Jerry Seinfeld Gets Angry at Larry King

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Among Larry King's awkward, strange interviews the one with Jerry Seinfeld stands out as one of the oddest. Early in the interview King seems a little confused and seems to think that Seinfeld's show was canceled not that he chose to end it on top. Jerry seems to be legitimately angry. He goes off on Larry and the whole interview goes downhill quickly.

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Автор cynicky (6 дней)
If you can't tell this is a joke you really need to work on your sense of

Автор moon starr (19 дней)
Larry David and Jason Alexander made Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld wasn't that
funny on the show....

Автор mightisright (27 дней)
Larry knew Seinfeld wasn't cancelled. That's just his way of asking
questions. Right before Seinfeld butts in, Larry says "you cancelled
them," which is an accurate assessment. Then again, it was funny that
Jerry called out Larry's interview style (Larry always pretends he knows

Автор Xx Ll (1 месяц)
big head Seinfeld

Автор Peter Watson (1 месяц)
Larry King was out of line. No Seinfeld. What about the woman's comment at
2:45. Will Seinfeld be remembered? Is she kidding! 

Автор tomatodamashi (4 месяца)
This is all that Seinfeld has, his popular TV show. He was just being a

Автор Wolver ine (1 месяц)
Jerry pull you attitude infested head out of your arse..... Oh and by the
way bee movie was a monumental flop. haha.

Автор Dexter Johnson (1 месяц)
Nobody is perfect

Автор Namilea LOTI (4 месяца)
Wow Ana looks so different in these older videos.

Автор RichardTonythe5th (1 месяц)
What a piece of shit Seinfield is. 

Автор 1ez_view (4 месяца)
Ana's nose is so big it could be used as vacuum cleaner. If I had that huge
honker I wouldn't be throwing around bullsh*t like big head Jerry.

Автор kevin carter (4 месяца)
Def Ana. Wow. She's really blossomed and matured since 2007

Автор Фътьо Тъпанчев (2 месяца)
People will not remember who he is??? AHAHAHHAHAHHA THAT WAS JUST PATHETIC!

Автор Avidcomp (2 месяца)
Turns out your analysis was wrong, this had been staged by Jerry.
As with so much of your reporting, your analysis is wrong.

Автор Rico King (2 месяца)
i'm trying to be number one.

Автор krashdown102 (6 месяцев)
why are we watching a youtube video of a youtube video

Автор Jackson Groskiv (2 месяца)
The "Young Turks" clearly do not get the fact that this is Seinfeld's sense
of humor! It was a joke, dummies! 

Автор jessica rodriguez (2 месяца)
Larry you are a joke, I will never watch your show!

Автор Charles Darwin (3 месяца)
Jerry can never sound angry.

Автор BootLeggBenji (3 месяца)
having a kramer moment

Автор Grandmasterfrog3000 (3 месяца)
He didn't seem that pissed to me. I think he was just annoyed at how Larry
King didn't do his research. He tried to make it into a joke, I really
don't see how this is a big deal.

Автор Tasken_Lander_Redux (3 месяца)
Who are these assholes... and WHY am i listening to them??

Автор buddyrocky83 (3 месяца)
your a real fuckin idiot buddy

Автор MrClownDroid (3 месяца)
Anna got a nose job

Автор Ian Oakes (3 месяца)
These two are idiots. He had every right to challenge Larry. Put Larry in
his place. 

Автор ryan (3 месяца)
They were joking. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

Автор iiPr0zacxx (3 месяца)
Will people remember him?Everyone knows who Jerry Seinfeld is? He even
still does comedy shows in Las Vegas. You all are dumb shits.

Автор Siphiax IV (7 месяцев)
The funny thing is that people are stupid enough to not understand that
he's joking.

Автор Praveen Sawh (4 месяца)
lol these young turds folks are way off base. 

Автор SoultakersGhost (4 месяца)
I don't see anything wrong with the question. I mean, I don't really see
the need to ask it, but it was a reasonable question. I knew Seinfeld was a
pretty popular thing, but I didn't know it was that big. I personally
couldn't stand the show. Only watched it when my mom had it on. Didn't like
those moments, lol.

Автор needmypunk (4 месяца)
sounds like hes fuckin full of himself," can someone get a reseme in here
for me"

Автор Julio Estrada (4 месяца)
Ugly Anna! Wow... 

Автор Neel1567 (4 месяца)
Seinfeld was definitely genuinely mad at Larry. You can totally tell by his
facial expression.

Автор Gen Eric (4 месяца)
Seinfeld WASN'T mad. It was his same old "bit." Has this reporter guy
EVER WATCHED Seinfeld's show, other interviews he's done or, his act???

Автор Raivan31 (4 месяца)
It sorta came off as needlessly defensive, like he'd taken a massive hit to
his ego or something. it did seem like a unexpected reaction. The question
was posed for clarification purposes, it may have been leading up to more
ego primping and talk of his succsess but he decided to get awkwardly upset
about it. maybe he'd just had a long day and was in a bad mood.

Автор Mark K (4 месяца)
like does Larry live in a hole?? If your gonna interview someone,
especially a big celebrity like jerry, youd think he would know this. 

Автор Noah Herold (4 месяца)
I thought Seinfeld never got mad?

Автор U Tubér (4 месяца)
Sienfeld was the greatest show ever on air, period. 

Автор mike spence (4 месяца)
He couldn't believe the stupidity of the question....that's all

Автор omidool (4 месяца)
Looks like your shows used to be pretty pathetic back then! Way to improve
guys, well done!

Автор cheffaklng (4 месяца)
I've never seen an episode of Seinfeld.

Автор C Swiss (4 месяца)
Well...this prediction certainly didnt come true!

Автор Rod S. (4 месяца)
Just another example going back several years, of talk show hosts not
knowing the background of their guests, either reading a teleprompter or
using memory or guessing or purposely making mistakes in their questioning.
For other examples of this you can do a search for Martin Short being asked
how his deceased wife was doing, or Judith Light being asked about taking
her children to Israel by Kelly Ripa and getting her upset because she has
no children.

Автор E MaC (4 месяца)
Who came from Larry king TYT invterview?

Автор CorpsmanPrivateer (4 месяца)
Anna looks like a baby in this. I love it.

Автор highbury10 (4 месяца)
I just watched this after Cenk Larry King interview. Wow! Cenk has bloated
whilst Ana has shrinked. Ana was kinda fat here.

Автор meaturama (4 месяца)
15 years since Seinfeld ended and Jerry is still fucking famous as fuck.

Автор alexsworld1999 (4 месяца)
Wow, Ana looked like shit back in 2007! She looks gorgeous now!

Автор Arnar Einarsson (5 месяцев)
They were just kidding around with this. Nobody got "pissed"

Автор T Conn (5 месяцев)
That's probably the most arrogant display I've ever seen out of Seinfeld,
generally he comes off far more grounded for a rich and famous celebrity.
There is funny sarcasm and then there is angry sarcasm and that was
definitely on the angry side.

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