Jerry Seinfeld Gets Angry at Larry King

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Among Larry King's awkward, strange interviews the one with Jerry Seinfeld stands out as one of the oddest. Early in the interview King seems a little confused and seems to think that Seinfeld's show was canceled not that he chose to end it on top. Jerry seems to be legitimately angry. He goes off on Larry and the whole interview goes downhill quickly.

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Автор mike spence (14 дней)
He couldn't believe the stupidity of the question....that's all

Автор Julio Estrada (17 дней)
Ugly Anna! Wow... 

Автор CorpsmanPrivateer (21 день)
Anna looks like a baby in this. I love it.

Автор Namilea LOTI (21 день)
Wow Ana looks so different in these older videos.

Автор tomatodamashi (21 день)
This is all that Seinfeld has, his popular TV show. He was just being a

Автор Alan Rossi (21 день)
Just another example going back several years, of talk show hosts not
knowing the background of their guests, either reading a teleprompter or
using memory or guessing or purposely making mistakes in their questioning.
For other examples of this you can do a search for Martin Short being asked
how his deceased wife was doing, or Judith Light being asked about taking
her children to Israel by Kelly Ripa and getting her upset because she has
no children.

Автор Aaron Bodily (21 день)
Washed up celebrity defensive about his career. Chronic asshole syndrome

Автор C Swiss (21 день)
Well...this prediction certainly didnt come true!

Автор redakdal (1 месяц)
I mean, its like what if you did something, like help out somewhere, or
even a respected artist, and then some guy goes "who are you" or in this
case, seinfeld's "I was the number one show on TV" its like if you went to
the president and said "did you get fired"

I mean its obvious they both were joking to a point, but its the idea that
seinfeld didn't like it when larry mistaken it for being cancelled, I could
see why he was upset, because he worked so hard on that show, and like he
said, he quit, then someone tries to tell him he thought they were canned

idk this is very old, but I respect seinfeld, he wasn't being overdramtic,
he just wanted everyone to know the facts

Автор mowriter (2 месяца)
I think Larry knew damn well Seinfeld wasn't cancelled. He was being
conversational and just asking the same question twice in two different
ways. Which sounds idiotic to do it that way. Jerry failed to see that
Larry was doing his usual repartee.

Автор Lewa500 (1 месяц)
Clueless Larry King? Who the fuck do you think you are?

Автор LoveHateBlame (2 месяца)
Of course he got offended, its supposed to be a news source youd think hed
know a little about conducting an interview.

Автор Avykins (3 месяца)
Seinfeld was a garbage show. And to be honest, I most recently saw Jerry on
a comedian panel with Louis C K, Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais and was like
"Who the fucks he? Oh wait, its Jerry Seinfeld. Hes still alive?"
Dude just cant accept hes a nobody nowadays.

Автор S.A. Hogan (2 месяца)
"Holy Sensitivity, Batman!" Disappointed that Jerry couldn't see beyond his
own head and milk Larry's comment for its full comedic potential: "We were
in fourth place in the ratings, as I recall. The producers were...
desperately trying to shake things up," etc. Yes, he DOES have a major
league ego. No, he WASN'T kidding here.

Автор Dan Boari (2 месяца)
The Young Turks suck dick! They are shit heads. Fuck you Young Turks!
Exactly: "Who cares why get so offended?" These liberal retards should take
their own advice.

Автор Siphiax IV (3 месяца)
The funny thing is that people are stupid enough to not understand that
he's joking.

Автор SoultakersGhost (1 день)
I don't see anything wrong with the question. I mean, I don't really see
the need to ask it, but it was a reasonable question. I knew Seinfeld was a
pretty popular thing, but I didn't know it was that big. I personally
couldn't stand the show. Only watched it when my mom had it on. Didn't like
those moments, lol.

Автор Mark K (7 дней)
like does Larry live in a hole?? If your gonna interview someone,
especially a big celebrity like jerry, youd think he would know this. 

Автор U Tubér (13 дней)
Sienfeld was the greatest show ever on air, period. 

Автор John Galiano (3 месяца)
The women is stupid BIATCH!

he is more famous now.

turks - douches

Автор highbury10 (21 день)
I just watched this after Cenk Larry King interview. Wow! Cenk has bloated
whilst Ana has shrinked. Ana was kinda fat here.

Автор Heisenberg (4 месяца)
Who the f*ck are The Young Turks? 

Автор obo tjun (3 месяца)
How can you not see this is a joke?He is acting as bad as he did on
Seinfeld, and it's funny.

Автор GRSE Fan Club (1 месяц)
TYT = Troll YouTube

Автор T Conn (1 месяц)
That's probably the most arrogant display I've ever seen out of Seinfeld,
generally he comes off far more grounded for a rich and famous celebrity.
There is funny sarcasm and then there is angry sarcasm and that was
definitely on the angry side.

Автор cheffaklng (20 дней)
I've never seen an episode of Seinfeld.

Автор danny phelan (2 месяца)
I just lost respect for both of you and I"m going to tell all of my 12
friends on G+ all about it.. King asked a dumb question, as an
interviewer, and being in the business, you should know whether a show is
on the bottom or top, one that's been on top for years. Larry new the
answer he's just making his, back then, routine conversation. You're
right about Jerry getting angry, wrong on everything else. 

Автор TheUKMarshall (1 месяц)
Seinfeld was joking I think. Ricky Gevais does this kind of humour all the
time and Jerry doesn't very often so we are not used to it. It's not even

Автор kinglou480971 (2 месяца)
She didn't nail crap. Going to be along time before nobody doesn't
remember the Seinfeld Show. Hell, my kids still remember Mash, Dallas, I
Love Lucy. Now, I do agree that Jerry brought this on and yes, I do think
he has an ego which in hollywood it's hard to find anyone without one.

Автор Dan F. (2 месяца)
It's incredibly obvious that Jerry is joking here

Автор Brenda Roberts (1 месяц)
Seinfeld has never once made me laugh...I always wondered why he thought he
was funny, he had to grin at his own 'so-called' jokes, always....geez,
narcissistic jerk. Sure, Larry can be a grandpapa but Jerry's a little long
in the tooth literally!

Автор Eli Iluz (2 месяца)
I agree with you mister "Munchies 'and More" > Your worst video ever TYT

Автор ZimmermanTelegram (1 месяц)
How people are still watching these Youngturks vids is beyond me.

Автор Ronald Gipson (3 месяца)
To answer this for you Youmg Turks He's still just as famous today young
turks. No one had forgotten about him either. Your analases is wrong.

Автор 1ez_view (17 дней)
Ana's nose is so big it could be used as vacuum cleaner. If I had that huge
honker I wouldn't be throwing around bullsh*t like big head Jerry.

Автор kevin carter (21 день)
Def Ana. Wow. She's really blossomed and matured since 2007

Автор KingTrawal (4 месяца)
Seinfeld, you're a fucking ENTERTAINER. you are not that important. Fuck
you. Arrogant fuck.

Автор Gude Balm (4 месяца)
A big head? Are you kidding, nah, not a big head, just a little dick head.

Автор Claude C (3 месяца)
This is a stupid attempt to be controversial. I saw that episode of Larry
King. Jerry was joking and Larry knew it. Period.

Автор omidool (20 дней)
Looks like your shows used to be pretty pathetic back then! Way to improve
guys, well done!

Автор Scott Shimamoto (2 месяца)
seinfeld wasn't mad. he was smiling the entire time. he was trying to make
it into a joke, but larry king wasnt' getting the humor...

Автор john m (3 месяца)
he was joking,it was stupid question 

Автор rapprelevant3313 (2 месяца)
Yo Anna was tore up back in them days.

Автор Neal Callaghan (2 месяца)
Fuck TYT

Автор krashdown102 (1 месяц)
why are we watching a youtube video of a youtube video

Автор Ken Klassy (1 месяц)
You guys are nobody - who cares what you think.

Автор D Chamberlain (1 месяц)
"Do you know who i am? yeah, Jewish Dude, Brooklyn.Lol. This is waaaaay too

Автор dandylion18 (3 месяца)
Major playa-hatin' goin' on here. JS was the comedian of the decade, his
show was more innovative than just about anything in network TV, he is
still a mega-star 20 years after his show "was cancelled". Meanwhile, she's
still waiting for her 15 minutes to start.

Автор Shane B (4 месяца)
Why does she have a mic like she's on a radio show and he's dressed and
mic'ed up like he's a news anchor?

Автор Arnar Einarsson (26 дней)
They were just kidding around with this. Nobody got "pissed"

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