truly captures the tone of the anime. Its the kind of amv that would
make people who have never even heard of Spice and Wolf watch it.

Автор AznLunaTicz (11 месяцев)

Автор TheBeautifulbrittany (1 год)
that was awesome!!!!

Автор anime9228videos (1 год)
you did a great job on this amv

Автор aakee87 (1 год)
goo(dot)gl/j9COv <-- amazon(dot)com link

Автор TolstakPanda (1 год)
Hey /f/riend :3

Автор TheDarkvindetta (1 год)
Самое крутое музыкальное видео на основе аниме !!! Хоро мудрая одобряет !!!

Автор Caroline Pinheiro (8 месяцев)
Vou assistir esse anime *-*

Автор Holo The Wolf (8 месяцев)
What an amazing tribute! I bless you with a plentiful harvest! Many thanks!

Автор PerevodchikSimba (1 год)
Want for the trolalolalali! Want for the trolalolalei! xD Awesome)

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