Jerry Seinfeld Gets Angry at Larry King

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Among Larry King's awkward, strange interviews the one with Jerry Seinfeld stands out as one of the oddest. Early in the interview King seems a little confused and seems to think that Seinfeld's show was canceled not that he chose to end it on top. Jerry seems to be legitimately angry. He goes off on Larry and the whole interview goes downhill quickly.

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Длительность: 3:54
Комментарии: 7477

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Автор surgeyX ( назад)
Wow this is Ana pre-plastic surgery? Holy shit...

Автор Luis Cardenas ( назад)
Wow TYT.. Noooooooo. No.

Автор Kolby Daniels ( назад)
I'm pretty sure he was just jokeing.

Автор TitaniK ( назад)
Jerry was being an assole. I have never looked at him the same after that.
A clear example of how some people can't handle being famous.

Автор vai82 (1955 лет назад)
i'm dissapointed these 2 don't understand seinfeld's sense of humor.

Автор Jo Salbar ( назад)
Seinfeld is not done far from it bee movie was a success and now
comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com and these people from young turds are
clueless. I bet they keep this out if their portfolios

Автор Michael Chimal ( назад)
fuck this gayboy

Автор LizzyGames ( назад)
Jerry WASNT MAD! He was making a humorous back REMARK! He wasnt yelling at
him! He is a comedian and he tried and made a joke out of it. As a
comedian, literally his job is to put everything that doesn't seem right
into a looking glass and then tell people about that and turn it into a
joke. And that is EXACTLY what he did there dumbos. GOD!

Автор Aditya Hariharan (TheRealZoro) ( назад)
It was a joke, and if someone undermines your achievements you have the
right to correct them.

Автор bluewhale18 ( назад)
Wait what....TYT was on 8 years ago ?

Автор Tom Hanks ( назад)
stick to politics!

Автор B Brandis ( назад)
I dont think he was upset as he was disapointed. you should know who your
interviwing. thats a big difference, like larry king did no research at

Автор yakir11114 ( назад)
lol he was 100% kidding you moron

Автор Justin Vaillancourt ( назад)
I think Jerry is just making a point of how the absolute bare minimum
research was not done by Larry to know seinfeld was the #1 show on
television. Also, I'd be upset too if I turned down record breaking amounts
of money to go out on top, and an interviewer implies the show could have
just as well been cancelled

Автор Guy Felix ( назад)
what a little bitch

Автор Mmm mmm ( назад)
Fuck this young turks clickbait garbage. Why did I fall for it again? This
was just banter between two pros of the business. King makes a subtle
provocative statement, Seinfeld seizes upon the opportunity to act annoyed,
and King goes along with it. You can see them trying not to laugh! This is
just typical talk show dialogue (parodied brilliantly in 'The Merv Griffin
Show' might I add).

Автор Buluga06 ( назад)
Jerry was totally joking he is a comedian thats what he is doing he is
totally joking with larry king a man he has known for years relax

Автор Deo Gloria ( назад)
He`s been sarcastic, and almost in "Seinfeld" Character, hes not pissed in
my opinion, just saw an oportunity to have some harmless fun..

Автор PAPASNARF!!! ( назад)
JERRY SEINFELD SUCKS!! Carlos MENCIA has better jokes than this trash.
Seriously Worst Overrated show i have ever seen.

Автор 911Gameover ( назад)
I don't think Jerry has a big head it is more that he just wants the
correct information said. Larry should obviously know the situation and I
am sure he did. If you put your heart and soul into something that you love
for a decade you would want the correct info being said about it wouldn't
you? I know I would. Everyone knows the media will just make up shit just
to get a good story. If jerry didn't say anything the morning paper would
have Seinfeld canceled on the front page.

Автор rohit mehra ( назад)
Ok.. Anybody who has seen Bee Movie will know this is a promotional stint
since Larry Is shown as a bit of a dick with his show there.. They're just
warming u up fr the movie ppl..

Автор valeriesara ( назад)
These hosts are ridiculous. Seinfeld is a bold part of the fabric of
American culture. In all probability, he will always be remembered, and not
just in America. He is a word-class icon. History will prove him to be as
timeless as Marlyn, Elvis, and JFK,

Автор Jason R. ( назад)
This is ridiculous. It's obvious this is playful banter. 

Автор LordofYumYum ( назад)
Jerry Seinfeld is a whiny douche bag.

Автор The You Tuba ( назад)
He doesn't have a big head, stop hating

Автор Duff Harris ( назад)
God damnit I hate the Young Turks! FUCK!!!!!!!

Автор ACrackInTheWall2006 ( назад)
Man I love The Young Turks! They're so cool!

Автор zachos2 ( назад)
He was being sarcastic....*sigh*

Автор ULTRA TV ( назад)

Автор Matt Beilewech ( назад)
Ana has never achieved fame and fortune anywhere near the likes Seinfeld,
which is why it annoys me to hear her psychoanalyze Seinfeld as if he is
just some multimillionaire worried about his sphere of influence and
relevancy in society. She's a dolt that's lucky enough to be apart of a
show that'll allow for her dunderhead opinions to be voiced.

Автор Lydia D C ( назад)
So ridiculous Larry King! 

Автор Henryville Hoosier ( назад)
Larry King must be an idiot if he doesn't know that Jerry Seinfeld
discontinued the show. Larry is a well known public figure that is having
Jerry Seinfeld on his show. I know that Seinfeld wasn't canceled, so why
wouldn't Larry King? 

Автор Jerboy Lupisan (1013 года назад)
These Young Turks hosts are idiots. 

Автор Noe Berengena ( назад)
Whiny, whiny, whiny.

Автор Michael Boyle ( назад)
cocky prick I like the fake Seinfeld character better

Автор Emanuel Petcu ( назад)
The woman is just dumb , I am 18 and from Romania and I am a Seinfeld
fan,so I know who Seinfeld is.Also I don't know her name but her mother
must be proud of her.

Автор Garreth Marsh ( назад)
Sorry but it's a big thing being cancelled then you taking it off the air,
thats your reputation , nobody cancelled Faulty towers ,it was stopped
after two seasons because John Cleese knew he couldn't better that and
anything more would downgrade the first 2 seasons, big difference. 

Автор Graeme Dickson (867 лет назад)
it's ok, Seinfeld sucks anyway. 

Автор Julio Gomez ( назад)
It's a shame that Larry can't ask a simple question in his show. There was
a big chance that the question might pop up and he knew it. If he wasn't
prepared to handle the question he shouldn't be there. This is the problem
with people that want to create stories to cover their decline. Nobody will
give a show to a washed out comedian like Seinfeld now, the success of the
show was a result of an excellent cast and writers that made a mediocre
person like him look good. At the moment of the interview Larry was still
in his prime needless to say that by the time you reach his age you will be
another has been.

Автор Dick Gregory ( назад)
This might be the worst video I've ever seen

Автор 최이정 (107 лет назад)
난 한국인인데 한글자막을 도저히 이해못하겠네

Автор Trey Hull ( назад)
First of all Ana is an idiot. Seinfeld is WIDELY considered the greatest
sitcom ever. People don't just forget. Secondly, Jerry is a very sarcastic
person. If you watch the show in question you would know.

Автор br1729 ( назад)
For all his reputation as unprepared and out of it, Larry King was a
remarkably effective interviewer. Even this interchange is an example - he
got much more memorable remarks from Seinfeld than some over-prepped,
slick, chatmeister.

Автор 2112austin ( назад)

Автор Sabrina F ( назад)
Normally I always agree with TYT, but in this case I completely disagree.
They clearly don't understand Jerry Seinfeld's sarcastic humor, which I
love, to understand that of course Jerry was kidding. He wasn't mad! Come
on guys. Even Larry was laughing. And Larry King only told him to stop at
the end because Jerry was still joking around when they were trying to go
to commercial break. 

Автор Giovanni “Heclegar” Pedditzi ( назад)
Jerry was obviously kidding.

Автор Dave Wooley ( назад)
75 million watching his show, it's also well justified.

Автор Layne Rigby ( назад)
I disagree. You have to be pretty stupid to not get this

Автор Fuyukawa Kokoro ( назад)
Why then would they ask HIM to act in a 10th season, and offer him 5.4
million dollars for every episode he appears in? Because he is a hilarious
comedian, both in the show and in his stand-ups:) My 2c, and it's my
opinion before you write up a rage reply, so you can't ;)

Автор Fuyukawa Kokoro ( назад)
I agree with you, but that insult was kind of uncalled for >.<

Автор Layne Rigby ( назад)
he's joking you fucking idiot

Автор Good Hunter ( назад)
you dominate the world of tv and comedy and you have every right to be
cocky. he is just doing what nfl players etc do.

Автор Gamester ( назад)
He's not even mad

Автор sirfer6969 ( назад)
the problem with Jerry Seinfeld is that he just isn't funny. His co-stars
made the show what it was, not him. The only famous thing about the
Seinfeld show was the name. The rest was Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Jason
Alexander and Michael Richards et al. Seinfeld himself is/was a shit
comedian and never very funny. My 2c FWIW

Автор Fans of Bill Nye ( назад)
I like the part where he doesn't get angry..

Автор Admir Šećkanović ( назад)
why is everybody saying seinfeld reacted wrong...larry shouldn't have asked
such a question if he had any respect for jerry's work...ask yourselves how
larry would have reacted if jerry asked him is he retiring as a talk show
host or did they kicked him because he was too old...

Автор elvicare35 ( назад)
These "Young Tur"d"ks" are embarassing themselves! lol

Автор Hedy Wolf ( назад)
You think only men liked Seinfeld? What planet are you from? And what
century? You think Seinfeld is a man's show? I'm a woman and loved Seinfeld
and Friends. They are just different shows. I guess you must be writing
what you did to get a reaction and you're getting one. How is a sitcom too
smart for a woman? Grow up! The only thing I agree with what you said is
your assessment of Seinfeld being a top sitcom.

Автор SE1Z ( назад)
Amazing subtitles....

Автор SirMonkeyoftheBrook ( назад)
Not just from this performance

Автор Suman Bhunia ( назад)
He is clearly joking. Its trademark Seinfeld.

Автор sammycircle ( назад)
Oh well...not long after all this bullshit went down Seinfeld went on late
night tv to defend that racist Micheal Richards so why would him getting
offended at Larry King surprise anyone/..He is another guy who would be
unknown if he were;nt a Jew..........period!

Автор shawnwwe ( назад)
TYT, you seriously need to change the title. Obviously these 2 jabronies at
TYT hav no clue who Seinfeld was or is, not to mention know him personally.
Jerry Seinfeld getting at upset or angry, is something unknown to his
closes friends. He is a comdian, and yes H ripped Larry King for asking a
dumb question, and made fun of him for not having a clue, for interviewing
him and not knowing anything about it lol Jerry Seinfeld gets angry??? HAHA

Автор James Johnson ( назад)
Seinfeld was one of the most iconic programmes in TV history. For Larry
King to ask if his show got cancelled is embarrassing on his part. I don't
think he intended to provoke the reaction that enveloped but who can blame

Автор jakobmarlee ( назад)
who the fuck is that - right it's that fat fuck nothing whop on that non
existent 'show' that thinks he's a fucking journalist when he isn't even a
'show' co-host next to the kind of hot chick who never tells him to fuck
himself even when he talks his shit he thinks people want to hear.....fuck
you assfuck....it's like you're at a bar-b-q and you think you're being
witty.....NOT...you fucking cunt...do you actually get paid?!?

Автор Karen Loeffler ( назад)
I agree with you. He really thinks he is something

Автор LiberalTears ( назад)
Every video produced by TYT is absolutely horrible.

Автор james monro ( назад)

Автор Hedy Wolf ( назад)
Seinfeld is one of the best comedy shows that has ever been and will ever
be. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like that show. Larry King is someone
everybody knew and also had a well-known show. It's understandable that
Jerry would be put off by someone of Larry King's stature. Maybe it was
senility on Larry's part. Jerry didn't overreact. He didn't freak out. It's
a slight thing to excuse considering the popularity of the show and that
show was genius. The reporters are ignorant

Автор blackadder177 ( назад)

Автор thetruth ( назад)
well unfortunately most Jewish people are like that

Автор Stephanie Cook ( назад)
King was obviously asking to inform those who maybe didn't know. It's his

Автор Joseph Himes ( назад)
It's sickeningly obvious, King was establishing the facts, he wasn't asking
to gain new knowledge, he was establishing Jerry cancelled the sitcom.
Jerry was angry because his ego muffled his brain functions. It's how
proper interviewing is done. Greet, establish facts, tangent from there.
Jerry starting-out today wouldn't get to where he is in these times. He's
not feeling revered by a man more established in his field than Jerry
understands. Jerry disrespected King because of his own ignorance.

Автор PsyberKayos ( назад)
If you look at the facts rather than adding in your own inflections, you
would say Jerry was agitated, almost angry.

Автор Charlie Angel ( назад)
whos Seinfeld ?

Автор Charlie Angel ( назад)
lol, Seinfeld fans

Автор FailProductions94 ( назад)
Seinfeld was aggitated.

Автор Robert Mac Nab ( назад)
TYT is no better than fox for making news out of nothing .

Автор darksilentvoid ( назад)
Who the fuck is Jerry Seinfeld?

Автор MisterGutsy108 ( назад)
He acts the same in real life as he does on Seinfeld, getting angry over
petty things. This was one of the funny things about Jerry's character, but
I didn't know he was like this in real life, lol.

Автор pumpkindiddler ( назад)
That chick has a face for radio.

Автор therealeben ( назад)
Let's build a fake news set and pretend we're a news show!

Автор Ked Woodly ( назад)
check out my new song.Type COFFEE LOVA while your already on You Tube hit
enter.Then look for video that says COFFEE LOVA by Ked Woodly hit enter and
drink a large cup of COFFEE while you watch and listen.

Автор GARY MODONNA ( назад)
TIME ----

Автор ZamfirChannel ( назад)
what does King not studying have to do with Jerry's outburst? Even if it
were true, King asked a simple question and Jerry overreacted. King, "You
left them… you were not cancelled?". Only a person with a big ego would be
offended of the any consideration that he his show was cancelled. King is a
legend and still doesn't have a big ego. I never liked Jerry and this clip
confirms why. Big egos are a turn-off. Always have gratitude, no matter
your stature (perceived or otherwise).

Автор John Hardin ( назад)
Are you psychology major? Are you practicing Psychiatrist? Are you
defending somebody who has millions of dollars and fans around the world
who could defend himself? Now whether Mr. Seinfeld was joking or was
annoyed at Larry King I'm not positive, but I lean a bit to side the of he
is annoyed at Larry King not knowing if Seinfeld was cancelled or not.

Автор SirMonkeyoftheBrook ( назад)
I get the feeling from Seinfeld from all his exposure that he thinks he's
better than everyone else.

Автор Wayne Manzo ( назад)
The News media and Entertainment Industries in America are all controlled
and owned by the Super Jew Martian Klan a super race that is collective,
telepathic, mind controlling and has enslaved all Human Gentiles in the
USA. While you are watching Happy Days and MoonLighting the Super Jews were
enslaving and exterminating Human Gentiles. There is no such thing as
entertainment. 10 years of Seinfeld a show about nothing__while Super Jew
Bush and Clinton planned the 911 attack on America. Wake Up!

Автор levaithan325 ( назад)
i know but hey they're getting that youtube check so fuck our opinions,
cause if you think about it all this and most shit on youtube is pointless,
who gives a shit what george lopez 2.0 and that 15 year old girl think
about anything, even they dont, at the end of the day you and i are just
another 6 cents, best thing we can do is ignore their shit and unsubscribe,
well i never subscribed this was a feature video, but this shit has over 2m
views, and we're only encouraging them to do more crap.

Автор Wayne Manzo ( назад)
Here we have two Super Jews bickering over nonsense and a Super Jew Klan
show like The Young Jerks waist time on it but refuse to expose the
existence of the Super Jew race of telepathic, mind controlling,
psychopaths that have enslaved every Human Gentile in America. What was
Seinstein about? Stupid Human Gentiles trapped in the biggest Super Jew
hive in the world__New York City. And, they all lived in shitty apartments
not in Manhattan! Wake Up! The Seinstein show sucked!

Автор Joseph Stegall ( назад)
This always happens when 2 multi-billionaires get together.

Автор patera124 ( назад)
Nope, he wasn't joking - he was clearly having a DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM ego

Автор Andrew Kolb ( назад)

Автор verve92 ( назад)
Truth hurt?

Автор MrAjPiper ( назад)
if i knew this was TYT, i wouldnt have clicked on it

Автор Barry Mak ( назад)
He is a mediocre comedian at best.......

Автор TheGuyWithTheSniper ( назад)
TheYoungTurks - Making Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly look like Walter
Kronkite and Edward R. Murrow since 2002.

Автор Tom thumb ( назад)
I bet that chick gives a good bj

Автор fireandice909 ( назад)
It's called humor. No wonder liberals don't get it.

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